The Edward Mulligan and Mary Ann (nee Gribbin or Graban) Family of Mishawaka, St Joseph County, Indiana: An Analysis of Their Migration from Ireland to Mishawaka, Penn Township and South Bend, Clay Township in St Joseph County, Indiana and the Westward Departure of Edward's Widow and Several of His Children

The earliest evidence that I have of Edward and Mary Ann Mulligan is their May 12, 1843 marriage record from Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, St Joseph County, Indiana. This record indicated that Edwardus was the son of Patricii Mollegan and that he married Mariam Annam Graban, the daughter of Peter Graban of Hibernia. An 1862 baptismal record for their daughter Catharina listed them as Edwardo Mulligan and Maria Gribbin. I have seen a huge amount of phonetic variation on surnames in the Sacred Heart Church records so this is not surprising. Numerous online trees and find a grave webpages on this family appear to share the consensus of her maiden name being Gribbin.

All of the census and church records that I have seen thus far, indicate that they were born in Ireland (Hibernia), not a specific county. The Cedar Grove Cemetery, Notre Dame Monuments as well as a number of trees; however, acknowledge their origins in County Cavan, Ireland. Edward and Mary Mulligan were living in Penn Township of St Joseph County, Indiana on September 21,1850 with children Mary E, Lawrence, Bridget A and James and were living in Clay Township of the same county on June 29, 1860 with children Mary, Laurence, Bridgett, James, Wm, ELizabeth, Frank and Joseph. They appear to have been parishioners at Sacred Heart Church at Notre Dame and not St Joseph Church in South Bend.

Research Observations: There were two Mulligan Families in Clay Township, St Joseph County, Indiana in 1860, The Patrick and Elizabeth Mulligan Family and the Edward and Mary Mulligan Family. The Patrick S Mulligan and Margarett Ann Barrett Family appear in the German Township, St Joseph County, Indiana Census around 1910 (they were married in Marshall County, Indiana in 1869, lived in Tippeconoe Township, Marshall County in 1880, Rochester Township, Fulton County, Indiana in 1900 and finally German Township, St Joseph County, Indiana in 1910 and 1920). I have not idea at this point if these three families are related.

The objective of this compilation is to try to establish the earliest possible evidence of this family in the United States through all available resources.

Special kudos to Steve, a genealogist researching this line who has graciously shared insight into Mary Ann Gribbin's (or Gribbon) origins: According to the Sacred Heart Marriage Record, Mary Ann's father's given name was Peter. Steve's research suggests her mother was Ann Magrand who was born in September 1929 (likely in County Tyrone, Ireland) and further, Anne Magrands mother was Eliza McGarrity. Apparently Ann Magrand had four children with Peter? Gribbon (John, James, Mary Ann and Rose Ann). After his death she remarried Henry McNally January 1826 in County Tyrone, Ireland. This family travelled on to the US through Belfast in 1831, lived briefly in Washington County, New York and finally settled in Berrien County, Michigan which is just over the state line from South Bend, Indiana.

This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with Ireland and U.S. marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical resources. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate. Please contact me if you feel that you are descended from this South Bend Indiana Irish family so that we can share information, see if there were common migration trails followed and delve further back into their origins in Ireland!

Of note: There was a confirmation record at Sacred Heart Church for two Mulligans on May 30, 1878: Teresa Elizabeth and Maria Catherine.

The following is a brief summary of what I have discovered about their children thus far:

  1. Lawrence Mulligan appears to have married Rachel F Trail on October 5, 1879 in Gilpin, Weld County, Colorado. His brother William P (28) was living with them when the 1880 Census was conducted for Weld County, Colorado.
  2. Mary E Mulligan was still living with her family in Clay Township, South Bend, Indiana when the 1870 US census was conducted (she was 26). By 1880 she was a member of the Sisters of Holy Cross at Notre Dame. In 1910 she was a resident stewardess (Farmer) of the Institutional Farm at the Sacred Heart Academy in St Joseph Township in Allen County, Indiana (my South Bend cousin Josephine Adelsperger) was here with her as well).
  3. Bridget Mulligan was a member of the Sisters of Holy Cross living in Clay Township, St Joseph County, Indiana when the 1880 US census was conducted. In 1910 and 1920, Bridget was a Member of St Mary's Academy at Notre Dame. She is listed as Sister M Bernard in the 1920 census.
  4. James Edward Mulligan appears to have headed west marrying Catherine H McCauley on May 11, 1882 at St Stephen's Exeter, Fillmore, Nebraska at the age of 32. I believe he is in Leadville, Colorado when the 1900 census is conducted. James C or E is listed as a 50 yr old furniture dealer born December 1849 in Indiana, wife Catherine H (age 43) born February 1857 in Indiana. They were married 18 yrs (abt 1882) with 4 children, 4 living. The children were Mary B, Cecelia, Bernard J, Helen R and Ellen McCauley, Catherine's sister was living with them. In 1910 I believe I found them in Lake County, Leadville, Colorado but the information is somewhat conflicting. James is a 60 yr old furniture salesman, but his wife is listed as celia? (53). Daughter Kerlen (likely Helen?) was a 19 yr old clerk at the Furniture Company. They were married 28 yrs with 4 living children. In 1920 in Leadville, Colorado, there is a James E Mulligan age 70, undertaker of his own morgue, with wife Catherine H age 63, both born in Indiana with parents born in Ireland.
  5. William P. Mulligan appears to have headed west and was living with brother Lawrence and his wife Rachel in Weld, Colorado when the 1880 Census was conducted. He was single at the time. I believe that he was living in Highland, Lake, Weld County, Colorado when the 1900 Census was conducted. William P was born October 1851 in Indiana and wife, Jennie E was born August 1867 in Iowa. They have 5 children with 3 living (Marrk L born November 1886, Wiliam P born September 1897 and Lawrence P born October 1849). I have yet to find a marriage record for them but it would appear it would have taken place in Colorado around 1886 based on the census data. By 1910 they remain in Weld County, Colorado with 7 children, 3 living and sons Phillip and Lawrence are living with them. By 1920, they live in Boulder, Longmont City, Colorado, Ward 1. Single Sons Phillip (22) and Mark (33) live with them. There may be a land record from the Denver Land office on this family as well and is worth pursuing. (There was a Sacred Heart Church Baptismal record from June 11, 1868 in which a Gulielmus and a Carolus Mulligan were both confirmed by A Granger CSC that may be this William - 1617238 item 10).
  6. Frank (Francis) Mulligan appears to have headed out west. I believe he was living in Lake County, Leadville, Colorado as a single boarder in 1880. I think he was married around 1883, (likely in Colorado) to Francis, born May 1864 in Wisconsin, her parents were born in Ireland according to the 1900 census. They were had 3 children, 3 living and were living in Boulder, Colorado with son Joseph born October 1883 and daughter Mary born August 1885. In 1910 they are living in Longmont, Boulder, Colorado; Francis is 50 a contractor and Carpenter and wife Francis age 44 is at home (3 children living). In 1920 they remain in Longmont, Boulder, Colorado and it appears that son Joseph, a 34 yr old Plumber and his wife Alice, a 30 yr old Saleslady in a Photography Shop live with them. By 1930, they remain in the same town and grand daughters Alice Lee (27) and Myrtle Lee (29) live with them.
  7. Joseph Mulligan. I believe that Joseph Mulligan (20) Farmer, was living with his widowed mother Mary (60) and sister Catherine (18)in Clay Township, St Joseph County, Indiana on June 1, 1880when the Census was conducted (they were next door to the Patrick and Elizabeth Mulligan Family). It appears that he might have married sometime after 1880 and that his wife might have died before the 1900 census was taken. a Joseph D Mulligan (40) born December 1859 in Indiana was listed as a widowed undertaker living on East 4th Street in Leadville, Lake County, Colorado.
Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married, Died, Buried or other Reference Date Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child; other Occupation; Misc. Info.
Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, St Joseph County, Indiana Marriage Record Married May 12, 1843 Mollegan, Edwardus, son of Patricii Mollegan Graban, Maria Anna, daughter of Petri Graban of Hibernia   Fr Sorin married them; Witnesses: Patricius Mollegan son of Patricii Molligan of Hibernia; Edwardus Dowlen, Patritius McNally, Samula Lack; Item 5 of microfilm 1617238;
1850 US Census Record for Mishawaka, Penn Township, St Joseph County, IN Census Conducted on September 21, 1850 Mulligan, Edward 38 born in Ireland Mulligan, Mary Ann 28 born in Ireland Mulligan, Mary E, 6 born in Indiana Edward was a Laborer with $800 in Real Estate (Henry Cassy 30 from Ireland lived with them as well)
" " " " Mulligan, Lawrance 4 born in Indiana  
" " " " Mulligan, Bridget A, 1 born in Indiana  
" " " " Mulligan, James 6/12 born in Indiana  
1860 US Census for Clay Township, St Joseph County, Indiana, South Bend Post Office Census conducted on June 29, 1860 Mulligan, Edward 53 born in Ireland Mulligan, Mary 40 born in Ireland Mulligan, Mary 16 Daughter born in IN Edward was a Farmer with $1600 Real Estate and $200 Personal property (Catharine McDonals? 24 from IR also lives with them)
" " " " Mulligan, Laurence 14 born in IN  
" " " " Mulligan, Bridgett 12 born in IN  
" " " " Mulligan, James 10 born in IN  
" " "' " Mulligan, Wm 8 born in IN  
" " " " Mulligan, Elizabeth 6 born in IN  
" " " " Mulligan, Frank 5 born in IN  
" " " " Mulligan, Joseph 6/12 born in IN  
Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Baptismal Record Born June 10, 1862 and Baptized June 27, 1862 Mulligan, Edwardo of Hibernia Gribbin, Maria of Hibernia Mulligan, Catharina Teresia Joannem Armstrong and maria Reiley sp of Mishawaka; Granger CSC; microfilm 1617239
Western States Marriage Index 1809-2011 Marriage October 5, 1879 Gilpin, Colorado Mulligan, Lawrence T (probable son of Edward and Mary Gribbin) Trail, Rachel F Trail   Weld County, Colorado