The Irish Immigrants Who Resided on St Peter Street (from the St Joseph River to Napoleon Street) in South Bend, Indiana when the 1882 South Bend City Directory was Compiled: An Analysis of Their Migration Routes, Time of Arrival and Employment

The Irish began arriving in South Bend, Indiana in increasing numbers in the mid 1850's. A large number of them settled in the Portage Township, Fourth Ward. This area was at one time referred to as the Town of Lowell. Father Sorin from Notre Dame held several large developments of land in this area referred to as Sorin's First and Second Additions.

Special Observations along Notre Dame Avenue:

Name Address Occupations Held Estimated year of Arrival in the South Bend area Migration Route as Determined by Records as well as Family Lore
Cannon, Michael 1880 Niles, Berrien Co, MI; 1882 So Bend Directory- Res. St Peter, 2 s Moreau; Lived in South Bend in 1883 at 1003 E Howard, 1885,1994, 1896 at 1003 N St Mary/ corner E Corby, 1899, 1901,1903 at 1003 N St Peter; 1910 So Bend Census residence at 903 N St Peter St. Per the 1882 Directory Michael works for Notre Dame; 1883- worked at Singers; 1885 Laborer, 1896 1901,1903, Michael is a Laborer at Notre Dame; 1899 son Ubert works at Singers Mfg. 1910 So Bend Census indicates son Hugh is a Steamfitter at a Factory Earliest evidence of Michael I have is in 1860 - a 25 yr old farm hand in Berrien Co, MI; 1880 Michael 26, Ellen (40),kids Richard, Hubert. Michael's Arrival in Berrien Co, Michigan 1860 or earlier. Michael to US in 1860 and Naturalized per 1900 So. Bend Census; Nellie to US in 1865 per 1910 census.