The Irish Immigrants Who Resided on Notre Dame Avenue (from the St Joseph River to Napoleon Street) in South Bend, Indiana when the 1882 South Bend City Directory was Compiled: An Analysis of Their Migration Routes, Time of Arrival and Employment

The Irish began arriving in South Bend, Indiana in increasing numbers in the mid 1850's. A large number of them settled in the Portage Township, Fourth Ward. This area was at one time referred to as the Town of Lowell. Father Sorin from Notre Dame held several large developments of land in this area referred to as Sorin's First and Second Additions. Many of the fourth ward Irish immigrants (like my Great Grandparents) bought land from Father Sorin.

Special Observations along Notre Dame Avenue: The Coquillard School was located at the corner of Market and Notre Dame Avenue.

Name Address Occupations Held Estimated year of Arrival in the South Bend area (earliest evidence I've found) Migration Route as Determined by Records as well as Family Lore
Brannon, Martin, Sr (sons Martin Jr, Patrick, William and John all are listed as well) Notre Dame Avenue, 2 South Moreau 1882 Directory; Martin Sr - Laborer, Martin Jr and William - Singers, John- Mason. A January 10, 1858 Baptism is the earliest evidence in So Bend; Son John appears to have been born around 1853 in Ohio. I believe that my 2nd GGP's Martin Brennan/Catherine Corcoran most likely married on November 26, 1849 in Huddersfield England and appear to have arrived on the Ship Jacob R Westervelt March 22, 1852 in New York from Liverpool, England. Our family lore suggests Origins in County Mayo, Ireland. If the Huddersfield marriage record is the same Martin Brennan/Catherine Corcoran, then our third ggp's were Michael Brennan and Biddy Coffee from County Roscommon and Patrick Corcoran and Mary Gahagan from County Mayo. Further records need to be obtained for confirmation.

Burns, Arthur

Alex Burns is also listed at this residence

Notre Dame Avenue, 2 N. Sorin Oliver's- Laborer; In 1880 Arthur and son Allison work at Singer Mfg Arthur Burns married Mary Logan at Sacred Heart Church in 1856  
Coner, Mrs Lizzie Corner of Notre Dame Avenue and South Bend Avenue      
Donahoo, John Notre Dame Avenue, 3 South South Bend Avenue Works at Singer Manufacturing per city Directory; in the 1880 Census, son John is a Cabinet Maker, Joseph works at Sewing Machine Factory and Patrick, Ellen and Alice work in a Paper Mill Sometime on or before 1853 John Donahue and Susan Gorman most likely married in Ireland. At least two of their children were born in Ireland including Mary A and Barnett- possible John; the 1870 Census seems to indicate that son John was born in New York in 1849.
Fogerty, Edward (sons Edward Jr and John are in the directory and listed at this same address) 1882 SB Directory REs. Corner Sorin and Notre Dame Avenue 1882 Edward is a Brick Mason, Edward Jr and John work at Singers; South Bend May 7, 1866 baptismal record for son Edward Based on the census records, they appear to have been in Tennessee around 1861, Chicago, Illinois around 1864 and South Bend, Indiana around 1866.
Frain, John Notre Dame Avenue, 3d last house 1882- works at Notre Dame; John is a Carpenter in the 1870; Carpenter Joiner in 1880; 1910 Carpenter in the Arapahoe County, Denver CO census (lives with dtr Nellie Curran) August 7, 1860 Based on US census records, three of their children were born in Illinois between 1857 and 1860 and 5 children were born in Indiana starting in 1861. 1900 US census indicates that John Frain immigrated to the US in 1849 and was naturalized. This family was clearly close friends with my second GGP's; our family history suggests that they traveled at least from New York via Train together (Frains, McNultys, Brennans). I believe they may have met in New York, but did not travel from Ireland with my great grandparents.
Frain, John beds Notre Dame Avenue, 2n St Vincent 1882 works as a Boiler Maker, South Bend Boiler Works    
Frain, M res. Notre Dame Avenue, 3 n St Vincent; 1910 and 1920 resided at 1035 Notre Dame Avenue; 1930 widow Michael Frain at 1020 St Peter Street 1882 works at Notre Dame On or before August 7, 1860 son of John Frain, Cath Holden from Ireland. Born abt 1857 in Illinois. Father John to US in 1849
Frain, Peter 1882 Directory- lived on Notre Dame Avenue, 3 N St Vincent; 1900 on East Sorin Street 1880 Census- Sewing Machine Factory; City Directory-1882 Works at Notre Dame On or before August 7, 1860 son of John Frain, Cath Holden from Ireland. His father John came to the US in 1849
Gorman, Patrick 1882 Directory- Sorin, 3 w. Notre Dame Avenue; 1900 at 708 E Sorin; 1910 819 E Sorin; 1860, 1870- Laborer; 1880 works Sewing Machine Factory; 1882 Directory works at Singers; 1900- Night Watch; son Patrick Day Laborer 1900; 1901 Patrick Sr works at Singers, 1903 Singers Watchman; 1905 works at Singers Old Plant Patrick Gorman and Bridget Hastings were present in South Bend, IN on or before August 31, 1854 when they were married. Patrick arrived in US between 1853-1855; Naturalized
Hanley, Michael 1880 Residence on ND Avenue; 1882- NE corner of Moreau and Notre Dame Avenue (son John beds at same residence); 1900 residence at 518 N Hill Street; 1870 census Michael is a Farmer in Harris Twp; 1880 Mike C is a Moulder and son John a Laborer; 1882 Michael works at Notre Dame, son John at St Mary's; 1900 Mike is a Carpenter, son James a Cigar Maker, Joseph a Day Laborer; 1910 son Michael is a Gas Fitter, James a Cigar Maker- Cigar Factory, Francis is a Saloon Keeper, Joseph Telephone Co. Laborer October 11, 1862 South BendMarriage License Both Michael C Hanley and Margaret Stoney hailed from Ireland. Michael arrived in the U.S. in 1848 (1900 Census), 1840 (1910 Census). Margarite arrived in the U.S. in 1863? (per 1900 Census). An obit for Michael C Hanley suggests he was from County Roscommon, Ireland and came to South Bend from Watertown, New York. 1880 Census suggests that son John was born in Wisconsin. Both Michael C Hanley and Margarite Stoney appear to die in South Bend, IN. The core of the family remained in So Bend, but several children moved to Niles and Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Hillert, Martin (I believe this is Martin Hilliard) 1880 Residence on Notre Dame Ave; 1882- st Vincent, 2 w Notre Dame Avenue;1885 Helen, widow of Martin lived at 525 St Vincent- sons Thomas and Daniel live with her at this addres; 1894 same address Helen lives with kids Lizzie and Thomas; 1896 same address- Helen lives with sons Thomas and John; 1899 same Address Widow Helen lives with Thomas and Michael; 1900 Widow Helen lives at 525 N Hill St. with widow son John; 1903 Helen lives at 525 St Vincent Street with Thomas, Michael and Elizabeth;1905 same address Helen lives with Thomas, John and Lizzie; 1860 Martin is a Farmer; a Laborer in 1870, Farm Laborer in 1880 with daughters Mary and Julia House Servants, sons John and Daniel workat Sewing Factory; 1885 sons Thomas and Daniel- Laborers; 1894 daughter Lizzie- DM and son Thomas a Mason; 1896 Thomas and John- Laborers; 1899 Thomas (Mason) Michael (So Bend Toy Co.); 1900 Son Daniel is a Brick Mason; 1903 Thomas (Mason); Michael (Lab); 1906 Thomas (City Inspector); John (Mason); 1910 Daniel (City Policeman) May 3, 1858 Baptism of Stanislaus Dennis Both Martin Hilliard and Ellen (Helena) Shea were born in Ireland. Ellen arrived in the US around 1855. Daughter's Mary and Catherine were born in New York around 1855 per 1860 census; They appear to have remained there through 1856,1858 when Michael and John were born then journeyed on to South Bend, IN
Hoban, Martin (likely son of Thomas) 1882- S.E corner of Moreau and Notre Dame Avenue 1882-works St Marys;    
Hoban, Mrs Thomas (widow) (Michael Hoban also here) 1882-S.W. corner of South Bend Avenue and Notre Dame Avenue Michl: 1882-works Downs and Hoban 78 Main;    
Luther, Elisha (his wife Margarita Talbot was born in Ireland) 1882-beds Sorin 2 W. Notre Dame Avenue; 1882-teamster; earliest evidence I have of Margaret Talbot's parents in So Bend is January 29, 1859. Elisha's parents were born in and came from Pennsylvania arriving in St Joseph County Indiana as early as 1838 It appears that the Talbot family may have arrived in South Bend, Indiana between 1855 and 1856 according to the entry for Hannah, sister of Margarita and Margarita in the 1900 US Census;
McCarty, John 1882-beds Notre Dame, 2 N. Moreau      
McNulty, James (also listed at this residence in 1882 were sons Edward, Michael, Martin and James Jr) 1882-Notre Dame Avenue, 3 s. Moreau; 1882-James-Farmer, Edward and Michael- Singers, Martin works at Notre Dame and James Jr is a Laborer; Father James appeared as a Laborer or Farmer 1860-1880. Edward was a City Fireman, Driver, Pipeman Hose Company 7 with So Bend Fire Dept 1894 through 1924. earliest evidence of Jacob McNulty and Margaret Wheelan family in South Bend was August 22, 1858 According to the 1900 US Census Margaret Whelan came to the US around 1840. The McNultys were in New York as early as 1853 when William (John?) was born and appear to still be there 1854 or 1855 when Edward was born. This family was in my ggp's close circle of friends. Our family lore suggests that my Brennan Family traveled via train to South Bend with the McNultys and Frains.
Neenan, Daniel 1882-last h.u.e. Notre Dame Avenue 1882-Laborer; St Joseph 1876 Church Census; I didn't find this family in the 1870 Portage Township Ward 4 Census.  
O'Connor, Dennis 1882- 2 last h S.N.E. Notre Dame Avenue 1882-works Singers; July 28, 1876 is the earliest record I have thus far indicating the presence of this family in South Bend, IN I believe that Dennis and Mary McCarthy may have been married in Ontario Canada in August 1871, had a daughter Eliza Jane in 1872 (who may have died) and then had Margaret there in January 1873 in Harrisburg, Canada before journeying on to South Bend, Indiana where they had daughter Mary in June 1876. This timeline and marriage definitely need to be proven as there are some gaps that need to be cleared up and things clarified!
Oren, Thomas 1882- last h e.a.N. Notre Dame Avenue 1882-works Singer's 1870 Olive Twp, St Joseph County Census has Patrick Orin 40, Maria 36, William 11, Thomas 3 and Kate 1 Patrick and Maria Orin were born in Ireland, children in Indiana. I am not sure if this is the same Thomas as he would only have been 15. (there is a William H Oren at 213 Washington St.
McNulty, James 1882-Notre Dame Avenue, 3 s Moreau 1882-Farmer; August 22, 1858 Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame Baptismal record is earliest evidence of this family in South Bend, IN; they were residents of Portage Twp in South Bend in the 1860 Census Son John appears to have been born in New York around 1853 as was Edward in 1854 or 1855. Family lore suggests that my 2nd GGP's the Brennans traveled with the McNulty's and Frains via train from New York. If they stayed in New York until 1855, this seems unlikely as John Brennan was born in Ohio in 1853. The remaining children were born in Indiana. The parents remained and died in St Joseph County, Indiana, the children dispersed. See McNulty/Whelan church records too.
McNulty, Edward (this is the son of James) 1882-beds Notre Dame Avenue, 3 s Moreau 1894-96 1003 N. ND Avenue;1908-10 903 ND Avenue; 1916-20 - 907N ND Avenue; 1882- works Singers; 1894 City Fireman; 1896 Lab; 1908-10 Driver- Fireman; 1916 Pipeman Hose Company 7; 1920 City Fire Department see above- arrival in So Bend on or before August 1858 see above note; born in New York abt 1854-56; married Elizabeth Lahey and he died in South Bend;
McNulty, Michael (this is the son of James) 1882-beds Notre Dame Avenue, 3 s Moreau; 1896 Resident Chicago, IL; 1897, 1900, 1910 resident of Long Lake, Traverse City, MI; 1950 Grand Rapids, Kent MI 1882-works Singers; 1896- Steam Fitting;1900, 1910 Farmer; see above- arrival in So Bend on or before August 1858 see note for James McNulty; born 1866-68 in Indiana (marriage rec says Syracuse NY- I believe its wrong);
McNulty, Martin (this is the son of James) 1882-beds Notre Dame Avenue, 3 S. Moreau; 1900, 1910-8852 Houston Ave Cook Co, IL; 1882-works Notre Dame; 1900, 1910-Brick Layer see above- arrival in So Bend on or before August 1858 See note for James McNulty; born 1857-in IN; Married Nellie Flynn Cook Co, IL 1886; he died in Cook County, IL in 1921;
McNulty, James Jr (this is the son of James) 1882-Notre Dame Avenue, 3 s Moreau; 1910 1910 Denver Rd Boulder CO; 1920 48 E. Robinson St. Knoxville,Iowa; 1940 Marian, Knoxville, Iowa at 1209 W Main Street; 1882- Laborer; 1900 Mine Lab;1910 Coal Miner;1920 Timberman Coal Mine; see above- arrival in So Bend on or before August 1858 See Note for James McNulty; born 1858 in South Bend, IN- went west to Nebraska with my GG uncle Michael Brennan; married Samantha West in Eddyville, Iowa in 1895; 1910 Boulder Colorado; 1920-1940 Knoxville, Iowa
Neenan, Daniel 1882- last h.u.e. Notre Dame Avenue; 1883 1204 E Napoleon; 1885, 1894,1896-1235 S. Notre Dame Avenue; 1904 - 802 E Napoleon; 1906 802 Napoleon South Bend, Mishawaka, IN 1882- Laborer through 1896; 1901- works at Notre Dame; St Joseph Church 1876 Census Both Daniel and wife Johanna were born in Ireland. I have no evidence of their journey before 1876 at South Bend at this point. There is a John and Adelaide Neenan family in South Bend who resided at 1135 Notre Dame Avenue that clearly has a connection to Daniel Neenan, Canandaigua, New York who died abt 1946, but I am unsure if they are related- and if they are Irish
Roach, Martin 1882- corner Notre Dame Avenue and Edwardsburgh Road 1882- works at Notre Dame    
Roach, William 1882- corner Notre Dame Avenue and Edwardsburgh Road 1882- Retired (this is the head of this family- Martin is a son) A July 16, 1856 Sacred Heart Church Notre Dame Baptismal Record is the earliest evidence I have of the William Roach and Bridget Holmes Family in South Bend I believe I may have found William and Bridget (nee Holmes) Roach in the 1850 US Census for Conajoharie, Montgomery County, New York. Parents were born in Ireland as were Maria, Ellen and possibly Patrick. An obit for Bridget Roach (nee Holmes) states she arrived in South Bend from Ohio in 1854