Irish Born Individuals in the South Bend Portage Township 1860 Census Surnames M-N

There are 23 different surnames documented in this section. The surnames Maloney, Manetha, Martin, McCardel, McKary, McNamara, Mechen, Meghin, Molen, Moore, Mulligan, Julia, Murphy and Neenan were listed under South Bend, and the remaining surnames were listed under South Bend-Portage Township. John Maher age 10 was living with the Swany Family on a street with many Irish Families. He is the only Maher listed in this census. Jane Martin age 13 lives independently of the Martin family that is listed and works as a Domestic, there is no way to tell if she is related to them or not. Mulligans are listed on four different pages of the census: Owen (24) and Mary (20) Mulligan are living in an area with many Irish families, Julia Mulligan works as a domestic and lives with the Young family, Ann Mulligan works as a domestic and is on a census page with a Mary Mulligan who was born in Pennsylvania.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Maher, John 10 Ireland    
Maloney, Dennis 25 Ireland Day Laborer No
Maloney, Kate 25 Ireland    
Manetha, Mary 30 Ireland    
Manetha, Hannah 10 Ireland    
Marsh, Elizabeth 25 Ireland Domestic  
Martin, Joseph 60 Ireland Farmer  
Martin, Kate 34 Ireland    
Martin, Thomas 9 Ireland    
Martin, James 4 Indiana    
Martin, Margaret 2 Indiana    
Martin, Jane 13 Ireland Domestic  
McAnulta, James (McNulty) 25 Ireland Laborer No; *church records on this family
McAnulta, Margarett (McNulty) 25 Ireland    
McAnulta, John (McNulty) 7 New York    
McAnulta, Edward (McNulty) 6 New York    
McAnulta, Martin (McNulty) 3 Indiana    
McAnulta, James (McNulty) 1 Indiana    
McAnulta, Margarett (McNulty) 1 Indiana    
McCardel, Mary 19 Ireland Domestic  
McCartney, John 25 Ireland Laborer  
McCartney, Elizabeth 24 Ireland    
McCartney, Hui 5 Indiana    
McCartney, Mary 3 Indiana    
McCartney, John 1 Indiana    
McEneny, Henry 12 Ireland    
McGlochlin, Patrick 25 Ireland    
McGowan, Thos 30 Ireland Laborer No
McGowan, Mary 27 Ireland   No
McGowan, Michael 7 Ohio    
McGowan, Mary 5 Ohio    
McGowan, Catharine 3 Ohio    
McGowan, Ellen 10 mos Indiana    
McKary, Owen 55 Ireland Day Laborer  
McKary, Susan 55 Ireland    
McKary, Francis 22 Ireland Day Laborer  
McKary, George 20 Ireland Day Laborer No
McKary, Katherine 15 Ireland    
McNamara, James 26 Ireland Day Laborer  
McNamara, Bridget 20 Ireland    
McNamara, Margret 1 Indiana    
McQuinn, Bridget 30 Ireland    
Mechen, Patrick 25 Ireland Peddler  
Mechen, Edward 19 Ireland Peddler  
Meghin?, John 21 Ireland Peddler  
Molen, Mary 21 Ireland Domestic  
Moore, Stephen 30 Ireland Shoemaker  
Moore, Kate 25 Ireland   No
Moore, Thomas S 4 Indiana    
Moore, Darby 2 Indiana    
Moraetta, Mary 13 Indiana    
Moriarity, Margarette 15 Ireland    
Mulligan, Owen 24 Ireland Farmer  
Mulligan, Mary 20 Ireland    
Mulligan, Ann 19 Ireland Domestic  
Mulligan, Julia 35 Ireland DM  
Murphey, Henry 22 Ireland Blacksmith  
Murphy, Thos 40 Ireland Day Laborer  
Murphy, Julia S 28 Ireland    
Neenan, Mary 23 Ireland Dom