Irish Born Individuals in the South Bend Portage Township 1860 Census Surnames J-L

There are 7 Surnames documented in this section. The Surnames Judge, Ledwitch and Lions were documented under the South Bend section of the Census and the rest fell under the South Bend-Portage Township division.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Judge, Mary 35 Ireland School Teacher  
Keaton, Garrett 50 Ireland Laborer No
Keaton, Margarette 37 Ireland   No
Keaton, Mary 16 Ireland Domestic  
Keaton, Eliza 14 New York    
Kinny, Thos 37 Ireland Cooper  
Kinny, Mary 35 Ireland    
Kinny, George 15 New York    
Kinny, Maria 13 New York    
Kinny, Thos 11 New York    
Kinny, James 5 Indiana    
Langston, James 71 England Gardener  
Langston, Catharine 40 Ireland    
Ledwitch, James 50 Ireland Stone Mason  
Ledwitch, Eliza 25 Ireland    
Ledwitch, Joseph 19 New York Brickmaker  
Ledwitch, James 15 New York Laborer  
Ledwitch, Ellen 13 New York    
Ledwitch, Thos 12 Michigan    
Ledwitch, Henny? 9 Indiana    
Lions, Patrick 35 Ireland Day Laborer No
Lions, Katherine 27 Ireland   No
Lions, Edward 1 mo Indiana    
Logan, Ellen 42 Ireland    
Logan, Margarett 19 Ireland Domestic