Irish Born Individuals in the South Bend Portage Township 1860 Census Surnames G-I

There are 9 surnames represented in this section. The following surnames were documented under South Bend: Garrow, Gilfoil, Grogan, and Haggarty. The remaining surnmaes fell under the South Bend-Portage Township division. There are 13 individuals with the Gorman surname listed below and two obvious family units in that group. Ed Gorman age 50, Margaret 42, Mary age 18, Patrick age 16, Joseph age 12 and Anna age 5 form one family and are listed on a census page with numerous other Irish families such as the Odays, Burks, Tarbets, Mulligans and Swanys. Patrick Gorman age 29, Bridget 33, Edward 5, Joseph 2 and James 2 mos are a second family unit on a census page with many other Irish families such as the McGowans, Cavanaghs, Byrelys, Roaches and Hobans. The other 2 Gormans are listed in different areas of the census and show no obvious signs of relation.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Garrow, Michael O 45 Ireland Day Laborer  
Garrow, Katherine 32 Ireland    
Garrow, Eliza 9 New Jersey    
Garrow, Mary 8 New Jersey    
Garrow, Thomas 6 New Jersey    
Garrow, Edward 4 Indiana    
Gerragan, John 38 Ireland Ditchin?  
Gilfoil, Dennis 35 Ireland Day Laborer  
Gilfoil, Honora 30 Ireland    
Gilfoil, Mary 5 Indiana    
Gilfoil, John 2 Indiana    
Gilfoil, Thomas 4 mos Indiana    
Gillen, Edward 30 New York? Saloon Keeper  
Gillen, Ann 28 Ireland    
Gillen, Edward 7 Indiana    
Gillen, Richard 5 Indiana    
Gillen, Elizabeth 1 Indiana    
Grogan, Margaret 16 Ireland Domestic  
Gorman, Ed 50 Ireland Laborer  
Gorman, Margarett 42 Ireland    
Gorman, Mary 18 Ireland Domestic  
Gorman, Patrick 16 Ireland Laborer  
Gorman, Joseph 12 Ireland    
Gorman, Anna 5 Indiana    
Gorman, Patrick 29 Ireland Laborer No
Gorman, Bridget 33 Ireland    
Gorman, Joseph 2 Indiana    
Gorman, James 2 mos Indiana    
Gorman, Mary 19 Irealnd Domestic  
Gorman, Michael 25 Ireland    
Haggarty, James 60 Ireland Dom?  
Haggarty, Melia 19 Ireland Domestic  
Haggarty, Timothy 17 Canada Dom  
Haggarty, John 16 Canada Dom?  
Haggarty, Cornelia 15 Canada Dom?  
Haggarty, Mary 13 New York Dom  
Haggarty, Honora 11 New York    
Haggarty, Terry 8 New York    
Haggarty, James 7 New York    
Haggarty, Michael 3 New York    
Higgins, James 30 Ireland Laborer  
Higgins, Bridget 20 Ireland    
Higgins, Mary 4 Indiana    
Higgins, Anna 3 mos Indiana    
Hoben, Thos 54 Ireland Laborer No
Hoben, Mary 43 Ireland    
Hoben, Martin 12 Maine?    
Hoben, Ellin 9 Maine?    
Hoben, Michael 6 Ohio    
Hoben, Ellenora 3 Indiana