Irish Born Individuals in the South Bend Portage Township 1860 Census Surnames D-F

There are 8 Surnames documented in this section. The following Surnames were listed as being in South Bend as opposed to South Bend-Portage Township: Digniny, Doud, Dunn, Farnington, and Fury. The rest were in South Bend Portage Township. Please note below that Luke Duffy age 35 was listed on a separate page (different family unit) from Luke and Bridget Duffy (both age 30).

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Digniny, Patrick 25 Ireland Shoemaker  
Digniny, Mary A. 28 Ireland    
Digniny, Mary A 1 Indiana    
Dillon, Mary 25 Ireland    
Dillon, John 5 Ireland    
Dillon, Joseph 3 Indiana    
Doud, Michael 30 Ireland Day Laborer  
Doud, Katherine 26 Ireland    
Duffy, Luke 30 Ireland Laborer  
Duffy, Bridget 30 Ireland    
Duffy, Luke 35 Ireland    
Dunn?, Martha 40 Ireland Domestic  
Farnington, Patrick 40 Ireland Day Laborer No
Farnington, Mary 30 Ireland   No
Farnington, Mary A 3 Indiana    
Farnington, John 2 Indiana    
Farnington, Patrick 5 mos Indiana    
Fitzgerald, Wm 23 Ireland    
Fury, Peter 32 Ireland Day Laborer No
Fury, Margaret 30 Ireland   No
Fury, Thomas 7 Connecticut    
Fury, Maggie 6 Connecticut    
Fury, Mary 1 Indiana