Irish Born Individuals in the South Bend Portage Township 1860 Census with Surnames S-T

There are 9 different surnames documented in this section, Surnames Schultz, Saloon, Stapleton, Sulivan and Tura are listed under the South Bend section and the rest fell under South Bend -Portage Township. My only thoughts on this section were in regard to the Swany and Tarbet families; the spelling appears clear, but I wondered if they could be Sweeney and Talbot

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Saloon, John 42 China Cook  
Saloon, Bridget 40 Ireland    
Saloon, Elizabeth 8 New York    
Saloon, William 6 New York    
Saloon, Thomas 4 New York    
Shultz, John 26 France Porter  
Schultz, Mary 24 Ireland    
Schultz, John 2 mos Indiana    
Smith, Mary 35 Ireland   No
Smith, James 28 Ireland Day Laborer No
Stapleton, Michael 20 Ireland Stone Cutter  
Stoner, John 40 Ireland Laborer  
Stoner, Bridget 40 Ireland    
Stoner, Patrick 20 Ireland Laborer  
Sullivan, Timothy 46 Ireland Day Laborer  
Sulivan, Katherine 35 Ireland    
Sulivan, Michel 11 Michigan    
Sulivan, Timothy 8 Indiana    
Sulivan, John 5 Indiana    
Swany, John 40 Ireland Laborer No
Swany, Ann 30 Ireland   No
Tarbet, John 50 Ireland Laborer  
Tarbet, Catherine 42 Ireland    
Tarbet, Margarett 20 Ireland Domestic  
Tarbet, Katy 16 Ireland    
Tarbet, Anna 9 Ireland    
Tarbet, John 1 Indiana    
Tura, Michel 38 Ireland Stone Mason  
Tura, Kate 35 Ireland    
Tura, Mortha? 8 Indiana    
Tura, Kate 6 Indiana    
Tura, Mary A 4 Indiana    
Tura, Hillen? 1 Indiana