Irish Born Individuals in the South Bend Portage Township 1860 Census Surnames O-R

There are eight different surnames documented in this section. The following surnames were listed under the South Bend section: Obrine, Oday (John, Margaret and Mary), Oday, Bridget 40, Redding and the J M Roach family. The remaining surnames were listed under the South Bend-Portage Township section. Michel Obrine (likely O'Brien) was living with the Doud Family (Michael and Katherine) not the other listed O'Briens. There were three different groups of O'Days, Bridget O'Day, 34 employed as a Domestic was living with Martin, Catharine O' Day, their two daughters Mary, Bridget and son Martin. Bridget O'Day, 40, employed as a domestic was living with the Dunn family from New Jersey in an area without other documented Irish. The third O'Day family of John, Margaret and Mary O' Day lived next to the Farringtons. I documented two different Roach Families, Wm Roach 51, his wife Bridget 40 and their children Ellen, Patrick, William, Martin and Bridget living next to 8 other Irish Families (including my great grandparents Martin and Catherine Brennan, and the family of J M Roach (a physician), wife Katherine and their family in another section of the census.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
O'Brien, Patrik 23 Ireland Painter  
O'Brien, Ellen 29 Ireland    
O'Brine, Michel 11 Ireland    
O'Day, Martin 25 Ireland Laborer No
O'Day, Catharine 30 Ireland   No
O'Day, Martin 7 New York    
O'Day, Mary 1 New York    
O'Day, Bridget 2 mos Indiana    
O'Day, Bridget 34 Ireland Domestic  
O'Day, John 24 Ireland Day Laborer  
O'Day, Margaret 26 Ireland    
O'Day, Mary 1 Indiana    
O'Day, Bridget 40 Ireland Domestic  
Quinlin, John 40 Ireland Laborer No
Quinlin, Margarett 40 Ireland   No
Quinlin, Hannah 14 Ireland    
Quinlin, Bridget 12 Ireland    
Quinlin, Wm 9 Michigan    
Redding, Lewis 25 So Carolina Laborer  
Redding, Mary 28 Ireland    
Redding, Elizabeth 2 Indiana    
Redding 1 Indiana    
Rion, Jerrymyne? 15 Ireland Home L?  
Roach, Wm 51 Ireland Laborer No
Roach, Bridget 40 Ireland   No
Roach, Ellen 14 Ireland    
Roach, Patrick 12 Ireland    
Roach, Wm 11 New York    
Roach, Martin 3 Indiana    
Roach, Bridget 1 Indiana    
Roach, J? M 45 Ireland Physician  
Roach, Katherine 35 New York    
Roach, Edmund W 12 Michigan    
Roach, John D 10 Michigan    
Roach, Jerome 8 Michigan    
Roach, Emma 1 Michigan    
Rulfer, Wm 22 Ireland Blacksmith