South Bend and Portage Township Irish Born Individuals and their Families in the 1860 Census

The 1860 Census for St Joseph County Indiana has the sections grouped by Townships. South Bend and Portage Township are listed separately in the collection; however on closer examination of the actual census records, of the 97 pages listed under the section on South Bend, pages one through 48 (covered by John Gallagher) state they assess South Bend-Portage Township and pages 49-97 (done by Elmer Rose) state that they cover South Bend. Elmer Rose was the census taker who completed the 18 pages that specifically cover "Portage Township" that included only two immigrants who were born in Ireland, Jerrymyne Rion and Ann Byersly. The 1860 Census does not give street names or addresses that would have been helpful to differentiate the areas covered.

I am going to document these families alphabetically under South Bend-Portage Township. Many of the Surnames appeared to have been spelled phonetically and some look like a wild guess; this would make them a challenge to find in a census search. My Great Grandparents are listed as Martin and Catherine Bowman (Brennan) and their neighbors and close friends the McNultys are spelled McAnulta. I am transcribing them exactly as I see them without correction. I will include the entire family if one individual was born in Ireland (many times the spouse and children were born elsewhere). The 1860 Census does not document how individuals listed at the same location are related to the head of the house unlike later census years, so it is impossible to ascertain if they are borders, related or even working for them. There is a Michel O Garrow Family that I have documented under the G-I section; it was impossible to tell if this was Garrow or O'Garrow.

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