Sacred Heart Church Irish Families 1841-1847 with Male Surnames U-Z

There are 3 different Irish Surnames identified in this section. Henry Wallace was 10 years old when he was baptized. Regarding the baptism of Francis Woods, there were two records that appear to be the same child, one in item 4 and one in item 5 with slight discrepancies on the spelling of the fathers and the child's name, so I have included them both. Both records indicate that Francis was born on June 10, 1841. There was no town given, but the three previous records on this ledger page were from the "Village of Kalamazoo."

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Town/ Parish
5/25/1840 B Wallace, Robert Taylor, Rachel Henry  
2/18/1846 B Woods, Andreas ?, Martha Martha Matilda  
6/13/1841 B Woods, Henri O'Connel, Elizabeth Francis  
6/8/1841 B Woods, Henry O'Connel, Elizabeth Frances  
6/22/1847 B Wright, Joannes Davies, Maria Adelina Niles