Sacred Heart Church Irish Families 1841-1847 with Male Surnames O-R

There are 11 different Irish surnames documented in this section.

Regarding the children of Moses O'Brien and Brigitta Brady, the baptismal records for Margarite and Helena were noted in both items 4 and item 5. I have included both because of the variations in the spelling of their names.

The Sacred Heart Church register of Parishioners documented the family of Gulielmus O Brien age 40 (son of Patricius), his wife Sara Therisa age 34?(daughter of Alexander Slovaugh) and their family on Aug 30, 1845. Their children are listed as Catharina age 15?, Margarita age 13, Georgius age 8, Patricius Edwardus age 5, Gulielmi Henricus age 3 and Sara Elizabeth. Of note is the discrepancy between Sara's surname in this record and the census record.

Maria O'Koman's baptism was listed in both Item 4 and Item 5, with slight variation in both date and spelling of the surname, so I have included both here. March 20, 1843 was listed as the birth date for both.

Regarding the Baptismal record for Edwardus Quimet and Edwardus Quin, it appears that this could be the same child with a discrepancy in the spelling of the surname. One appeared in item 4 and one in item 5, and Edwardus Quin was listed as having been born on April 19, 1844.

I have included the family of Carolus Edwardus Ross below because of the Irish surname (Martin) of his mother. There is a likelihood that his father is of German descent, but I have kept them in this list until I can find out her origins. The family of Gulielmi Ross and Henrica Martin, age 34 (daughter of Antonii Martin) is included in a Sacred Heart Parish Register dated August 15, 1845, and also includes the following children: Jacobus age 8, Joseph age 6, Cecelia age 4, Carolus Edwardus, and what looks like Martin? Elizabeth.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Town/ Parish
6/13/1841 B O'Brien, Moses? Brady, Brigitt Margaritt  
6/13/1841 B O'Brien, Moses Bradey, Bridgitt Margarite  
4/16/1844 B O'Brien, Moses Brady, Brigitta Helene Kalamazoo
4/16/1844 B O'Brien, Moses Bradey, Brigitta Helena Kalamazoo
8/11/1844 B O'Brien, Gulielmo ?, Sarah Sarah Elizabeth Niles
10/19/1846 B O'Brien, Gulielmi Slavry?, Sara ? Niles/ Hibernia
9/4/1847 B O'Brien, Gulielmi Flowers, Sara ? Niles
4/12/1843 B O'Koman, Richarda ? Maria  
4/15/1843 B O'Komen, Richarda ? Maria  
1/18/1846 M Potter, Gulielmi Talbot, Catharina   Kalamazoo
2/2/1841? B Quilty, William ?, Elizabeth David  
4/20/1844 B Quimet, Michaeli Power, Ali? Edwardus Kalamazoo
4/20/1844 B Quin, Michaeli Power, Ali? Edwardus Kalamazoo
2/5/1843 M Reymer, Fredericus Sandley, Maria    
4/26/1845 B Roger, Joanne Nelson ?, Maria Josius St. Joseph
4/8/1831 B Roney, Bernard Fitzgerald, Catherine Mary Jane Troy(OH)
2/5/1844 B Ross, Gulielmus ?, Henrica Carolus Edwardus Niles
1/11/1846 B Ross, Gulielmi Martin, Henriae ? america/ germania
4/19/1846 B Ryley, Phillippi Files?, Catharina Lavatea? Royalton?