Sacred Heart Church Irish Families 1841-1847 with Male Surnames M-N

There are 24 different Irish Surnames documented in this section.

Regarding the record on Esaii Morse, it appears that he was born 1804 and was baptized before he died. He was married to Margarita McSweeny of Whitmanville, Niles.

Regarding Daniel Murphy the son of Danieli Murphy and Catharina Rouleran, his baptism was listed in both items 4 and 5; he was listed as having been born on the 8th, 1842 in item 4 and on Nov 14, 1843, the same day as his sister Maria Anna in item 5.

Regarding the Mulgenry? Family listed below: there is was a Sacred Heart Church register of parishioners from Aug 15, 1845 that documents a Soleman Mulgeenay? age 39, his wife Catharine (daughter of Guliemo Barren) age 22, sons Timotheus (8) and I believe it mentions a Joannes and Patricius. This record is really hard to read but appears to be this same family. In this same register is a listing for a Henricus Martin, son of Antonius (age appears to be 28) married to Juliana, daughter of Joannus Loshbough (age appears to be 25?). I think this is likely the same family as below, and no children were included in this record dated August 15, 1845.


Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Town/ Parish
2/11/1844 B Macrone, Timotheo Macrone, Anna Maria Catharina St Joseph
5/30/1841 B Mahonny, James Mahonny, Ann Mary Anne  
11/6/1843? M Manning, Joannes Hagans, Maria    
3/16/1840 B Maranthal?, Patrick Mouton, Fannie Catharine Marie Louise  
5/7/1838 M Martin, David Co?way, Josett Anne    
5/24/1840? M Martin, Harry Lochebough, Julia    
6/24/1838 B Mayer, Jacob Rup?, Catherine Sophia Harris Prairie
3/30/1840 B McAlleroy, John ?, Mary Jane Sarah  
11/28/1847 B McCane, Michaeli Murray, Elizabeth Julia Pokagan Prairie/ Hibernia
6/26/1839 B McCrone, Timothee Murphy, Ann Thomas  
6/24/1838 B McEllen, John MacPit, Mary Denys Lake St Marys
12/6/1839 B McGhee, Robert McGee, Marguerite Robert near Goshen
12/6/1839 B McGhee, Robert McGee, Marguerite Mary near Goshen
12/12/1845 M McGinley, Edwardus Mac?, Carola   ND du Lake
6/24/1838 B McNally, Henry MacGraham, Ann Thomas Lake St Marys
11/21/1839 B McNulty, James Marguerite McNulty Joseph  
3/30/1845 M Meeks, Joannes Bertrand, Archangela    
6/1845 B Meeks, Joanna Bertrand, ? Maria Josepha Seraphim  
2/17/1844 M Menard?, Victor Morin, Celestina   Wassibi?
4/8/1838 B Metzer, Joseph Harris, Eliza Elias Lake St Marys
5/4/1845 B Minton, Gulielmus Claffrey?, Maria Maria Joanna Kalamazoo/ Hibernia
3/25/1838 B Molegan, Phillip Riley?, Mary Theresa Lake St Marys
5/12/1843 M Mollegan, Edwardus Groban, Maria Anna   Mishawaka, Hibernia
9/9/1847 B Morse, Esaii? Beaumont, Alma Enos Niles
12/29/1844 B Mulgenry?, Sabonone? Barry, Catharina Patricius  
1843 M Murphy, ? Ross, ?    
11/14/1843 B Murphy, Danieli Rouleran?, Catharina Maria Anna St. Joseph
2/8/1844 B Murphy, Daniel Rouleran, Catharina Maria Annal St Joseph
2/8/1844 B Murphy, Danieli Rouleran, Catharina Daniel  
8/12/1844 B Murphy, Jacobus ?, Anna Jacobus St. Joseph
11/24/1839 B Murphy, John Murphy, Ann Lucia Terra Coupee Prairie
11/24/1839 B Murphy, John Murphy, Ann Sara Terra Coupee Prairie
11/24/1839 B Murphy, John Murphy, Ann James Terra Coupee Prairie
11/24/1839 B Murphy, John Murphy, Ann John Terra Coupee Prairie
3/16/1843 B Murphy, Patricius ?, Anna Daniel St Joseph
5/19/1844 M Navarre, Gulielmi O'Brien, Elizabeth   Kalamazoo
3/18/1846 B Nichols, Joanne Sorelle, Juliana Gulielmus Niles/ Canada
3/22/1846 B Nichols, Joanne Sorelle, Juliana Francisci Niles/ Canada
3/ ?/1846 B Nichols, Joanne Sorelle, Juliana Lucia Niles/ Canada
8/?/1846 B Nichols, Joannes Lavelle?, Juliana Joseph America/ Canada