Irish Families in Sacred Heart Church 1841-1847 with Male Surnames J-L

There are 9 different Irish Surnames documented in this section. Once more a marriage appears to be dated years after the baptism of a child with James Kelly and Emma Underwood. Of interest was a note in the record that said that Emma was the widow of the late James Kelly, and was baptized the same day as her decision to switch from the Protestant to Catholic religion.

I have included the Surname Laschback in this section despite the fact that I feel her husband is possibly of German descent, as Martin is an Irish Surname.

The family of Jacobus Livingston age 35 (son of Michaelis) and his wife Elizabeth age 54? are documented in the Sacred Heart Church Register of Parishioners on August 29, 1845. The ages are almost impossible to read, but it clearly states that they are living in Buchanan (Michigan I assume).

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Town/ Parish
8/24/1846 M Kelley, Dionysis Kelley, Rosa   Berrien Co, MI
5/7/1844 B Kelly, Patricio Murphy, Joanna Hugo Niles
5/22/1845 B Kelly, Patricio Murphy, Joanna Catharina Hibernia
11/7/1847 B Kelly, Patricio Murphy, Joanna Joannes Hibernia
8/31/1845 B Kelly, Patricio Kelley?, ? Maria ?
4/9/1836 B Kelly, James Underwood, Emma Thomas  
6?/25/1839 M Kelly, James Underwood Emma   Bertrand
12/6/1839 B Kelly, Walter Kelly, Jane John near Goshen
6/25/1837 B Kenny, Patrick Cherry, Catherine Charles Anthony Bertrand
6/13/1841 B Labadie, Gregorie Bennet, Mary Gregory Alexis  
1835 M Lacy, Caroli Plain, Eliz    
9/27/1846 B Langston, Jacobi Coontz, Mariae ? Buchanan, MI
9/28/1846 M Langston, Joannes Akin, Lucia   ND du Lake/ Berrien/ Buchanan, MI
8/2/1846 B Laschback, Joannis Martin, Catharina Jacobus Benedictamus  
6/7/1846 B Lexington, Danielis Halarell, Anna Jacobus  
9/4/1845 M Livingston, Jacobus Chapman, Elizabeth   Buchanan, MI?
3/16/1845 B Lyons, Patricio Picket, Catharine Joannes Berrien Co, MI
3/16/1845 B Lyons, Patricio Picket, Catharine Helena Berrien Co, MI
6/22/1845 B Lyons, Patricio Picket, Catharine Maria Berrien Co, MI
9/19/1847 B Lyons, Patricio Picket, Catharina Catharina Berrien Co, MI/Hibernia