Sacred Heart Church Irish Families 1841-1847 with Male Surnames G-I

There are 9 Irish Surnames documented in this section. I have included the Gallup family because of the Irish surname Martin, but I believe that Joannus is from Germany. What is uncertain is whether Suzanna is too or whether she has Irish Roots as her surname would suggest. This family is listed in the Sacred Heart Church Register of Parishioners dated September 21, 1845. Suzanna appears to be 25 years of age and two children are listed Elizabeth Eva and Joannus, though the record is quite difficult to read.

Gardner is an Irish Surname variation so I have included it here, but a later record for Joseph Gardener and his wife Lydia mentions Germania. I plan to leave this family in here until I see further confirmation of their family lines.

Henricus Habgood was baptized as an adult, as he was born in 1799.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Town/ Parish
9/21/1845 B Gallup, Joanne Martin, Suzanna Joannes Howard?/
9/21/1845 B Gallup, Joannus Martin, Suzanna Elizabeth Eva Howard?/
8/17/1846 B Gallup, Joannis Martin, Suzanna ? Howard Twp/ Germania
5/2/1847 B Gallup, ? ? Sarah Joanna  
12/5/1839 B Gardner, Joseph Harley?, Theela John Goshen
6/23/1844 B Gardner, ? ? Ludia (Joseph) Bertrand (Niles)
4/19/184? B Gillan, John Gillan, Catherine John  
6/24/1838 B Guilent, John Dougherty, Catherine Margaret Lake St Marys
4/11/1845 B Habgood, ? Henricus  
1/10/1839 M Halpen, Patrick Hart, Ellen   Berrien Co, Michigan
11/7/1847 B Halpin, Patricio Hart, Helena Martinus Niles/ Hibernia
4/27/1845 B Hanavan, Bernardo Short?, Catharina Jacobus St. Joseph/ Hibernia
4/27/1845 B Hanavan, Bernardus Short?, Catharina Bernardus St. Joseph/ Hibernia
6/7/1841 B Handley, John ?, Catherine Ellena  
12/12/1845 B Handley, Joanne Henri?, Catharina Margarita Joanna Bertrand Twp/ Hibernia
5/8/1844 B Henley, Joanne ?, Catharina Josephus Niles
6/21/1840 B Hochegaugh?, John Martin, Catherine Henry Martin