Sacred Heart Church Irish Families 1841-1847 with Male Surnames D-F

There are 14 different Irish Surnames documented in this section. The date is clear on the marriage record for Jacobus Doneghy and Elizabeth Dyar. It is fairly clear that Elizabeth and Jacobus are their children, Elizabeth was born April 9, 1843 and Jacobi was born May 14, 1845. I guess the question I have is was Elizabeth born before they were married or were they married previously in Ireland but didn't have documentation so were remarried here?

Regarding the two Elliot children, Maria Theresa and Maria Angelina were baptized in the same week in 1844, but Maria Theresa was born June 1843 and Maria Angelina was born in 1841. Maria Theresa's sponsor was from Pokagan, but nothing was listed after her parents name as far as residence goes.

The record for Joannes Ellis and Sarah Kelley is a dispensation allowing them to marry, not an actual marriage record. It mentions that Joannes Ellis was baptized as a catholic, but no mention of when they were to be married.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Town/ Parish
1833 B Davis, Mils Spencer, Jane Maria  
7/5/1846 M Deutch, Georgius Gardener, Anna    
5/22/1844 B Dodge, Joanne ?, Anna Almara ?Nottawasopi
3/23/1845 B Done, Mathew ?, Maria Theonore Fredericus  
5/8/1844 M Doneghy, Jacobus Dyar, Elizabeth    
4/9/1844 B Doneghy, Jacobi Dyar, Elizabeth Elizabeth Niles
5/8/1844 B Doneghy, Jacobi Dyar, Elizabeth Elizabeth Niles
12/25/1845 B Doneghy, Jacobo Dyar, Elizabeth Jacobus Bertrand Twp/ Hibernia
6/5/1844 M Dowlein, Edwardis Coleman, Marguerita   ND du Lac/ Harris Prairie
4/20/1844 B Edington, Guilimus O'Donnel, Elizabeth Gulielmus Kalamazoo
6/4/1844 B Elliot, Joseph ? Maria Theresa Pokagan?
6/11/1844 B Elliot, Joseph ? Maria Angelina  
5/22/1853   Ellis, Joannes Kelley, Sarah    
6/13/1840 B Fenley, Lawrence Welsh, Brigitta Mary Ann Kalamazoo
8/16/1845 M Farry, Robertus Reidimour?, Maritima    
4/30/1844 B Ferry, Robert ? Joannes  
4/30/1844 B Ferry, Robertus Ferry, Maria Mariae  
5/2/1844 B Ferry, Robertus ? Maria Josephi  
2/3/1846 B Ferry, Roberto Ridnor, Marie Robertus Pokagan?
4/27/1845 B Finnegan, Patricio ?, Margarita Hugo St. Joseph/ Hibernia
12/13/1846 B Flannigan, Petro Dowlain?, Catherine Readman Niles/ Hibernia
4/8/1838 B Foley, John Rinn, Mary Maria Lake St Marys