Irish Families in Sacred Heart Church 1841-1847 with Male Surnames A-C

There are 16 different surnames represented in this section. The records for the surname Baumbury are spelled numerous different ways. In many baptismal records the name almost looks like Baumburg. The children Josephus, Elizabeth, Petrus and Julia were baptized and their parent's names weren't given. Their baptismal records are documented in both item 4 and item 5 and their name is spelled Baumberg in item 4 and Baumbury in Item 5; I believe the spelling is probably Baumbury. One item of interest on this surname is that on Julia Baumbury's Baptismal record it states Julia carunidem filium dejoulibus Nottawasopee. (The Potawatomi Indians have a Nottawaseppi Huron Band). I am uncertain how to translate it. Two of the spouses married to Baumbury's have Irish Surnames (Martin and Condon) could these children belong to someone who was a Potawatami Indian? The marriage record for Patricio Bumbury and Suzanna Condon is clearly 5/5/1845. This appears to be the parents of William Dionysius, Henry and Edwardus but their birth years are prior to their marriage and that seems illogical.

Regarding the two Bertrand children, they appear to be the same child with 2 different birth dates, but in the first record the child is listed as having been born Sept 3, 1840 (item 4) and the second Jan 23, 1839 (item 5). I am not sure what to make of that it is obviously the same parents.

Regarding the Burns family, there is a death record for a Timotheus Burns on 9/15/1847, I am unsure if they are related.

Regarding the Colman family, Joseph Ludoly that was baptised on 6/11/1844 was born in 1805 so perhaps this was the father finally being baptised.

The Curin Family, the last surname on this page, was also noted in the Sacred Heart Church Register of Parishioners dated Oct 15, 1845. Patricius Currin age 33 (son of Joannus) and his wife Helena age 32? (Daughter of Thomas? Allan) were listed as having 6 children: Catharina age 13, Brigitta age 11, Michael, Thomas age 8, Joannes age 5, and Maria Anna.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Town/ Parish
1835 M Amemee?, Alexis Casy, Margarita    
4/18/1847 M Bach, Nicholas Davies, Maria   Niles
4/27/1841 M Banberry?, John Martin, Mary    
4/28/1844 B Baumberry?, Joannis ?, Maria Henricus Brigitta  
4/28/1844 B Bombery?, Joanne ?, Maria Henrica Brigitta  
6/20/1845 B Bumbury, Jacobi Henrley?, Maria Sarah Elizabeth Niles
5/5/1845 M Bumbury, Patricio Conydom?, Suzanna    
6/15/1841 B Barmbury?, Patrick Condon, Suzanna Edward  
6/15/1841 B Boumbury, Patrick Condon, Suzanna Edwardus  
6/15/1841 B Bombury, Patrick Condon, Suzanna William Dionysius  
6/15/1841 B Bornbury, Patrick Condon, Suzanna Henry  
6/15/1841 B Boumbury, Patrick Condon, Suzanna Henricus  
5/5/1845 B Baumbury, Patricius Condon, Susanna Francis Jacobus Kalamazoo
1?/10/1844 B Baumberg, Edwardo ?, Maria Maria Catharine  
1/10/1844 B Bombery?, Edward ?, Maria Maria Catharina Niles
1/30/1846 M Bumbury, Edwardus Kelley, Maria    
1/4/1846 B Bumbury, Edwardo Kelly, Maria Thomas Andrea? Niles
5/20/1844 B Baumbury?,   Josephus  
5/20/1844 B Baumbury?, ? Elizabeth Niles
5/20/1844 B Baumbury?, ? Petrus Niles
5/20/1844 B Baumbury?, ? Julia Niles
10/19/1844 B Beaumont, Joanne Potter, Anna Maria Anna Niles/ Hibernia
5/6/1841 B Bertrand, James Lavonnie? Keeler, Adeline Richard Robert Bertrand
6/6/1841 B Bertrand, Laurence James Keeler, Adeline Richard Robert  
6/22/1847 B Blanchard, Joanne Dalyron?, Anna Margarita Alma Niles/ Hibernia
6/22/1847 B Blanchard, Joanne Daly, Anna Edwardus America/ Hibernia
6/22/1847 B Blanchard, Joanne Daly, Anna Joannes America/ Hibernia
12/1/1839 B Bower, Andrew Bower, Theresa John  
9/6/1847 B Brown, Patricius Richard, Margarita Elizabeth Paw Paw/ Hibernia
6/18/1845 B Buckley, Daniel ?, Anna Joannus Baptista  
2/7/1844 M Burns, James Carroll, Anne    
2/8/1844 B Candley, Thomas Chairon, Brigitta Maria Anna St. Joseph
2/12/1844 B Charey?, Ludovico Carey, Judith Georgious St. Joseph/ Hibernia
6/17/1845 B Charrey, A? Whelan, Ludovica Joannes Waterford/ Canada
2/7/1844 B Charrey, Petro ?, Maria Elizabeth Petrus Delieus? St. Joseph/ND du Lac
6/11/1844 B Coleman, ? ? Elizabeth  
6/11/1844 B Coleman, ? ? Allsiam?  
6/11/1844 B Colman, Johannae ? Joseph Ludoly  
6/21/1845 B Colman, Joannes Andoly, Anna Joannes  
8/31/1845 M Collins, Joannes Wilson, Maria   South Bend?
4/27/1845 B Conley, Thomas Harris, Brigitta Joannes St. Joseph/ Hibernia
12/23/1845 B Curin, Patricio Allen, Helena Elizabeth Hibernia