Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptismal Records Presented By Male Surname

The following records are extracted from the Sacred Heart Church Microfilm #1617239. Baptisms from this film begin in 1858. Many of the names are spelled phonetically, and abbreviations are often used. I am going to spell them exactly as I find them documented. There are some that were impossible to read and some that were quite poor and I did my best to interpret. The parent's nationality is given a large percentage of the time, such as America, Hibernia, Germania, and sometimes several heritages are given such as America/Hibernia. I am assuming that this means that one spouse is Irish and the other is born in America. It is evident after going through the microfilm records that a large portion of the Irish parishioners left Sacred Heart Church after around 1873 to attend St. Joseph Church in South Bend.

If you find your family in these records and you have any corrections in the surname spelling or any other part of the record please let me know so I can set the record straight. My Great Grandparents Martin Brennan and Catherine Corcoran were listed a variety of ways: Martin Bren, Cath Cokan, Martino Brun and Cath Corc. I wasn't certain of her surname until I obtained a death record and wills. Seeing as neither of them could read nor write, they never would have recognized that their names were misspelled in a multitude of records.

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