Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptismal Records by Surnames S-T

The Marco Treanor Family is documented as being in Goshen. Regarding the record for Eugenii Sutran, his mother appears to have the term Mrs. before her name rather than a given name, and the surname Sutran sounds a little unusual but that is how it appears. The Baptismal record for Honora Taylor states that her family was from Edwardsburg (Michigan), but her godparents were from South Bend. The Sullivan family listed below is documented as being from Valparaiso, Indiana.

Father Mother Nationalis Child Birth Baptism
Saloon, Joanne Baugh?, Birg Hibernia Michaelis 7/20/1859 8/7/1859
Sallon, Joanne ?, Birgitta Hibernia Joseph Michael 5/3/1861 5/20/1861
Savage, Thoma Flynn, Joanna Hibernia Maria 7/21/1874 8/2/1874
Stoney, ? Closky, Cath Hibernia G. Joannis Christophori 8/16/1863 10/25/1863
Stoney, Patricio McLaughlin, Cat. Hibernia Maria Anna 8/13/1865 8/15/1865
Stoney, Patricio McLaughlin, Cath Hibernia Caroli 12/6/1866 12/23/1866
Stoney, Patricio McGloughlin, Cath Hibernia Catharina 3/25/1868 12/20/1868
Stoney, Patricio McCluskey, Catharina Hibernia Jacobus 5/29/1873 6/22/1873
Sullivan, Joannus Huntington Bidwell, Sylvia Maria   Joannum Stephanum 1/23/1891 5/4/1902
Sutran, Timotheo Sulivan, Mrs? Hibernia Eugenii 9/25/1860 9/30/1860
Talbot, Joanne ? Hibernia Joannis 4/24/1859 5/1/1859
Talbot, Petro Talbot, Anna Hibernia Joannis Joseph 12/12/1869 1/2/1870
Taylor, Josepho Langden, Anna Hibernia Honora 8/5/1868 9/26/1868
Treanor, Joanne Thomas, Dorcus? Hibernia Caroli 5/10/1859 8/7/1859
Treanor, Marco Ferau, Alicia Hibernia Carolus 11/29/1858 2/21/1859
Tuohy, Michaele McNamara, Cath Hibernia Helena 7/3/1859 7/3/1859
Tuohy, Patricio Henessy, Catharina Hibernia Joannis ? 4/3/1858