Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptismal Records Presented by Surnames O-R

I had a difficult time trying to transcribe the record for Joanne Reigiey? This family is listed as being from Goshen. Thoma O'Donnel, his wife B O'Connor and son Thoma are listed as living in Bremen, Indiana. The two baptismal records for the Jacobus Ryan family in 1868 were hard to transcribe. His spouse's name looked like Sidua Burkas (an unlikely name) and although two children were baptized, only one child's name was given. When Eva Genovesa O'Brien was born the family was living in Niles Michigan. A notation in the margin of the Baptismal record for Elmer Francis O'Brien states that he married Ruth Mabel Trust? (nee Wilson) on October 18, 1938 at St Patrick's Church of South Bend.

Father Mother Nationalis Child Birth Baptism
O'Brien,Joanne Loshbough, Arvilla Hibernia/ Germania Maria Albertina 3/11/1887 5/1/1887
O'Brien, Joanna Loshbough, Almire Hibernia/ Germania Clara Elizabeth 9/7/1888 10/7/1888
O'Brien, Joanne Lochbough, Arvilla Hibernia/ Germania Eva Genovesa 3/8/1890 5/4/1890
O'Brien, John Loshbough, Arvilla   Elmer Francis 1/7/1893 5/24/1893
O'Connor, Joanne McBride, Elizabeth Hibernia Maria 5/15/1882 6/11/1882
O'Day, Joanne Maghan?, Margarita Hibernia Margarita 11/6/1860 11/18/1860
O'Day, Joanne ?, Margarita Hibernia Maria 8/7/1858 8/22/1858
O'Dea, Martin ?, Catharina Hibernia Birgitta 5/2/1860 5/2/1860
O'Dea, Martino O'Dea, Catharin Hibernia Maria 7/20/1858 7/22/1858
O'Dea, Martino Martin, Cath Hibernia Alexandri Augustii 1/5/1862 1/12/1862
O'Dea, Patricio Farington, Marg. Hibernia Anna 7/28/1865 7/29/1865
O'Donnel, Thoma O'Connor, B Hibernia Thoma 1/1866 7/12/1866
O'Donnell, Mauritio Stoner, Maria ? Edwardi 8/12/1871 3/30/1882
O'Donnell, Mannitio Stone, Maria ? Ambrose 9/8/1875 9/14/1875
O'Hara, Michael Hicky, Catharina Hibernia Margarita 8/21/1860 9/1/1860
O'Neill, Henrico J Morse, Margarita Anna   Helen Clare 11/12/1883 12/22/1900
O'Neill, Henrico J Morse, Margarita Anna   Margaret Mary 12/5/1881 12/22/1900
Orange, Thoma McChord, Mary Hibernia Julia 4/22/1857 8/3/1858
Pheny, Patricio Shea, Honoria Hibernia Jacobi ? 3/5/1861
Portman, Joanne Lagney, Catharina Hibernia Joannis 6/4?/1851 4/15/1865
Prendergran?, Thonia Smith, Hele.? Hibernia Jacobi 5/18/1858 5/23/1858
Quin, Joanne Mulchay, Helena Hibernia Jacobi Patricii 2/29/1864 2/29/1864
Quinlan, John Quinlan, Margareta Hibernia Margareta 4/2/1861 5/27/1861
Redmont, Joanne Leidon?, Cath Hibernia Joannis Ignatii 5/10/1862 6/29/1862
Redmond, Joanne Dayton, Cath Hibernia Gulielmus Vincente 7/19/1864 8/14/1864
Redmond, Joanne Leyden, Cath Hibernia James Patricii 3/18/1868 4/12/1868
Regan, Edwardo ?, Margarita Hibernia Edwardi 1858 7/19/1868
Reiley, Bernardo Matrin, Maria Hibernia Eliza 5/12/1864 5/15/1864
Reiley, Maria? Manion?, Anna Hibernia ?Joannis? 3/4/1859 3/6/1859
Reigiey?, Joanne ?, Anna Hibernia Joannis 8/1860 8/1860
Rosch, Gulielmus Owns, Birgitta Hibernia Birgitta 1/11/1859 1/21/1859
Rourke, Jacobus Delanis, Alice Hibernia Catharina 7?25/1859 11/20/1859
Ryan, Jacobo Burkas?, ? Hibernia Maria 12/1/1868 12/20/1868
Ryan, Jacobo Burkas?, ? Hibernia ? ? 12/20/1868