Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptisms with Surnames M-N

The Edwardo Mulligan Family is listed as being from Harris Prairie. Regarding the two records listed below for Margarita McNamara, they both appeared on the same page of the ledger, and one took place in March and the other in May. The May Baptismal record did not document the mother's name, but the witnesses were the same for both records minus some spelling variations. I was questioning if the name Taylor March was reversed with Taylor being the surname, but the way it is written follows the given name/surname order of previous records. The surname of Patrici Jacobi Mulligan's mother may be either Tinly or Finly, and his father's first name appeared to be Andeone not Andrew. The Baptismal record for Georgii Eugenii McErlain states that the family and sponsors were from Harris Prairie. Francisci Aloysii Mulligan and his parents are listed as living in Plymouth. In the baptismal record for Leo, son of Joseph Mulligan and Helena, Leo's name is listed as Leo Haney not Mulligan. I am uncertain if the family of Antonius McDaniels is of Irish descent, they are listed as being from Dubuque Iowa.

Father Mother Nationalis Child Birth Baptism
Maley, Joanne Helzott, Emelia Hibernia Alexander 11/9/1863 5/29/1881
Mannen, Joanne Donahoe, Birg Hibernia Helena Joanna 3/3/1861 4/4/1861
March, Taylor Strong, E Hibernia Gulielmi 3/29/1860 9/24/1860
Martin, Josepho Manghan, Cath Hibernia Margarita 5/31/1858 6/13/1858
Martin, Joseph Maughan, Catherine Hibernia Catherina 12/9/1860 12/16/1860
Mason, Martino Hilliard, Birgitta Hibernia Maria 3/30/1868 2/5/1868
McCabe, ? ? Hibernia Joannis Edwardi 7/4/1866 7/4/1866
McCabe? ? Hibernia Gulielmi 8/27/1872 9/8/1872
McCarry, H.W. Cole, Maria L America Joannes Patricius 1/27/1882 5/6/1895
McDaniels, Leo Carney, H America Josephium Georgium 12/23/1876 6/1/1895
McDaniels, Leone Carney, Helena ? Antonius 2/15/1879 4/4/1896
McErlain, Joanne Myer, Ther. Hibernia/ Germania Francisci Edmundi 2/11/1861 4/14/1861
McErlain, Joanne Myers, Ther. Hibernia Georgii Eugenii 4/29/1863 6/14/1863
McErlain, Joanne Myers, Theresa Hibernia/ Germania Elizabeth 6/28/1873 8/7/1873
McGown, Thoma McCafern?, Mar. Hibernia Helena 8/5/1859 8/15/1859
McGown, Thomas McCaffrey, M Hibernia Huberti 9/4/1861 9/22/1861
Mc Gown?, Thomas McCaffney, Maria Hibernia Elizabeth 8/25?/1863 11/1/1863
McGowen, Thoma McCaffrey, Maria Hibernia Thomas 9/9/1865 11/19/1865
McNamara, Jacob ? Hibernia Margarita 5/1/1859 5/3/1859
McNamara, Jacob Ryan, Birgitta Hibernia Margarita 3/10/1859 3/20/1859
McNamara, Jacobo Ryan, B Hibernia Thomae 9/25/1860 9/30/1860
McNulty, Jacobo Sweenan, Maria Hibernia Jacobi 8/22/1858 8/22/1858
Jacobo, McNulty Sweenan, Maria Hibernia Maria Anna 8/22/1858 8/22/1858
McNulty, Jacobo Whelan, Marg Hibernia Sara 4/1863 4/20/1863
McNulty, Jacobo Whelan, Marg. Hibernia Michaelis 1/29/1866 2/4/1866
McNulty, Jacobo Fogl, Marg Hibernia Maria Agnetis 2/5/1861 2/10/1861
McNulty, Jacobo Whelan, Marie Hibernia Thomas 3/25/1868 3/29/1868
Money, Patricio McCloskey, Cath Hibernia Helena 5/11/1862 5/11/1862
Mulligan, Andeone? Tinly?, M Hibernia Patrici Jacobi 11/23/1860 12/9/1860
Mulligan, Edwardo ?, Maria Anna Hibernia Josephi 12/24/1859 1/29/1860
Mulligan, Edwardo Gribbin, Maria Hibernia Catharina Teresia 6/10/1862 6/27/1862
Mulligan, Joanne McDonald, Cath Hibernia Edwardii 5/10/1862 8/27/1865
Mulligan Joanne McDonald, Cath Hibernia Alisa 5/10/1862 8/27/1865
Mulligan, Josepho Haney, Helena Hibernia Josephi 3/13/1885 3/29/1885
Mulligan, Joseph Haney, Helena Hibernia Edwardi Emmet 12/13/1886 12/26/1886
Mulligan, Josephus Haney, Helena Hibernia Elizabeth 1/22/1888 2/12/1888
Mulligan, Joseph Haney, Helena Hibernia Leo 3/4/1890 2/23/1890
Mulligan, Joseph Haney, Helena Hibernia Thoma Georgins 4/3/1892 4/3/1892
Mulligan, Patricio Barret, Margt Hibernia Francisci Aloysii 1/17/1871 4/17/1872
Mulligan, Alexis Paul, Joseph? Haney, Ellen ? Alexis Paul 4/24/1896 5/10/1896
Neenan, Joanne Hilliard, Cath Hibernia Genovisa 5/24/1882 5/28/1882