Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptisms with Surnames J-L

I have found one record with the Surname Cavanaugh spelled with a "K". I think this was an error as the majority of the individuals with this surname are spelled with a "C" so I have included it in the Surnames A-C Section. There is a notation in the margin of the baptismal record of Catharine Joyce that appears to indicate that she married Andrew Pinshaw. This notation is between two entries but appears to be attached to Catharine Joyce. In the margins of the baptismal record for Jacobi Joyce, it states that he married Helena C Turnwell on 9/24/1913.

Father Mother Nationalis Child Birth Baptism
Joyce, Gulielmo Armand, Maria Hibernia Catharine 2/15/1870 2/26/1870
Joyce, Gulielmus Almond?, Maria Hibernia Joannis 3/14/1872 4/7/1872
Joyce, Gulielmo Harman, Maria Hibernia Jacobi 4/5/1882 5/28/1882
Kalhone?, Michaele Gollen, Anna Hibernia Martha Helena 5/5/1858 6/20/1858
Kelly, Francisco Mallen, Maria Hibernia Jacobi Henrici 4/2/1861 4/4/1861
Kelly, Joanne Lynch, Joanne Hibernia Helena 12/4/1867 12/8/1867
Kelly, Patricia Henrica Donnard, Anna Emelda ? Edwardus Aloysius 7/27/1893 6/19/1898
Kennedy, Laurentio ?, Cathari Hibernia Maria Elizabeth 6/6/1858 6/20/1858
Leabert, Joanne ?, Maria Hibernia Josephi ? 7/24/1859
Leitner, Caroli ?, Serla? Hibernia Helena 9/4/1876 9/9/1885
Linnutt, Nicholii Fresnay, Maria ? Dorothea Helena 12/13/1872 12/14/1872
Loshbough, F. B. Chisart, Ludovika Hibernia/ Germania Clara Josephine 7/4/1864 7/6/1864
Loshbough, J.B. Chierhart, Ludovica Hibernia/ Germania Eleonora 8/4/1868 5/26/1870
Loshbough, Jacobo Chearhart, Ludovica Hibernia Nora 1/5/1873 6/1/1873
Loshbough, Jacobo Chirard, Ludovica Hibernia Georgius 11/12/1878 8/10/1879
Luther, Elisha Talbot, Margaret Germania/ Hibernia Catharina 4/14/1861 5/12/1861
Luther, Eliza Talbot, Margarita Am/? Joannis Edwardi 7/13/1862 7/27/1862
Luther, Elisius Talbot, Marg. America/ Hibernia Margarita Agnetis 12/30/1866 1/20/1867
Luther, Elis. Talbot, Marg? America/ Hibernia Maria 3/25/1869 4/4/1869
Lyons, Patricio Fitzgerald, Cath Hibernia Edmundi ?4/27/1860 5/6/1860