Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptisms with Surnames G-I

Regarding the Hilliard Family documented below, I am uncertain of the first child's name, but I believe it looks like Stanislaii Dannis. Several things are crossed on this record. They are obviously twins and one is definitely Helena Angela, but I am uncertain of the name of the other twin. Please note in the records below that Alexander Henderson looks to have been baptized before he was born based on the dates I have included. The year 1860 was listed below this record with the word "error" in the margin next to the baptismal date. I think it was likely that he was baptized in 1860. The record also states that they were from a parish in Elkhart, Indiana. At the time of Birgitta Gallagher's birth, Michael Gallagher and his wife were also living in Elkhart. Michl Georgio Gallagher, wife Anna Benan and son Georgio were living in Michigan at the time of his baptism. Honora Gilfoyle's baptismal record states that the family was living in Terra Coupee, I am uncertain where this is and I haven't seen it listed for others. Martino Howard, his wife Cat and Joannis are listed as being from a parish in Ohio. The record for the baptism of Daniel Hilliard is fairly clear with birth on 8/26/1867 and baptism on 7/1/1867. I am assuming that the dates were transposed as the baptism is before the birth. I am documenting them as they were presented with the above caveat. Regarding the baptism of Helena and Julia Howard, it would appear that these two are twins, as the records appeared one after the other; however, there is a discrepancy in the date of their birth. The year is clear but they are listed as being born on two different days. Clara Maria Haney born in 1891 was married to Orville Edwardo Shoemaker on 7/26/1917 according to a note in the side margin of her baptismal record. There is a notation in the margin of the Baptismal record for Lenas Harold Haney that states that he married Theresa Coil Graber on 7/30/1923 at St Joseph Church in South Bend. A notation in the margin of the baptismal record for Francis Bernard Haney states that he married Anna Nemeth on July 6, 1927 at St. Joseph Church in South Bend. The surname Gooley is obviously not Irish, but I have included the record for Donnell Eliguis Gooley because of his mother's surname, McErlain.

Father Mother Nationalis Child Birth Baptism
Gallagher, Michaele O'Hara, Anna Hibernia Hugh Joannis 11/29/1858 12/25/1858
Gallagher, Michael ?Hern, A Hibernia Birgitta 11/7/1860 12/25/1860
Gallagher, Michael G, Anna Hibernia Maria Helena 186_? 8/1/1865
Gallagher, Michl Georgio Benan?, Anna Hibernia Georgio 5/16/1861 5/29/1861
Gallagher, Patritio ?, Maria Hibernia Joannis Bap 6/24/1858 7/11/1858
Gannon, Joanne Munsie, Sara Hibernia Silvestri 4/20/1859 5/3/1859
Gilfoyle, Michael Burke, Maria Hibernia Honora 1/24/1862 7/1/1862
Gilfry, D McNamaragh, H Hibernia Thomas 1/22/1860 1/29/1860
Gillin, Edwardo Smith, Anna Hibernia Caroli Francisci 2/9/1861 2/17/1861
Gorman, Patricio Lornim?, Birgitta Hibernia Josephi 2/12/1858 2/14/1858
Gorman, Patricio ?, Birgitta Hibernia Jacobus 4/7/1860 4/8/1860
Gorman, Patricio Gorman, Birgitta Hibernia Margarita Anna 4/3/1862 4/6/1862
Gorman, Patricio Gorman, Birgitta Hibernia Maria Catharina 5/10/1864 5/15/1864
Gorman, Patricio Hastings, Birgitta Hibernia Catharina Helena 8/17/1872 9/15/1872
Hagerty, Jeremiah Hagerty, Maria Hibernia Daniel 5/4/1861 5/20/1861
Halligan, Petro ? Hibernia Maria 11/26/1875 11/28/1875
Hadican, Petro Fallon, Maria Hibernia Birgitta 12/20/1877 12/25/1877
Handley, Michaele Stoney, Maria Hibernia Maria Joannae 9/22/1866 9/24/1866
Handley, Michaeli Stoney, Mary Hibernia Sara Anna 9/25/1864 12/4/1864
Handley, Michaele Stoney, Mary Hibernia Maria 2/22/1868 3/8/1868
Handley, Michaele Stoney, Maria Hibernia Anna 12/29/1869 1/9/1870
Hanley, Michaeli Stoney, M Hibernia Francisci Xaverii 10/30/1872 11/10/1872
Gooley, Stephano McErlain, Cora   Donnell Eliguis 12/29/1900 4/14/1901
Haney, Gulielmus Kintz, Maria Hibernia/ Germania Clara Maria 11/16/1891 11/16/1891
Haney, Gulielmus Kintz, Maria   Joseph Aloysius 5/13/1894 1894
Haney, Guilemo Kintz, Maria   Lenas Harold Joannes 12/24/1897 12/25/1897
Haney, Guilielmo Kintz, Maria   William Edward Ferdinand 6/3/1899 6/18/1899
Haney, Guiliemo Kintz, Maria   Francis Bernard 1/29/1901 2/29/1901
Haney, Joanne Welsh, Birgitta Hibernia Birgitta 8/1/1867 8/18/1867
Haney, Joanne Walsh, Birgit. Hibernia Maria Teresa 6/27/1869 7/25/1869
Haney, Patricio Finney, Birgitta Hibernia Franciscus 4/22/1873 5/25/1873
Hasting, Michaeli Maloy, Margarita Hibernia Winifrida 2/18/1873 3/2/1873
Henderson, Wilberto Brown, Saragh Hibernia Alexander Augusti 10/18/1859 8/21/1859
Henny, Patricio Finny, Birgitta Hibernia Gulielmus Josephi 5/10/1870 5/26/1870
Higgins, Jacobo Logan, Birgitta Hibernia Anastasia 4/11/1858 4/11/1858
Higgins, Jacobo Logan, B Hibernia Anastasia B. 3/5/1860 3/6/1860
Hilliard, Martino Shay, Helena Hibernia Stanislaii Dannis?? 5/3/1858 5/4/1858
Hilliard, Martino Shay, Helena Hibernia Helena Angela 5/3/1858 5/4/1858
Hilliard, Martino Shea, Helena Hibernia Gulielmi 8/15/1863 10/29/1863
Hilliard, Martino Shea?, Helena Hibernia Daniel 8/26/1867 7/1/1867
Hilliard, Martino Shea, Helena Hibernia Thomas Joseph 5/19/1869 5/23/1869
Hilliard, Martino Shea, Helenis Hibernia Elizabeth Anna 6/?/1872 7/7/1872
Howard, Martino McNally, Cat Hibernia Joannis 3/30/1867 4/7/1867
Howard, ? ? Hibernia Helena 3/10?/1872 3/17/1872
Howard, ? ? Hibernia Julia Agneti 3/8/1872 3/17/1872
Hughes, Petro Connolly, Helena Hibernia Maria Ludovica 8/15/1858 2/24/1859
Hughes, Joanne ?, Elizabeth Hibernia Maria 7/8/1873 7/24/1880
Hurley, Jeremiah Cunningham, Anna Hibernia Elmira 10/17/1886 10/24/1886