Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptismal Records with Male Surnames D-F

Gulielmo O'Brien was the godfather of Guliel. O' Brien et Petri, son of Michaele Dowd. It appears that they gave their son Guliel his godfather's surname as a middle name. Joanne Doneghue, Marg Hinds and son Caroli Alberti are listed as being from Harris Prairie as are Petro Donaghoe, his wife ? McCarly and daughter Catharina. There is a piece of paper that was added to the ledger for the baptism of Catherine Theresa Frain on which her parent's names are listed but no dates are given. There is a notation above that says Mrs C. T. Cole of 1903 Oak Park Drive in South Bend. I think that this may be documentation of her baptism for her marriage, with C.T. Cole being her married name (C.T. or Catherine Theresa). Maria Donovan's parents are listed as attending St Patricii ( I am assuming that this was St Patrick's Church in South Bend's Westside.)

Father Mother Nationalis Child Birth Baptism
Digan?, Patrick Digan?, Mary Ann Ireland Maria Anna 5/18/1859 6/5?1859
Donoghue, Francisco Hanson, Rosanna Hibernia Joannis ? 6/10/1859
Donoghue, Francisco Hanson, Rosanna Hibernia Birgitta ? 6/10/1859
Doneghue, Joanne Egan, Maria Hibernia Henrica Ludovica 2/4/1859 3/6/1859
Donoghue, Joanne Hinds?, Marg Hibernia Caroli Alberti 6/15/1861 7/7/1861
Donehoe, Josepho Furtee, Anna Hibernia ? 15/1858 5/20/1858
Donahue, Joseph Furtey, Anna Hibernia Margarita 7/22/1862 8/5/1862
Doneghoe, Joseph Furtey, Anna Hibernia Sara Joanne 7/2/1865 7/30/1865
Donahoe, Michael Caffy, Helena Hibernia Michaelis 3/13/1859 4/3/1859
Donahoe, Petro McCarly, ? Hibernia Catharina 8/2/1861 8?/7/1861
Donavan, Gulielmo Galliger, Birgitta Hibernia Gulielmus Henrica ? 6/22/1859
Donovan, Gulielmi Gallagher, M Hibernia Maria 3/25/1872 3/27/1872
Dowd, Michael ?, Catharina ? Margarita 1/22/1858 2/7/1858
Dowd, Michaele Hendes?, Cath Hibernia Joannes 7/5/1859 7/7/1859
Dowd, Michaele Hendiren, Cath Hibernia Guliel. O' Brien et Petri 4/6/1861 4/14/1861
Elliot, Martino Shea, Helena Hibernia Joanna 5/14?1866 5/18/1866
Farrington, Patricio Vaughin, Maria Hibernia Patricii 2/1860 2/29/1860
Ferry, Petro Murphy, Margar. Hibernia Maria 7/10/1858 8/3/1858
Ferry, Petro Murphy, Margarite Hibernia Flan? 6/26/1860 7/4/1860
Finny, Patricio Shane, Honora Hibernia Thoma 2/25/1864 5/1/1864
Fitzpatrick, Terry Fitzpatrick, Maria Hibernia Gulielmus 4/25/1858 4/25/1858
Flynn, Michaele Griffin, Joannes Hibernia Joannes ? 8/6/1878
Fogerty, Edwardus Kennedy, Rosa Hibernia Edwardi 4/22/1866 5/7/1866
Fogarty, Edwardo Kennedy, Rosa Hibernia Joannis Francisci 10/5/1869 10/24/1869
Foughey, Patricia Henessy, Catharine Hibernia Maria 9/20/1860 1/20/1861
Fresnay, Joanne Hoolan?, Cath Hibernia Margarita Joanna 8/3/1860 8/7/1860
Frenay, Joanne Holden, Cath Hibernia Petrius 5/11/1862 5/18/1862
Frenay, Joanne Holden, Cath Hibernia Catharina Martha 12/7/1863 12/20/1863
Fresnay, Joanne Holden, Cath Hibernia Joannis Thoma 12/30/1864 1/4/1865
Frain, John Holden, Catherine Hibernia Catherine Theresa ? ?
Fresnay, Joanne Holden, Cath Hibernia Josephi 2/23/1867 3/3/1867
Fresnay, Joanne Holden, Cath Hibernia Catharina Teresa 4/9/1869 4/14/1869