Sacred Heart Church Irish Family Baptismal Records with Male Surnames of A-C

I will be adding records to this section as I work my way through the microfilm. Regarding Joanis Cavanagh, the birth and baptismal date were pretty clear, but as it is written, he was baptized before he was born. The year 1860 appears below it on the page and the word "error" is written in the margin next to the baptizmal date. A new priest is also writing many of these records and it doesn't say specifically which is the birth and which is the baptism so he may be reversing them. Regarding the record for Maria Anna Comen, I am unable to tell is this surname is Comer or Comen. I had a difficult time decipering the record for Davidier? Casy. His mother's name could be Henesy or Henny. Michaele Bermans, M Monahan and child Joannis are listed as living in Cass (I am assuming that this is Cassopolis Michigan). Please note that the record for Patricio Byrne appears to have the birth date and baptism reversed. This was how they were written in the ledger, as if the baptism occured before the birth. I am assuming that an error was made on the record. In the Baptismal record listed below for Edith Clifford, the script was pretty clear, but it is written as if she was baptized before she was born. The family is listed as attending St Patricii Church in South Bend. When Thomas and Joannes Cassidy were baptised, his family attended St. Patrick's Church in South Bend. A notation in the margin of the Baptismal record for Rosanna Casey indicates that she married a Joanne Tursock and that he was baptised 10/26/1965.

Father Mother Nationalis Child Birth Baptism
Achtring?, Michl Meloy, Marg. Hibernia Joannis 6/12/1868 6/21/1868
Benan, Thomas Moriarty, Catharin Hibernia Patricii et Edwardi 4/3/1859 4/10/1859
Benan, Thomas Moriarty, Catharina Hibernia Elizabeth 1/10/1861 1/20/1861
Bermans, Michaele Monahan, M Hibernia Joannis 2/15/1866 4/29/1866
Boyne, Michaeli Gorman, Elenora Hibernia Helena 11/11/1860 11/25/1860
Brady, Joanne Kane, Maria Hibernia Joseph 10/31/1868 11/8/1868
Brady, Joanne Kane, Maria Hibernia Elizabeth 3/10/1872 3/10/1872
Brennan, Martino Cokan, Cath Hibernia Michaelis 1/6/1858 1/10/1858
Brennan, Martin Corcoran, Cathrine Hibernia Gulielmi Henrici 12/16/1862 12/21/1862
Brun, Martino Corc, Cath Hibernia Martini   9/1/1865
Brennan, Martino Corcoran, Catherine Hibernia Gulielmi Henrici 12/16/1862 12/21/1862
Burk, Jacobo Dowd, Maria Hibernia Michaelis 1/4/1859 8/7/1859
Burke, Jacobo ?, Maria Hibernia Richardi ? 1/26/1862
Burns, Arthur Burns, Maria Hibernia Margarita ?Aug? 1857 4/11/1858
Byrns, Arthur Logan, Maria Hibernia Maria Anna 1/3/1859 1/24/1859
Burns, Arthur Logan, Maria Hibernia Joannis 7/13/1860 7/15/1860
Burns, Arthur Logan, Maria Hibernia Thomas 11/25/1862 12/24/1862
Burns, Arthur Logan, Maria Hibernia Alexandri 7/10/1864 7/18/1864
Byrne, Petro Gavahan?, Isabella Hibernia Patricii 11/23/1867 9/24/1867
Butler?, Mich ?, Catharina Hibernia Richard 4/21/1861 5/20/1861
Casey, Henrico ?, Rosanna Hibernia Anna 9/1/1858 2/23/1859
Casey, Edwardo Wolf, Maria Jos Hibernia Georgina Henrica 7/31/1890 8/27/1890
Casey, Edwards Wolf, Josephine Hibernia/ Germania Rosanna 5/5/1892 5/28/1892
Casey, Edwardo Wolf, Phine?   Joseph Nicholas 12/21/1893 1/28/1894
Casey, Edwardo Wolf, Maria Josephina   Maria ? 1896
Casy, Thoma Henesy?, J Hibernia Davidier? 9/25/1860 9/30/1860
Cassidy, Joanne Asher, Cecelia Hibernia Joannes 2/11/1880 6/16/1880
Cassidi, Joanne Ashen?, Cecelia Hibernia Bertha 12/5/1881 5/30/1882
Cassidy, Joanne Asher?, Cecelia Hibernia Thomas 4/24/1886 7/23/1886
Cavanagh, Dominico Beenan, Anna Hibernia Thoma 3/16/1858 3/19/1858
Cavanagh, Dominick Benan, Anna Hibernia Joanis 9/12/1859 8/25/1859
Kavanaugh, Dominico Beenan, Anna Hibernia Elizabeth 4/11/1863 4/19/1863
Kavanaugh, Domin. Benan, Anna Hibernia Gulielmi Joannis 7/20/1866 7/29/1866
Kavanaugh, Dominico Benan, Anna Hibernia Dominici 4/28/1865 5/7/1865
Clattey, Joanna Higbee?, Anna Hibernia Francisci Joseph 1/25/1888 2/19/1888
Clifford, D Regan, J Hibernia Patricii 3/10/1860 3/18/1860
Clifford, Georgio Cavanaugh, Maria ? Editha 8/29/1880 7/20/1880
Comen, Joanne Roche, Maria Hibernia Maria Anna 7/18/1859 8/7/1859
Commen, Joanne Rush, Mar Hibernia Margarita Helena 12/20/1861 2/2/1862
Comen, Joanne Rush, Maria Hibernia Elizabeth 4/5/1864 5/29/1864
Commen, Joanne Rush, Birgitta Hibernia Elizabeth 9/19/1865 11/24/1865
Commen, Joanne Rush, Anna Hibernia Clara 2/28/1866 4/29/1866
Commen, Joanne Rush, Anna Hibernia Catharina 8/8/1868 8/9/1868
Commen, Joanne Roche, Maria Hibernia Maria Catharina 9/6/1869 9/20/1869
Comer, Joanne Roach, Maria Hibernia Joannis Gulielmus 3/14/1872 5/19/1872
Conoly, Joanne Gill, Maria Hibernia Mariae A 2/23/1860 2/26/1860
Connolly, Joane Gill, Ana Hibernia Peteris 11/10/1860 11/18/1860
Crimmen, Joannes ?, Margarita Hibernia Joannis 1/21/1858 1/22/1858
Curran, Roberto Diert?, Maria Hibernia Cornelia 3/8/1884 12/1/1884
Curran, Thomas Kennedy, Margarita ? Alfred Josephum 10/15/1898 11/6/1898