The Henry Reynolds and Honoria (Ann) Moran Family of Yorkshire, Huddersfield England: An Analysis of Their Migration from Ireland to Yorkshire Huddersfield, England

The Connaught Counties of Galway, Roscommon, Mayo and Sligo are heavily represented in the Huddersfield England Census Records when the county names are given as a place of birth. The amazing research compiled on the Irish in England by great authors like Donald Macraid, Roger Swift, Donald E Jordan Junior, Sheridan Gilley, Kevin O'Connor, John Belchem, Frank Boyce and L. W. Brady among others seems to support repeated migration trails from certain counties in Ireland to certain places in England.

I believe there is a significant probability of a migration trail followed by these families, that Thomas Boyle, Ann Fili, Martin Brennan, Catherine Corcoran, Patrick Reynolds and Cath Bride may have come from the same part of County Mayo, Ireland. This will be a work in progress to search for the origins of these families. I would love to hear from other researchers who feel they are descendents of the Boyles, Brides, Reynolds, Filis, Brennans and Corcorans of Huddersfield, England so that we might work together to discover the origins of these families!This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with GRO of England marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical records. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

Research Observations: After examining the potential spouses of Henry Reynolds who was married in the Quarter ending September 1849 in Huddersfield, by the process of elimination I have determined with a fair amount of confidence that he married Ann Moran. I traced the others married that same day in Huddersfield: Joseph Earnshaw married Hannah Midgley; James Dugdale married Sarah Newton and John Pogson married Jane Walker leaving Henry Reynolds and Ann Moran). Henry and Honoria Reynolds are living with their two children John (5) and Bridget (3) on Windsor Court (near by my 2nd GGP Martin Brennan and Catherine Corcoran). Of special interest is lodger Ann Moran a 50 yr old widow, lodger who is living with them. The anglicized version of the Latin Honoria is Onora. Although I don't believe Anne and Honoria are entymologically related, Anna is entymologically related to Hannah and I believe Hanora is occasionally a Gaeilage usage. So I do believe this is the same couple that married in 1847. There is conflict in the fact that their son John is listed as being age 5 in 1851 (born about 1846) which is the year prior to their marriage if this is correct. I couldn't find a birth Record for either John or Bridget (3 in 1851, born about 1848) in the Huddersfield, England Free BMD. I have yet to find Henry or Honoria (Ann) in later census years but did find a death record for an Ann Raynolds quarter ending Dec 1857 Huddersfield (9a, page 21-79?) that may or may not be Ann (Honoria). I ruled out a death record for William Henry Reynolds Huddersfield June 1863 (9a, page 233) as it appears to be a 13 yr old who was buried at St Michael and All Angels Church in Thornhill. There are other Reynolds in Huddersfield at this point complicating matters. I believe I have found Bridget Reynolds (11) living with her grandmother Ann Moorne, widow, age 78, in Huddersfield, District 12 in 1861 and again in 1871 in Huddersfield District 21, a 20 yr old lodger, Woolen Mill Hand living with the Preast family from Yorkshire. There are lots of gaps in this compilation- I definitely could use some help piecing their journey together! Please contact me if you feel your are a descendant of this Reynolds/Moran family or other Reynolds family descendent from Huddersfield so that we can put the pieces of this family together and possibly determine their origins in Ireland.

Census year, District or other Record Address Name Age Born Occupation; Misc Info Marital Status
Free BMD England Marriage Index: Huddersfield (Possible Marriage Record for Henry and Honoria (Ann) Reynolds)   Henry Reynolds married Ann Moran Huddersfield Quarter ending September 1847     Volume 22; Page 257  
1851 England Census Huddersfield, District 4 Windsor Court Reynolds, Henry, Head (Flanaghans and Flaron from Ireland also live with them as lodgers) 31 Ireland Mason's Laborer M
1851 Huddersfield District 4 Windsor Court Reynolds, Honoria, Wife 30 Ireland    
1851 Huddersfield District 4 Windsor Court Reynolds, John, Son 5 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England    
1851 Huddersfield District 4 Windsor Court Reynolds, Bridget, Daughter 3 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England    
1851 Huddersfield District 4 Windsor Court Moran, Ann, Lodger 50 Ireland   W
1861 England Census Huddersfield District 17 Castlegate Moorne, Ann, Head 78 Ireland   W
1861 Huddersfield District 17 Castlegate Tolley, Mary, Grand daughter 21 Ireland Factory Operative Woolen U
1861 Huddersfield District 17 Castlegate Reynolds, Bridget, Grand Daughter (possible daughter of Henry and Honoria?) 11 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England   U
1871 England Census Huddersfield District 21 Castlegate Reynolds, Bridget, Lodger living with the Preast Family from Yorkshire (possibly daughter of Henry/Honoria Reynolds?) 20 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Woolen Mill Hand U