Portage Township Irish Families in the 1850 Census

The Portage Township Census conducted in August 1850 showed 13 individuals that were born in Ireland. Of these 13, two over the age of 20 acknowledged that they were unable to read or write. Street names were not given in this census year, nor was a determination made of how the individuals living at the same location were related to the head of the house as there was in later years. Eight different Surnames are represented in the Census records listed below.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Chaten, Garret 37 Ireland Laborer No
Chaten, Margrette 30 Ireland   No
Chaten, Mary 6 Ireland    
Chaten, Eliza 4 New York    
Chaten, Margrette 2 New York    
Chaten, Catherine 2 mos Indiana    
Coffer, Mary 21 Ireland    
Falls, Patrick 45 Ireland Blacksmith  
Falls, Mary Ann 30 Ireland    
Falls, Michael 14 Maine    
Falls, Mary Ann 12 Maine    
Falls, James 11 Maine    
Falls, John 10 Maine    
Falls, Bridget 9 Maine    
Falls, Tressa 8 Indiana    
Falls, Sarah E 5 Indiana    
Falls, David 2 Indiana    
Falls, William 2 mos Indiana    
Hill, Susan 18 Ireland    
Kent, Patrick T 51 Ireland Laborer  
Kent, Mary 48 Ohio    
Kent, Elizabeth 15 Ohio    
Kent, Catherine 13 Ohio    
Kent, James 8 Indiana    
Kent, Lucy 5 Indiana    
McCoy, Elen 49 Ireland    
McCoy, Phelix 19 New York Clothier  
McCoy, Mary 17 New York    
McCoy, Jane 12 New York    
Myers, Jacob 40 Germany Laborer  
Myers, Mary 30 Ireland    
Myers, Edward 1 Indiana    
Sheridan, Patrick 35 Ireland Day Laborer  
Sheridan, Bridget 27 Ireland    
Young, James M 37 New York Baptist Clergyman  
Young, Mary Ann 33 Ireland    
Young, Maria 16 Canada    
Young, Francis A 14 Michigan    
Young, Sarah A 13 Michigan    
Young, John W 11 Michigan    
Young, Oliver M 10 Michigan    
Young, Mary J 7 Michigan    
Young, Elen E 6 Michigan    
Young, Adoniram J 3 Michigan    
Young, Roxanna P 3 mos Michigan