Penn Township Irish Families Documented in the 1850 St Joseph County Indiana Census

There were 15 Irish-born individuals and their families living in Penn Township when the census was conducted for St. Joseph County Indiana in 1850. Penn Township was just east of Portage Township and the hub of the City of South Bend when this census took place. Of note in the records listed below is the family of William McLarney. His name appears to be McLarney (unless the M is a middle initial) and he is 38 yrs of age and married within the year. Jane, age 18 is listed as Jane Larney and was also married within the year. I am assuming that they are married despite the age difference because they are listed together and were both married within the year.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Biers, Wm 36 Ohio Farmer  
Biers, Isabel 36 Ireland   No
Biers, Mary Jane 8 Indiana    
Biers, Wm 6 Indiana    
Biers, Strong 4 Indiana    
Biers, John 2 Indiana    
Doil, John 32 Ireland Farmer  
Doil, Emaline 24 Germany    
Doil, Mary E 7 mos Indiana    
Hews, Thomas 50 Ireland Farmer  
Hews, Ann 30 New York    
Hews, Mary Ann 8 Indiana    
Hews, John 6 Indiana    
Hews, Patrick 4 Indiana    
Hews, Catharine 1 Indiana    
McLarney, William 38 Ireland Weaver  
Larney?, Jane 17 England    
Mulligan, Phillip 49 Ireland Farmer  
Mulligan, Mary 47 Ireland    
Mulligan, Patrick H 22 Ireland Laborer  
Mulligan, John 20 Ireland Farmer  
Mulligan, Anna 18 Ireland    
Mulligna, Therissa 11 Iowa?    
Mulligan, Dan'l 9 New York    
Mulligan, Phillip 7 New York    
Parritt, Wm 38 New Jersey Collier  
Parritt, Catherine 30 Ireland    
Parritt, Isabell 5 Indiana    
Paritt, John 2 Indiana    
Rodgers, Aaron 30 Ireland Farmer  
Rodgers, Carolyn 28 Denmark    
Rodgers, Matilda? 3 Indiana    
Rodgers, John 2 Indiana    
Sweeny, Robert 50 Ireland Farmer  
Sweeny, Margret 35 Ireland    
Sweeny, John 17 Pennsylvania Farmer  
Sweeny, William 11 Indiana    
Sweeny, James 8 Indiana    
Sweeny, Catharine 5 Indiana    
Sweeny, Isabel 2 Indiana    
Swords, Edward 52 Ireland Farmer  
Swords, ELizabeth 53 Ireland    
Swords, Mary J 17 Massachusetts