Irish Born Individuals Living in the City of Mishawaka and their Families in the 1860 Census

The 1860 Census for St Joseph County Indiana has the sections grouped by Townships. There were twelve families with Irish immigrants living in the City of Mishawaka when the 1860 US Census was conducted. The City of Mishawaka had a Mishawaka Post Office and most of the Irish men were employed as day laborers and the women who were employed were a Washer Woman and a Domestic. The 1860 Census does not give street names or addresses that would have been helpful to differentiate the areas covered.

I am going to document these families alphabetically in one section as there don't appear to be too many Irish immigrants. Many of the Surnames appeared to have been spelled phonetically and some look like a wild guess; this would make them a challenge to find in a census search. My Great Grandparents are listed as Martin and Catherine Bowman (Brennan) and their neighbors and close friends the McNultys are spelled McAnulta. I am transcribing them exactly as I see them without correction. I will include the entire family if one individual was born in Ireland (many times the spouse and children were born elsewhere). The 1860 Census does not document how individuals listed at the same location are related to the head of the house unlike later census years, so it is impossible to ascertain if they are borders, related or even working for them.

One caveat: I think it is important to keep in mind that the 1860 census does not give the origins of their parents; or if or how those listed in the same residences are related. If a family happens to have arrived in the US earlier than the bulk of the Irish famine immigrants (such as Scotch Irish) then the descendents we see in this census may have been born in the U.S. but still have Irish roots. They will not be reflected in this compilation even if they have an Irish surname.

Father/ Male Adult Mother/Other Female adult Child/ Other Miscellaneous
Armstrong, William 33 born in Ireland Armstrong, Hannah 30 born in Ohio Armstrong, John 14 born in Indiana William was a Day Laborer with $200 Real Estate and $50 Personal Property
" " Armstrong, Joseph 4 born in Indiana  
  Carn, Phoebe M 29 born in Ireland Carn, Alexander 10 born in Ireland Phoebe is a Washerwoman
  " Carn, Margaret 8 born in Michigan  
  " Carn, Philan 2 born in Indiana  
Coleman, James 55 born in Ireland Doland, Margaret 33 bor nin New York Doland, Meary A 10 born in Indiana James Coleman is a Day Laborer; The Dolands are living with him- unsure of relation?
  " Doland, Ella 12 born in Indiana  
  Colman, Mary 24 born in New York   Mary is a Seamstress- unsure how she is related to James Coleman (dtr?) or the Dolands
Costello, John 65 born in Ireland Costello, Catherine 67 born in Ireland Costello, Thomas 36 born in Ireland John - Curled Hair M?; Thomas Cabinet Maker with $400 Real Estate and $500 Personal Estate
" " Costello, John 24, born in England John is a Cabinet Maker
Donahue, John 40 born in Ireland Donahue, Susanna 28 born in Ireland Donahue, Mary A 18, born in Ireland John is a Day Laborer
" " Donahue, Barnet 16 born in Ireland  
" " Donahue, John 13 born in Ireland  
" " Donahue, Ellen 7 born in Indiana  
" " Donahue, Patrick 7 born in Indiana  
" " Donahue, Alice 5 born in Indiana  
" " Donahue, Joseph 1 born in Indiana  
  Gillan, Mary 60 born in Ireland   Mary was a Washerwoman with $400 Real Estate adn $50 Personal Estate
Kern, Patrick 35 born in Ireland Kern, Bridget 32 born in Ireland Kern, Jane 7 born in Indiana Patrick operated a Boarding House $700 Real Estate and $100 Personal Estate
" " Kern, Ellen 3 born in Indiana  
  McDonald, Catherine 22 born in Ireland   Catherine was a Domestic
McGibb, Francis 23 born in Ireland McGibb, Catherine 22 born in Ireland McGibb, Mary 1/12 born in Indiana Francis was a Day Laborer
McSherson?, William 29 born in Ireland     William was a Black smith and the Sandiland? Family lives with him.
Moore, Peter 42 born in Irleand Moore, Mary 30 born in Ireland Moore, Anne 1 born in Indiana Peter was a Day Laborer with $150 Real Estate and $250 Personal Estate
" " Moore, James 1 born in Indiana  
Mulligan, Andrew 26 born in Ireland Mulligan, Helen 21 born in Indiana Mulligan, Ann 2 born in Indiana Andrew was a Day Laborer
" " Mulligan, James 9/12 born in Indiana  
Smith, James 54 born in Ireland Smith, Mary A 53 born in Ireland Smith, Patrick 15 born in Ireland James was a Day Laborer with $500 Real Estate and $50 Personal Estate