Mishawaka Penn Township Irish Families Documented in the 1850 St Joseph County Indiana Census

There were 45 Irish-born individuals and their families living in Mishawaka Penn Township when the census was conducted for St Joseph County Indiana in 1850. Mishawaka Penn Township was just east of Portage Township and the hub of the city of South Bend when this census took place. The category entitled Read/ Write if checked implies that that individual is over the age of 20 and can neither read nor write. There are two different Armstrong Families listed in this Township, John is the son of William and Hannah. They do not appear to be near each other in the order the census was taken. The 1850 census does not indicate the relationship of those living at a given address to the head of the house. I am unable to ascertain if Catherine Black is a daughter of John Black or if John is widowed. All three of the Cooneys listed below live independent of each other, Mary lives with the Halstead Family whose head is an Episcopal Minister, Owen (an apprentice) lives with the Finch family whose head is a tailor, and Patrick lives with the Flower Family. Patrick and Owen live next door to each other. There is also a Michael Kooney who lives with the Orr family. The Doland family has two males Edward age 50 who appears to be the head of this family and Patrick age 53 is listed after the family. There is no way to tell is these two Dolands are brothers or how else they might be related. You will notice below that I have listed Eleanor Caper age 4 under the McDonald Family. It appears that she is most probably living with them at an Inn of sorts with numerous others. Patrick Mulligan lives independent of the Edward Mulligan family that is listed in this table. James Sweeney is living with the Nathan Rup family.

Regarding the John Black Family: An descendent of the John Black Family (listed below) has given me some feedback on them. John Black apparently was born in County Down, Ireland. He had a son Samuel who was from Dromore in County Down. Samuel died at the age of 36 and his widow (Catherine) was living with her father in law in this census with her children Ellen, John, Isabel and Mary. Catherine was also from Ireland (as is listed below).

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Armstrong, John 49 Ireland Laborer  
Armstrong, Ann 50 Ireland    
Armstrong, William 39 Ireland Laborer X
Armstrong, Hannah 25 Ohio   X
Armstrong, John 3 Ind    
Black, John 67 Ireland Laborer  
Black, Catharine 34 Ireland   X
Black, Francis 22 Ireland Laborer  
Black, Ellen 11 Michigan    
Black, John 9 Indiana   (see above note on this family)
Black, Isabel 5 Indiana    
Black, Mary 2 Indiana    
Caldwell, John 26 Ireland Chairmaker  
Carper, Rosana 30 Ireland    
Cassy, Henry 30 Ireland   X
Cooney, Mary 16 Ireland    
Cooney, Owen 16 Ireland Apprentice  
Cooney, Patrick 25 Ireland Iron Founder Man  
Doland, Edward 50 Ireland Laborer  
Doland, Margaret 23 New York   X
Doland, Mary A 2 Indiana    
Doland, Margaret E 2 mos Indiana    
Doland, Patrick 53 Ireland Laborer  
Gilland, Mary 53 Ireland   X
Gilland, Bridget 22 New York    
Gilland, Edward 20 New York    
Gilland, Margaret 14 New York    
Hacket, Edward 26 Ireland Blacksmith  
Hacket, Bridget 24 Ireland   X
Hacket, James E 3 mos Indiana    
Hagan, Margaret 26 Ireland    
Hagarty, John 18 Ireland Peddler  
Hartwell, James 36 New York ? Molder  
Hartwell, Mary 31 Ireland    
Hartwell, Julia 6 Indiana    
Hartwell, Sarah 15 New York    
Hill, Elizabeth 20 Ireland    
Kooney, Michael 20 Ireland Laborer  
Ledwitch, James 41 Ireland Mason  
Ledwitch, Elisa 30 Ireland   X
Ledwitch, Maria 14 New York    
Ledwitch, Joseph 10 New York    
Ledwitch, James 6 New York    
Ledwitch, Helen 4 Michigan    
Ledwitch, Thomas 2 Michigan    
McDonald, John 68 Ireland Laborer  
McDonald, Clarissa? 50 Ireland   X
Caper, Eleanor 4 Indiana    
Moon, Patrick 36 Ireland Laborer  
Moon, Mary Ann 26 Canada    
Moon, Ann 22 Ireland    
Moon, Harriet 7 Indiana    
Moon, James 5 Indiana    
Moon, Margaret 2 Indiana    
Mulligan, Edward 38 Ireland Laborer  
Mulligan, Mary Ann 28 Ireland    
Mulligan, Mary A. 6 Indiana    
Mulligan, Lawrence 4 Indiana    
Mulligan, Bridget 1 Indiana    
Mulligan, James 6 mos Indiana    
Mulligan, Patrick 48 Ireland    
O'Conor, John 52 Ireland Mason  
O'Conor, Lucy 44 New York    
O'Conor, Mary 24 New York    
O'Conor, Murtrove 20 Michigan    
O'Conor, Joseph 18 Michigan    
Rigny, John 25 Ireland Laborer  
Rigny, Ann E 25 Ireland    
Rigny, Mary E 3 New York    
Rigny, Catharine 2 New York    
Rigny, William H 1 Michigan    
Rodgers, John 38 Ireland Iron Founder Man  
Rodgers, Jane 42 Scotland    
Smith, James 47 Ireland Laborer  
Smith, Mary A. 43 Ireland    
Smith, Bridget 21 Ireland    
Smith, Catharine 20 Ireland    
Smith, Ann 18 Ireland    
Smith, Mary A. 16 Ireland    
Smith, Elisabeth 13 Ireland    
Smith, Michael 10 Ireland    
Smith, Patrick 5 Ireland    
Sweeny, James 82 Ireland