The Thomas and Margaret Jean McNulty Family in the South Bend, Indiana Sacred Heart Church Records, Cook County Illinois Census and other Records

Thomas McNulty was born on March 25, 1858 and baptized March 29th at Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. He was the son of James McNulty and Margaret Whelan. Cath Cockran (Catherine Corcoran) my 2nd great grandmother was a sponsor at his baptism.

Important Research Note: First of all, there are tons of McNulty's in the Cook County Illinois census records. I have included Cook County Census Records for what I believe is the Thomas McNulty Family for years 1900, 1920 and 1930. The birth month of March 1870 in Indiana is a match for the month of March in the baptismal record. The year of his birth is variable in the church census records, South Bend and the Cook County Records ranging between 1868 and 1870. An Obituary from James McNulty (his father) in the South Bend, Indiana Tribune states he was living in Chicago in September, 1895. An obituary from his mother Margaret states he was in Chicago in May, 1912 and an obituary from his brother Edward stated he was still living in Chicago in April 1928. I have been unable thus far to find a marriage record, birth certificates, or death records for this family and until I do and I have more information I can't be sure that these Cook County Census Records are this Thomas McNulty's family. If you have feedback one way or the other I would love to hear about it!

This is a work in progress!

Please contact me if you feel that you are related to this family or the McNulty line so we can share information!

Type of Record/ Date/ Location Father/ Husband Mother/Wife Child or others in census or birth record Age Born Miscellaneous
Baptismal Record, Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, South Bend, IN March 29, 1868 McNulty, Jacobi Whelan, Mar? Thomas   March 25, 1868 South Bend, Indiana

Sponsors Daniel Nolan and Cath Cochran

(microfilm 1617239 item 4)

St. Joseph Church, South Bend, IN 1876, 1880 McNulty, James 50 in 1876, 49 in 1880 McNulty, Marg 47 in 1876, Mary Weelon 48 in 1880 Thomas 6 in 1876, 11 in 1880   microfilm 1617235 (for rest of family)
South Bend, Indiana, Harris Township 1870 census McNulty, James, 46 b Ireland McNulty, Margaret, 50 b Ireland Thomas 2 Indiana James was a farmer (for rest of family)
South Bend, Indiana, District 16 Notre Dame Avenue 1880 Census McNulty, James, 55 b Ireland McNulty, Margaret, 49 born Ireland Thomas 13 Indiana James- laborer
Cook County Illinois, Ward 6, District 145, 31st Street McNulty, Thomas, Head 30 born March 1870 Indiana McNulty, Jean, Wife, born 30 July 1869 Canada (Eng) dad born in Kentucky? Mom in Ireland (immigration to US 1888 here 12 yrs) Margaret E., 5 born November 1894 Illinois; Mary A, 3 born December 1896 Illinois; Jean A, 1 born July 1898; Francis J 5/12 born December 1899     Jean has 5 children, 4 living; they have been married 7 years
Cook County, Chicago, Illinois, Ward 16, District 943, Holt Street, 1920 Census McNulty, Thomas, Head 50 born Indiana (parents born Ireland) McNulty Margaret, Wife born in Canada (parents born Ireland) (immigration to US 1871 naturalized 1881) all children born Illinois and single;Edna, 23, clerk clothing store; Adaline 21, no occupation; Genie, 19, clerk at bank;Irene 17, none; Edith, 16 Clerk Dept store; Thomas, 15 Errand Boy Office     Thomas is a brick mason- buildings;
Cook County Chicago, District 1501, Lowell Avenue 1930 Census McNulty, Thomas, Head, 63 born Indiana (parents born Ireland) McNulty, Margaret J., 63 born Canada (dad born Canada, mom in Ireland)(1890 yr of immigration to US- Naturalized) all children born in Illinois and single; Edna M, 34, Sales lady general store; Jean A 30, Stenographer at Tailor establishment; Adaline M 32, Mother's helper private family; Edith M 26 Bookkeeper Bank     Thomas was a brick layer, building contractor; home value $9000;

These census records were acquired from the federal census (database online) Provo, Utah,