The Michael Stanley and Nellie Genevieve (Sheridan) McNulty Family of Traverse City, Michigan in Church, Census and other Records

Michael McNulty's parents, James McNulty and Margaret Whalen (Whelan) appear to have arrived in South Bend, Indiana sometime before 1858. His mother Margaret's obituary in 1912 stated that she had lived in South Bend For 60 years and Michael was listed as being 8 years old when the 1876 St. Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Census was conducted. Michael was documented as residing in Traverse City, Michigan in both 1912 (when mother Margaret died) as well as in 1928 when his brother Edward died in South Bend. There is definitely some discrepancies on his birthplace as his Marriage Record in Michigan lists him as being born in Syracuse, New York in 1866. Several of his older siblings; however, appear to have been baptized at Sacred Heart Church in 1858 and 1861. Michael was not present with the family in the 1860 South Bend, Indiana Census but was listed with them in the 1870 Census in which he is listed as age 4 born in Indiana. Even if Michael was not born in Syracuse New York as the Michigan Marriage states, the very likely possibility exists that his family came from Syracuse, New York. The 1860 Census lists both Edward 6 and John 7 as being born in New York. I found it interesting that he is not listed in the 1880 census with his family (he would have been 14?)

Our Brennan family history lore suggests that my second great grandparents traveled with the McNultys and Frains from New York to South Bend, Indiana when the train lines opened up. The story suggests that they were on their way to Chicago when my great grandfather Martin Brennan got sick and they had to carry him off the train in South Bend. All three families ended up settling in the South Bend purchasing parcels from Father Sorin at the University of Notre Dame in what was known as "Sorin's Tract."

This is a work in progress! I would love to hear from you if you feel you are descended from this McNulty family. I have a lot of information to share on them. Please contact me so that we can work together to discover our Irish origins!

Type of Record Date Husband/ Father Wife/ Mother Child Misc Info
1870 US Census Mishawaka, Harris Twp, St Joseph County, IN Census taken August 25, 1870 McNulty, James, age 46 born in Ireland McNulty, Margaret, age 50 born in Ireland McNulty, Maggie, 10 born in IN Farming
" " " " McNulty, Mary 9, born in Indiana  
" " " " McNulty, Sarah, 8 born in Indiana  
" " " " McNulty, William, age 17 born in New York Farming
" " " " McNulty, Edward, 15 born in New York Farming
" " " " McNulty, Martin, 13 born in Indiana Farming
" " " " McNulty, James, 11 born in Indiana at home
" " " " McNulty, Michael, 4 born in Indiana  
" " " " McNulty, Thomas, 2 born in Indiana  
South Bend St Joseph Church 1876 Census 1876 McNulty, James 50 McNulty, Mary or Marg 47 McNulty, Martin 18  
" "     McNulty, Mary or Marg 17  
" "     McNulty, James 17  
" "     McNulty, Mary 14  
" "     McNulty, Sarah 12  
" "     McNulty, Michel 8  
" "     McNulty, Thomas 6  
South Bend St Joseph Church 1880 Census 1880 McNulty, James 49 McNulty, Mary 48 McNulty, Edward 25?  
" "     McNulty, Martin 23  
" "     McNulty, James 20 in Omaha
" "     McNulty, Margarita 20  
" "     McNulty, Mary 18  
" "     McNulty, Sarah 15  
" "     McNulty, Michael 12  
" "     McNulty, Thomas 11  
Michigan Marriages 1868-1925 family search website August 12, 1896 McNulty, Michael Stanley 30 b abt 1866 Syracuse New York; residing in Chicago, Illinois born in Syracuse New York Sheridan, Nellie Genevieve 26 residing in Long Lake Tp, born abt 1870 in Gr Trav Co   Nellie- Dressmaking; Michael- Steam Fitting; Michaels parents James McNulty and Margaret Whelan; Nellies parents Martin Sheridan and Mary McGuire; sponsors Stanley Martinian? of Traverse City and Mary Green of Chicago, IL; Rev J Bauer, St Francis Traverse City Officiated
Michigan, Births 1867-1902 June 25, 1897 McNulty, Stanley born in New York McNulty, Nellie born in Michigan McNulty, Leo born June 25, 1897 Long Lake, Grand Traverse, Michigan Family search website image 1343
1900 US Census for Grand Traverse County, Long Lake Twp, District 0036, Michigan; census conducted June 23, 1900 McNulty, Stanley, Head, 34 born January 1866 New York McNulty, Nellie, age 34 born January 1866 in Michigan; parents born in Ireland McNulty, Ralph, son 2 born January 1894 in Michigan; dad in New York, mom in Michigan Stanley is a Farmer; own farm free of mortgage
1910 US Census for Grand Traverse County, Long Lake Twp, Michigan District 0046 census conducted April 28, 1910 McNulty, Stanley, Head, age 44 born in Indiana; dad in Scotland; mom in Ireland McNulty, Nellie, wife 44 born in Michigan, parents in Ireland McNulty, Leo Ralph, Son 12 born in Michigan, dad in IN, mom in MI first marriage for both, married 12 years; 3 kids, 3 living; Stanley is a Farmer on a General Farm
" " " " McNulty, Claude Stanley, son 4 born in MI, dad in IN, mom in MI  
" " " " McNulty, Jenevieve, Daughter 1 born in Michigan, dad in IN, mom in MI  
NARA US WWI Draft Reg Cards 1917-1918 Grand Traverse County, Michigan August 24, 1918 McNulty, Ralph L, age 21 born June 25, 1897 Long Lake Twp, Michigan (this is the son of Stanley)     Father was born in South Bend, Indiana; he was employed by Stanley McNulty RD#12, Traverse City, MI; next of kin the same;
1920 US Census for Grand Traverse County, Long Lake Twp, District 20 Michigan census conducted January 19,20,21 1920 McNulty, Stanley, Head 53 born in Indiana; parents in Ireland McNulty, Nellie 54 Wife born in Michigan, parents in Ireland McNulty, Ralph, 22 son born in Michigan, dad in IN, mom in MI Stanley was a farmer on a general farm and Ralph was a Farm Laborer- working out?
" " " " McNulty, Claude, 12 son born in MI, dad in IN, mom in MI none
" " " " McNulty, Genevieve, 10 daughter born in MI, dad in IN, mom in MI none
1940 US Census, Antrim County, Central Lake Incorp area, Village Twp, Michigan Census taken on April 18, 1940 McNulty, Claude, Head 34 yr old single born in Michigan McNulty, Stanley, 74 widow born in IN   Claude is a Teacher at Prather? School and Stanley is a Shop Manager at a Retail Store; Claude's income $700, father has additional income; They both lived in same house in 1935.
Michigan Death Certificates 1921-1952 familysearch website March 5, 1950 McNulty, Stanley age 84, widow born January 29, 1866 Indiana; died March 5, 1950, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan     Father's name: James McNulty; mother's name not given. Image 02160; digital folder number 005237796