The Maria McNulty and Thomas Hartford Family in the St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Records

Maria McNulty, daughter of James McNulty and Margaret Wheelan was documented as "Mavine" in 2 of the 5 baptismal records from St. Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana.

The following is a work in progress. I will be adding to it as I find more records in the microfilm.

Type of Record/ Church Date Husband/ Father Wife/ Mother Child Witnesses/ Sponsors Notes
Indiana Marriages 1871-1959 on Family website July 2, 1883 Marriage License obtained Hartford, Thomas J McNulty, Mary   Witness E Howard, Clerk St Joseph Circuit Court  
Baptism/ St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana 5/17/1885 Hartford, Thomas McNulty, Mavine Mariam Irenem Hugo Hartford and Margaretha McNulty Born 4/28/1885
Baptism/ St Joseph Church 3/11/1888 Hartford, Thomas McNulty, Mavine Mariam Agnetem Michael McNulty and Sara Henly Born 2/22/1888
Indiana Marriages 1811-1959; marriage license; website; October 19, 1909 Meixel, Charles Hartford, Agnes of South Bend, IN born February 22, 1888 in South Bend     Volume 22, image 15 of 373; Agnes is the daughter of Thomas Hartford and mary McNulty
Baptism/ St Joseph Church 12/29/1889 Hartford, Thoma McNulty, Maria Martinem Martinus McNulty and Helena McNulty Born 12/14/1889
Indiana Marriages 1811-1959; marriage license; website; July 6, 1914 South Bend, IN Hartford, Martin T Wyek, Agnes Mabel     Volume 46; page 694 of 780; Martin is the son of Thos Hartford and mary McNulty
Baptism/ St. Joseph Church 2/8/1891 Hartford, Thoma McNulty, Maria Rosam Michael Rowley and Rosa Rowley Born 1/16/1891
Marriage/ St. Joseph Church 11/26/1947 Chavis?, Arthur McNulty, Rosam     (in note attached to bapt rec)
Baptism/ St. Joseph Church 8/2/1900 Hartford, Thoma McNulty, Maria Saram Carmel Edward Kindig and Mrs Mary; Sarah McNulty uxur Kindig Born 7/19/1900; Microfilm 1617235
St Joseph Church Communion Class 1912; same microfilm item 2- first communion- Solemn June 8, 1913.     Hartford, Carmel   St Joeph Church microfilm 1617236
St Joseph Church South Bend Burial Record (likely burial record for this Thomas). Died October 24, 1921 at the age of 60 Burial on October 27, 1921 Hartford, Thomas (born in Paterson, NJ)       Burial at Cedar Grove Cemetery1617236 item 4; note on OCtober 27, 1921 there was an entry on a page in the Cedar Grove Records under LM McGann (likely a funeral home) for Hartford G and Dig (Grave and dig) for $6.00. (microfilm 1637531 page 217).

These records were acquired from the federal census (database online) Provo, Utah,