The James McNulty and Margaret Whelan Family in Sacred Heart and St. Joseph Church Records, South Bend, Indiana

The James McNulty Family was present in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church records as early as 1858. According to stories passed along from Anna Brennan to Barb (Grey) Cutter, our second great grandparents Martin Brennan and Catherine Corcoran traveled from at least New York to South Bend on the train with James McNulty and Margaret Whelan and John Frain and Cath Holden. At this point I don't believe that they traveled further than New York to South Bend with them. Margaret McNulty is documented as Mary and her maiden name is variable from Wheelan (majority of the records) to Sweenan to Foyl). I have not seen another McNulty Family in the church or census records of the area at the time and the children's names appear to match up. Note below that James is documented as being in Omaha in the 1880 census. Michael, Son of Martin Brennan and Catherine Corcoran (my second great grandparents) was listed as being in "New Braska" in this same census. I have found them both in Newbraska census records.

According to an obituary dated September 28, 1895 (obtained via the South Bend Genealogy Society, South Bend, Indiana), James McNulty died on Saturday at the age of 67. September 28th was a Saturday and he died at 10pm at home on Notre Dame Street so it would seem that this was the previous Saturday or September 21. According to the Obituary, he worked at Notre Dame for 14 years (as did my GGF Martin Brennan). He died from a paralytic stroke after 5 years of ill health. Survivors included his wife and 7 children including Edward McNulty, Mrs. Thomas Hartford, Mrs. John Kindig all of South Bend, Thomas, James and Mathew of Chicago Illinois. All of his children attended the funeral that was held at St Joseph's Church on Sunday September 29, 1895 and he was buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Notre Dame. Reverend Father Stoffel conducted the service. (South Bend Tribune, South Bend Indiana, April 28, 1895).

James' wife Margaret McNulty died at the age of 86 on Wednesday May 29, 1912 at the home of her daughter Maria (Mrs T Hartford) at 841 North Notre Dame Street) after a 3 month illness. According to the obituary (South Bend Tribune, South Bend, Indiana) that was obtained via the South Bend Genealogy Society, she was born in Ireland and came to South Bend 60 years ago (that would have been around 1852). Seven children are listed as surviving her: Edward McNulty, Mrs. T. Hartford (this is Maria), Mrs . J. S. Kindig (this is Sarah) all of which resided in South Bend. Thomas and Martin McNulty (Chicago, Illinois), Michael McNulty (Traverse City, Michigan) and James McNulty of Louisville, Colorado. The funeral was held at St Joseph Church on Saturday, June 1 at St. Joseph's Church, South Bend, Indiana. Reverend Peter Lauth officiated and she was buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Notre Dame. (South Bend Tribune, South Bend Indiana May 30, 1912).

I have collected many church and other records on this family and would be happy to share my findings with anyone interested in them.

The following is a work in progress. I will be adding to it as I find more records in the microfilm.

Type of Record/Church Date Husband/ Father Wife/ Mother Child Witnesses/ Sponsors Notes
Baptism/ Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana 8?/22/ 1858 McNulty, Jacobo of Hybernia Sweenan?, Margaret of Hybernia (could this be Whelan?) Jacobi Rusch, Gulielmus and Rosch, Helena of Hybernia Born 8?/22/1858; microfilm # 1617239
Baptism/Sacred Heart Church 2/10/1861 McNulty, Jacobo of Hybernia Foyl?, Mary of Hybernia Mary Agnetis (Maria Agnes on another rec) Martinus Brannan and Anna Williams of Hybernia Born 2/5/1861; microfilm # 1617239
Sacred Heart Church Baptism January 29, 1866 Birth February 4, 1866 McNultyJacobo Whelan, Marg Michaelis Henricum and Joanna Elliot; Microfilm 1617239
Sacred Heart Church Confirmation Record June 9, 1867     Patricius Joannus McNulty (likely related but who is this??)   microfilm 1617238 item 10
Sacred Heart Church Confirmation Record June 9, 1867     Joannes Martinus McNulty (is this Martin??)   Microfilm 1617238 item 10
Baptism/ Sacred Heart Church 3/29/1868 McNulty, Jacobo of Hybernia Whelan, Maria? of Hybernia Thomas Daniel Nolan and Cath Cochran of Hybernia Born 3/25/1868; microfilm # 1617239
Baptism/ Sacred Heart Church 8/18?/1871 McNulty, Jacobo of Hybernia Whelan, Maria of Hybernia Catherina Joannes Brennan and Maria Scott Born 8/18/1871; microfilm # 1617239 item 4
St Joseph Church Census of 1876 1876 McNulty, James, 50 McNulty, Marg., 47 Martin 18, Marg 17, James 17, Mary 14, Sarah 12, Michel 8 and Thomas 6   Microfilm #1617235
St Joseph Church Census of 1880 1880 McNulty, James, 49 McNulty, Mary, 48 Edward 25?, Martin 23, James 20 in Omaha, Margarita 20, Mary 18, Sarah 15, Michael 12 and Thomas 11    
Burial Record/ St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana 9/29/1895 McNulty, Jacobum       Died: 9/22?/1895; Priest: N J Stoffel