A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the St. St George Sub Registration Districts of Manchester Civil Parish in the 1851 Census, their Counties of Origin in Ireland and Occupations held

It is clear that a significant number of the Irish Immigrants in Manchester, Lancashire originated from the Connaught areas of County Mayo and County Roscommon, Ireland. This may be the final destination for a few, a stop on the way to search for work for others and a starting point of a journey abroad for many more.

This is a work in progress!

Locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in the districts of the 1851 Manchester, Lancashire, St George Sub Registration District:

The Census records for District 1a apparently suffered water damage and are extremely hard to read. There were many Irish-born in this district living on Cable Street, Diggle's Court, Cross Street, Swan Street, Edge Court, Rochdale Road and Dean's Place. There were no places of origin in Ireland documented. Keep in mind the quality of the record when I note the following Irish surnames in this section: Archibald, Beane, Burns, Boland, Carroll, Cassidy, Calman, Connor, Coyne, Cone, Commins, Cairns, Cross, Daly, Daveny, Delany, Donovan, Dillon, Doyle, Eaghney, Elston, Falk, Flanagan, Flight, Fox, Forrest, Gray, Gerrity, Glynn, Gilhurst, Gogarty, Groome, Hackett, Healy, Higgins, Hogan, Joyce, Kirk, Lanner, Lyons, Lavan, -anan, Mackie, Murphy, McLoughin, McCable, McDonald, McAuliffe, McCurry, McGovern, McCormick, McCann, McGuire, Moran, Munee, Murray, McKernan, McDer--?, McDermott, Mannion, Montague, O'don, Riley, Reid, Robinson, Scott, Sinnet, Smith, Tiernan, Whyte, Milligan, Walsh, Wynne and Whelan. The occupation's held were quite diverse with women working as house servants, Washerwomen, Kettlewoman, Embroiderer, Green Grocer, Seamstress, Silk Weaver and Shoemakers. Men held jobs such as: Porter, Clothe's Dealer, Tailor, Fishmonger, Green Grocer, Brushmaker, Printer, Farmer, Tallow Chandler, CLoth Weaver, Looking Glass Frame Maker, Bookseller, Cordwainer, Hawker, Painter, General Dealer, French Polisher, Bootmaker, Beer Seller and Hardware Dealer.

The Irish in District 1aa were living on Ashley Lane, Cellar and Court, Charter Street and Cellar, Little Nelson Street and Court, Holden Street and Bone Street. Unfortunately, no counties of origin in Ireland were given. Many of the Irish in this district were employed in textile industry related jobs such as Silk Weaver, Spinner, Small Ware Weaver, Bobbin Winder, Piecer, Clothes Dealer and Factory Hand. The women were also employed as Washerwomen, Lodging Housekeepers, Hawkers and Dress Makers. Other trades in which the Irish of this district were employed were: Shoemakers, Tailors, Shoe Binders, Hatter (Cap Maker), Glazier, Cooper, Nailmaker, Tanner, Joiner, Puncher of Iron, Bricksetter, Book Binder, Fruiteria?, Waste Dealer, Grocer, Book Binder, Rag Dealer, CLock? Maker, Mechanic, Sadler, Optician, Candlelewick Maker, Rope Maker and Bone Filer. The following Irish Surnames were noted here: Atkinson, Brady, Campbell, Calahan, Campbell, Clark, Coyne, Currin, Delaney, Dockrite, Dolan, Dowling, Fanning, Fellows, Fitzgerald, Featherstone, Fegan, Gilligan, Hamilton, Heyes, Hill, Homes, Howe, Hudon, Humphrem?, Hutton, Kelly, Keenan, Kew, Kilroy, Kilbride, Lang, Martin, McCarn, McDenovan, McDonald, McDonough, McGiven, McGuire, McHugh, McKay, McTaylor, Melvin, Moran, Morrow, Mullin, Munn?, Murray, Nestfield, Ogden, O'Neil, Platford, Plunkill, Scott, Sharkey, Sheera, Steen, Stevens, Sweetman, Taylor, Thomas,Tunneyer and Whelan.

The vast majority of pages in the District 1b census suffered horrible water damage and are almost impossible to read. I can see that there are Irish on some of those pages but cannot make out their names. There were no counties of origin in Ireland on the pages that are ledgible. The Irish that I could identify are living on Cable Street and Croft (Cross) Street. The following Irish-born Surnames were identified: O'Neil (Cabinetmaker), Lynch (Tailor, wife Esther a Housekeeper, son a Tailor), Coffee (brickmaker), Morris (Traveller, wife Catherine a Housekeeper), McHugh (Drefs Maker), McFage? (Dealer, wife Mgt House Keeper), Walsh (Tailor, wife Housekeeper), Duffy (Laundress), Kirk (Spindle and Flymaker), Orey (Shoemaker), Duggan (Laborer, wife Mary Laundress, Son Edward Corporal), Malchom (Stay Sticher) and Taylor.

The Irish in District 1bb were distributed among the following streets: Lydia Court, Ashley Lane, Long Millgate, Derby Court, Crown Lane, Millet Court, Marshall Street, Pump Yard, Nelson Street, Charter Street (plus Dawson's Building on Charter Street, Charter Street Cellar, Charter Street Marland's Yard and a Lodging House on the same Street). Undfortunately no counties of origin in Ireland were given and there was a huge concentration of Irish in this district.

The following surnames had Irish-born individuals in their household (occupations held by them and their children are also noted): Allison (Winds for Hand Loom Weaver), , Hand Weaver Cotton), Atkinson (Brickmaker, Bankroft (Hawks Soft Goods, Laundress), Barrett (Hand Weaver), Brace Maker), Berigan (Black Smith, Steam Room Weavers), Brady- several families (Silk Winder, Umbrella Maker, Packer at Warehouse, Pauper), Brannan- several families (Hawks Lady's Caps, Pauper, Cap Maker, Bell Hanger), Brennan (Chair Bottomer), Brown (Cotton Warehouse Lab), Burke- several Families (Sand? Hawker, Hand Weaver Cotton), Burns - several families (Warehousewoman, Rope Maker, Umbrella Maker, Silk Small Ware Weaver), Byrne (Butcher, Steam Loom Weaver), Callon, Campbell (Bricklayer's Lab, Hawk's Hardware), Carey (Tailor), Carr (Tailor), Carren (Hand Weaver), Carlton (Dealer in Old Clothes), Carr (Ag Lab), Carter (Tin Plate Worker, Card Room Cotton Mill), Coady (Brickmaker, maker at dye house, Chiswell (Shoemaker), Collins- several families (Hand Weaver, Winds for Weaver, Winder Silk Mill), Cotton Factory Doffer), Connor (Chairmaker), Cummings (Bricksetter, engraver to calico printers, doffer cotton factory), Dakin (Steam Loom Weaver, Cotton Winder), Day (Joiner), Delaney (Joiner), Dolan (Stamps Goods at Dye House), Donnoly (Railway Lab, Tailoress), Donohoe- several families (Shoe Binder, Shoemaker), Dougherty (Nurse), Dockrill (Shoemaker, Packer in Warehouse, app to carver and gilder, Works Print Warehouse), Duffy (Plasterer Jour.), Durgan (Hawker of Caps), Edgerton (Blue Dyer), Feenarty (Ag Lab), Flynn (Silk Winder, Dyer, Lab for Engraver, Silk Weaver), Garrity (House Servant), Gorman (Bricksetter's Lab), Gould (Fustian Cutter), Flanigan (Hawker of Oranges), Green (Calico Printer), Grey (Shoemaker, Dressmaker), Hodgson (Packer in Warehouse), Hogan (Waistcoat Weaver), Houghie? (Hawker of Tape), Howarth- several (House Keeper, Dressmaker), Howe- Several Families (House Servant, Power Loom Weaver), Hudson, Hughes (Housekeeper), Hullsworth (Slater?), James (Staymaker), Jennings (Ag Lab, Hawks Oranges, Back Tenter Cotton Factory, Piecer), Jones, Jobin (Hawker), Kanagh (Steam Loom Weaver), Kearney (Steam Loom Weaver, Cotton Baller- factory), Keeting (Ag Lab), Kelshaw (Blue Dyer), Kennedy (House Svt, Seamstress), Kenny (Umbrella Maker, Cap Maker), Lawler (Fustian Cutter), Little (Tailor, Spinner Cotton Mill, Piecers Cotton Mill), Lynch- Several Families (Waistcoat Maker, Pauper), Maginnis (Hand Weaver), Maher (Cotton Hand Weaver), Mangan (Dressmaker), Mc Donough (House Keeper, Chair Bottomer, Silk Spinner, Dressmaker), McElroy (Gen Lab), McGovern (Ag Lab), McHugh (Pot Hawker), McLoughlin (Fustian Cutter), McNamara (Winds for Weaver), Melia (Scavenger in Factory), Mellyson (Hand Loom Weaver, Hand Cotton Weaver, Winder for Weavers), Miers (Farm Lab), Moor (Railway Lab, Dressmaker), Morin (Hand Weaver, Fruit Hawker), Molloy (Hatter), Morton (Pauper Hand Weaver), Mullin- several Families (Housekeeper, hand weaver), Murphy- several families (Fustian Cutter, Hand Weaver), Neild, Nolan and Nowland (Cloth Cap Maker, rag sorter, weighs cotton, piecer in factory, scavenger in Factory, Hand Weaver, Stock Maker), O'Berine House Servant), O' Brien (Wire Worker), O'Hara (Pauper), Phibbs (Power Loom Weaver), Pollard (Hawker), Reed (Seamstress), Ross (Hand Weaver, Winder for Weaver), Royle, Sargison (Bobbin Reeler Cotton Mill), Rush (Ag Lab, Cap maker), Sharkie (Pauper), Smith (Ag Lab), Southwell (Hawks Paper), Stanly (Warehouseman), Taylor (Lodging Housekeeper, Piecer in Silk Mill), Thompson (Dairyman Shopkeeper), Tracey (Miller), Varrely (Ag Lab, Hawker of Mats), Walsh- several Families (Hawks Black Lead Paste, Seamstress, Cotton Warehouse Lab), Watson (Seamstress), Weiley (Fustian Cutter, Warehouseman, Roper), Wells (House Servant), White (Doubler in Milll), Wielding (House Servant), William (Hawker Mats), Wilson (Seamstress) and Wroe (Cotton Winder).

District 1C: The census pages in this district were all but impossible to read due to stained, damaged pages. There were numerous Irish in this district (of which I didn't note any counties of origin in Ireland). The following are my best assessment of the Irish-born that I could barely decipher in this district (there very well may be errors!): Brooks, Connors or Commons, Coley, Conally (several), Cowley?, Crummin, Donnelly, Eagan, Fitzgerald, Flannigan (several), Fowler, Lynch, Mahon, McGowan, Morr-?,Murphy (several), Nester, Riley and Ruane. Some of the Irish appeared to be living on Addington Street.

District 1CC: There was a heavy concentration of Irish in this district; they were living on Rochdale Road, Dewhurst Court, Ludgate Hill and Ludd's Court, Joynson's Bldgs, Pleasant Place, Irk and Gould Streets. The following Irish Surnames were associated with a specific county in Ireland (their occupations listed here). From County Antrim: Elizabeth Cockayne (Cotton Spinner). From Belfast: Malone (Power Loom Weaver). County Cavin: Dropes (Cotton Weaver- power), Droop (Satin Stitcher), Richardson (Satin Stitcher), Sale (Soldier's wife). From County Cork: Burchill- several families (Handloom Weaver, Bobbin Winder, Straw loom weaver), Donohue (Handloom Weaver), McCarthy (House Painter). From Dublin: Dropes (Weaver's Wife), Welch (Nurse, Bricklayer's widow), Collins (Handloom Weaver), Burchill (Strawloom weaver), Finnegan (Cotton Weaver and Winder), Gough (Cotton Winder), Barry (Cotton Weaver), Hughes (Handloom Weaver,son- powerloom weaver), Wethers-Nebb (Weaver),Jackson (tin plate worker). From Mayo: Devers (Fish Dealer). From Tipperary: Clare (Household Servant). There were many pages of Irish with no county of origin in Ireland given- too many surnames to list (vs this compilation become too long).

The Irish in District 1D were living on Marshall Street, Oldham Road, Golden Street and Cellar, Robert's Court, Roachdale Road and Cellar, Cross Street, Chadowcross? Street, Walker's Cross and Street and Mason Street and Cellar. The following Irish Surnames were associated with a specific County or Placename in Ireland (occupations are included as well). From Dublin: Ann Martin and kids (all Basket Makers), Christopher Leonard ( a Sawyer is from Dublin but his wife Margret, a Seamstress, is from County Mayo), Cath'n Lee (Bonnet Maker) and Pat Smith (Porter). Alice Connelly (Weaver) was born in County Mayo as was her son Jas (Sawyer) with a daughter born in Manchester. There were three families next to each other on Marshall Street that were from County Galway: Rich Redmons (Shoemaker) and his wife Mary (Seamstress), Mary Redmonds (Stepmother, Housekeeper) and Jno Wall (Fish Dealer).There were many pages of Irish with no county of origin in Ireland given, too many to include in this compilation. The District 1D Census record was damaged and the ocupations at times were difficult to read.

The Irish-born in District 1dd were living on Gould Street (School Court), Dewhurst Street, Charlotte Street, Ashley Street, McCracken Street (and Court), Coburg Street, Meadowcross Buildings, Rochdale Road, Cross Street and Ogden Court. There was only one entry that gave the origins in Ireland: Christy Kavannah, a Fustian Cutter who was born in Dublin living on Ashley Street. There were far too many Irish-born to note them on this page. The most prevalent male occupation was that of Brick Laborer and the majority of women were employed as Capmakers, followed by Servants, Dressmakers, Charwomen, Shirt and Waist Coat Makers, Quilt Makers, Ribbon Maker, Housekeeper (8), Small Wares Dealer and their were a significant number of women employed as Hawkers. The textile industry occupations held were Cotton Weavers (22), Hand Loom Weavers (18), Power Loom Weavers (9), Cotton Winders (12), Silk related jobs (Doubler, weaver, factory), Fustian Cutter (5). Needle Woman, Cotton (piecer, batter, Spinner, Bag Maker), Stay Sticher, Maker and Finisher(5), Stretcher and Cord Feeder. Factory operative or apprentice was the listed job for 13 entries, many of which were women. Two Irish immigrants were on Parish Relief. There were 19 Tailors, 5 Shoemakers, tradesmen such as Coopers (2), Blacksmith, Matchbox Maker, Butcher, Tin Plate Worker, Mechanic and Baker, laborers such as those employed at Dye Works, Hydraulic Worker, Matchbox Maker, Plasterer, Warehouse Worker (3) and Porter (2), Building Laborer, Sawmill Laborer(3), Nailmkaer (2), Carter, Farm Laborer (2), Tinker, Slipper and Doll Manufacture and Brush Maker. Finally, Merchants such as Marine Dealers, Fishmongers (2), Draper, Shopkeeper and Provision's Dealer as well as 4 boys employed as Errand Boys.