A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the St. St George Sub Registration Districts 16-29 of Manchester Civil Parish in the 1841 Census, their Counties of Origin in Ireland and Occupations held

It is clear that a significant number of the Irish Immigrants in Manchester, Lancashire originated from the Connaught areas of County Mayo and County Roscommon, Ireland and that a fairly large number of them had already already arrived by the time the 1841 census was conducted. Manchester may be the final destination for a some, a stop on the way to search for work for others and a temporary residence before a journey abroad for many more.

After I analyze the Irish surnames in St George and several other key Subregistration Districts of the 1841 census, I intend to try to do the same with subsequent census years and try to trace families with surnames Brennan, Corcoran, Coffey and Gahagan (and all variations) through the records. This will be a slow, methodical process. Please contact me if I have identified your ancestor's in this compilation so that we can all work together to solve the puzzle of our ancestor's origins in Ireland.

There are 43 districts in the 1841 St George, Manchester Census. To minimize download times I will divide this compilation into three sections: Districts 1-15, Districts 16-29 and Districts 30-43.

This is a work in progress!

Locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 16-29 of the 1841 Manchester, Lancashire, St George Sub Registration District:

The Irish in District 16 were living on Oldham Road, Junction Street Oldham Road, Bentley's Court Oldham Road, Thursday Street, Wednesday Street, Tuesday Street, Monday Street, Back Cropper Street and Cropper Street. Almost all of the Irish were employed in the Textile Industry including 11 Weavers (Drane, Duffy-2, Connors, Leary, Lowrey, Mackey, Porten, Sloane, Walsh and Wheeler), Weaver Journeymen (Burrows, Butler, Clarke, Dagan, Fairhurst, Ferman, Finigan, Hannan, Heith, Hosey, Lowdon, McConville, Waters), Hand Loom Weavers (Carrol-2, Curran, Dunn, Garvin, Gorman, Larue, Love, Peacock), Cotton Weaver (Fisher), Hand Loom Cotton Weavers (Gorbutt, McDonald), Silk Weavers (Flanigan, Hosey, Vaughan), Hand Loom Silk Weaver (Wood), Silk Weaver Journeymen (Clark, Drew, Hoffaran, Whiteside), Power Loom Weaver (Carroll), Silk Winder (Gredwell, Hart, Hosey, Morrison-3, Spratt?), Cotton Winders (Conkshey, Gorbutt, Green, McGuire, Walsh), Flax Spinners (Connolly, Heywood, Miller), Cotton Factory (Cole) and Throwsten? (Larue). There were also 4 Laborers (Dempsey, Jordan, Martin and Thompson), a Shoe Maker (Little), a Shoemaker Journeyman (Murphy) and four without occupations (Butt, Flynn, Fox and Ward).

There were only two Irish-born in District 17: Mary Glover on Hampson Street and Timothy Devine a Cordwainer on Oldham Road. The entries for this district were extremely pale and hard to read.

The Irish-born in District 18 were all living on Back Percival Street and Percival Street with the exception of one (Whelan a Laborer) on Lamb Lane. There were 8 Brick Makers (Carny, Conry, Conroy, Conry, Dunn, Kennedy, Lyons, McGowen and White), 3 Journeyman Weavers (Fitzpatrick, Johnson, Miller), Weavers (Cochrane-2), Winder (Cochrane), a Silk Winder (Caffrey), Charwoman (Cooney), Laborers (Cummings, Gaffney) 2 Policemen (Murphy and Riley) and listed without an occupation (Hudson).

The majority of Irish-born in District 19 were living on Hilton Street followed by Mount Street, Burges Street, Back Mount Street and Lamb Lane. Most of the Irish were employed as Journeymen Weavers (Bottoms, Burk, Collins, Gregory, Maher, McGrady, McGrane, Nowlan-2 from 2 different families, Tierney), Weavers (Bunting, Higgins, Spence), S. Warper (Grady), J (Clark), Dress Maker (Cottrell, Lane), P M (Tool) "Looker over" (Ryan), and two without occupations (Galey, McMuirdo).

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 20 were living on Angel Street , Court and the Buckley's Buildings on Angel Street followed by Johnson Court on Angel Street, Factory Street and Factory Court on the same street, Joiner Street, Back Joiner Street, Burges Street and Lamb Lane. There were also Irish immigrants living on Back Street that may refer to Angel Street that may refer to Back Angel Street. The vast majority of the Irish were employed in Textile Industry related occupations including 12 Cotton Weavers (Buckley, Cavanagh, Cockran, Connelly, Conway, Gill Senior, Gill Junior, Ginty, Mullen, Murphy and Wall), C Weavers (Dixon, Kasey, Morrow-2), Silk Weavers (Fleming-3, Golother, Harris, Scott-2), Silk Winders (Dixon, Higgins), Cotton Winder (Kelly), Winders (Burns-2, Cockran), Market W (Scanlon, Thorley), Spinner - C (Cunningham), Spinner of Cotton (Kennell), - Cotton (Devlin), Wool Sorter (Rourke), Needlework (Tate), Fustian Cutter (McGinty), Piecer Cotton Factory (Mellon), Carder (Clark, Hughes-2, McGowan), Cordwainer (Anderson, Cologhan, Lynch, Rafferty, Thomas), Calico Printer (McGirl), Cotton Dealer (Mallon), Milliner (Daley, Hodson, Welsh), Tailor (Connor-2, Gaffney, Quin, Shorts), Twister (Gill) and Dress Makers (Cavannah, McDermott, Morris). There were also 5 Shoe Makers (Devine, Kelly-1 plus 1 apprentice), Scanlon, Short), 3 Shoe Binders (Gribbins-2, Smith), a Fur Broker (Rawson), a Carter (Owen), Provisions Dealer (Lynch), Barber (Hill), Mat Maker (Hill), Huckster (Owen-2), Cloth's Dealer (Hunt), Fish Woman (Finny) Ap Roper (Cockran-2), Lacquer M Maker (Thompson), Washer Woman (Ginty), Charwoman (Anderson, Cologhan, Lynch, Rafferty, Thomas), 10 Laborers (Cavannah, Connelly, Finny, Hollaway, Kelly, McDermott, Moran, Murphy, Rourke, Waley), Lodging Housekeeper (Burns, Devlin), Brick Layer (Dooley), Errand Boy (Rourke), Mariner (Brady), Slater (Mecum), 9 Hawkers (Burns, Cullins, Dogherty, Garlan, Gilmore, Green, Lynch, May, Stafford), Tin Ware Shop (Hinds), Tin Man (Clark), Tin Plate Worker (Dogherty), App (Jackson), Journeyman (Garlan), Servants (Benson, Docker, Fealey, Finley, Finny), Indy Hand? (Cavannah), Ind (Kiloran-2), a Pensioner (Benson) and four listed without occupations (Clark, Lacy, McKenny, O'Connel).

The Irish-born in District 21 were living on Blakely Street, Back Blakely Street, Miller Street and Court, Ledger Street and Court and George's Road. There were more Agricultural Laborers in this District than in the 20 previous districts (Brady, Cafsedy, Canning, Cunningham, Farrell, Fitzgerald, Gainey, Garland, Keenan, Larkey, Moor, McCafrey and Regan), numerous Textile Industry workers including Silk Weavers (Branick, Darley-2, Poynton), Silk Winder (Rutledge), Cotton Weavers (Clark, Innes, Morin, Morris), Cotton Winders (Morris, Rowe), Cotton Spinner (Done), Cotton Piecer (Donoghue), Stocking Weaver (O'Connor), Weavers (Stranger, Stuffs), Flax Spinners (Carlton, White), Calico Weaver (Johnson), Flax Dresser (mcGuire) as well as a Seamstress (Fairhus), 4 Packers (Fairhus-2, Toye-2), 5 Tailors (Brady, Gallagher, McCarthy, McGovern, Reilly), a Dress Maker (Butterworth), and 4 Shoemakers (Conroy- 2 from 2 different families, Kelley, Spence). There were 5 Blacksmiths (Doyle, Heeney, Murray, Smithion, Wade), 3 Joiners (Doyle, Doyle- apprentice, White), a Brasier (Duckworth), a Plasterer (Landy), Template Workers (Branan, McCollister), a Butcher (Birmingham), Optician (Smith), Shop Keeper (Devine, Taylor), Confectioner (Taylor), Corn Dealer (Jager), Dealers (Devin, Flanigan), Groom (Harrison), Lodging House Keeper (Davies), a Bell Hanger (Galaghan), Traveler (McCormick), Laundress (Turner), Brush Maker (Homes), Clock Maker (Smith), Hawker (Aughey, O'Neal), Armey H P? (White) and CC (Molley). There was also one listed as "Ind" (Bagnell), and 27 without occupations (Banbridge, Brown, Bryan, Cloran, Cooke, Datchwell, Doyle, Garner, Gayner, Goodwin, Hannan, Jackson, King, Leson, Lever, McCall, McCormick, Reilly, Rooney, Sinclair, Waters, White- 2 from 2 different families, Wilson- 2 from 2 different families and Wood. Many of those listed without occupations were spouses of those that were not born in Ireland or were older. There were also numerous entries listed as Irish-born without occupations or names (N.K).

The Irish-born in District 22 were living on Blakely Street, Beswick Row and Court, Miller Street and Court, Crown Lane, Ashley Lane and School Court. There were a diverse number of occupations but the Textile Industry had the largest concentration of Irish workers including Weavers (Allen, Hawley, Pinterton), Silk W eaver (Corcoran, Kelly, Ledger), Silk Piecer (Kelly), Fustian Cutter (Armstrong, Bergins), Cutter (Farrall), Flax Spinner (Lester, Thompson) and a Frame Tent Maker (Tattersale). There was also a Milliner (Huffy), Warehouse Man (Keating), Millwright (Carr), Baker (Connick), Green Grocer (Hamilton), Clerk (Cambell), Brick Layer (Smyth), Painter (Allen, Griffen), Printer (Griffin), Miner (Griffin), Current Gilder (Nesbitt), Hawker (Fortham), Charwoman (Davis), Book Binder (McDonough), 4 Shoemakers (Colegan, Johnson, Marlow, Pelton), a Mechanic (Lally), Rev'n? Dealer (Lally?), 4 Laborers (Hamilton, McManus, Pinkerton, Reagan) and an Army P. (Johnston). There were also 6 listed as "Ind" (Dillon, Heffar, Mallabar, Malloy, ONeill, Soloman), and 18 were entered without occupations (Bent, Bruce, Carr, Carrothers, Cotter, Fletcher, Garraty, Holt, Hudson, King, Kircum, Meachum, Murray- 3 from 3 different families, ONeill, Powell and Smith). Many of those listed without occupations were married to those who were not born in Ireland.

The Irish-born in District 23 were spread out among Brock's Court, Longmalgate, Beswick Row, Crown Lane and Court, Munday's Court, Cane? St, Oswald Street and Comet? Street. There were 6 Tailors (Briant, Brynt, Curren-2, Cunninghe, O'Meare), 2 Shoe Makers (Cruse, Strang), 2 Weavers (Pullin, Williker), Fustian Cutter (McGilssey), Sham Maker (McNemera), a Brick Setter (Boan), Printer (Fitzunny-2), and 7 without occupations (Benson, Cocks, Davis?, Fitzunny, McCann, McCowens, Tullelove, Webester).

The Irish in District 24 were living on St. George's Road, Baptist Street, what appears to be Dyche Street, Sharp Street, Dakin's Court, Ludgate Street, Marshall's Court, Angel Street and Foster's Court. There was a heavy concentration of Irish in this district and they were employed in a broad array of occupations including 22 Laborers (Blair, Condrel, Conroy, Costigan, Farley, Farrall, MacConnell, MacDonnel, Mack-2, Mac Intry, MacQuay, Mitchel, Monney, Muford, Muldon, Mullen, Mulligan, Parley, Ravarty, Rose, Tigue), a Drover (MacGough), Brick Maker (McMahon), Brick Layer (Mooney), Painter (Bird), Painter Ap (Matier), a Waterman (Makin), Porter (Flynn, O'Neil), Baker (Carner), Green Grocer (Rogers), Bacon Dealer (Martin), Barber (Martin), 11 Pig Dealers (Carney, Connif, Conring, Gray, Mahon, McGuire, McLuskey, Rilleck, Rohan-2, Trainor), Printer Ap (Turner), Black Smith J (MacDonald), White Smith (Kean), Brace Maker (Hanton), French Polisher (Gill), Rope Maker (Morden), Reed Maker (Kenedy), Lodging House Keeper (Conry, McGrate), Army P (Harnon?, Farrol), Whip Maker (Skivington), 10 Hawkers (Adhams, Brodewick, Cain, Kelley, Kennedy, MacClone, Magrath, Nowlan, Ryan, Turner) and a Clothes Dealer (Gallicher). There were quite a few Irish employed in Textile Industry related jobs such as 8 Flax Spinners (Condrew, Hagan, Lenord, MacLeary, McCartin, Martin, Riley, Watson), Spinners (Mulkdoon-2), 3 Silk Weavers (Bryan, Fitzgerald, Regan), a Cotton Spinner (MacGough), 8 Silk Winders (Condrel-3, ONeil, Regan-3, Stubs), Cotton Winders (Martin, Muldoon, Reynolds), Bobbin Winder (Mild), Cotton Broker (Darey,Rafter), 2 Weavers (Bovil, Short), a Cotton Piecer (Short, Wenery), a Cotton Batter (Lannon), Calico Printers (Bovil-2), 7 Tailors (Bannon, Churris, Cowen, Kerrey, MacDarar, Moor, Mullen). 4 Journeyman Tailors (Coakley, Fernelley, Mahon, Robinson), a Hat Trimmer? (Conran), Shoemaker (Lynch), a Shoe Binder (Boyd) and 2 Dress Makers (Makin, Mild). There were 15 Irish immigrants listed as "Ind" (Bowen, Dun, Dwire, Gorman, Lennon, Lynch, MacDonald, MacKelley, Merry, Mild, Mooney, Muldoon, Pattison, Roberts, Smith) and four who were listed without occupations (Austen, Bates, Smith and Ward).

District 25 had the highest concentration of Irish thus far. Unfortunately no Townlands of origin in Ireland were given. They were living on New Mount Street, Angel's Street and Bentley's Court on that street, Simpson Street and Back Lane on that Street, Dyche Street, Flag Alley, Ludgate Street, Ludgate Hill, Hunts Court, Brisley's Court, Baptist Street, Sharp Street, Welsh's Court and Bradford. Laborers were the predominant Irish-held occupation (Andrews, Barrett, Binn, Bothwick, Brinkworth, Browne, Burke, Burne, Burns, Butler, Cananna, Cavannar, Connor, Cooney, Cuddy, Deveau, Dodd, Doolin, Doherty, Duffy, Duhagan, Dygan, Feeney, Flanagan- 2 from 2 different families, Forde, Fox, Gangan, Gannon, Garagee, Garigan, Gelshinam, Golden, Handley, Higgins, Jeffries, Kelly, Keys, Lemon, Len, McCane, McConley, McCormick, McDonnal, McDonell, McGreal, McNully, Magerrison, Mahone, Martin, Mead, Moloy, Mulvey, Murphy, Nally, Partlan, Reade, Regan, Riley, Roach, Robinson, Schulby, Sheen, Sherwin, Smith, Solivan, Staterer, Stenshaw, Sullivan-2, Surmon, Timon, Vaugn, Veitch and Ward. Other Labor oriented jobs included Factory Workers (Geishinam, Giffins-3 from 2 different families, Shales-2, Sullivan), Plasterer (Calligan, Hinney), Brick Setter (Revill), Painter (Morris, O'Meale), Pavier (Wilegan), Mason (Mulherin-2), Rag Cutter (Brine-2, Mahon-2), Grinder (Connard, Patterson), Servant (Cum-2, Fee, Flin, Moran, Windred), Housekeeper (Maley), Washerwoman (Day, Higgins), Charwoman (Sparks). Other lower echelon jobs included Hawkers (Black-3, Cameron, Connor-4 from 2 different families, Doherty-6 from 2 different families, Duffy, Gaughen, Gilligan-2 from 2 different families, Gordon, Hagan, Harrison, Hinds, Jennings, McDonell, McIntyre, M Kea, Merchant -4, Morris-2, Mulherin, Pimkurton, Torn, Walsh-2 and Welsh), Brush Makers (Inhugh, O'Connall), Rug Makers (Dugan) and Matt Maker (Caughton-3, Hennesy, Irven-2, Madden, Ren). The following Irish were employed in Textile Industry jobs: Weavers (Berry, Burns, Callidon, Carr, Cavannar, Darling, Galager, Garbutt, Gibbons, Hannah, Hully, Lavell, Mangina, McAlister, Northcot, Sadler, Stevens, Taylor, Wall), Silk Weavers (Brady, Keaney, McCale, Margevis, Mitchel), Winder (Brenison-2, Dean, Keeling, McCann, Coward, Read, Regan-2), Fustian? Cutter (Beswick), Flax Spinner (Gargan, Tuffe), Spinner (Blankley, Farrall-2, Gerety, McPeake, Mallon-2), Silk Winder (Bavers, Bryan, Mullany), Dyer (Seamon), Bleeder? )Plant), Tenter (McDonagh), Piecer (Sullivan), Cotton Dyer (Delahurt), Frame Tenter (Bently) and Stay Maker (McGowan). There were also 11 Tailors (Burns, Dalton, Dury, Giffins, Hill, Kearns, Kelly, Lowrey, McQuillen, Mager, Tully), Seamstress (Armstrong, Durcan, McGovern), Milliner (Hoare, Pratt, Welsh) and 4 Dress Makers (Bourne, Keane-3), Shoe Maker (Bock, Brown, Doyle, McDonald-2, Shonwhnefsy, Towry), Shoe Binder (McDonald-2), Hat Liner (Sculley), The following Trades, Merchants and other occupations also noted were: Joiner (Armstrong, Comey, Connell, Cooney, Shales), Chandler (Quin), Tin Dealer (Matron, Mularkey), Tin Plate Worker (Hinds-6 from several families), Barber (O'Neal), Black Smith (May), Book Seller (Stuart), Hardware Dealer (Shannon), Baker (Balley?, Kelly), Butcher (Brooks, McGuire, Sullivan), Dealer (Carlton-3, Fox, Kennedy, Hinds, O'Maly), Rug Dealer (Goulding) Rag Dealer (Cummins, Devany, Dugan-5, Michelson), Beer Maker (Carrick), Glass Setter (Smith), Glass Cutter (Farrall), Brasier (Dunn, Farrall, McCome), Gilder (Gerety), Cabinet Maker (Gerety), Butter Maker (Butler), Pig Dealer (Whiteley), Plate Maker (Brooks, Smith), Brush Seller (Finley), School Master (Cudd, Reynolds), Haberdasher (Butler), Musician (Hickley), Fishmonger (Kelly), Whip Maker (Desmond), Lodging Housekeeper (Kerrigan), Huckster (Sullivan), Traveler (Ludlum), Sentable? (Bell), Pensioner (Bourke) and the following surnames were listed without occupations: (Bane, Benfield, Boland, Brigs, Butler- 2 from 2 different families, Campbell, Carman, Carroll, Carter, Cavannah, Coggen, Cogges, Collins, Conner-2 from 2 different families, Corrigan, Cowley, Dean, Doherty, Donnely, Dowd, Doyle, Evans, Feeley, Fenster, Flinn, Gafney, Gentry, Gordon, Harley, Hepit, Holland, Horsley, Jones, Jordan, Kelly- 4 from 2 different families, Kafsal, Keane, Kenny, Kennedy, Leach, Lucy, McDaniel, McDermott, McKain, Mary, Mathews, Mullin, Northcutt, Nuson, Quin, Reynolds, Richardson, Smith, Stenson, Timyon, Tinsley, Tuley and Wren.