Liberty Township Irish Families Documented in the 1850 St. Joseph County Indiana Census

There were 7 Irish-born individuals and their families living in Liberty Township when the 1850 St. Joseph County Indiana Census was conducted. Liberty Township was located in the southwestern part of St. Joseph County, south of Green Township and west of Union Township.

The category entitled Read/ Write if checked implies that that individual is over the age of 20 and can neither read or write. There were no Irish-born individuals in this Township that were over the age of 20 and unable to read or write. Two children, Frank and James Doneghy ages 9 and 4 were noted as being in school, and James Doneghy their father had $400 worth of real estate. There were two different Doneghy families noted on one page of the census record, one abode apart. Thomas Burns was living with James and Bridget Doneghy. Edward Doneghy and Mary Swaney were living with Henry and Bridgit Doneghy and their son Wm John.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Doneghy, James 39 Ireland Farmer  
Doneghy, Bridget 38 Ireland    
Doneghy, Frank 9 Michigan    
Doneghy, James 4 Michigan    
Doneghy, Elizabeth 3 Michigan    
Burns, Thomas 52 Ireland Laborer  
Doneghy, Henry 27 Ireland Farmer  
Doneghy, Bridgit 27 Ireland    
Doneghy, Wm John 1 Indiana    
Doneghy, Edward 36 Ireland Farmer  
Swaney?, Mary 18 Ireland