A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Leeds North Sub Registration Districts of Leeds Town Civil Parish in the 1841 Census, and Occupations held

Leeds Town Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District covers Districts 9-47 plus the Leeds Town Workhouse in the 1841 Census. Counties of origin in Ireland are not noted in the 1841 census and only begin to be documented in later census years. The information is basic but I will try to note the Irish Surnames and their occupations in the various districts.

One Caveat to Keep in mind: The 1841 census does not provide information on relationships between entries such as head of family, wife, daughter etc. I will document the entries as wife, daughter if they appear obvious and separately if I am unsure. They could be a brother's children, though this is probably unlikely, keep this in mind and check out the census record yourself to evaluate if you feel your family may be in here.

Locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in the 39 districts and Workhouse of the 1841 Leeds Town Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District:

The Irish in District 9 are living on Bridge Street, Moscow Street, Noble Street and Livery Street. They are as follows: Patrick Carn (Laborer) and his wife Catherine, Thomas Devlin (Laborer) and his wife Mary, Ann Griffin (Flax Reeler), Peter Mackay (Plaster) his wife and children are from Yorkshire (one son is a Cloth Drefser), Alice Mackey (Drefs Maker), John Reynolds (Coach Wheel M.), Morgan Sheely (Shoemaker) and what appears to be his son John. His wife a flax spinner was born in Yorkshire as was one other child (one child born in Scotland), Bartholomew Terry (Worst Weaver) and his wife Esther (four girls born in Yorkshire), and finally Jeremiah Walsh (Silk Dyer), his wife Hannah and their three children Ann (Burler), Mary (Silk Reeler) and Richard were also born in Ireland.

The majority of the Irish in District 10 are living on Gower Street with several others on Cloth and Time Streets. Most of the Irish here are employed in the textile industry (two boys age 10 are employed as Flax Screivers?). The Irish-born are as follows: Catherine Dixon (listed with Thomas Dixon 80, Farmer), Martin Gaffney (laborer) and wife Margaret (four kids from Yorkshire, one son is a Cloth Dresser and one daughter is a Bobbin Carrier), Richard Gibbons (Gardener), Timothy McDowell (Mechanic), James Naughton (Cordwainer) his wife Hannah (Seamstress from Yorkshire) and Henry (Mechanic born in Ireland) and four kids were born in Yorkshire, John Reading (Stuff Weaver) and listed with him were children Elizabeth, Margaret (Flax Spinner) and two kids (Flax Screivers age 10) from Yorkshire, Mary Utley (Cloth Burler) with two children William and Mary who were born in Ireland, and Charlotte Whelan (Seamstress).

The Irish in District 11 were living on Lady Lane, Bridge Street, Templar Street, Hope Street and Lila's Grove. They were as follows: Thomas Cane (Woolen Merchant), with him are Jane and Thomas Cane from Yorkshire, Charlotte Charlesworth (husband Thomas a tailor and 6 children from Yorkshire), Ellen Doolen, Michael Doolen, Edward Nugent (Hawker) with what appears to be his wife Bella (Straw Hat Hawker) born in Yorkshire, Mary Oates with what appears to be her husband Stephen (Tailor) and children born in Yorkshire (son is a mechanic), and finally John Spilliard (Cloth Weaver).

District 12 had an extremely heavy concentration of Irish immigrants. The majority of the Irish were living on Wellington Yard followed by Post Office Yard. Lesser concentrations were found on East Lane and Harper Street. Due to the large numbers of Irish in this district I will only document them by surname. They are as follows: Agnew, Atkinson, Bradley, Brannon, Brennan, Bryan (Several), Burns, Carrington, Cafry, Calahan, Campbell, Carroll, Cassidy, Cimelecan, Clark, Cockern, Coffy, Coley, Coleman, Colwell, Conner, Conder, Conley and Conly, Conlon, Conway, Coriler, Cornelly, Coyne, CuHull?, Costello (several), Cribbon, Critchley, Cunningham (several), Dacy, Denniss, Dickenson, Dixon, Dogherty, Donathon, Donelly, Doyle (several), Duffy, Edward, Fagan, Fallow, Farley, Feeny (several), Feighn, Fitzgibbons, Fitzharris, Fitzsimmons, Flanigan, Follan and Fullon, Ford, Fowler, Fox, Freeman, French, Gibbony, Gramell, Gordon, Green, Griffin, Grimes, Harrison, Hay, Healy, Higgins, Hoban, Howard, Howe, Hughes (several), Hyland, James, Jones, Judge (several), Kelly (numerous families), Kenan, Kilbride, Kilroy, Kinnay, Kirk, Lally (several), Large, Leach (Several), Lyons (several), Manley, Mason, MacDermont, MacDonell (several), MacInter, Macranimy, MacGuiness, Macnamara, McGower, McHay, Magruder, Mannion, Marjeson, Manning, Matts, Mitchell, McGea, McWhinney, McNalty, Mitchell, Moloy, Moor (Several), Moriley, Moyan, Mullins, Murphy, Murray (several), Norton, Nugent, O'Brien, O'Hare, Phillips, Preston, Quigley, Quinn (several), Rawley, Reagan, Reiney, Reynolds, Roberts, Scheals, Seeley, Sheldon, Smith, Sney, Slater, Steward, Sullivan, Sutheran, Tansey, Tony, Townley, Towry, Tracy, Traymorr, Ward, Walder, Welsh and Whitehouse.

The Irish in District 13 were living on York Street, Harper Street, Court and Yard, Anson's Yard and Syke's Street. The surnames and their associated occupations are as follows: Atkins (Bonnet Maker), Barker, Bingham, Brady (Pottery Moulder), Brinend (Laborer), Caffery (Laborer), Carr (Laborer), Carrol (Hawker), Coleman (Hawker), Connaughton (Laborer), Daly- several families (Rag Dealer), Davis (Clothe's Dealer), Dougher (Hatter), Downs (Excavator)(Dressmaker), Dunn, Flanagan (Laborer), Flynn, Gallagher (Bell Hanger?), Grey (Shoe Maker J), Keely (Flax Spinner), Kelly- several (Laborer), Kilroy- several(Hatter), Lace Dealer, Rag dealer), Lawler (Tailor), Lynch (Laborer), Milon (Hawker), McCann (Brush Maker), McGenery (Laborer), Mullen (Baker), Murrow, Munley (Hawker), Murray (Laborer), Murry (Laborer), Nanex (Lodging House Keeper), Nover (Laborer), Powel (Cloth Weaver), Relen (Clothes Dealer), Rooke (Tailor), Roony (Currier J, and flax doffer), Skeolan (Painter), Ward (Laborer and Flax Spinner) and Welch (Flax Spinner).

There were many Irish in District 14. The largest concentration were in Gould's Building or Gould's Square followed by Back York Street, York Street, Cherry Tree Yard Kirkgate and Kirkgate, Prince's Yard and Church Lane. The surnames represented were as follows: Bartley (Lab), Bolan (Lab), Brown (Tailor), Bryan (Lab), Burke and Burk- several (Cloth Weaver and Burk (Lab, Hawker), Brady (Cutler J.), Brass founder app), Branan (Lab), Bready (Lab), Brunsols (Lab), Callagin (Flax Mill Worker), Canavan (Boat Builder), Carl (Bricklayer's Lab), Carrol, Clinton (Pauper), Collins (Lab), Connley (Lab), Connor- several (Hawker, Lab), Core (Lab), Coughtory (Lab), Costello (Lab), Cuniff- several (Lab), Cuttle (Lab), Darby (Lab), Davies (Lab), Dempsey (Hawker), Doherty (Lab), Dolan (Stuff Weaver), Donnelly (Stuff Weaver), Dowling (Cloth Weaver), Downan (Lab), Dunn (Cork Maker), Finan, Flemming, Flynn- several (Musician, Hawker), Flood (Glazier), Forkin-several (Lab), Fox (Lab), Freeman (Lab), Gallagher (Dealer in Old Cloth), Gibney (Painter), Graham (Clock Maker), Graley (Flax Spinner), Heart (Plaster's Lab), Heenay (Lab), Hollins (Lab), Hopper (Lab), Hughes (Lab), Kane (Pedlar), Kelly (Lab), Kenny (Lab), Kilroy (Lab), King (Cooper), Kinney (Lab), Langin (Lab), Loftus (Lab), Lynch (Lab), Lyons (Musician), Martin (Lab), Mahon (Lab), McCanna (Straw Hat Maker), McCue (Hawker), McDermott- several (Tailor, Lab), Mc Donnal (Lab), McEvoy (Lab), Michen (Lab), Millet (Tailor), Moylone (Lab), Murphy (Stuff Weaver), Nowlan (Musician), Paden (Lab), Prendergast (Lab), Rabitt (Lab), Raleigh, Riley (Lab), Saden (Lab), Smith (Painter), Stanton (Stuff Weaver), Summers- several (Lab, Cooper), Sweeney (Lab), Tarpey (Tailor), Trainer (Lab), Waldon (Cloth Dealer) and Walsh (Army?).

The Irish-born of District 15 were concentrated on Hemingways' Yard (and on East Lane off of it), Kirkgate, Smithfield Street, East Lane, Royal Oak Yard, Prince's Yard Kirkgate; but the largest number by far were found on Boot and Shoe Yard. The Surnames represented were as follows: Berns (Cap Maker), Brannon (Lab), Brown (Lab), Bundige (Stone Hawker), Carroll, Chales?, Conly (Lab), Callaghan (Clothes dealer), Clarke (Lab, Match Seller), Connell (Lab), Connelly (Lab), Connor- several families (Lab), Cooney (Glafs Dealer), Cox (Clothes Dealer), Cullen (Flax Spinner), Cummings (Lab), Decker (Lab), Dempsey (Fiddler), Dillon (Lab, Stone Scourer), Donnelly (Lab, Flax mill worker), Dumprey (Match Maker), Dunn (Lab), Dwyer (Cloth Weaver, Cloth Dresser, Flax Mill Worker), Farley, Farry (Lab), Feeley, Feenaghty (Lab), Filhorn, Flemming (Musician), Gallagher, Gaughan, Gillespie (Tailor), Grady (Lab), Grant (Lab), Griffin (Stone Mason), Haffaman (Lab), Hean (F. L?), Heffrin (Clothes Dealer), Henly (Lab), Higgins- several families (Flax Mill, Lab), Holmes - several families (Shoemaker), Hopkins (Lab), Howard, Judge - several families (Lab, Lodging Housekeeper), Kearns (Lab), Kelly (Lab), Kilbride (lab), Lavan (Grocer), Lawler (Cloth Weaver), Lawson (School Mistress), Leonard (Lab), Logan (Lab), Lynch, Madan (Lab), Magra?, Manly (Hawker, Match Seller), Marron (Lab), Mary, Mason - several families (Rag Gatherer, Lab), McGowan (Lab), McGreale (Lab), Manfield (Tinner), Masterman (Lab), May (Blacksmith), McCann, McCannon (Lab), McDermott (Hawker), McDonald- several families(Lab, Cloth Weaver, Hawker), McGarvan, McGreal several families (Lab, Flax Mill worker), McGuire (Cloth Weaver), McHale (Lab), McLaughlin, McManus (Lab), Melvin (Lab), Milmore (Lab), Mobey (Lab), Moore (Lab), Moran- several families (Lab), Morgan (Lab), Mulligan, Mulloy (Lab), Murray - several families (Lab, Goldsmith J. ), Murtley (Rag Gatherer), Noon (Lab), O'Connor (Shopkeeper), O'Hara (Lab), Oxburg- several families (Blacksmith, Dressmaker), Philban (Match Seller), Phillips (Hawker), Prendergast, Preston (Dressmaker, Stone Mason J.), Ratchforth (Lab), Reily (Lab), Rochford (Lab)Rodgers (Cloth Dealer), Rogers- several families (Shoemaker), Savage (Lab), Shannon (Flax Mill), Sheils (Lab) Smith- several families (Lab), Steward, Sykes (Clothes Dealer), Taylor (Lab), Thompson (Cloth Weaver), Tilborn (Lab), Toohy (Tailor), Tunney, Wade (Milliner), Walsh- several families (Dealer, Tailor), Wilkinson, Wills and Winn (Dealer).

The Irish-born of District 16 were living on George's Street, East Lane and Back George Street. The Irish Surnames were as follows: Barret (Cloth Weaver), Brown (Cloth Dresser), Boyle, Bowes (Blacksmith), Bryan, Butler (Hawker), Cain (Lab), Caton? (Hawker), Connor (Lab), Coogan (Hatter), Corsey (Hawker), Courtney (Tailor), Crosta (Hawker), Dawson (Linen Draper), Denny (Dyer), Donnelly (Hair Dresser), Dowlin (Blacksmith), Edward (Weaver), Egan (Weaver), Fitzpatrick (Lab), Freeman (Dyer), Galiga (Papermaker), Gibney (Lab), Gilmour (Lab), Hart (Hawker), Kingley, McGee, Morgan (Tailor), Mullin (Flax Dresser), Murray (Lab), Regan (Cloth Maker), Reynolds (Cap Maker), Shearer (Hawker), Sullivan (Servant), Trask and Wilson (Tailor).

The Irish of District 17 were living on Harwood Street, Back George Street, Ebenezer Street (and Rose Crown Court, Clarkson Court and Baptist Court on that street) and finally on Beehive Yard on Vicar Lane. A large number of Irish were employed in the Textile industry, which is obvious in the notations below. There were no Counties or Townlands of Origin given in Ireland. The following Irish surnames were present: Arthur (Woolen Carder, Cloth Dresser), Bishop (Linen Weaver), Bradley (Lab), Burne (Cloth Dresser), Carrole (Green Grocer- hsb, wife and dtr are grocers), Carlan (Lab), Casey (Tailor), Clansy, Clary (Tailor), Coleman- several families (Linen Weaver), Cox (Str-? Weaver), Dickinson (Handle Setter, Cap Maker), Durre (Plasterer), Farmon (Lab), Farrier, Ferry, (Lab), Fey (Plasterer Journeyman), Fitzsimmons (lab), Gordon, Gott), Hall (Lodging Housekeeper), Hanlon (Cloth Dresser plus one son cloth weaver and dtr a Shiff? Weaver), Hayes (Wool Dyer), Heslan (Lab), Hyland (mechanic, Woolen Piecer), Kelly (Cloth Weaver), Keogh (Cloth Dresser), Lucy (Lab), McCay (Tailor), McCormick (Optician), McDonough, McLeish (Tailor), McManus (Hawker, plus one child a tailor and two Waist Coat Makers), Mulline (Tailor), Northorp (Lamp Lighter), O'Neal (Lab), Parksinson (Shoemaker), Sedwich (Cloth Weaver), Sinnett (Cloth Dresser, Cap Maker), Stephens (Cloth Weaver), Sweeney (Lodging Housekeeper), Thomas, Walls (Lab) and Watkins (Laborer).

The Irish of District 18 were living on Ebenezer Street, Vicar Lane, Proctor's Yard, Union Street and Court as well as Heads Yard on Union Street. There were no Townlands of origin in Ireland given in this district. The following Surnames were documented as being born in Ireland: Brady (Hawker), Connor (Carpet Weaver), Delvney (Flax Spinner), Deverdues?, Deyrvine (Painter), Gilligan, Hamilton (Hawker), Hare (Lab), Hewel (Farmer), Higgins (Rag Collectors x2), Hyland (Whitesmith), Jordan (Tailor), Kelley (shoemaker), Keogh (Shoemaker x2, Cloth Dressers, Killarney, Manix (Cloth Dresser), McIntyre (Lab), Millins (Weaver), Nichelson, O Mury, Roach (Pauper), Shellock (Letter Prep Printer), Sheridan (Tailor), Steward (Pauper), Sullavan (Stone Mason), Walker and Walsh.

The Irish-born in District 19 were living on Nelson Street and Pollard's Yard on Lady Lane. The following surnames were represented: Boyer (Shoemaker), Boyes (Shoemaker), Callaghan, Drew (Flax Spinner), Flannigan (Flax Mill), Flinn (Flax Mill), Godfrey (lab), Gordon (Lab), Hysop (Periodical Seller), Keen (Periodical Seller), Lanner, Larkins (Lab), Layland (Shoemaker), Lawrence (Cloth Weaver and one son is a Cloth Dresser), Lynch (Tailor), Mahoney (Cloth Dresser), McAleavy (Hawker), Pratt (Tailor) and Stanton (Laborer).

The Irish-born in District 20 were living on Smithies Yard, Duke Street and Thores Yard, Trimble Bridge. The Surnames documented were Doyle (Tailor), Durroll and Mourn (Lab).

The Irish-born in District 21 were living on Upper Summerset, St Peter's Square, Dutton's Yard and Barker's Yard. The surnames of those born in Ireland were: Clark (Cloth M, Flock Dresser), Crone (Carpet Weaver), Fanal, Moffit, O'Brien (Lab), Lamb (Cloth Dresser), Ludgate (Shoemaker Journeyman), McYork (Painter), Meade (Plasterer) and Robson (Shoemaker).

The Irish of District 22 were living on Off Street, Duke Street, Watson's Yard, Dunn's Yard, Rising Sun Yard, Graham's Yard and Goulden's Yard. The following surnames were represented: Bishop (Lab), Buckley (Cabinet M), Byrne (Cloth Dresser), Cowll (Lab), Cunningham (Hawker), Doolan (Tailor), Doyle (Hawker), Dudley (Lab), Farley (Lab), Flemmings, Hafsell (Woolen Weaver), Herrin (Horse Shoe M.), Hoppar (Bonnet M.), How (Hawker), Kenedy (Dealer in Clothes), Lerry (Flax Rover), McDonnal, Maquhan? (Bleacher), Marky (Spinner), Marman (Bleacher), Milton (M. S.), Mountain (Shoe Maker), Mullan (Lab), O'Neal (Cotton Sp), Pearson, Riley (Lab) and Smyth (Lab).

The Irish of District 23 were living on Lloyd's Arm's Yard, York Street, Off Street, Riley's Yard, Towlard's Court and Duke Street. The surnames represented were: Bowles, Brady (Tailor), Burns (Lab), Callaghan (Stuff Weaver), Carey (Lab), Casey (Lab), Cummins (Lab), Doherty (Shoe M), Fagan, Farrington, Fogarty (Lab), Gagen (Dyer) Gilligan (Calico Printer), Gorman (Lab), Haney (Hawker), Holmes (Mason), Jewel, Keehon (Lab), Lee (Weaver), Lilley (Seamstress), MacDonald (Cloth Dresser), Mangan (Lab), Marmon (Lab), Marshall (Tailor), Maynes, McCumsky (Lab), Moore (Flax Dresser), Mullin (Hawker), Murray (Lab), Ryan (Lab), Slater (Lab), Swords (Lab), Use? and White (Lab).

The Irish-born of District 24 were living on Off Street, Brick Street, Dayton and Harrison's Buildings, Marsh Lane and Court, Strickland's Yards, Lee Square and Brussell Street. The surnames represented were as follows: Blight, Boyle (Lab), Bunkull?, Burk (Lodging Housekeeper), Burke (Lab), Butler, Carrel, Carrol (Dyer), Coleman (Lab), Connell, Connolley (Lab), Corthy (Lab), Davis (Lab), Davison (Lab), Donan (Lab), Drew (Stay M), Flanagan (Lab), Flines? (Milliner), Forestal (Lab), Hyland (Weaver), Gibbons- several (Lodging Housekeeper, Fiddler), Haines (Cloth Dresser), Harrison, Henson (Weaver), Jordan, Joyce (Lab), Lee (Flax Dresser), Kenny, Leech (Lodging Housekeeper), Loynes (Tailor), Mann?, Mannin (Lodging Housekeeper), Martin, Maxwell (Dress M), Morgan, Morris (Lab), Nicholson, Nowitt (Cloth M), Pierce, Quigley (lab), Ratchford (H? Mill), Reading (Stone Mason), Revane (Lab), Sharp (Flax Dresser), Whitaker, Wilson and Young (Whip M).

The Irish-born of District 25 were living primarily on York Street and Court with one family on North Lane Yard. Surnames represented were: Cain (Stuff Weaver), Collier, Curran (Paint Dealer, Flax Spinner-dtr), Dunn (Lab), Enary (Stuff Weaver), Galvin, Garvey, Gawthorpe, Harper (Block Cutter J), Jordan (Pattern Drawer), Kelly (Linen Weaver), Kilroy (Lab), McCarthy (Lab), McCormick (Print Dealer), Mare (Lab), McAndrew (Flax Spinner), Mellin, Merrill (Stuff Weaver), Milner, Quinlivan? (Lab), Ryan (F.S.), Smithies (Shoe M.), Stanton (Flax Spinner), Tracey (Lab) and Wise (Lab).

The Irish-born in District 26 were living on York Street (and Purdy's Court on York), Morton Row, Back Lane. Lumb's ? Square and Marsh Lane. The Surnames represented were as follows: Bines, Boyne (Glazier), Brown- several (Hawker), Bulger, Butter, Cropley, Davy (Nail M), Delantry (Seamstress), Dutton (Stuff Weaver), Feanotty (lab), Fitzpatrick, Fox, Forbes (Lab), Godfrey (Ag Lab), Gorman (Lodging Housekeeper), Hatchman (Ag Lab), Higgins (Stuff Weaver), Kelly, Knowles (Brazier), Lawler, McRenny, Malone, Meekes, O'Donald (Stuff Weaver), Parker (Working man), Quinn (Linen Weaver), Riley, Ryan (Stuff Weaver), Spane, Steward (Hawker), Tasney (Hawker), Whitely,

There were no Irish-born living in District 27.

The Irish-born in District 28 were living on York Street, Purdy Street, Vienna Street and Giles Street. There were many Irish that listed "J" after their occupation such as Stuff Weaver J or Brick Maker J. I believe that this is Journeyman. There are more Irish immigrants listed as Journeyman in this District than any others that I have analyzed. The Surnames represented on these streets were: Bedford (Wool Comber J), Birgin (Stuff Weaver J), Brophy (Stuff Weaver), Cantwell- several families (Stuff Weaver, stuff weaver J), Casey (Nail Maker J),Clark - several families (Stuff Weaver J, Hawker), Clarely (Lab), Connor (Stuff Weaver J), Cunningham - several families (Lab, Flax Spinner), Davin- several families (Stuff Weaver, linen spinner, Worsted Weaver), Deleney (Linen Spinner J), Dennison (Stuff Weaver), Derkinson (Stuff Weaver), Donahoe (Linen Spinner), Dudley (Stuff Weaver J), Fannon, Feeham, Fogerty (Linen Spinner J), Forestal (several Families)- (Stuff Weaver, Linen Spinner), Garrety (Sawyer J), Glinan and Glennan- several families (Brickmaker J, Flax Spinner, Hackler Ap, Stuff Weaver J, Worsted Spinner), Henson (Flax Spinner), Kean (Cloth Weaver), Kennedy- several families (Linen Spinner, Stuff Weaver J), Kerwin (Weaver), Kirk (Dyer J), Lawler (Stuff Weaver J), Maher- several families (Linen Spinner, Lab), Lennan (Linen Spinner J), Malone (Stuff Weaver J), Mara (Stuff Weaver J), McCanna (Plasterer J), Murphy (Stuff Weaver), North (Carpet Weaver), O'Sullivan (Worsted Weaver J), Parkinson (Stuff Weaver J, Flax Spinner J), Phelan (Lab), Quinn- several families (Stuff Weaver J, Linen Weaver, Nail Maker J), Redding, Scully (Lab) and Stenson (Linen Spinner).

The Irish-born in District 29 were living on High Street (and Ward's Court on this street), Back Prospect Row, Patrick's Buildings, Back Plane Street and Plane Street. The Irish-born Surnames listed on these streets (and the occupations of them and their Irish-born children) were: Caffarty (Shoemaker, Shoebinder), Clark (Lab, Flax Spinner), Cuddy (Stuff Weaver), Ellis, Foot (Silk Weaver, Cloth Dresser), Gossard (Lab), Holland (Lab), Kenney (Lab) and Mitchell (Hawker).

The Irish-born in District 30 were living on Butler's Court York Street, Lemon Street, Prospect Street, Orange Street, Mason's Buildings and Plane Street. Those born in Ireland were Bingham (Cloth Dresser, Flax Spinner), Connolly (Cloth Dresser), Darby (Lab), Doherty, Dwyer (Painter), Hargrave (Flax Spinner), Hopper (Flax Spinner), Killarney (Lab), Lock (Cloth Weaver, Flax Doffer), McCann (Dyer J., Shoemaker J.), McCoughlin, McGovern (Lab), Morris (Whip maker), Murphy (Lab), Osborn, Pembroke (Lab), Ribbins and Swan (Flax Spinner).

District 31 Irish were living on High Street, Little Albion Street and Back High Street. Those born in Ireland were: Crawford (Lab), Donoly (Painter J), Foy- several families (Flax Carder, Cord Wainer, Shoemaker), Gaggan (Tailor), Gilmore (Lab), Grimshaw, Hamilton, Hart (Lab), Hood (Shoemaker), Maley, Moran (Lab), Polin (Shoemaker) and Toy (Cordwainer J).

The Irish-born in District 32 were living on St. Peter's Square, York Street and Holme's Yard and Stainbury Square on York Street and Lemon Street. Those born in Ireland were: Agan (Lab), Breen (Blacksmith), Calahan (Lab), Darcy (Stuff M.), Dunlavey (Hat- S?), Guentey (Hawker), Harrison, Holliday (Joiner J), Kemp (Joiner), Leban (Cloth Weaver), Maher, Mawman, McGoldrick (Lab), McLoughlin (Lab), Moore (Beer Retailer), Mullin (Lab), Murphy (Dressmaker), O'Donald, Parkinson (Flax Spinner), Phealam (Weaver), Redman, Reynolds (Cap Maker), Tatterson (Woolen Printer), Tool (Stuff Weaver) and Wood (Book Binder).

The Irish-born in District 33 were living on St. Peter's Street, Little Line Street and Billet Yard. Those born in Ireland were: Flanagan (Cloth Weaver, Cloth Burler), Illingsworth, Maguire (Hawker) and Walsh (Wool Dyer).

The Irish-born in District 34 were living on Upper Corn Hill, Cross High Street and Hound Court. The surnames documented as being born in Ireland were: Cash (Char Woman), Cunningham (Cap Maker, Flax Spinners), Dunn (Stuff Weaver), Fitzpatrick (Worsted Weaver), Hall, Hews (Worsted Weaver), Lane (Silk Twister) and Powell.

The Irish-born in District 35 were living primarily in Allison's Buildings; but were also found on Quarry Hill, St Anne's Lane and Charles Street. The Irish-born had the following Surnames: Allison (Worsted Weaver), Boyle- several families (Clothes Dealer, Laborer), Calligan, Campbell (Home Missionary), Corcoran (Iron Monger), Cone, Downs (Lab), Fisher, Fox, Galling (Charwoman), Gavey, Glins, Gughl? (Boilermaker), Hailey, Hand (Nailer), Hart (Hardware Dealer), Hinn (Lab), Lowry (Stuff Weaver), Maclagh, Mady (Dressmaker), McDonough (Lab), Moran (Lab), Mulloy (Shoemaker), Riddle- several families (Stuff Weavers), Ryley, Sykes (Stuff Weaver), Tate (Nailer?), Tims, Weber (Hawker), Winders and Wood (Stuff Weavers).

The Irish-born in District 36 were living on High Street, Quarry Hill, Charles Street, Baxter's Yard and Boyton Street. The Irish-born had the following Surnames: Beggs (Tailor), Bowes, Braydey (Lab), Byrne (Cloth Dresser), Carlisle, Cone (Hawker), Conway (Lab), Crofton (Clothe's Dealer, Shoemaker), Dowley, Fitzpatrick (Lab), Frain (Tailor), Flynn (Washerwoman), Gahan (Hawker), Gills, Hanley (Lab, Washerwoman), Harrison (Flax Spinners), Kelly (Lab), Mahon (Lab), McCarrick (Flax Spinner), McGuinness (Hawker), Metcalf (Flax Spinners), Mooney (Stuff Manufacture), Rathery (Lab), Teed (Washerwoman), Thomas, Waling (Worsted Spinner), Walsh (Washerwoman) and Whitford (Worsted Weaver).

The Irish-born in District 37 were living on Clarkson's Yard, Tornstall's Yard, New Church Place and Church Street, Quarry Hill, Ryder Street and Pleasant Row. The Irish here had the following surnames: Berry, Drophy (Weaver J), Ellis (Block Cutter), Emsley (Shoemaker J), Hart (Gen Lab), Lamb (J Weaver), Marks, Mathews (J Weavers), Murphy (Cloth Dresser) and O'Connor. I believe that the "J" likely refers to Journeyman.

The Irish-born in District 38 were living on Burmansofts, Ryder Street and Pleasant Row. The Irish surnames documented were: Cockerell, Collins (Stuff M), Conley (Shoemaker), Dobson, O'Donnell (Tailor), Stevens (Dressmaker) and Wright (Woolen Weaver).

The Irish-born in District 39 were living on Ward Fold, Middle Fold and New Church Place. The Surnames documented were: Allison (Stuff Weaver), Byrne- several families (Stuff Weavers), Carroll (Stuff Weaver, Line Reeler), Cofs (Stuff Weaver), Delaney, Duff (Stuff Weaver), Dunn (Stuff Weaver, Cloth Dresser), Fachum (Flax Dresser, Cloth Dresser), Firth, Fitzpatrick (Cloth Weaver), McGinn (stuff Weaver, Line Spinner), Murray (Stuff Weavers, Line Carder, Line Reeler), O'Donnell (Stuff Weaver), Ogan (Stuff Weaver), Phearbin (Line Spinner), Redden (Stuff Weaver), Rourke- several families (Stuff Weavers, Line Carder, Line Spinner) and Walsh (Stuff Weaver).

The Irish-born in District 40 were living on Ward's Fronts. The Irish Surnames listed were Fowler, Rodgers (Dyer, Flax Spinner), Ryan (Stuff Weaver), Walker (Flax Spinner), Walsh (Flax Spinner) and Waring (Stuff Weaver).

The Irish-born in District 41 were living on Mulberry Street, Acorn Street, Anchor Street, Pea Street and Barker's Buildings on Burmansofts. The Irish Surnames listed were: Bray (Stuff Weaver), Burgan (Flax Spinner, Flax Mill), Dowley, Duncell (Weaver), Fall (Hawker), Grant, Green, Hammond, Mackay (Weaver), Mason, Nowlen (Cooper), Parsons (Stuff Weaver), Peel (Cloth Dresser), Webb (woolen Weaver) and Wiltshire.

The Irish-born in District 42 were living on Windsor, Wheat, Bread, Apple and Edgar Streets. All of the Irish in this category were involved in the Textile Industry and were as follows: Atkinson (Stuff Winder), Cummer (Linen Weavers x 3), Delany (Linen Weaver), Keefe (Stuff Weaver), Kenny (Linen Weavers x 3, Winders x 2), Murphy - 2 families (Worsted Weaver x 4), O'Neil (Linen Weaver), Rielley (Linen Weaver) and Thompson (Linen Weaver).

There were no Irish-born living in District 43. There were only a few Irish-born in District 44 and they were living on Hay Mount and Accomodation Streets. Three families were Town Missionaries: Surname Lee, Taylor and Walter and one (Rider) didn't list an occupation. There were only two families with Irish-born living in District 45: Wilham Wells, a Plasterer and his wife Elizabeth on Accomodation Road and Samuel Barbour, a Town Missionary with his Scottish wife and four children living on Beckett Street. There were only five Irish-born families living in District 46 and all were on Mabgate Street including: Creighley (Laborer), Herwin (Shoe Maker App), Kelly (Laborer), Scott (Mechanic App x 2) and Wilson. The Irish in District 47 were living on New Cleveland Street, Cleveland Yard, Pilot, Firth and Haigh Streets. The Surnames represented were as follows: Dailey (Umbrella Maker), Harrison (Stay Maker), Horan (Stuff Weaver J), Hopkins (Laborer), Latham (Dress Maker) and Storey.

The District Leeds Town Workhouse had only 3 Irish-born listed among its occupants: Thomas Williams, William McDonald and Andrew Kennedy. This completes the compilation of all districts in Leeds Town, Leeds North Sub-registration District of the 1841 census.