A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Kirkgate Sub Registration Districts of Leeds Town Civil Parish in the 1841 Census, and Occupations held

Leeds Town Civil Parish, Kirkgate Sub Registration District only has 9 Districts (District 6-14). Counties of origin in Ireland are not noted in the 1841 census and only begin to be documented in later census years. The information is basic but I will try to note the Irish Surnames and their occupations in the various districts.

Locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in the districts 6-14 of the 1841 Leeds Town, Kirkgate Sub Registration District:

There were quite a few entries in this census with N (Not Known) for place of birth, some of which appeared to be possible Irish Surnames. In the 1841 census relationships such as head of household, wife, daughter etc were not given. Some are obvious and others not so much. I have documented the obvious ones to show the family dynamics and others that are less clear are indicated separately.

The Irish in District 6 were living on Waterloo Street and Bowman Lane. They included Thomas Price (Laborer), Charles (Laborer) and Catherine Smith (daughter? Ellen from Yorkshire) and Daniel McCarty (Railway Police). Daniel's wife? Sarah and daughter? Eliza were from Yorkshire.

The Irish-born in District 7 were Charles Ronayne a Surgeon living on Blayd's Court and Michael McEvoy a Laborer living on Kendall Street.

The Irish in District 8 were spread out living on Healroyd's Court, Meadow Lane, Camp Lane and Land's Court. They included Mary Kink (F.S. could this be flax spinner?), Michael Burges (Laborer) and his wife? Matilda (son James from Yorkshire), Thomas Murray (Policeman) whose wife? Anne Unknown origins and two sons? from Yorkshire, Chrisopher Murray (Laborer), John Hillary (Laborer) whose wife? Ann and three sons were from Yorkshire, and finally John Sullivan (Laborer) and his wife? Ellen.

The Irish of District 9 were living on Fleece Lane and Yard, Meadow Lane and New Lane. They included James Rochford (Laborer whose kids? were from Yorkshire), Uriah Maud (Maker Ap) whose daughter? Sara was from Yorkshire, John Baycliffe (Engine Fitter) whose wife? Hannah was from Yorkshire, Robert Murrary (Cloth Weaver), Sandy Murray, (John Murray, Robert Murray, Charles Murray, children?), Ellen Murray, (Mary Murray and Cathrine Murray, possibly her children).

The Irish of District 10 were living in Hill's Yard, Holmesfield Yard and New Lane. They included Eliza Harrison (whose children? were from Yorkshire and son? worked in the Flax Mill), Phil O'Callagan (Currier), two unknown surnames (one was a laborer) and John Bird (Clothier whose wife? and child were also born in Ireland).

There were many more Irish in District 11 than the previous districts. They were living in Wainswright Yard (and Front Row in this Yard), Front Street Hamilton Court, Booth's Yard, Front Row, Hersfield Court, Mid Row, Walton's Court and Driver's Yard. The Irish are indicated by an "I" and the Scottish by an "S". Many of these have been indexed as being Scottish, but I believe they are Irish, although Macknorth sounds Scottish. Their script is difficult to differentiate and is worth checking out if you think your family is in here. Due to the large number I will only note names of the Irish-born and their occupation not any Yorkshire born children. They are as follows: Mary Ashton, Dennis Bergin (Cloth Weaver), Mary Bergin (Fx Drefs), Catherine Bergin, Anty Bergin, Michl Bergin, Nancy Bergin (Ind?) and Italia Bergin (6), James Byrne (Weaver) and Eliz' as well as daughter Mary, John Calagan, James Carr (Drefser), Geo Cook (Weaver), Bridget and three kids, Patrick Cunningham (Weaver), John Dickinson (Drefser), Grace Dulhunty (Fx Drefs) and Sara (15), Andrew (Cloth Weaver) and Mary (Fx Drefs) Hogan (and two daughters) Ellen and Catherine?), Andrew Cooney (Cl Weather and Esther), Margaret Corkoran (Lodging Housekeeper), Bridget Delaney (F.S. Flax Spinner?), John Ducar (Match M), wife Mary and 4 kids), Daniel (Weaver) and Margaret Finn, Mary Fitz, Francis Fox (Cloth Weaver, Jane and 2 children), John Freeman (Cloth Weaver, wife? Catherine adn two kids), Wm Graham (Blk Smith), Julia Graham (Drefs Maker), Thos (Plum') and Mary Granagahn (Fx Spinner), Ellen Hagarty (Ind), Ann Harricks (Fx Drefs), Eliz' Helee, James (Cloth Weaver) and Sarah Hogan (plus daughter Ann), Ann Lawler, Ann Macknorth, John Marney (Cloth Weaver), Mcl Marney (Drefser), Dennis (C Weaver) and Eliz' McGuire, Henry Molloy (Dyer) and Honora with 3 daughters, Mary Nolan (Fx Sp, likely Flax Spinner), Harriet and Thos Mortimer (Children), Ann Ryan (Fx Drefs) and three children, Wm Walsh (Cloth Weaver) and Ann (Burler) and Christ Walsh (Weaver).

The Irish of District 12 were living on Meadow Lane (and John's Street and John's Court on that lane), Cafsfield Middle Row on Mafsey Road, Foster's Court and Middle Row. They include Rich'd Benson (Clo Mkr) and Ann with 5 kids Ireland (two kids work in Flax mill), Mary Blake (Flax Spinner), Hannah Blake (Flax Spinner), Margarette Blake (Flax Spinner), John (Waterman) and ELiz Colley and daughter? Eliza, Jane Crowley (Ind?) and two possible children (Mfr Flax), John Daly (Clothier) and Elizabeth, 5 kids from Ireland, John and Emma Ellegan, Jane Robert Shaw (Flax Spin'r), Mary Smith and Thomas Smith (?son, Flax Drefs).

The only Irish-born in District 13 were Josiah Williamson (Overlooker), Hopeful his wife? on Meadow Lane, Biddy Kirk (F.S. Flax Spinner?) on Meadow Lane and Francis Riley (9) on Banner Street.

The Irish in District 14 were living on Noah's Ark Court, Leeds Yard, Mickleshwait's Yard Meadow's Lane, Old Coal Slack Yard and Hunslet. They include the following: Owen Callaghan, John Downey (Art'n), Richard Hughes (Flax Drefser), Richard Hughes (Mechanic), Thomas Karney (Coach Painter), Maria Marshall, Thomas Rone (Coachmaker) and possible wife Martha with two children Thomas and John.

This completes the Districts of Kirkgate Sub Registration District of Leeds Town Civil Parish for 1841.