The Thomas Corcoran and Mary Swift Family of Leeds, Yorkshire, England: An Analysis of Their Migration from County Mayo, Ireland to Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Corcoran and Mary Swift appear to have been married in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England in the quarter ending March 1868. Dewsbury is a Town lying about 7 miles southwest of Leeds separated from it by the Town of Batley. In the 1861 census Mary (age 14) appears to be living with her parents Michael and Bridget Swift (Irish immigrants) in District 8 of the Leeds, North Leeds Census. I initially believed that Thomas was the son of Edward and Mary Corcoran (as I have listed below in the 1851-1861 census but I believe this is not the case. I think Thomas the son of Edward and Cathereine married Alice Middleton. He is listed as a Cloth finisher in the 1871 census in District 43 of North Leeds. This correlates with the occupation he held in the 1861 census listed below. I have found the Thomas Corcoran (laborer in the gas works) and wife Mary of this compilation in in the 1871, 1891, 1901 and 1911 census but have yet been able to find them in the 1881 census. The 1911 census reveals that Thomas and Mary had 20 children with 13 deceased and 7 living! The most valuable piece of information from that census page is Thomas and Mary's origins in County Mayo, Ireland. Thomas was said to have been born in Ballymaron or Ballymoran (I believe this could be Ballymore, Ireland as there were several other Leeds Irish immigrants in the 1851 census from Ballymore, Ireland. There is a Ballymore in Attymass Civil Parish, Gallen Barony, County Mayo Ireland (Ballina Poor Law Union). Mary is listed as being born in Ruskey, County Mayo, Ireland. There are Roosky's in Crossboyne, Killbeagh, Knock and Attymass, County Mayo. The fact that there is a Ballymore in Attymass as well makes this an interesting lead to pursue.

There was only one Thomas Corcoran married in Leeds between 1865-1872, a Thomas Corcoran who appears to have married Alice Middleton in 1866 which doesn't fit the family, but a wider search of West Yorkshire turned up the Dewsbury marriage record. A request of this record from the GRO in England could confirm his father's name as well. I believe Thomas likely died in Leeds in the quarter ending June 1916 and Mary in the quarter ending December 1919.

I am in the process of tracing numerous Corcoran families from the Leeds, Huddersfield and surrounding areas. It is becomming evident from my research that the Irish followed common migration trails from Mayo and Roscommon to this part of Yorkshire. The following compilation is our best assessment of this family's pattern of migration after their arrival in England. Please contact me if you feel your Corcorans may be related or could have passed through this area of Yorkshire from County Mayo. This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with GRO of England marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical records. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate. This compilation will be added to over time as I uncover more information. All feedback, suggestions and corrections are most welcome.

Census Yr/District Other Record Address Name Age Born/ Baptized Occupation Marital Status/ Misc. Info.
1851 Leeds, North Leeds, District 2p 4 Randall's Yard Corcoran, Edward, Head 40 Ireland Ag Laborer M
" " Corcoran, Catherine, Wife 36 Ireland   M
" " Corcoran, Patrick, Son 13 Ireland Dresser of Cloth  
" " Corcoran, James, Son 11 Ireland School Boy  
" " Corcoran, Thomas, Son 9 Ireland School Boy (I believe that this is a different Thomas Corcoran)
" " Corcoran, Michael, Son 7 Ireland    
1861Leeds, North Leeds, District 40 148 Quarry Hill Corcoran, Edward, Head 43 Ireland Railway Laborer M
" " Corcoran, Catherine, Wife 40 Ireland   M
" " Corcoran, Patrick, Son 19 Ireland Cloth Finisher U
" " Corcoran, James, Son 18? Ireland Cloth Finisher U
" " Corcoran, Thomas, Son 15 Ireland Cloth Finisher U; (this seems like a bit of a stretch because of the occupation change and the ages are quite a bit off- I don't believe this is the correct Thomas Corcoran)
" " Corcoran, Michael, Son 13 Ireland Cloth Finisher U
" " Corcoran, John, Son 9 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Scholar  
" " Corcoran, Edward, Son 4 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Scholar  
Free BMD England Marriage Index   Thomas Corcoran married Mary Swift quarter ending March 1868 Dewsbury, Yorkshire       Volume 9b, Page 700;
Free BMD England Birth Record (Possible birth record for Thomas, Son of Thomas)   Thomas Corcoran was born quarter ending September 1869 Leeds       Volume 9b; Page 441
1871 England Census, Leeds, North Leeds District 9 37 Union Street Corcoran, Thomas, Head 27 Ireland Laborer in Gas Works M
" " Corcoran, Mary, Wife 24 Ireland   M
" " Corcoran, Thomas, Son 1 Leeds Yorkshire, England    
Free BMD England Death Records (possible death record for Thomas son of Thomas)   Corcoran, Thomas died at age 3 Leeds, Quarter ending December 1872       Volume 9b, Page 308?
1891 England Census, Leeds, North Leeds District 69 10 Lincoln Street Corcoran, Thomas, Head 44 Ireland Gas Stoker M
" " Corcoran, Mary, Wife 40 Ireland   M
" " Corcoran, Michael, Son 16 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Wool Cloth Dresser  
" " Corcoran, Tom, Son 11 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Scholar  
" " Corcoran, Willie, Son 6 mos. Leeds, Yorkshire, England    
" " Corcoran, Mary E, Daughter 14 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Paper Bag Maker



" " Corcoran, Kate, Daughter 8 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Scholar  
" " Corcoran, Anne, Daughter 6 Leeds, Yorkshire, England    
" " Corcoran, Ada, Daughter 4 Leeds, Yorkshire, England    
1901 England Census; Leeds North Leeds, District 49 1 Olive Street? Corcoran, Thomas, Head 59 Ireland General Laborer M
" " Corcoran, Mary, Wife 53 Ireland   M
" " Corcoran, Kate, Daughter 18 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Boot Sizer U
" " Corcoran, Annie, Daughter 16 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Boot Machinist U
" " Corcoran, Ada, Daughter 14 Leeds, Yorkshire, England   U
" " Corcoran, William, Son 10 Leeds, Yorkshire, England    
1911 England Census; Leeds, District 14 4 Lincoln Street, Newtown Leeds Corcoran, Thomas, Head 69 Ballymorn?, County Mayo, Ireland Gas Works Worker M
" " Corcoran, Mary, Wife 64 Ruskey, County Mayo, Ireland   M; 20 children born alive, 13 died and 7 living
" " Corcoran, William, Son 20 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Fitter- Iron Worker U
" " Corcoran, Kate, Daughter 27 Lees, Yorkshire, England Warehouse Women Boot Factory U
" " Corcoran, Ada, Daughter 24 Leeds, Yorkshire, England Machinist Boot Factory (says out of work but is crossed out) U
Free BMD England Death Record (unlikely death record for Thomas because the 1911 census appears to be an obvious match)   Thomas Corcoran born about 1846 died age age 64 in Bramley, Yorkshire, quarter ending June 1910.       Volume 9b, Page 155
Free BMD England Death Record (probable death record for Thomas)   Thomas Corcoran died age 72 in Leeds quarter ending June 1916       Volume 9b; page 399; He should have been about 74 if the 1911 census is accurate.
Free BMD England Death Record (Possible Death record for Mary, wife of Thomas)   Mary Corcoran died age age 64 in Leeds, Quarter ending December 1919       Volume 9b; Page 391