A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 57-70, the Cavalry Barracks, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and Leeds Workhouse in the 1871 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 71 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and the Leeds Workhouse in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in at least 5 separate sections (1-10, 11-21, 22-32, 33-44, 45-56, and 57-70 with the Cavalry Barracks, School for Pauper Children and Workhouse) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 57-70, the Cavalry Barracks, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and Leeds Workhouse of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1871 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The Irish-born in District 57 were living on Linsley Fold, Pope Street, Strode Street and Danby Street. They were employed in the following occupations: French Polisher (Burnett), Laborer (Kearns), Land Surveyor (McCall), Shoemaker (Warran), Burler (Boslington), Bricklayer's Laborer (McCabe), Laundress (Cummins) and a McCabe who was listed without occupation.

The Irish-born in District 58 were living on Linsley Row and Ward's Fold. Mary Calagan (57 widowed cloth weaver) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland (daughter Ellen 24 Cloth Weaver in Bramley, Yorkshire). Thomas Connigan (33 Bricklayer), his wife Margaret (25) and daughter Rose Ann (4) were born in Mayo, Ireland. The remaining Irish immigrants were employed in the following occupations: Brick Layer's Laborer (O'Donnell), Spinner (Wade), Plaster's Laborer (McIntyre), Cloth Dresser (Burner), Laborer Iron Works (Cummings) and three who were unemployed (Allen, Cummings, McIntyre).

The Irish-born in District 59 were living on Grimsby Street, Johnson Street, Hull Terrace and Street, Green Road, Cromwell Place, Terrace and Street, Hey Street and Back Becket Street. Mary Calagan (57 Cloth Weaver) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland (daughter Ellen 21 Cloth Weaver in Bramley, Yorkshire). John Fitzgerald (80 Tailor) was born in Helworth, Ireland (wife Theresco 39 Leeds, Mary H 16 Boot Fitter Bradford, Thomas 14 Boot Blocker Leeds, William 11 Mitcheltown, Ireland, John 8 and Susan 3 in Fermoy, Ireland. There is a Mitcheltown and a Fermoy in Cork, Ireland but Mitcheltown is also in Dublin, Limerick, Louth, Meath and Westmeath. Eliza Powell (46 cook Housekeeper- Wharf) was born in Cork, Ireland. Hannah Tyrrell (40) was born in Tipperary, Ireland (husband John 40 Joiner was born in Leeds). Mary Heaps (32 Widow Fishmonger ) was born in Mirth, Ireland (daughter Mary Ann 5 in Batley, Yorkshire). William Armstrong (43 Draper) was born in Longford, Ireland (wife Sarah 38) was born in Nottinghamshire Newark. Sarah McCormick (42 Shoe Binder) was born in Longford, Ireland (husband Peter 44 Shoemaker in Liverpool, daughters Eliza 11 Sewing Machinist, Emma 10, Peter 8, Adelaide 4, Frank 3 in Manchester). Ann Gallagher (56 Widow) was from Limerick, Ireland as was son Michael 26 Whip String Maker- Tanner. Michael O'Neil (30 Rope Maker) was also from Limerick, Ireland (his wife Ann 26 Mill Hand was from Queens County, Ireland. Margaret Johnson (45) was also from Queens County, Ireland (husband Stephen 45 Millwright from Durham Darlington, children ELizabeth 17 Silk Mill Hand and Stephen 15 Hair Dresser from Bradford). Ann Williamson (28 Flax Spinner) was born in Clare, Ireland (husband William 51 Joiner Yorkshire, John 11 Leeds). Kate McDonnal, Williams sister in law 26 was a card Spreader from Clare, Ireland as well. Elizabeth Parsons (54 Boot Fitter) was born in Kingtown, Ireland (kids John 23, Marble Polisher, Eliza A 19 Boot Fitter, Thomas 17 Shoemaker were from Leeds). Sophia Johnson (47 Dressmaker) was from Dublin, Ireland (daughter Mary 19 Dressmaker Leeds). Patrick MaCauley (26 Shoemaker) was born in Donegal, Ireland (wife Catherine 22 was born in Monaghan, Ireland). Margaret Lowry (26) hailed from Butterfin, Ireland (husband William 33 Brass Finisher, Emily 9, Caroline A 6, Margaret 5, Ellen 1 from Leeds). John Fitzsimmons (66 Mason's Laborer)and his wife Ellen (53) were born in County Cavan, Ireland (children Mark 20 Waiter, Margaret 22 Cloth Weaver and James 17 Shoemaker were born in Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed as a Whip String Maker- Tanner (Gallagher), Drill Instructor Volunteer (Barry), Staff Sargeant West Yorkshire Militia (Atkinson), Bootmaker (Wall) and 3 without occupations (Atkinson, Davis, Gallagher).

There was only one Irish born family in District 60: James Reynolds (Plaster's Laborer) and his wife Mary 33 were both born in Ireland (son James 2, Mary 5 were born in Leeds; stepdaughter Mary Short 11 was born in America) and they lived on Ludlow Street.

The Irish-born in District 61 were living on Napolean Street, Selby Street, Ney Street and Boston Street. Mary Ann Barker (31) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Samuel 32 Warehouseman in Paper Hanging Trade, Fanny 3 were born in Leeds). James Freeman (48 Mule Spinner Mill) and wife Maria (42) were born in Dublin, Ireland (George 22 Mule Spinner Mill, James 18 and Richard 16 Boot Finnishers, John WIlliam 10, Anna Maria 7, Emma 5 and Alfred 2 were born in Leeds). Their Grandfather George Corker (66 Woolen Cloth Weaver Mill) was also born in Dublin, Ireland.Margaret Johnson (35 Fishmonger) was born in County Clare, Ireland (daughter Mary 13 General Servant was born in Leeds). Mary Dawson (40) was born in Galway, Ireland (husband John 42 Moulder in Iron Works, sons Joseph 19 Engine Fitter, Frederick 15 Checker Boot Trade, daughter Sabina 14 Boot Fitter at Works were born in Leeds). Lizzy Fletcher (28) was born in Kings County, Ireland (husband john 32 Plumber at Works) was born in Oldham Lancashire, daughters Anne 4, Elizabeth 2 were born in Leeds). Henrietta Wright (12 Scholar) was born in Cork, Ireland. Father Henry 40 Clerk at Fishmongers and sister Maria 17 Cloth Weaver Mill were born in Barton on Trent, Staffordshire, sister Francis 15 Nailmaker at Works and Annie 13 were born in Hornington, Staffordshire, sister Amelia 10 and Louisa 7 in Birmingham, Worcestershire. The only other Irish-born immigrant in this district (James) was listed without an occupation.

The Irish-born in District 62 were living on Dundas Street, Dundas Place, Chad Street, Cherry Street and Peach Street. They were employed in the following occupations: Brick Layer's Laborer (Crowell), Sawyer (Jordan), Matchbox Maker (Crowell x2), Boot Finisher (Connor), Carpenter (Dower), Tailor (Murphy), Housekeeper (Murphy), Stoker in Iron Works (Stokes) and 7 listed without occupations (Alderson, Burns x2, Crowell, Fearn, Hawkyard and Stokes).

The Irish-born in District 63 were living on Green Street, Primrose Road, Upper Cherry Street, Cardigan Street and Pollard Street. One family Felix Mathew Eaton (26 Tailor Journeyman) and his wife Kate (23) hailed from Dublin, Ireland. Esther Woodcock (42 widowed Charwoman) hailed from Cork, Ireland (children Joseph 17 Dyer Preston, Lancashire, Sarah Ann 14 French Polisher Isle of Wight Hampshire, Esther 10 Essex Colchester, William 7, Charles 5, George Henry 2 Leeds) as did Margaret Crawford (53 Shopkeeper (children James 18 Cloth Dresser, Matilda 16 Match Maker hailed from Leeds). James Robinson (35 Railway Porter) was born in Sligo, Ireland while wife Bridget (31 Pill Box Mfr) was born in Mayo, Ireland. Mary Moon (37) was born in Roscrea, Ireland (son John 10, Annie 7, Elizabeth 5, Mary 1 Leeds). Matilda Johnstone (36) and her daughter Ellen (2) were born in Ballymena, Ireland (husband Benjamin 35 Upholsterer was born in Edinburgh, Scotland). The remaining Irish were employed as a Tailor (Heaney), Engine Tenter Match Works (Jordon), Maker of Weighing Machines (Greening) and three listed without occupations (Jordon, Inman, Thornton).

The Irish-born in District 64 were living on Markhouse Place, Byrne Street, Polard Street and Raglan Street. John McCormick (35 Joiner), wife Margaret (35), daughters Margaret D (11) and Jane (9) were born in Belfast, Ireland. Margaret A Hardy (44) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Willaim 48 Boot/Shoe Maker in Skelton, Yorkshire). Nelson Mills (16 Spiral Maker) was born in Cork, Ireland, while father George (47 Assistant Store Keeper) was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, mom Fanny (43) in Bath, brother Richard (12 Errand Boy) in Edinburgh, Scotland and sister Clara A (7) in York, Yorkshire. Mary Spink (29) was born in Galway, Ireland (husband Thomas 29 Brickmaker in Aberford, Yorkshire, children George 2 and Agnes 10 months in Leeds). Finally, James Carson (24 Laborer) was born in Longford, Ireland, while wife Sarah (22) and daughter Emma E (2) were born in Leeds.

The Irish-born in District 65 were living on Beckett Street, Brearley Street and Granville Street. There were no place names in Ireland given. The Irish immigrants were employed as a Provision Dealer (McDermott), Laundress (Fairbain) and Shoemaker (Burke).

The Irish-born in District 66 were living on Hill Street, Lincoln Field Terrace, Haymount Square, Lincoln Street and Primrose Place. William Vesley (60 Coal Leader) was born in York, Yorkshire but his wife Ann (50) was born in Cork, Ireland (granddaughter Jane Ann Stephenson 7 in Leeds). Thomas Riley (46) Packer or Laborer) was born in Dublin, Ireland (wife Margaret 48 in Ruswarp, Yorkshire). Thomas Hinchliffe (48 Laborer) was born in Hish Hoyland, Yorkshire but wfie Ann (46) was born in Trimm?, Ireland (daughter Mary 11, grandson Alfred 6 months in Leeds). John Short (36 Bricklayer) was born in Ardnaree Bar?, Ireland (wife Christiana 38, children Emma 14 and Jane 12 Paper Bag Makers, John 10, Christiana 8, James 6, Thomas 3, William 10 months were born in Leeds). There is an Ardnaree in both Sligo and Donegal, Ireland. Finally, Eliza Hightow (22 Boot Machinist) was born in Waterford, Ireland (mother Caroline widowed 54 in Hempsill, brother Thomas 19 Tabocconist in Hamps? Portmouth, brother George 15 Printer in Hambrohead, Yorkshire and sister Alice 10 in Leeds). The remaining two Irish immigrants were a Cloth Finisher (Hagerty) and one without occupation (Taylor).

The Irish-born in District 67 were living on Mushroom Street, Tiger Street, Lion Street, Grey Street, Cherry Street and Court. Mary Slathers (41) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband John 54, Laborer/Green Grocer was born in Hull, Yorkshire, daughter Mary Ann 18 Spinner Flax Mill in Malta, daughter Hannah 15 Doffer Flax Mill in Mulingar, Ireland, son John 13, Elizabeth 11, Emma 9, Robert 7 and Alice 3 in Leeds. Margaret Hargreaves (37) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband John 40 Joiner/Cabinet Maker in Manchester, sons Thomas 18 and John 14 Joiner/Cabinet Makers born in Liverpool, daughter Mary Ann 20 French Polisher and son Henry 14 born in Liverpool, daughter Elizabeth 12 Staffordshire West Brumwick, Domick 6, Margaret 3, Rosenna 5 months born in Leeds). Ann Jane Hunt (36) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Henry 37 Paper Stainer in Midddlesex, London, nephew Francis Thos Recce 10 in Wales). Maria Green (54 Linen Weaver) was born in Armagh, Ireland (son George Henry 8 in Leeds, William John 5 and Thomas Fred'k 2 in Leicester Ceicestershire). John Kelly (44 Paper Stainer) was born in Belfast, Ireland (wife Ann 35 in Boyle, Ireland, daughters Catherine 8, Ellen 6, Ann Jane 5 months, sons Charles William 4, John Thos 2 in Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed as a Dyer (Malone), Laborer (Burke), Boot Finisher (Burke x2) and three without occupations (Burke, Hinds, Malone).

The Irish-born in District 68 were living on Firth Street, Cambridge Street, Rushworth Street, Gray Street, Firth Terrace and Cleveland Row. Stephen Tourney (40 Laborer), wife Mary Ann (39) and children Marianne 16, Joseph 14, Elizabeth 11 and John 9 were all born in Dublin, Ireland as was Joseph Kelley (38 Tailor). His wife Isabel (41) was born in Sunderland and children Emily 9, Joseph H 4 and Edmond 1 were born in Leeds. Margaret Allen (67 Laundress) was born in Glenwilliams, Ireland (there is a Glenwilliams in both Limerick and Waterford, Ireland). Michael Hayes (49 Pensioner) was born in Limerick, Ireland (wife Mary Ann 49 in Thirsk, Yorkshire, William 21 Cloth Dresser in Knareboro, Yorkshire, Stephen 11 in Dublin, Ireland and Mary Ann 7 in Belfast, Ireland. James Curry (49 Pensioner) was born in Longford, Ireland while wife Jane 49 Laundress was born in Kilkenny, Ireland, son James 20 Bookeeper in Plymouth, Ireland, daughter Elizabeth 17 Cardmaker in Edinburgh Scotland. James Brogan (31 Tailor) was born in County Meath, Ireland, his wife Ann (30) in Sligo, Ireland (son Stephen 7 in Leeds, daughter Jane 6 in York, Yorkshire). The remaining Irish were employed as a Hawker (Williams), Carpet Weaver (Gaunt), Plasterer (Mickman) and a Plaster's Laborer (Fernon).

Many of the Irish in District 69 were Soldiers in the 5th Dragoon Guards; their spouses and children hailed from all over Ireland. All of the Irish were clustered on 4 streets: Barrack Terrace, Cambridge Terrace, Roscoe Terrace and Joiners House and Shop. William Miller (33 Sargeant 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Chester St Brides but wife Rosannah (26) was born in Ratouth, Ireland. James Dallinson (37 Private 5th Dragoon Guard) was born in Leicester (wife Anne 27 in County Meath, Ireland, kids Sarah 3 in Essex, Colchester and Francis 1 in Leeds). Joseph Grassby (26 Sgt Dragoon Guards) was born in Lincolnshire Barnby (wife Jane 22 Dressmaker in Longford, Ireland, children Francis William 3 in Essex Colchester, Sarah Elizabeth 5 months in Leeds). Harry Simpson (34 Sgt 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Derbyshire Chersterfield (wife Hanrietta 24 in Cork, Ireland, son Harry 8 months in Leeds). Christopher Monck (31 Private 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in County Wexford Hoarton (wife Elizabeth 32 in Wicklow Hillpike, daughter Annie 4 in Dublin, Francis Cooper 2 months in Leeds). Henry Reiley (42 Soldier 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Kent Canterbury (wfie Maria 42 in Monmouth Garndzries, son Charles 15 and daughter Jane 18 Dressmaker in Kildare, Newbridge, son Henry 11 and Joseph 2 in hants Aldershot). John Munnings (35 Corporal 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Norfolk, Litcham (wife Ann 38 in Norwich, Norfolk, son Charles John 5 in Dublin, Ireland, Ernest William 2 in Hants Aldershot). John Marks (35 private 5th Dragoon Guard) was born in Wiltshire Burcombe (wife Anna Maria 28 in Surrey, Caple, children Florance Helen 5 in Dublin Arbour Hill, Minnie 2 in Hants Aldershop, Sidney Alfred 5 months in Leeds). Henry Smith (62 widow hawker) was born in Dublin, Ireland (a James 28 Butcher Journeyman born Lincolnshire is listed below him). George Shegog (31 Soldier 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Nottingham (wife Jane 20 in London, Jane 1 in Leeds, father james 55 Discharged Soldier in Armagh, Ireland). Andrew Tweedie (32 Soldier Dragoon Guards) was born in Yorkshire Whitby (wife Margaret 28 in London,son John 3 in Kildare Currah Camp). Joseph Fairhurst (37 Soldier 5th Dragoon guards) was born in Chester Midlandwick (wife mary Ann 36 in Cheshire Munshell, Vernon, son George 5 in Dublin, Ireland. Jarvis Robinson (32 Soldier 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Ouke, Yorkshire (wife Mary Ann 28 in County Cavan Cook Hill, Ireland, daughter Jane Ann ELizabeth 2 in Hants Aldershot). Godfrey Frogget (50 Army Pensioner) was born in Wakefield, Yorkshrie (wife Esther 65 in County Cavan, Ireland). James Smiley (32 Army Officers Servant) was born in Belfast, Ireland (wife Mary 26 in Dorsetshire Netherbury, daughter Alice Louisa 1 in Bermondsey Longdon). James Grey (36 Soldier 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Dublin, Ireland (wife Kate 29 in Cork, Ireland, kids mary Hellen 5 in Newbridge, Ireland, Ann 2 in Hants Aldershot and Kate 2 months in Leeds). William Rime (39 Private 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Leicestershire (wife Anne 26 in Dublin, Ireland, sons William Henry 4 in County Carlow, Ireland and Frank 1 in Leeds). Thomas monaghan (35 Soldier 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Clare, Ireland (wife Ellen 27 in Cork, Ireland, kids Daniel 6 in Longford, Ireland, Mary 4 in Newbridge, Ireland and Ellen 1 in Aldershot). Frank Ellis (32 Soldier 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in York, Yorkshire (wife Mary Ann 24 and son Tom 3 in Dublin, Ireland, Francis Peter 1 in Aldershot). Henry Jacobs (36 Soldier 5th Dragoon Guards) was born in Carlow, Ireland (wife Mary Ann 30 in Birmingham, son Henry 1 in ?). Samuel Stott (35 Army Officers Servant) was born in Rochdale, Lancashire (wife Margaret 28 in Limerick, Ireland). The remaining Irish were employed as a Private 5th Dragoon Guards (Lapping), Hawker (Smith), Shoemaker Journeyman (Hayes) and two from the same family without occupations (Lapping).

The Irish-born in District 70 were living on Roundhay Road, Manor College, Wingham Terrace and Street and White Street. Ann Speed (34) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Soloman J 35 Tripe Dresser, daughters Mary 12 and Lydia 11 Pupil Teacher, were born in Liverpool). Patrick O'Connll (47 Tailor) was born in Fermanagh, Ireland (wife Mary Ann 46 was born in Hull, Yorkshire, Rosannah 7 in Manchester). John McGowan (25 Bus Driver) was born in Sligo, Ireland (wife Anne E 17 Groceress was born in Leeds). John Fitzpatrick (19 Tailor) was born in Tipperary, Clonmel, Ireland. The only other Irish immigrant was employed as a Tailor (Downey) and two were unemployed (Fidgett, Jurman).

The Irish-born in District 71 were living on Valley Street, Peace Street and Henbury Street. They were employed in the following occupations: Street Laborer (Hesham), Cloth Presser (Warner), Tailor (Husker) and three without occupations (Hesham, Husker, Oates).

There were many Irish-born in the Cavalry Barracks on Chapeltown Road, but none of the entries gave place names of origin in Ireland. They held the following positions in the barracks: Assistant Surgeon (Sheehy), Regiment Sargeant Major (Davidson), Sargeant Instructor of Fencing (Ducie), Sargeant (Scully, Young), Troop Sargeant Major (Regan, Reid, Walsh), Trumpet Major (Gough), Trumpeter (Carroll, McCain), Corporal (Hudson, Maloney, Maughan, O'Ryan), Pensioner (Carroll), Farrier Major (Moore), Private Dragoon (Acres, Adams, Brady, Byrne x2, Callaghan, Carolin, Clinton, Connolly, Doyle x2, Feeny, Finton, Flood, Gallagher, Geoghegan, Goodwin, Gorman, Henessy, Hind, Kearns, Kennedy, McMahon, Maher, Malone, Mangan, Mitchell, Mohendry, Moore, Moran, Murphy, Nixon x2, North, Nott, O'Brien, O'Donnell x 2, O'Shaughnessy, Powell, Purtell, Rankin, Shegog, Skelly, Staunton, Sullivan x2, Taylor, Toole, Venton, Vesey, Walker, Walsh, Wilson), a Domestic Servant (Lynch) and 10 families with unemployed Irish immigrants. The only Irish-born immigrants in some of these families were children (Lemon, Aldwell, Colts) and others were a mix of parents and children who were unemployed (Davidson, Ducie, Gough, Monney, Moore, Reid, Regan).

There was only one Irish-born individual documented in the Leeds Moral and Industrial Training School for Pauper Children and that was Mary O'Hara 32 Officer Infant Mistress who was born in Ireland. There were many Irish surnames in this school (no children born in Ireland, but their parents may have been

There was a heavy concentration of Irish-born in the Leeds Workhouse on Beckett Street. Only three gave their place names of origin in Ireland: Mary Crowther (42 Asst Nurse to the Sick) who was born in Longford, Ireland, Rose Etherington (27 Washing) was born in Sligo, Ireland and John Molloy (54 Soliciter's Clerk) who was born in Dublin, Ireland. The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: General Laborer (Burn, Burne, Carrigan, Fahey), Laborer (Cassidy ,Cummings), Foundry Laborer (Cosgrove), Farm Laborer Shepherd (McCarty), Ag Laborer (Bergan, Duffy, McGurrin, Malie, Murphy, Nicholson), Farmer's Laborer (Higgins, Hoban x2, Kelly, Rochford, Ryan), Brick Layer's Laborer (Caffrey, Flannagan, Grogan, Higgins), Stone Mason's Laborer (Barrett, Rowley), Stone Quarry Laborer (Conolly), Excavator (Coyne), Plaster's Laborer (Connolly, Meegan), Railway Laborer (Kirwan), Boatman's Laborer (Hunt), Striker in Forge (Kennedy), Boot Binder (Reid), Sewing (Williams), Washing (Baxter, Williams), Housewife (Calligan, Fitzgerald, Flannagan, Holman, Horan, Kelly, Montgomrey, Moorhan, Minton, Read, Troy), Boot Closer (Fairfield), Domestic (Farley), Domestic Servant (Connolly, Hanna, McGuinn), Groom Domestic Servant (O'Hara), Staymaker (Brophy), Silk Dresser (Blakely), Card Spreader (Burns), Stuff Weaver (Casey, Ingram, Toomey), Woolen Weaver (Humphreys), Worsted Weaver (Clark, Whaling), Mill Hand Weaver (Fannan), Linen Weaver (Mullhern), Cloth Mill Laborer (Purdon), Flax Mill Hand (McDonald), Flax Spinner (Flannagan), Flax Sweeper (Rainey), Cloth Dresser (Cassidy, Grogan, Walsh), Bobbin Winder (Haley, McGrath), Card Spreader Flax (Farrall, Foster), Card Spreader Cotton Mill (Mullerin), Cloth Clipper (Logan), Tailor (Cain, Simmons), Charring (Baines, Croft, Cully, Hyland, Lynn, McCutcheon, Mullen, Sugden), Butcher (Baxter), Trunk Maker (Burke), Umbrella Maker (Bartley), Drover (Carter), Spectacle Hawker (Carr), Hawker (Conolly, Cunningham, Fleming, Gallagher), Paper Flower Maker (Harkins), Pantry Dresser (Ingram), Plumber/Glazier (Delaney), Porter/Packer China Warehouse (Marshall), Painter (Murray), Rag Sorter (Carthy), Solicitor's Clerk (Molloy)and 2 without occupations (Barker, Convey).