A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 45-56 in the 1871 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 71 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and the Leeds Workhouse in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in at least 5 separate sections (1-10, 11-21, 22-32, 33-44, 45-56, and 57-70 with the Cavalry Barracks, School for Pauper Children and Workhouse) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 45-56 of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1871 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

There were only a few Irish-born in District 45 and they were living on Old Hall Street and Rider Street. Benjamin Jennings (26 Widow, Woolen Spinner) was born in Dublin, Ireland. John Peacock (58, Widowed Shopkeeper) was born in Bantry, Ireland while children Albert 12, Emily 10 were born in Leeds and mother Ann 75 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. Michael Kilcullen (30 Warehouseman) was born in Sligo, Ireland while wife Mary A 28 and sons Thomas E 2 and Joseph V 1 were born in Leeds. His sister in law Elizabeth Corcoran (23 Saleswoman) was born in Leeds and a Nurse Girl Mary Brannan (15, Leeds) was living with them. The remaining Irish in this district were employed as a Staymaker (Burke), Wool Sorter (MacMahon), Cloth Finisher (Mann) and Power? in Burough Survery Office(Burke).

The Irish-born in District 46 were living on Vetch Street, Upper Vetch Street, Barker's Building, Barker's Row and Bean Street. Numerous pages in this collection had blacked-out sections so some information may be left out including part of Irish immigrants John Deegan's family. Sarah Ann Geldard (50) was born in County Mayo, Ireland (husband Joseph 49 Stone Mason, daughters Mary (19 Dressmaker) and Alina (17 Fitter of Boots) were born in Bradford, Yorkshire). James Fitzgibbon (44 Silk Dresser) was born in Limerick, Ireland (wife Mary, Kids Elizabeth 13 Sewing Machine Worker, William 7 were born in Leeds). Ann Thackray (42) was born in Clonmel, Ireland (husband James 43 Cloth Dyer in Leeds). The remaining Irish-born were employed as a Cloth Dresser (Burns), Laundress (Bullock), Flax Spinner (Connor, Magan), Washerwoman (McGowan), Felt Dresser (Deeegan; his wife and family cut off page) and Boot Closer (Byrnes) with two listed without occupations (Burns, Kay).

The Irish-born in District 47 were living on Apple Street, Wheat Street, Acorn Street, Cranberry Street, Bread Street, Windsor Street and York Road. THe following immigrants hailed from County Mayo, Ireland: Alice Brogdan (29 Domestic Duties) (husband William 31 Clayworks was from Berrington Tweed?, children Edward 5, John William 3, James 1 were from Leeds). Therer was also a Brogdan family next door. Margaret Hill (37 out of work) was from Co. Meo while children Patrick 12, Richard 10, Mary 8, Margaret 7 were born in Leeds. John Corcoran (56, widowed Shoemaker) was born in Co Mao, ireland as well.

John Walters (48, Thechle Pin Maker) was born in Hesehan Yorkshire, wife Mary 55, Domestic Duties in Leeds, but children George 21 Driller Iron Foundry, Sarah 18 Factory Worker Woolen Line, William 15 Plasterer, Elizabeth 13 Factory Hand Flax Mill and Letitia 10 all hailed from Belfast, Ireland. William Neice (28 Mill Worker) was born in Queens County, Ireland (wife Sarah 25 in Tipperary; sons Daniel 2, John 10 mos in Leeds). John McEvoy (50 Cloth Dresser) was William Neice's father in law and hailed from Tipperary, Ireland. James Kennedy (37, Shoemaker) hailed from Queens County, Ireland (wfie Mary 36, Thomas 15 and James 13 Mechanics in Iron Foundry, Ann 10, Mary 8, John 6, Elizabeth 4, William 2, Joseph 11 mos were born in Leeds). Thomas Flynn (31 Foundry Laborer) was also born in Queens County, Ireland. William Ryan (34 Leather Cutter) hailed from Tipperary, Ireland (wife maria 27 Domestic Duties and son Michael 4 from City of Cork, Kate 1 from Dublin). John Toohay (40 Linen Weaver) and his wife Mary (40 Winder) were born in Tipperary, Ireland. Thomas Richardson (28 Bolt Maker) and daughters Mary E 3, Margaret A 6 mos, were born in Leeds but wife Elizabeth (30 Domestic Duties) were born in Tipperary, Ireland. William Walleday (widowed Father 60 Field Laborer) was also listed as from Tipperary, Ireland. John Toohay (40 Linen Weaver) and his wife Mary (40 Winder) hailed from Kings County, Ireland. Mary Hopton (30 Linen Weaver) was from Shunrona?, Ireland (husband Joseph 36 Engineman Iron Works, kids George Norton 8, Eliza 7 and Sarah Hopton 1 born in Leeds). Edward Kaley (31 Labor Iron Works) and wife Mary 28 Domestic Duties were from Danesforth?, Ireland (sons Michael 4, James 2, pat 6 mos from Leeds). There is a Danesfort in Kilkenny, Roscommon, Cavan and Wicklow, Ireland. John Delaney (28 Foundry Laborer) who is listed next on the census page was from Kilkenny, Ireland. Bridget Higgins (70 widow Domestic Duties) was born in Ireland but her son Thomas (28 Blacksmith) was born in Galway, Ireland. Bridget Berstel (34 Widowed Servant Domestic Duties) was born in Draughetty?, Ireland. Bridget Mersken (78 Widowed Housekeeper) and children Thomas 34, Peter 18, and Rose 13 Linen Weavers were all born in Drogheda, Ireland. The remaining Irish-born in District 47 were employed as Hawkers (Banks, Roberts), Cloth Dresser (Howard), Dressmaker (Howard), Striker Iron Works (Cudly), Plate Roller Iron Works (Cudly), Coal Miner (Cudley), Match Mill Hand (Cudley x2), Grocer (Mulhollan) and one unemployed laborer (Cudley).

The Irish in District 48 were living on Windsor Street, Edgar Street Certificated Boys School and Edgar Street, Plate Street, Walker's Terrace, Riding Row, Accomodation Court and Road. Mary Norton (28 Field Laborer) hailed from Tipperary, Ireland (children Catherine 9, Mary Ann 7, Sarah Ellen 4, Bridget 2 hailed from Leeds). John England (35 Cordwainer), wife Maria (26 Bender), daughters Elizabeth 8 and Teresa 4 and mother in law Anne Demain (60 widow) were all born in Roscrea, Ireland (most likely either County Galway or Tipperary). John McNeice (40 Cordwainer), his wife MaryAnn 34, children William 11 and Sara 7 were born in Armagh, Ireland (Mary 4, James 4 mos in Leeds). Ann Gately (35 Rag Sorter) hailed from Castleclough, Ireland (children John 14 paper mill, Mary 10, Bridget 6 were born in Leeds). Edward Carr (31 Linen Weaver) was born in Tyrone County, Ireland. Eliza Wolfe (33 Boot Top Fitter) was born in Monelly County Meat, Ireland (husband Nathaniel 32 Boot and Shoe Manufacturer in Amsterdam, Holland; son Thomas 14 Sprigger in Stockport, Lancashire; Francis 6 in Liverpool. Mary Clarke (38 Domestic Servant) was also born in Monelly, County Meath. Margaret Rowley (29 Paper Stainer) was born in Coleraine, Ireland (husband Joseph 29 Paper Stainer born in Leeds as were children WIlliam 7, Harriet Ann 2 and Jane 3 weeks). Coleraine is most likely in Londonderry, Tipperary or Kings County, Ireland. John Smith (76 Street Sweeper) was born in City? Cork, Ireland (wife Susannah 56 Domestic Duties in Glostershire, Edward 17 Collier in Wellington, children Adam 10 and Susan 8 in Bradford,Mary Ann Duckworth 26 Spinner in Wales, Grand daughters Jane Ann 6 and Joseph 2 weeks in Knaresboro, Yorkshire). William Norton (74 Linen Weaver) was born in Clonmoor, Ireland (wife Catherine 63 Domestic Duties in Shinroan, Ireland; daughters Hannah 22 and Bridget 32 Linen Weavers in Leeds; grandchildren John 3 and James Walker 2 in Leeds, Catherine Andrews 8 in Leeds). Shinroan is likely in Kings County, Ireland, Clonmore is a town in Kings County, Tipperary as well as 12 other counties in Ireland. Mary Norton noted earlier in this compilation was from Tipperary- unsure if there is any connection as they were not listed together. Margaret Cartwell (53 Domestic Duties) was born in Dublin, Ireland (children Michael 27, James 16 Labor Mill Workers and Annie 11 were born in Leeds). Mary Gorman (35 Linen Weaver) was born in Killallan, Ireland (husband George 40 Linen Weaver was born in Perth, Scotland). William Fannan (64 Linen Weaver) was born in Mayo, Ireland as was Mary Ready (37 Domestic Duties) who was born in Foxford, Mayo, Ireland (John 20 Coal Miner in Goulden Hill Shropshire, Joseph 17 Coal Miner in Audley, Shropshire, Richard 11 Currier? in Hawkes the Hill?, Shropshire and William Henry 6 and Elizabeth 4 in Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Tailor (Joice), Shoemaker (Carrol, Monaghan, Nelley, Thompson), Laborer (Feeler, Flannagan), Brick Layer's Laborer (Morley), Domestic Duties (Morley), Domestic Servant (Haddock), Harding Reeler (Conway), Cloth Dresser (Maher), Housework (Feeler), Plaster's Laborer (Haddock) and Annuitant (McGrane).

The Irish in District 49 were living on Bread Street, Tennyson Street, Bean Street, Windsor Street, Wheat Street and Acorn Street. There were no place names of origin in Irealand were given. They were employed in the following occupations: Coal Pit Laborer (Carrol, Marram), Dressmaker (Cavanagh x2), Cap Machinist (Carroll), Mechanic-Iron (Chambers, Mathews), Police Officer (Mathews) and 8 listed without occupations (Cavanagh, Cocker, McGrath, Mathews, Park, Smith, Stapleton, Walker).

The Irish in District 50 were living on Gough Street, Accomodation Road and Row, Windsor Street, Harding Street and Little Street. Annie Molloy (30) and her son Henry were born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Joseph 33 a Ginger Beer Maker was born in Leeds). The remaining Irish-born were employed in the following occupations: Frame Fitter Iron (Wright), Brick Layers laborer (O'Melia), Paper Stainer (Bingham), Boot Finisher (Hyland), Shoemaker (Mulroy), Cloth Finisher (Hyland), Housekeeper (Flanagan, Goss, Power), Cloth Weaver (Quinlan), Mungo Fuller (Quinlan), Warehouseman (Quinlan), Mechanics Laborer (Power), Woolen Cloth Dresser (Flanagan), Assistant Housekeeper (Bird), Flax Dresser (Kane), Tailor (Ross) and 4 listed without occupations (Flanders, Hyland, Nicholson, Spencer).

The Irish-born in District 51 were living on Beckett and East Beckett Street and included a Traveller in Books (Ryan) and a Monthly Nurse (Walmsley). There were no place names in Ireland given.

The Irish-born in District 52 were spread out among Back Jenner Street, Beckett Street General Peel, East Beckett Street, House Recovery on Beckett Street, Arthur Street and Nippet Street. Fanny Wolfendon (24) hailed from County Monaghan, Ireland (husband William 24 Beehouse Keeper from Kirkburton, Yorkshire). Mark Kendrick (59 unemployed Brewer) was born in Dublin, Ireland as was Joseph Nesfield (25 Spanish Leather Dresser; wife Jane 28 in Burr, Kings County, Ireland, daughters Jane 6, Mary Eliza 1 in Leeds), Mark W Thornton (17 Cabinet Maker), Joseph Thornton (13); their mother Ellen Thornton (56) was born in Ripon, Yorkshire. Joseph Watkiss (20 Wall Paper Stainer) was born in Belfast, Ireland (wife Sarah 21 Bury Lancashire, daughter Mary 1 in Leeds). William Waldron (75 Weaver) was born in Queens County, Ireland (wife Ann 65 in Bandon, Ireland). George Brook (32 Mechanic) was born in Leeds but wife Ann (30) was born in Roscrea, Ireland (son George 8 in Leeds). Roscrea is most likely in County Galway or County Tipperary, Ireland. The remaining Irish-born were employed as a Nurse (Buckley), Rag Picker (McHale), and Housekeeper (Cosgan).

The Irish-born in District 53 were living on Industrial Street, Museum Street and Shakespear Vicarage. There were only four families with Irish immigrants and they were employed in the following occupations: Grave Digger (Slater), Laundress (Slater), Tailor (Hill), General Servant (Brown) and Housemaid (Keogh).

The Irish-born in District 54A were living on Barr Street, York Road, Williamson Buildings, Weathrell's Buildings, Elcock Street, Accomodation Road, Sutcliff Street, Boyle's Buildings, Breadfoot Street, Kellam Street, and in Sharpes Buildings. Ann Richter (26) was born in County Mayo, Ireland (her husband Louis 34 Cabinet Maker in Michlesham Shrengin? Germany- British Subject; their son Thomas 2 in Leeds). Thomas Higgins (brother to a ? 29, Cloth Dresser) listed below them was also born in County Mayo as was John Lawley (13, nephew). Ann Lawrance (36) was born in County Sligo, Ireland (husband William 30 Painter in Wetherby, Yorkshire, children Elizabeth Taylor 19 Mill Hand, Joseph Taylor 16 Hatter, James Taylor 9, Wiliam Lawrence 5, Thomas Echon Lawrence 3, Ann Elizabeth Lawrence 1 in Leeds). James King (29 Life Insurance Agent) was born in Monaghan, Ireland (wife Mary Ann 23 in Kilkenny, Ireland; daughters Charlotte E M 6, Florence Beatrice 2, Sarah Jane 5 mos Leeds). Dlizabeth Leonard (45) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland (husband Thomas 49 Tailor, sons Randolph 16 Smith and Albert Listor 13 Printer in Cheshire, Stockport). Thomas Doherty (77 Boot Rivetter) was born in Limerick, Ireland. Mary Minto (45 Widow Fitter) was born in Newry, County Down, Ireland (daughter Matilda? 18 Machinist in Liverpool). Jospeh Haldinley (38 Laborer Flour Mill) was born in the Army in Dublin (wife Elizabeth 35 in Armain, England, Catherine Ann 13 Eastington Yorkshire, William 8, Jane Alice 6 in Goole, Yorkshire, John Thomas 3, Joseph Arthur 4 mos in Leeds). Bridget Byrne (58), sons John 26 and Joseph 14 Tailors were born in County Wexford (William 2 in Leeds). Hiriam Quinlan (22 Shoemaker) was born in Cork, Ireland (wife Mary Ann 22 Housekeeper was born in Leeds). The remaining Irish immigrants were employed in the following occupations: Railway Porter (Meaney), Laborer (Brailey), Brewer (Flanagin), Finisher of Clothing (Airey), Shoemaker (Feehen), Picture Dealer (Norton), Police Constable (Dillon), Plumber/Glazier (Cahill) and 9 without occupations (Brailey, Broughton, Cahill, Dillon, Feehen, Gaines, Hargreaves, Holmes, Norton).

The Irish-born in District 55 were living on Victory Street, St Patrick's Presbytery York Road, St Patrick's convent York Road, Saville Green, Rock Street, York Road, Bickerdike Street, Prince Street and Prince William Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. The Irish were employed in the following occupations: Roman Catholic Priest (Conway, O'Donnell), Religion (Brescone, Hoey), Housekeeper (O'Donnell), Servant (O'Brien), Pupil Teacher (Cavanaugh, Spong), Shoemaker (Feelan), Cloth Finisher (Feelan), Cap Finisher (Davis), Coal Miner (Clough), Laborer (Carvey, Connaughton x2 from 2 different families), Tailoress (Aringdon), Miner (Martin), Hawker (McNamara), Tin Plate Worker (Smith), Clogger (McCarthy) and 7 listed wit out occupations (Blaney, Carvey, Feelan x2, Goodall, Martin, Wilkman).

The Irish-born in District 56 were living on Freehold Street, Back Freehold Street and York Road. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. They were employed in the following occupations: Black Ware Potter (Walpole), Former Shoe Binder (Dwyer), Coachman (Longworth), Pit Banksman (Clasby), Chelsea Pensioner (Mannon) and two listed withouit occupations (Fox, Ransom). There also was one family (Kennedy) who had a 7 year old scholar born in Ireland while the parents and siblings were born in Scotland, Lincolnshire, Leeds and at sea (Africa). Three young scholars (Joy Family) were also born in Ireland (parents and other siblings born in Leeds).