A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 33-44 in the 1871 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 71 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and the Leeds Workhouse in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in at least 5 separate sections (1-10, 11-21, 22-32, 33-44, 45-56, and 57-70 with the Cavalry Barracks, School for Pauper Children and Workhouse) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 33-44 of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1871 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The Largest concentration of Irish born in District 33 were living on St. Anne's lane, followed by Quarry Hill, Johnson's Square and Charles Street with a few scattered on Skelton's Yard and St Peter's Street. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given. The vast majority of Irish were employed as Laborers (Balan, Brannan, Cannon, Clynes, Donelan, Dunn, Ferran, Finnell, Higgins, Holmes, Kelly, Lyons, MacDonald, McCann, McCone, McDonnell, Maheney, Midgley, Murphy, Neile, O'Leary, Sullivan, Tarpey, Walsh, White), Farm Laborers (Boyne, McAndrew), Farmer (McAndrew), Brick Layer (Boyne), Brick Layer's Laborer (Girty, Hanratty), Tanner's Laborer (Gorman), Stone Quarry Laborer (Flannigan), unemployed Laborer (Malony) Sewage Laborer (Clark) and Quarryman (Walsh). Many were employed in the Textile Industry: Flax Dresser (Boyne x2), Flax Mill Hand (Clark, McLene), Factory Hand (Machan), Mill Hand (Neile), Cloth Dresser (Balon, Clark, James, McAndrew, Murray, Nicholson, Quinn, Sullivan), Tailor/Journeyman (Dowd), Dressmaker (Carney, Farrall), Shoemaker (Fagan, McAndrew), Tailor/Clothier (Marnick) and an unemployed Weaver (Carty). The remainder were employed as Puddler (Butler), Currier (macentyre), Cork Cutter (Grant), Chip Dealer (Feeney, Marnick), Cook (Keating), Groom/Domestic Servant (Milton), Night Sale Man (Machan), Errand Boy (Machan), Machinist (Murray) and 35 listed without occupations (Balan, Bertley, Boyne, Brannan, Burns, Butler, Cannon, Clynes, Dunn, Flannigan, Gorman, Griffin, Hanratty, Harsfall, Higgins, Holmes, MacDonald, McAndrew, McCone, Machan, Mafsey, Maheney, Marsh, Mullingar, Murphy, Murray, O'Donnell, Oleary, Proctor, Quinn, Rycroft, Stanton, Sullivan, White).

District 34 has a large Irish population with the largest numbers residing on Lee's Square, Marsh Lane and Court, York Street and the York Street Lodging House, Dufton's Yard, Brussels Street and Ball Yard with scattered numbers on Little Off Street, Helen Court, Back Lane, the Lodging House on Dyson's Yard, Brick Street, Brick Street Star's Inn, Brick Street Copper Arms Beer House, Compton's Yard, Harrison's Building, Marsh Lane Dysons' Yard, Dyson's Yard, Strickland Street and Red Bear Yard. Sarah Leigh (41, Mill Hand) hailed from Belfast, Ireland (husband James 40, dyer from Huddersfield, grand daughter Ann Parsons 7 from Warwickshire Birmingham, grand daughter Ann Tennent 7 from Leeds). Elizabeth Bradberry (56, Hawker) hailed from Dublin, Ireland. The vast majority of Irish were employed as laborers (Burns, Callen, Carden, Cawley, Collins, Connell x2 from 2 different families, Connolley, Conroy, Corcoran x2 from 2 different families, Cox, Curly, Dean, Doherty x2, Donker, Dowling, Egan, Farrell x2 from 2 different families, Fee, Finn, Fitzpatrick, Flanery, Flynn, Fulty, Gallagher, Gaughan, Gill, Herrity, Kenagan, Kerns, Kilmartin, McAndrew, McDonnell x2 from 2 different families, McDermid, McDonah, McGinnis, McGowan, McGuire, McHale x2 from 2 different families, MCNulty, Maley, Martin x2, Murray, O' Malia, Quigley, Sheeren, Stanton, Thompson, Walsh x 2 from 2 different families, Ward, Welsh x2 from 2 different families). Other Laboring occupations held by the Irish included: Bricklayer (Patterson), Brickmaker (McGowan), Farm Laborer (Cosgrove, Early, Kelly), Warehouse Employee (Fee), Railway Porter (Walker), Laborer Iron Works (Flynn, McAndrew), Laborer Flax Mill (Farrell), Forge Laborer (Conway), Cattle Drover (Troy), Mill Hand (Callen, Doherty x3 from 2 different families, Farrell, Flynn x2, Hart, Hickerty, Kelley, Kenny Knight, Lanigan, Leonard x2 from 2 different families, Mauley, McDonell, McGinnis, McGuire, McHale, McSarky, Nallon, Rodgers, Sullivan, Sunlin, Thompson, Toohel), Chip Hawker (Ryne), Hawker (Baxter, Bergin, Carroll, Cox, Farrell, Fee, Jennings, Johnson, Kelly, Kilkenny, Mauley, Mills, Murray x3, McGoeran, McGuire x2, Mican, Sherdon, Sherlin, Smith, Thompson, Walsh), Servant (Corcoran, Gallagher, McKeon, O'Neal, Smith, Timblin, Walsh), Painter (morgan), Rag Sorter (Corcoran, McAndrew), Rag Dealer (Egan, Hefferson), Housekeeper (Connor, Fenton, Flinn, Scott), Charwoman (McNamara), Brewer, (Gorgell). The remainder were employed as Cloth Dresser (Atkinson, Brahen, Doherty, Fee, Ginnelly, Kelly, McGuire, McHale x2, Nolan, O'Maley, Sunlin), Tailor (Terran, Walker), Dressmaker (Tafe), Boot Fitter (Fenton), Boot Finisher (Fenton), Shoemaker (Dowling, Fenton, Gannon, Keegan, McCabe, McKeles, McLoughlin, Murray), Joiner (Conolley), Police Officer (Maley), Mechanic (Walsh), Engine Driver (Lynch), Cooper (Connor), Lodging Housekeeper (Branigan, Devanny, Hickman), Bookbinder (Finch), Furniture Dealer (Coonan), Cutler (Ward), Chairmaker (Cunningham, Logan), Currier (Corcoran), Pauper (Kennedy), Pension 29th Foot Infantry (McHale), and 77 listed without occupations (Appleyard, Brahen, Burke, Burns, Callen, Carden, Collins, Connell x2 from 2 different families, Conolley, Conroy, Coonan, Corcoran x3 from 2 different families, Cunningham, Curly, Davis, Doherty x2 from 2 different families, Donker, Dyer, Early, Egan, Fee x2 from 2 different families, Farrell x4 from 3 different families, Fitzpatrick x2 from 2 different families, Flynn, Gallagher, Gaughan, Ginnelly, Hascroft, Hefferson, Hart, Herrity, Hopkins, Kelly, Kenagan, Kerns, Kilkenny, McAndrew, x2 from 2 different families, McCabe, McDonnell x3 from 3 different families, MCGarry, McGinnis x2 from 2 different families, McGowan x2 from 2 different families, McGuire, McHale x3 from 2 different families, McNulty, Maley x2 from 2 different families, Martin, Mican, O'Malia, O'Maley, O'Shaunesy, Ssstag, Stanton, Walker, Walsh x 3 from 3 different families, Welsh, White).

Most of the Irish-born in District 35 were living on York Court, York Street and Yard followed by Lumb Yard, Lumb Square, Marsh Lane, Helen Court, Back Lane, Purdy Court, Copley's yard and Copleys Yard Back Lane. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given for this district. Fourteen Irish immigrants were employed as Brick Layer's laborers (Baines, Brannan x 3 from 3 different families, Buck, Castelon, Churchfield, Clancy, Grady, Kelly x3 from 2 different families, Leonard, Muldoon) and there were five Mason's Laborers (Cohen, Fleming, Headlock, Hinch, McGorty). The remaining Irish-born were employed in the following occupations: Laborer (Griffin x2), Wood Yard Laborer (Hanlon), Brickmaker (Burns), Smith's Laborer (Martin), Foundry Laborer (Hughes, Nalon), Plaster's Laborer (Dowlin, Downs x2), Miner (Stewart), Carter (Durkin, O'Brien), Coal Leader (Rook), Painter (Galagher), Railway Porter (Maguire), Groom (Hanaghan), Figure Maker (Beady), Housekeeper (Bowan, Clarkson, Marren, Moran), Cabinet Maker (Brannan), Fish Salesman (Davis), Cloth Dresser (Long, Power, Scally), Machinist (Maguire), Hawker (Baines, Stanton), Mill Hand (Flanigan, Hanlon x4, Hughes, Fleming x3, Lyal), Flax Mill Laborer (Mackey x2), Factory Girl (Mackey x2), Flax Spinner (Gilmore), Cloth Reeler (Scally), Night Soil Man (Kennedy), Paper Stainer (Kennady x2), Shoemaker (Mulholland), Pedler (Parker), Gardener (Buck), Glazier (Cahalin, Flanigan, Gilmore), Clothes Dealer (Kilroy), Chelsea Pensioner (Goodman, McCord x2), Pensioner (Rooney), Rag Sorter (Hagerty), Manager of Wool (McAndrew) and 39 without occupations (Baines x2 from 2 different families, Brannan, Buck, Burns, Cahalin Catelow, Cheer, Churchfield, Durkin, Flanigan, Fleming, Galagher, Galaker, Gilmore, Grady, Griffin, Hanlon, Headlock, Hopwood, Kelly, Kennady, Kilroy, Kitchen, Leonard, Liddle, Long, McAndrew, McGarty, Muldoon, Mulhulland, Nalon, Noble, Rook, Smith, Stanton, Tomlinson, Welsh).

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 36 were living on Orange Street and Court and Row, distantly followed by Mason's Buildings, Stone Street, Lemon Street, Little Plane Street, Plane Street, Butler's Court, York Street and York Street Grocer's Shop. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. They held a diverse array of occupations with 22 Brick Layer's Laborers (Barnett, Burke x2 from 2 different families, Cassidy x2, Castelon, Conboy, Flannagan, Foley, Gaffney, Griffin, Hanley, Kenny, Lowry, McHale, Mulhaire, Mullan, Murdock, Murray, Nolan, Nowton, Smith, Welsh), 6 Laborers (Doherty, Grogan, Hopkins, Kelly, O'Brien, Roan), Laborer Iron Works (Hughes), Forge Laborer (Kelly), Forgeman (Noylan), Foundryman (Finn), Mason's Laborer (Gardner, Hope, McLaughlin, Ternlin), Stone Mason (Nelan), Farm Laborer (Carroll, Clark, Connell, Nolan, Sullivan), Former Ag Laborer (Gaffny), Charwoman (Wallan), Laundress (Sullivan), Former Laundress (McNally), Stoker (Stephenson), Housekeeper (Nolan), Sealer's Asst (Grogan), Domestic Servant (Corcoran), Clogger (Pursell), Engine Tenter (Dolan), Lock Porter (McNamara), Saw Mill Laborer (McDonnell), Brushmaker (Dolen), Coal Dealer (Morison), Glazier (Murphy), Store Dealer (Donnelly), Machine Fitter (Atkinson), Marine Store Dealer (McKin), Clerk (Cavanagh), Hawker (Carty, Dreelan, Kelly, Mickeng, Murphy), Licensed Hawker (Cavanagh, O'Ban), Lodging Housekeeper (Byrne, Jordan), School Master (Kelly), Glass Blower (Flannagan), Bookseller (Derrick), Chelsea Pensioner (Feeny), Parish Relief (Coyne, Fennar), Rag/Mungo Dealer (Murphy), Rag Merchant (Donnelly), Rag Sorter (Connell, Murphy), and Rag Warehouse Worker (Foley). The following Irish immigrants were unemployed (Atkinson, Barnett, Bird, Boull, Burke, Boyne, Carty, Clancy, Clancy, Clark, Conboy, Day, Derrick, Doherty, Donnelly x2 from 2 different families, Feeny, Flannagan, Gaffny, Gardner, Gilmore, Griffin, Grogan, Hanley, Henigan, Hopkins, Kelly x2 from 2 different families, Kenny, Lennaghan, McGarry, McGuire, McHale, McNamara, Moran, Morison, Mulhaire, Mullan, Newton, O'Brien, O'Can, Pursell, Rouke, Shirrett, Stevenson, Ternlin). The remainder were working in jobs associated with the Textile Industry such as Dyer (O'Can),Cloth Filler (Carty, King), Cloth Dresser (Dunleavy, Gilmore, Green, Hughes, Johnson, McCale, Moran, Morison, Murphy x2 from 2 different families, Rouke x2), Cloth Warehousewoman (Haley, Roan), Cloth Sorter (Cavanagh), Cloth Dealer (Hough), Cloth Porter (Dwyer), Cloth Weaver (Kelly), Mill Operative (Boyne, Welsh), Cloth Finisher (Goverty, Kelly, Mulhaire), Spinner (McDonnell), Flax Dresser (Downes), Flax Spinner (Murphy x4 from 2 different families, O'Brien, Powell x2 from 2 different families), Factory Hand (Wallan), Factory Operative (Green, McNield, Martin), Flock Sorter (Hope, Hughes), Millner (Lough), Flax Dresser (Downes), Reeler Flax Mill (Downes), Flax Dresser (Gaffny), Cotton Spinner (Cavanagh), Staymaker (Nolan), Mill Hand (Jordan, Kirby), Cloth Hawker (McGarey, O'Brien), Shoemaker (Gallagher), Hatter (O'Neil), Hat/Cap Manufacturer (McIntyre), Seamstress (McLaughlan, Rouke), Tailor (Bird, McGuire) and Tailoress (Byrne).

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 37 were living on Vienna Street, Patrick's Buildings and Plain Street, Buildings and Upper Plain Buildings. The remainder were scattered among Purdy Street, Winteringham Yard, Lowden Court, York Street, Blanchard's Court, Providence Yard, Hardwick Court, Ward's Court, High Street and Prospect Row. Place names of origin were given for many immigrants in this district with a fairly large number hailing from County Mayo, Ireland.

Hailing from County Mayo, Ireland: John Judge (70, widowed hawker) and daughter Catherine (25, unmarried Weaver), John Maran (30, Lab; daughter Ann 5 school girl born in Leeds), Jane McHale (60, widowed annuitant), John Carana (34, Boot Finisher; wife Mary 23 was from Queens, Ireland), Thomas Cox (42, widowed Lab; daughter Mary A, 15 born in Leeds), Thomas P Walsh (32, unmarried Tailor), Patrick Barrett (30, Cloth Finisher) and his wife Bridget 28 (sons John 7, Michel 5 and Patrick 2 born in Leeds), Bridget's father Patrick Corcoran (50) and his wife and Patrick Barrett's mother in law Wineford (50), Patrick Maden (40 Laborer) and his wife Catherine 31 (children Bridget 15 mill hand, Mary 13 scholar, Patrick 3, James 1 Leeds, Maggy 10, Ann 8 both scholars and John 6 from Knowborough, Yorkshire), Ellen McDonnelly (Patrick Maden's sister in Law, 37 unmarried Former Dressmaker), Anthony McDonel (38 Laborer) and his wife Ellen (33; while sons James 16 Laborer and Patrick 14 were from Howden Goull and Catherine 9, Ellen 5 and Thomas 1 were from Leeds), Patrick Welsh (40, Clother Dresser) and his wife Elizabeth (40; with sons Martin 5, Michael 3 from Leeds), Bridget Corcoran (25, widowed Dressmaker;daughter Mary 5 born in Leeds), John Dean (24 Dyer's Laborer) and his wife Catherine (19; daughter Mary 3 mos born in Leeds), Anthony Durkin (23 unmarried Dyer's Laborer), Michael Bolland (45, Laborer), his wife Cathrine 40 and daughter Bridget 8, George Hewlos (24, Laborer) and his wife Margret (23; while sons George 5, Martin 3 and James 1 hailed from Leeds). Robert Horan (29 yr old Patent Cloth Company) and his wife Mary A (36) hailed from Newport, Ireland (which could be in Mayo, Longford, Tipperary or Waterford) and their children Sarah A Lumb 12, Nannie Lumb 10, Henry 8, George 6 all hailed from Leeds, John Carana (34, Boot Finisher) while wife Mary 23 hailed from Queens County Ireland.

Hailing from County Roscommon, Ireland: Catherine Dunn (31; while husband Michael 35, Baker hailed from Gibralter, son John 15 baker, Mary 11, Margaret 7, Ellen 3, Thomas 2 and WInifred 1 month hailed from Leeds), Sarah Kibbit (70, Hawker), Mary Crane (65 from Kilkeran, County Roscommon) as did unmarried daughters Cathrine (37 Servant Cook), Winefred (28, Flax Warper) and Helen (26, Factory Hand), Thomas Kearns (30, Laborer) while wife Ann 26 mill hand and sons Henry 4, Thomas 3 hailed from Leeds), Patrick Kitcline (52, Coal Leader) and wife Mary (60, Shopkeeper), Michael Dalby (40 Plaster's Laborer) and his wife Ellen (30) while kids William 12, Ellen 5 and Michael 2 hailed from Leeds, Michael Rone (50 Plaster's Laborer) and his wife Julia (56) while kids William 18 Plasterer and Eliza 7 Scholar hailed from Leeds. William Brannan (29, Laborer) hailed from Meath, Ireland but wife Bridget (30) hailed from Arthlome, Ireland (this could be Athlone in either Roscommon or Westmeath, Ireland). Their kids James 11 and Mary 1 were born in Leeds.

Hailing From County Galway, Ireland: Michel Kelly (35, Cloth Dresser) and his wife Mary 26 (children Patrick 2 and Mary 8 months were born in Leeds), John Collins (30 Gardener) and his wife Helen (28) while daughter Mary 5 was born in Leeds, John Flynn (52, Glazier was bornin Templeton, Galway) and wife Mary 50 in Mount Bellows?, Galway; kids Catherine 22 school mistress, Jane 9 and Thos 7 Scholars born in Leeds, John Hopkinson (50, Laborer) and son Patrick 30 Laborer.

Hailing from County Leitrim, Ireland: Mary Clegg (30, Dressmaker from Kilagra, Leitrim) while husband Michael (50, Pensioner Laborer) and sons John 4, Mary 3 hailed from Hightown Yorkshire, John Chaney (36 Printer; wife Catherine 35 was born in Leeds), John MGutey (40, Laborer) and his wife Bridgit (35; all kids Mary 16, Catherine 14, James 11, Anne 9, Margret 6, John 4 born in Leeds, John Foley (28, Dyer) and his wife Margaret (27; son Michael 1 month born in Leeds), Patrick O'Brien (36, Laborer) was bornin Drumkeerin, County Leitrim (wife Bridget 28 in City Tougher?, Ireland), their sons Patrick 10, Mary 6 in Cototinbrig Scotland, Bertrand 5, Ann 2, Bridget 3 mos born in Leeds and Mary Ward (60 unmarried Warehousewoman).

Hailing from County Tipperary, Ireland: Andrew Irwin (60 Cloth Weaver), Andrew Cunningham (36 Tanner) and his wife Ann (29; children Margret 9, Martin 6, Peter 4 born in Leeds), Ellen McCormack (50 unmarried Flax Cloth Spinner; son William 11 Cloth Mill and Frederick 4 born in Leeds), James Landers (35, laborer) and his wife Ann (30; son Stephen 2 born in Leeds, Mary Reynolds (43 Charwoman); while daughter Mary 13, Servant was born in Rotheram, Yorkshire and Julia 7 and son Fermis 3 were born in Leeds Bank?

Hailing from Dublin were Sarah Brown (65, Hawker of Small Wares), Ellen Taylor (57) and John Cooper (45 Franaller?); his wife Maria 48 was born in Sumersetshire Bath, sons John 13 and James A 11 paper Stainers, Alfred 9 and Jane A 1 were born in Leeds. Edward Tozzard (35 Master Boiler Maker) hailed from Coventry Longford (wife Elizabeth 34, Niece Catherine 18 factory hand, Anne E grandchild were born in Leeds. Jame mDurmott (32 Laborer Iron Works) hailed from Longford as well (wife Mary 34 from Mullingar, Ireland). Charles O'Brien (30 laborer Foundry) and wife Mary (27) werefrom Kilkenny, Ireland; son James 6 was born in Leeds and Elizabeth 10 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. John Moore (55 Laborer Glass Works) hailed from Castledamont Kildare, Ireland and his wife Catherine (57) was from Potterseye, Kildare (son Edward 11 from Leeds, Horton, Yorkshire. Charles Hart (46 Tailor) was born in Kings County, Ireland (wife Mary 34 in Queens County, Ireland). Bridget Garrity (64, Rag Warehouse) was from Tullamore Kings County, Ireland as was Tanny Vildan (34 Rag Warehouse; son Thomas 1 month was born in Leeds). James Hyland (60) and his wife Noreh (61) hailed from Queens County Ireland (Kate 12 born in Leeds). William Kennedy (36 Cloth Dresser) hailed from Monegall?, Ireland (while wife Elizabeth 31, John 9, Sarah 5, Mary 3 all hailed from Leeds. Brother in Law James Jaques 16 was a Coal Miner born in Leeds.

The remaining Irish-born in District 37 were employed in the following occupations: Laborer (Farrell, Flanagan x 3 from 3 different families, Hart, Lowery x2, McLain, Mclean, MaCarty, Magoty), Hawker Small Wares (Johnson), Hawker of Mussels (Buckley, Mcgan), Gas Maker (Dunn), Works Match Mill (Flanagan x2), Brick Layer's laborer (Calligan), Floor Cleaner (Mulrey), Glazier (Foley), Tack Maker (Haney), Charwoman (MaCarty, Magoty, Laborer and Fruit Keeper (Lyons), Gas Laborer (Jackson), Retired Smith (Burk), Mill Hand (Crofton x2, Lowery), Brick Layer (Gordan), Cloth Dresser (Gready, McDonald, Mulroy), Cloth Sorter (Horen), out of work mill hand (Duncan), Laundress (Duncan), Shoemaker (Thronton x2), Shoe Binder (Turner) and 21 listed without occupations (Buckley, Burk, Calligan, Crofton, Cunningham x2, Dunn, Farrell, Flanagan x4 from 3 different families, Foley, Hart, Lowery, Lyons, McDonald, McLain, Morton, O'Boyle, Wright.

There were only two families with Irish-born immigrants in District 38 and they both lived on Quarry Hill: Felix Dougherty (74 Umbrella Maker) and his wife Bridget (62 cloth sorter Warehouse) who hailed from County Mayo, Ireland and Edward Francis Peel (40, Sawyer in Engine Shop) who hailed from County Cork, Ireland (his wife Mary 40, kids Robert E 14, Alfred Frank 9, Rebecca F 7, and Thomas Scott 4 all hailed from Leeds).

The Irish-born in District 39 were living on Vienna Street, Giles Street, Giles Street, Cross Ebenezer Street and Carver Street. Place names in Ireland were given for all but Higgins Family (one a leather currier and one unemployed), the Newcombe Family (1 Boilermaker and 1 unemployed) and the Dawsey Family (1 leather currier and 1 unemployed).

Immigrants born in County Mayo included: John Henry (36 Plasterer's laborer; his wife Margaret 33 was born in Westmeath, Ireland, kids Mary Ann 7, Elizabeth 5, Harry 2 and Catherine 7 months hailed from Leeds and sister in law Mary McGuinnes 27 hailed from Westmeath, Ireland), Bridget madden (66 Housekeeper) and his son James (28 Woolen Cloth Dresser), Michael Logon (26 nail maker), Michael McDonnell (26 Laborer) and his wife Catherine (22 Cloth Warehouse; with daughter Catherine 8 mos born in Leeds, Thomas Higgins (20 Woolen Cloth Dresser) and his wife margaret (22 Silk Weaver), Bernard Hopkins (27 Laborer) and his wfei Annie (27; with son Martin 3 mos born in Leeds, Thomas Foley (60 Laborer on Parish), his wife Catherine (60), sons Patrick 30, Stephen 26 (Plasterers Laborers), Selina Gallagher (48; while son John 26 Lab Matchmaker, daughters Catherine 17 Flax Spinner and Monie 6 were born in Leeds), James Higgins (29 Coal Dealer) while wife Margaret (30 and kids James 4, Catherine 4 mos were born in Leeds), John Kilbride (37 Brick Maker) while his wife Roseann (38) was born in Cavan Ireland (Margaret 16 Flax Carder and Mary 11 were both born in Wigan, Lancashire, Joseph 7 in Durham Thornley), Ann Douthan (40) and daughter Mary (24 Cloth Stover) were born in Ballegarry, Ireland (likely Ballygarry in Mayo) and children John 19, Michael 17 Cloth Dressers, Ann 15 Flax Spinner and James 12 were born in Leeds.

Hailing from County Roscommon were Michael Griffin (50 widowed Tailor), Charles McGlynn (80 widowed Coal Dealer) and Patarick McGlynn (30 Laborer), Ellen Callaghan (54) while husband Michael (52 Laborer) was born in Sligo, Ireland (children Kate 15 Flax Reeler, Michael 12 paralyzed, John 10, Mary E 4 were born in Leeds), Michael Nolan (29 Brick Layers Laborer) and his son John 2; while wife Maria (23) was born in Luddington Yorkshire, Martin Hughes (28 Laborer) and his wife Mary (28; with daughtr Mary Ann 10 mos born in Leeds), Bridget Casey (26 H Maid), her sister Bridget (26) and brother John (18, Laborer), Thomas McGlaughan (48 Brick Layer's laborer) and his wife Mary (42) while children John 20 and Thomas 18 (Woolen Cloth Dressers) and Margaret Flax Threader, Catherine 10, Elizabeth 7 and Mary 5 were born in Leeds. Patrick Gannon (31 Cordwainer) was born in Sligo, Ireland while wife Bridget, kids Mary Ann 8, James 3 and John 2 mos were born in Leeds.

Those with Kings County origins: George Moran (31 Tanner) was born in Kings County, Ireland (wife Margaret 26 in Co? Ireland and Joseph 5 Leeds). Patrick Slattery (38 Laborer) and his wife Mary (40; while children Margaret 14 Flax Doffer, Ellen 11, Thomas 9, Sarah 3 and James 5 mos were born in Leeds). Hailing from Queen's County were: John Russell (38 Laborer; with wife Phoebe 40 from County Clare and Catherine 3 from Leeds), James Marr (56 Gas Works Laborer) and wife Mary (71; with son James 24 Woolen Cloth Dresser born in Leeds), John Carnady (30, Laborer) and wife Ellen (28; with children Ellen 5, Catherine 3 and James 1 born in Leeds). James Hickey (33 Shoemaker) and his wife Bridget (34 Flax Mill Hand) were born in County Clare while children Catherine 14 Flax Mill Hand and James 14 were born in Leeds. Ann Whitaker (60 Cloth Warehouse) and widowed son in law Michael Byrne (24 Laborer) hailed from Kilkenny, Ireland (Grand daughter Mary Ann Byrne 5 from Leeds). Patrick Rock (50 Coal Leader) and his wife Mary (50) hailed from Cavan, Ireland (son Terance 27, Laborer) was born in Leitrim, Ireland. Joseph Woods (30 in Navy) was also born in Cavan, Ireland. Elizabeth O'Toole (60 widow) was born in Tipperary, Ireland (daughters Elizabeth (30 Cloth Dyer) and Mary (32 Servant) were born in Leeds. John Cararol (60 Laborer), his son William (27 Dyer) and daughter Mary (20 Flax Spinner) were also born in Tipperary. John Waters (58 Shoemaker) and his wife Ann (40) were born in Waterford (son in law Martin Dumply 23 Coal Miner , Daughter in law Margaret Dumply 20 Flax Spinner, Daughter in law Mary Dumply 17 Flax Spinner, Son in Law William 13, and Daniel 11 were born in Leeds. Eliza Gambles (40 Former Sire? Spreader) was born in Wicklow, Ireland (kids Mary Ann 14 and Helen 11 Flax Doffers, Margaret 9, Elizabeth 7, Theresa 4 and George 2 were born in Leeds). Patrick Reid (29 Laborer) was born in Derry, Ireland (wife Bridget 30 was born in Leitrim (son Thomas 2 was born in Leeds). Edward Schofield (30 Pot Hawker) was born in Newry, Ireland (wife Mary 30 in Galway, Ireland).

The Irish-born in District 40 were living on Hounds Court, Hound Street, Lemon Street, Charles Street, Dalbys Yard, Woods Yard, Cross High Street and Fox Street. The following residents hailed from Dublin, Ireland: Charles Connell (37 Leather Dresser; whose wife Elizabeth 25 Tailoress hailed from Masham, Yorkshire and Daughter Jane a13 and Polly 6 from Leeds), Thomas Freeman (42 Dyer) and his wife Ann (36; children RIchard 17 Dyer, Alice 15 Mill Hand, John 13 Collier, Mary Ann 11, Dinas? son 9, Emma 6 and Ada 4 born in Leeds) and Anthony Coyle (36 Flax Dresser) hailed from Rathfornan County Dublin, Ireland; wife Mary 32 Leeds, children Mary 10, Ellen 7 in Hulbert Leeds , Miles 5, Martha 3 in Leeds. Thomas Dunn (44 Shoemaker), wife Mary (42) and daughter Jane (20 Machinist) hailed from County Down, Ireland (kids Susan 16 Machinist, Thomas 12, John Joseph 7 from Leeds). Christopher Foster (46 Puddler) hailed from County Monaghan, Ireland (wife Franny 41, daughter Mary Anne 7 Leeds, Daughters Hannah 13, Sarah Jane 11 Newcastle on Tyne). Ellen Cuddy (68 Weaver) hailed from Queen's County, Ireland (sons John 43 Fitter, James 37 Engine Fitter) were born in Leeds). Mary Smith (55) was born in Athlone, Ireland (husband Charles 70 Hawker born in Hessleman Hull, kids Mary 20 Sewing Machine Hand, THomas 14 Collier in Leeds). Atholone is likely in either Westmeath or Roscommon, Ireland. Thomas Hickey (40 Excavator) hailed from Thurles County Tipperary, Ireland, wife Hannah 27 was also born in Tipperary. John McDermott (30 Tailor) and his wife Catherine (26) were born in County Leitrim, Ireland (son Thomas 4 in Leeds). The remaining Irish-born were employed as Laborers (Carl, Snee), Shoemaker (Keeley), Tailoress (Clarkson), Foundry Laborer (Collins), Mechanic (McHale), Bricklayer's Laborer (Cunningham), Cloth Clipper (Snee), Forgeman (Judge), Cloth Sorter (Gilligan) and 5 without occupations (Cunningham, Hammond, Judge and Tinlan).

The largest number of Irish-born in District 41 were living in Allison's Buildings and Yard, Quarry Hill, Boynton Street and Charles Street (some in private houses) followed by scattered immigrants on Baxter's Yard, Randall's Yard, Bake House Yard, Hound Street and Globe Passage Private Houses.

The following immigrants in District 41 hailed from Mayo, Ireland: Bartholomeus McGarty (29 Lab) from Crossmolina (wife Catherine 26 Warehouse Warper) hailed brom Balicastle, Ireland; sons John and Hugh 7 from Leeds). Mother Elizabeth Pelly (56 mangle keeper) was from Kilpine, Ireland and cousin Anthony Quin (22) was from Kilkem, Ireland). Thomas Hunt (46 Brick Layers lab) whose wife Alice (40) and son John (20 licensed dealer) were born in Ireland (kids Mary 18 mill hand, Dan 15, Thomas 6, James 3 born in Leeds). James Coyne (30 Quarry Man). Edward McCoy (45 Cloth Dresser), his wife Mary (40 Housekeeper), sons Edward (19 Cloth Dresser), Thomas (14 Cloth Dresser) and Martin (9), daughter Bridget (16 Factory Hand) and grandson Jame Kilkenny (2) was born in Leeds. James Brennan (30 Quarry Man) and his wife Bridget (26; while kids John 5, Annie 2, Mary 2 were born in Leeds). Bridget Connors (60) and her daughters Catherine (16) and Bridget (16) both Flax Dressers were also born in Mayo.

Thomas Gorman (25 Bricklayers Lab) was born in Rochdale Lancashire but his father Edward (51 brick Layers Lab) was born in Roscommon, Ireland (brother John 19 was a Hawker and Sister Mary 27 a Housekeeper both from Rochdale. Elizabeth Barclay (75 Shopkeeper ) hailed from Sligo, Ireland as did Harriet Berry (33 Laborer) whose husband Michael was a 34 yr old laborer from Ireland. John Armstrong (17 Lab) was from Limerick, Ireland. Margaret Brown (24 Servant Charwoman) was from Dublin, Ireland as was John Dolan (47 Rope maker) and Patrick Murphy (30 Lab; while wife Maria 28 was from Ireland, kids Michael 6, Ann 4, Edward 2, Catherine 1 hailed from Leeds). David Crann (50 Lab) was also from Dublin. Eliza Woodhouse (52) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland (Eliza 30 Cloth Weaver from Malonsbury, Wiltshire, James 17 Cloth Finisher and grandson Frank Masternan 2 from Leeds) as was William A Dooley (33 Stone Mason Lab) and John Burn (35 Brick Layers' Laborer), his wife Catherine (30, Mary 14 Mathmaker, Ellen 13, Matchmaker, James 10, who were all from Sandyford (likely Kilkenny). Their son John (6) was born in Rathmore (there are Rathmores in Kilkenny as well as 17 other counties in Ireland). Aughnes Hunt (26 Laundry Maid) was born in Templemore, Ireland (likely Tipperary). Peter Riley (50 Contractors Lab) was born in Meath, Ireland while his wife Ann (40) was born in Cork. Joseph Shaw (38 Miner) was born in Harren, Ireland, wife Susanah Mill Hand in Ireland, son Albert 13 miner was born in Leeds.

The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Laborers (Boland, Brady, Brown, Cain, Carrol, Corcoran, Costelan, Dolan, Duffy, Flanagan, Hall, Holiday, Kenny, Lyons x2 from 2 different families, Lynch, Marley, McDonnell, Morrie, Morris, Nolan, Teaney, Veasey), Laborer Iron Works (McGrath), Brick Yard laborer (Rider), Brick Layers Laborer (Bones, Hart, Hughes, Noon, O'Boyle, McDermot), Farm Laborer (Burke, Grogan, McHeugh), Retired Farm Laborer (Burke), Market Laborer (McCall), Gardener (Ford, Higgins x2 from 2 different families), Mason's Laborer (Hobin x2, Thornton), Gas Laborer (Farrell, Morrison), Coal Miner (McHeugh), Tanner (Hughes, Knight, O'Boyle), Coal Filler (Kelly), Dyer (McGrath), Dyer's Lab (Griffin, Trodden), Contractor's laborer (Heally x2), Housekeeper (Batty, Cain, Clancey, Harrison, McDermot, Moran), Quarryman (Flatley x2, Lyons), Stone Getter (Higgins), Hawker (Callighan x3, Doherty), Warehouse woman (Clancey, Flanagan, Lyons), Cart Driver (mcNeale), Factory Hand (Cain), Mill Hand (Clancey), Cloth Sorter (Burke, McDonnell), Cloth Dresser (Cain, Clancey, Corcoran x3, Loftus, Lyons, McDonald x2, McHugh, Maxwell, Quin), Flax Dresser (Duffy x2, Hamilton, McHeugh), Cloth Finisher (Brown), Cloth Miller (McGrath x3), Cloth Cutter (Doherty), Flax Spinner (Bones, Brown, Clark, Lyons, McDOnald x3, Murdoc), Spinner ( O'Donnel), Fettler Woolen Trade (Fitzpatrick), Silk Mender (Moore), Weaver (Cunningham, Flynn, Nisset, Maxwell), Cooper (Brady), Nurse (McLoughlin), Paper Stainer (McDonald), Mechanic (O'Donnell), Marine Store Laborer (Brown), Licensed Dealer (Hunt), Charwoman (Alder, Clark, Gamble), Glazier (Flinn, McManus), Dressmaker (Carrol, McHale), Tailoress (Cartain), Matchmaker (Lyons), Carpenter (Gamble), Modler Wax Flowers (Maspole), Sewing Machinist (Donovan), Errand Boy (O'Boyle), Rag Sorter (Doyle, Murphy), Pedlar (Magan), Shoe Binder (Thornton), SHoemaker (Brady, Culcon, Donovan, Heelan, Knight, Nisset), Domestic (Hall) and the following without occupations (Bones, Brown x2 from 2 different families, Cain, Clark, Corcoran x2 from 2 different families, Culcon, Dolan, Farrell x2 from 2 different families, Flatley, Flinn, Gamble, Hamilton, Hart, Heall, Higgins, Holiday, Hughes, Hunt, Lynch, Lyons x2 from 2 different families, McHale, McDonald, McGrath, McHeugh, McLoughlin x2, Maxwell, Moran, Morrison, Murphy, Noon, O'Boyle, O'Donnell x2, Rider, Veasey, Watson, Weaver, Wilcock).

The only Irish-born living in District 42 were living on Mabgate and included one immigratn from Dublin, one from Meath and one couple from Tipperary Ireland. Ellen Farrall (51) hailed from Dublin (husband George 50 Pork Butcher from Gomersal, Yorkshire and niece Sarah A Ambler 17 Domestic Servant from Leeds). Bridget McNulty (35 Rag Mill Hand) hailed from Meath, Ireland (husband Michael 36 laborer Bricklayer from Bradford, Yorkshire, Margaret 14 Labor Mill Hand, Catherine 10, mary Ann 4 scholars from Leeds). John Barker (74 former fishmonger) and wife Catherine (54) hailed from Tipperary while children William (28 House Painter), James (26 Bread Baker), daughter in law Ellen (26 Warper), John (grand son 19 House painter) and Hannah (grand daughter 5) were born in leeds.

Most of the Irish-born in District 43 were living on Tunstall Fold and Clerkson's Yard followed by Quarry Hill and St Mary's Street. There were no place names of origin given in Ireland. They were employed in the following occupations: Laborers (Connor, Fagan, Farrell, Flynn, Gibbons, Keating, Kilkenny, McGrail, Moran, OBoyle, Partle), Quarryman (Flatley), Hackler (Wells), Painter (Dry), Brushmaker (Sinnott), Hawker (Magovern, Towers), Block Cutter (Hamilton), Woolen Cloth Weaver (Hamilton), Leather Splitter (Smith), Cloth Finisher (Corcoran), Blacksmith (Marr), Cloth Dresser (Glancey, Higgins, Meenan), Weaver (Dunn, McCarthy), Flax Dresser (Cairns, Keating, McCanister), Capmaker (Simpson) and 9 listed without occupations (Dunn, Farrell, Flatley, Gibbons, Herron, Kelly, Moran, O'Boyle Partle).

The Irish-born in District 44 were living on St Mary's Street, New Church Street, Wards Fold and Middle Fold. Sarah Buckley (29) hailed From Castlerea, Ireland (could be County Longford, Kings, Mayo or Roscommon). Her husband John (34 Cloth Dresser) hailed from Liverpool and children Patrick 11, Mary A 9, Margaret 2 and Sarah E 1 from Leeds. The following hailed from Dublin, Ireland: William Hy Benson (27, Watchwoman) was born in Leeds as was his wife Mary (26) but their son William A 3 was born in Dublin. John Legg (60 Cloth Weaver) and his wife Mary A (50; while son George 20 a Joiner was born in Leeds), John Dry (40 Cloth Dresser; while wife Ellen 38 Hawker, children Mary A 17 Flax Dresser, Richard 15 Cloth Dresser, Theresa 12, John 8, William 6, Stephan 4, Thomas 2 was born in Leeds), James Carton (72 Army Pensioner) while wife Ann 81 was born in Birr, Ireland and Winifred Marsh (29 Monthly Nurse) was also born in Dublin. Charles C Graham (29 Boot Finisher) was born in Wigton Scotland while wife Martha (21) was born in Comoling, Ireland. Robinson Hird (27 Eccle pin Grinder) was born in Shipley, Yorkshire while wife Elizabeth (28) was born in Harclair, Ireland. Maria Midgley (40 Mat Maker) was born in Tulamore, Ireland (likely Clare, Kerry or Tipperary). Mary Heaton (36 Boot Binder) was born in Westmeath, Ireland while son Thomas 12 Boot Finisher, Mary 3 5 and Joseph 3 Scholars were born in Leeds. The remaining Irish were employed as a Cloth Dresser (Duffy), Cut Pension Chelsea Hospital (Quane) and 2 without occupations (Duffy, Hamilton).