A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 22-32 in the 1871 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 71 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and the Leeds Workhouse in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in at least 5 separate sections (1-10, 11-21, 22-32, 33-44, 45-56, and 57-70 with the Cavalry Barracks, School for Pauper Children and Workhouse) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 22-32 of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1871 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The Irish in District 22 were living on Imperial Street, Byron Street, Myrtle Street, North Street, Darley Street and Concord Street. John Kinnia (32, Servant) was born in Kings County, Ireland. Edward Synan (31, Stone Mason) was born in Corne, Cork, Ireland while his wife Rose Ann (29, Linen Warper) was born in Leeds. Joseph Delaney (33, Bootmaker) was born in Dublin, Ireland while his wife Alice (31) was born in St Andron, Ireland. Their daughter Mary Ellen (9) was born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England and daughters Eliza Kate (5) and Alice (3) were born in St Lawrence, Cheshire, England. Margaret Howe (36) was born in Belfast, Ireland (husband John, 37, Cordwainer, was born in Cumberland, Carlisle, England as was daughter Mary Ann 3 and Elizabeth 10 mos; daughter Margaret, 10, was born in Cumberland Whitehaven). Thomas Downs (66, Cooper) was born in Killallow, Westmeath, Ireland, his wife Catherine (53) in Ballyharley, Westmeath, Ireland and son John (25, Clerk) in Dublin, Ireland. The remaining Irish immigrants were employed as Tailors (Camblin, McDonald), Servant (Kinnia), Brick Layer's Laborer (Morley) and two without occupations (Carrack, Shepherd).

The Irish in District 23 were spread out among St Lukes Street, Brown's Yard and Square, Stamford Street, Providence Building Cross Stamford Street, Skinner's Lane Plaster's Arms, North Street, Sheepscar Place and Roger's Place. Placenames in Ireland were given for several Irish immigrants including: Margaret Ambler (21) who was born in Balinslow, Galway, Ireland (husband Tom 43, Grocer's Asst born in Wakefield, son Samuel 18 and Eva 11, Lilly 10 and Edwin 8 all born in Leeds). Laurence O'Brion 58, Staymaker, was born in Balansloe, Ireland (wife Sarah 62 was born in Leeds). Susan Gowen (15, Domestic Servant) was born in County Leitrim, Ireland. Eliz'th Martha Waver Dobson (28) was born in Cork, Ireland (husband William Elias 32, Professor of Music, son James 6 and Robert 16 were born in Wakefield). Ellen Maria Manhal 21 was born in Cork, Ireland (husband Thos Joseph Whitley, 22, cook and Confectioner and son John 2 weeks were born in Leeds). William Simmons 35, Shoemaker was born in Clare, Ireland. Samuel Donley 46, Cordwainer was born in Sturts Town Ireland. Thomas Hill 50, Staff for West Y. Militia was born in Westmeath, Ireland while his wife Annie 54 was born in Darry, Ireland (daughter Emily 12 born in Punjab, East India). Joseph Mager 28, Wire Merchant Porter was born in Blackrock, Dublin Ireland (wife Elmona 23 in Metham Yorkshire and daughter Mary Liley 4 mos in Leeds). John Mager (21, brother of Joseph, Wire Merchant Porter), was also born in Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland. The remainder of the Irish in this district were employed as the following: Coal Dealer (Riley), Asst (Gray), Police Officer (Fleming), Billiard Marker (Johnson), Former Laundress (Graham), Dressmaker (Graham) and one without occupation (Roberts).

The Irish in District 24 were living on Stamford and Whitelock Streets. There were no placenames of origin given. They were employed in 5 different occupations: Tallow Chandler (Morfitt), Railway Clerk (Spencer), Bible Reader (Sparling), Tailor (Sparling), Housekeeper (Sparling) and two were listed without occupations (O'Neal, Woodhouse).

The Irish in District 25 were living on Shore's Yard, Wilson's Yard, Duke Street, Smither's Yard, Scale's Yard and Marsh Lane. Joseph Conway (57, Oyster Hawker) was born in Wicklow, Ireland while his wife Margret (58) was born in Limerick, Ireland (son John 28, Oyster hawker was born in Leeds; niece Margret Adams 6 in Woodhouse, Yorkshire). Francis Torr (60, Wine Worker) was born in Derry, Ireland while wife Catherine (46) was born in Mayo, Ireland (daughter Voilet 9 was born in Leeds). Michael Dooley (43, Flax Dresser) was born in Waterford, Ireland (wife Margret 41, children James 14, Ann 9, Martha 4 were born in Leeds). William Bollard (65, Laborer Rag Warehouse) and his wife Bridget 47, were born in Westmeath, Ireland. Finally, John Murphy (42, Cloth Dresser) was born in Sligo, Ireland (wife Rebecca 40 in Kendal and daughters Mary 10 and Helen 7 were born in Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Oyster Hawker (Flynn), Policeman/Furnishings Broker (Hales), Laborer in Brick Yard (Meggen), Rag Cleaner (Commerford), Laborer in Gas Works (Fawkin), Laborer in Flax Mill (Malia) and three were listed without occupations (Meggen, Fawkin and Malia).

The largest concentration of Irish born in District 26 were living on Off Street and Dunn's Yard or in one of the Dunn's Yard Lodging Houses. The remainder were living on Phillip's Yard, Brick Street, Goulden's Yard, Graham's yard, Marsh Lane, Risingham's Yard, Duke Street and Walkinson's Yard. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given. They were employed in the following occupations: Laborers (Bolland, Bowles, Callaghan, Cox, Devine, Ferguson, Hanley, Joyce, McDonald, Monley, Twigley, Walder), Brick Layer's Laborers (Byron, Cavell, Connell, Dowker, Fianaghan, Galligher, Gordon, Kelly, Kinaca, Kival, Lee x2 different families, McDonald, Nolan, Oneil, Smith, Towel, Welsh), Railway Laborer (King x2, Monican), Navie (Glanigan, McRalle), Railway Porter (Hale, Russell), Excavator (Tigue), Laborer in Tan Yard (Brady), Iron Moulder (Cerrion), Laborer Iron Works (McDonald), Farm Laborer (Oneil), Forge Laborer (Leonard), Leather Cutter (Connolly), Joiner (smith), Engine Fitter (Mather), Cart Driver (Mitchell, Murray), Paper Factory Hand (Monican), Factory Hand (Monican x4), Laborer Flax Mill (Coley), Traveling Glazier (Fallen, Kilroy), Traveling Locksmith (Whalen), Charwoman (Connor, Cormar, Elms,Quininlin), Former Laundress (Langan), Green Grocer (Daley, McArdle), Painter (Traynor), Army Pensioner (Whalan), Army Pensioner and Laborer (McNamara), Lodging Housekeeper (Hallay, McDonald, Smith), Yarn reeler (Flanaghan), Domestic Servant (Finnigan, McDonald), General Servant (Murray), Shoemaker (Carroll, Warren), Tailoress (Warren), Dressmaker (Cerrin), Cloth Sorter (Kinaca, Lynch, McRalle, Nallen) Cloth Dresser (Coolican, Murray,Purcell), Cloth Finisher (Hegarty), Cotton Spinner (Mather), Weaver (Baildon), Flax Spinner (Glanigan, Laughney), Keeps a Mangle? (McAndrew), Licensed Hawker (Byron), Salt Hawker (Cain), Hawker of Spectacles (Makey), Hawker (Miller x2, Mullan, Rogan), Buyer of Cast off Clothes (Rabbit), Tabboconist (Dawson), Rag Sorters (Brennan x2, Flynn, Gordon, Hunter, Tigue x2) and 30 listed without occupations (Byron x2, Cavanagh, Connell x2, Coolican, Devine, Dowker, Ferguson x2, Flynn, Gadson, Galligher, Glanigan, Hegarty, Jennings, Kelly, Limblin, Liphott, McArdle, Monley, Murray x3 from 2 different families, Oneil, Purcell, Tigue, Twigley, Welsh, Woodriff).

The majority of the Irish born in District 27 were living on Off Street and Riley Court followed by Duke Street, Towland's Court, Watson's Yard, Lloyd's Arms Yard, York Street, Riley Yard, York Street, Brick Street and Off Yard. There were no placenames in Ireland given for this district. The Irish were employed in a host of Labor-related occupations including: Mason's Laborer (Ford), Brick Layer's Laborer (Collins, Culcannon, Drudy x2, Gallagher, Jennings, McAndrew, Mullowney, O'Brien, Rowley, Saltern), Laborer Iron Works (Flynn, Grogan), Laborer Iron Foundry (Corcoran, Tolin), Chemical Laborer (Bourke), Chemical Works (Donalon), Stoker Gas Works (Connor), Laborer Gas Works (Hansbron), Laborer (Clines), Navvy (Cadden, Newcome), Railway Laborer (Jordan, O'Neil, Wood), Laborer Timber Yard (Brien), Contractor's Laborer (Flynn), Plasterer's Laborer (Cuddy, Purney), Ag Laborer (Burke, Clark, Duffy, Giblin, Grogan, McDonnel, Mulowny), Gardener (Goffrey, Hunt), Laborer Felt Mill (Flynn), Tobacco Maker (Flynn), Works Cloth Warehouse (McDonald), Charwoman (Agen, McLoughlin), Domestic Servant (Lynch). Some occupations are more specific to the Textile industry such as: Card Tenter Flax Mill (Riley), Cotton Spinner (Cosgrave, Dougherty), Flax Spinner (Philbin), Worker Flax Mill (Barrett, Calaghan, Common, Cunnif, Duffy, Keegan, Mulowny, Ross), Quilt Maker (Keegan), Cloth Cutter (Gannon, McLoughlin), Cloth Dresser (Conrey, Meehan, O'Brien), Wool Sorter (Walsh), Former Dressmaker (Reagan), Tailor (Nolan). The remainder of the Irish immigrants were employed in the following occupations: Licensed Hawker (McDermot), Hawker (Farrel, Hearin, Joyce, McDermott, McGee, Thorne), Hawker of Earthenware (Malley x2, Riley x2 from 2 different families), Fish Dealer (McDermot), Chip Merchant (Barrett), Grinder (Farrell), Provision Dealer (Ford, McMahon), Green Grocer and Musician (Cox), and Rag Sorter (Early, Flynn, Rawley). There were 39 Irish immigrant listed without occupations: Barrett x2 from 2 different families, Bourke x2, Clines, Collins, Comerford, Common, Connor, Corcoran, Cox, Cravin, Cuddy, Donalon, Duffy x2, Drudy, Flynn x2, Frain, Gallagher, Gannon, Grogan, Kelly, McAndrew, McDermot, McDermott, McDonnel, McMahon x2, Meehan, Mulowney, Newcome, O'Brien, O'Neil, Saunders, Tolin).

The Irish-born in District 28 were spread out among 11 streets with the highest concentrations on Somerset Street, Cross Sumerset Street, Upper Somerset Street, Court and Little Somerset. The remainder lived on Dufton's Yard, Barker's Yard, King's Arms Yard, St Peter's Court and Dyer Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. They were employed in a vast array of occupations including the following: Bricklayer's Laborer (Duffy x2 from 2 different families, Fahey, feeley, Flanagan x2 from 2 different families, Gibbins x2 from 2 different families, Healy, Jordan, Hayes, Kelly, Kilbride, Kilkowly, Killaly, Maroley, McGurry, Mills, Mitchell, Moon, Reddington, Rider, Rowan, Ryan, Sweeney, Walsh), Mason's Laborer (Clancy, Flannery, Mannion ,Meek ,Whitham), Mason (Farrell), Ag Laborer (Burke, Clark, Joice, McDonald, Parcel), Mechanic's Laborer (Harrison), Coal heaver (Mangin), Laborer Iron Foundry (Houlden), General Laborer (Harlington), Coal Dealer (Coyle), Navi Laborer (Brogan), Navvi (Neilan), Brewer (Canovan), Laborer Cloth Mill (McAndrew), Marble Polisher (Shaughnessy), Painter (Lyons), Unemployed laborer (Crowley), Basketmaker (Cannon x2), Railway Porter (Easley), Shoemaker (Canovan, Gannon, McManns), Shoe Binder (McManns), Slipper Maker (Cosgrove), Slipper Biinder (Cosgrove), Tailor (Carol, McAndrew, Sherman, Smith, Tarky), Dressmaker (Paddigan), Capmaker (Lancaster), Former Laundress (Griffin), Charwoman (Cleary, Curly, Doran, Flannery, Gorman, Green, Heary), Cloth Washerwoman (Mills), Laundress (Judge), Weaver (Price), Flax Dresser (Barrett, Somers), Flax Carder (McAvoy), Carder Flax Mill (Franklin, Malone), Gigger Flax Mill (Donoughs), Flax Mill Hand (Neilan x2), Mill Hand (Flannery, O'Hara), Cotton Weaver (Griffin), Flock Sorter (Drewin), Sewing Machine Hand (Lamar), Flax Spinner (Burke, Hughes, Kelly, Lowell), Cordwainer (Clark, Hooks), Dyer (Rooney), Cloth Sorter (Duffy, Holmes, Jordan, McAndrew x2 from 2 different families), Cloth Dresser (Corcran, Garghty x2, Gaughan, Ganaughty, Garraghty, Griffin, Hughes, Judge, Kelly, Lowell x2, McAndrew, McHale), Cloth Finisher (Doherty, McManns), Miller in Cloth (Garghty), Flock Dresser (Beaty), Knitter (Magrath), Nurse (Parker), Clothier (Boswick), Fruiterer (Clark), Wheelwright (Quinan), Violinist (Hirley, Horan), Paper Stainer (Mitchell), Paper Flower Maker (Bond), Bolt Screwmaker (Corcran), Provision Shopkeeper (Harmony), Steel Dresser (Ryan), Wheelwright (Quinan), Potato Dealer (O'Hara x2), Engine Tenter (Kelly), Hawker (Burke, Flannery x2, Holmes, Lewis, O'Brien, Paddigan, McOnville, McCarron, Madden, Mannion, Maroley, Thompson), Herring Caser? (Clasby), Rag Sorter (Parsons), Unemployed Laborer (Crowley), Unemployed Groom (Smith), Rag Dealer (Corcran x2), Potato Dealer (Burke), Boatman (Buck) and 65 listed without occupations (Buck, Burke, Canovan, Carling, Carol, Clark x2, Corcran, Coyle, Divine, Doherty, Donohoe, Donoughs, Dooina, Duffy, Fahey, Farrell, Feeley, Flanaganx2, Garghty, Gibbins, Harrison, Hayes, Heany, Healy, Heather, Hooks Houlden, Joice, Kelly, Kilbride, Killaly, Lowell x2, Lyons, McAndrew, McCarron, McHale, McLoughlin, McManns, McOnville, Madden, Mannion Mills, Mitchell, Monley, Moon x2, Neilan, Quinan, Reddington, Rooney, Rowan, Ryan x3 from 3 different families, Shauughnessy x2, Sherman?, Sweeney x2 from 2 different families).

The Irish in District 29 were spread out among 12 streets with the largests concentrations on York Street and Staniburn Square and Court. The remainder resided on Holmes Yard, Upper St Peter's Square, St Peter's Square, Lemon Street, Wilkerson's Yard, St Peter's Place, Lawrence Yard, Davenport Square and Scott's Yard. Two entries in this district gave placenames of origin in Ireland: Ellen Brown, a 48 year old widowed housekeeper from Belfast (sons Edward 19, James 12 and Margaret 17 were born in Leeds) and Samuel Akinson a 48 year old from Dublin, Ireland (wife Eliz'h 45 was born in Glasgow, Scotland). The remaining Irish in this district were employed in the following occupations: Laborers (Cronin x2, Drury, Gannon, Haggity, Higgins x2, Holmes, McAndrew, McGuire, Madden, O'Donnel, Regan, Ryan, Synot), Brick Layer's Laborers (Fordham, Moran, Murphy, Synot), Laborer Iron Works (McManus, Rourke, Waylan), Railway Porter (Price), Tinner (Banks), Coal Porter (Machaw), Quarry Man (Madden), Gardener (May), Coal Miner (Fitzpatrick), Warehouseman (Ryan), Joiner (Murphy), Housekeeper (Cummings, Holmes), Lodging Housekeeper (Brannan, Timlin), Soldier (Greenwood), Cooper (McGowan), Tobbaconist (Brewster), Whitesmith (Doughty), Traveling Salesman (Towson), Wood Turner (McManus), Blacksmith (Kennedy), Insurance and Coal Agent (Brewster), Furniture Broker (Hales), Green Grocer (Morley), Tobacco Spinner (Bradley), Rag Dealer (Granahan), Rag Sorter (McAndrew, Price, Ryan x2), Pauper (Kerns), Hawkers (Brady, Burns, Costelo, Donnelley, Kenny, Lewis, McDermott x2, Murray, Mauley), Shoemaker (Hunter), Tailor (Cahill, Connaughton, Fry, Irwin, Keely, Macnamara, Ryan x2), Cloth Dresser (Condray, Gilmore, Grannahan, McManus x2, Mohoney), Mill Hand (Holmes x3, Haggity, Nolan, Swan), Spinning Shuttle Maker (Clark), Weaver (Mack), Flax Dresser (Galway), Flax Mill Laborer (Rourke), Flax Spinner (Candy, Enigan, Gannon, Machaw), Dyer's Asst (Candy, Ryan) and 43 without occupations (Banks, Brewster, Cahill, Cooney, Cronin,Delany, Doherty x2,Doughty, Fitzpatrick, Fry, Gannon, Heshin, Higgins x2, Holoran, Holroyd, Keely, Kennedy, Kenny, Lawery, MacNamara, McAnnister, McDermott, McMahan, McManus, Murphy, Machaw, Madden x2, Mohaney, Moran, Morley, Mauley, Murphy, Myers, Ryan x2 from 2 different families, Synot x2, Timlin x2).

The largest concentration of Irish born immigrants in District 30 were living on Back High Street. The remainder were living on St Peter's Square, High Street, Little Lemon Street, Bowling Green Yard, Little Lemon Street, Falstaff Yard, St Peter's Street and Leak Yard on Back High Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. They were employed in the following occupations: Bricklayer's Laborer (Clynes, Glancy, McLoglin, Marley, O'Hara), General Laborer (King), Stone Quarry Laborer (Henly), Stone Sawyer (Cayrns), Iron Foundry Laborer (Higgins), Railway Plate Layer (Lofthouse), Ag Laborer (Meger), Coach Maker (Carrol, Joiner (Dilon), Road Maker (McGlynn), Green Grocer (Cavanah), Traveller (Lofthouse x2), Sewing Machine Maker (Walder), Cloth Weaver (Ryan, Walker), Cloth Dresser (Coyne, Loftus), Seamstress (Crimes, Daley), Shopwoman (Molloy), Soda Water Maker (Whitwam), Dressmaker (Fallon), Tailor (Carrol), Provision Dealer (Clark x2), Shoemaker (Dowd, Fallon), Cloth Sorter (Marley), Flax Mill Hand (Handlin), Chip Hawker (Collins, McKennelly), Flax Mill Worker (Glancy), Charwoman (Brown. McLochlin), Dyer' Laborer (O Mellia), Rag Sorter (Bradley, Meger), Hawker (Dunn, Moran) and 18 listed without occupations (Amber, Cayrns, Clynes, Downs, Handlin, Henly, Higgins, Hollingworth, King, Lofthouse, McLoglin, Meger, O'Hara, O'Melia x2, Pearson, Reed, Smith).

The highest concentration of Irish born in District 31 were living on Corn Hill, followed by High Street, Charles Street, Little Line Street, Line Place, St Peter's Court, Through Street and Middleton's Yard. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given. The Irish were employed in the following occupations: Bricklayer's Laborer (Duffy, Dunn, Kenny x2, Lyons x3, McLoughlin, Roche, Thompson), Carter (Stenson), Laborer Iron Works (Emeron?, Healey, Langan, Stenson, Walsh), Basket Maker (McBride), Wagon Driver (Eagan), Plasterer (Dockry), Boilermaker (Healey x2), Farmer's laborer (Loy), Stone Sawyer (Conway), Stone Mason's Laborer (O'Donell), Coal Miner (Keane), Ag Lab (Maloney), Printer Compositor (Eagan), General Dealer (Grant), Laundry Maid (Maloney), Laundress (Lofthouse), Excavator's Laborer (Rogers), Premer (Early), Stoker Cloth Mill (Eagan), Woolen Cloth Dresser (Eagan), Woolen Sorter (Healey x2, McLoghlin), Housekeeper (Gill, Healey, Roche), Cordwainer (Maxwell), Tailor (Mac Glaclan), Capmaker (Grant), Dyer's Laborer (Cairns), Cloth Sorter (McKail, Rogers), Annuitant (McKail), Flax Factory Op (Walsh), Line Spreader (Kenny), Flax Spinner (Kenny x2) and 13 listed without occupations (Cairns, Conway, Eagan, Everon?, Kelly, Kenny, Loy, Lyons, Langan, McLoughlin, Mitchell, Richardson, Simpson).

The Irish born in District 32 were spread out among 14 streets with the highest concentration on Billet's Yard, Shear Street and Charles Street, followed by Stack's Court, Garsides Court, Upper Corn Hill Woodhead's Yard, Line Fold, Billet Street, High Street, Little Line Street, Cross Billett Street, Lemon Street, Cross Billet Street Billet Hotel and Marshall's Court. Two families hailed from County Mayo, Ireland: Thomas Convey, 52, a Farmer's man and his wife Catherine, 46 a Rag Sorter (blind son James 23 was born in Leeds) and Michael Grogan, 40, licensed beer seller, his sister Sarah 24, housekeeper, brothers Thomas 34 and William 30 Street Laborers and brother martin 27 a Brewer (all unmarried). Bridget Doherty (53 Charwoman) hailed from Dublin, Ireland (daughter Catherine 22 from Leeds). Margaret Byrne (42, Hawker) hailed from Tipperary, Ireland while children Thomas (17, Cloth Dresser), Ann (15, Cloth Mill Hand), Bridget (13, Flax Mill Hand) and Margaret (11, Scholar) all hailed from County Roscommon, Ireland. This district had a large number of agricultural laborers (Coghlan, Flynn, Gorman, Hasty x2 from 2 different families, Keenan, Kyle, McMahon, Mack, Murly, Murry, Murphy). The remaining Irish were employed as: Brick Layer's laborers (Collins, Curtis, Hoban, Morgan), Street laborer (Brown, Clynes, Blynn, Mooney, Morgan, Ronnan), Laborer (Cooney, Corcoran), Plate Layer (Clynes x2, McHale, Ruane), Machine Fitter (Conley), Furnace Tenter (Conner), Cabinet Maker (Buckley), Engine Tenter (Gillan), Tanner (Leech x2), Pasters? (Kenny), Wood Turner (Maloney), Provision Dealer (Ford), Hackler (Boggins), Housekeeper (Connor, Ford, Giblin, Kenny, McDonald, Scale), Charwoman (Fallon, Farrell, Kirby, Roche, Walker), Shoemaker (Walsh, Waters), Engineman (McNiff), Green Grocer (Gore), Foreman Brickmaker (O'Connor), Nailmaker (Simpson), Smith's Striker (short), Tobacco Spinner (Simpson), Hawker (Manion), Linen Raisen? (Malcolmson), Cloth Dyer (Biggins), Cloth Dresser (Cooney, Farrell, Murphy, Rorke, Thomas), Cotton Weaver (Malany), Dyer (Kennedy x2 from 2 different families), Tailor (Long), Tailoress (Shilleto, Short), Chip Hawker (McNulty), Cotton Weaver (Malany), Rag Sorter (Fowler, Keenan, Kelly, Kyle, McDonald), Cloth Mill Hand (Hasty), Flax Mill Hand (Kenny, Simpson), Staymaker (Manion) and 36 listed without occupations (Brown, Clynes, Coghlan, Collins, Cooney x2, Corcoran, Craughan, Curtis, Dowd, Flyn, Flynn, Gorman, Gillan, Grant x2, Hasty, Kennedyx2, Long, McHale, McMahon, Mitchel, Mooney, Morgan, Murphy, Murry, O'Connor, Simpson x2, Thomas, Tiffany, Thornton, Tyrell, Walsh, York).