A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 1-10 in the 1871 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 71 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and the Leeds Workhouse in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in at least 5 separate sections (1-10, 11-21, 22-40 and 41-60 and 61-71 with the Cavalry Barracks, School for Pauper Children and Workhouse) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 1-10 of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1871 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 1 were living in the York Street Lodging House followed by Back York Street, Cherry Tree Yard, Nags Head Yard, Cadman Court and York Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. They held a diverse array of occupations including 8 Laborers (Cally, Carkrane, Fagan, Fahy, Flynn, Glynn, Grant, Higgins and Madden), Farm Laborer (McHale), Farm Servant (Glennan), Foundry Laborer (Casey), Brick Layer's Laborer (Clarke, Henegan, Ross), Brick Layer (Dermott), Moulder (Murphy), Hawker (Feeney, Hannan, Hopkins x2, Knox, Nevin), Sack Maker (Dunham), Shopkeeper- Small ware (Connell), Beerhouse Keeper (Byrne), Tobacconist and Beerhouse Keeper (Byrne), Tobacconist (Corbett), General Domestic Servant (Cark), Hair Dresser (Clarke), Lodging Housekeeper (Whitaker, Egan x2), Slipper Maker (Hart), Brush Maker (Mullahy), Plain Sewer (Mullahy), Licensed Clothes Broker (Riley), Clothe Warehouse Hand (Cally, Ross, Tighue), Courrier (Parson), Mattress Maker (McGlane), Tailor (Hart), Tailoress (Linch), Tinsmith (Lyons), tran? Dresser (Kelly), ? Tender (Hyland), Confectioner (McKinna), Flax Mill Hand (Dunham), Flax Dresser (Corcoran, Feeney x2), Flax Spinner (Feeney, Maylane), Flax Warehouse (Knox), Cloth Dresser (Cassey, Cassidy), Spinner (Carkrame), Cloth Mill Hand (Fagan), 3 Invalids (Green x2, Jackson) and 17 listed without occupations. This group includes scholars (Byrne x2, Casey x2, Clarke, Corcoran, Dermott, Feeney x2, Flynn, Hannan, Henegan, Hyland, Kelly x2 from 2 different families, McHale, Ross).

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 2 were living in Goulden's Building, followed by Goulden's Square, York Street, Back York Street, Church Lane and Gilpin's Yard.

Placenames of origin in Ireland were given for many of the Irish immigrants in this district, and the largest numbers hailed from County Mayo. They were as follows: Bridget Kelly, age 37, a Lodging Housekeeper (her children Michael 13 and Mary Ellen 11 were born in Leeds). Michael Durkin (24 yr old Shoemaker), Anna O'Brien (49 yr old widow) with nephew Patrick and son James 9 born in Leeds, James Tarpy (66 yr old Farm Laborer), his wife Mary (age 60) while his daughter Mary Ann, 19 was born in Leeds, Mary Brannon (71), James Tighe (30 yr old Laborer), Sarah Rearden (28) while husband Jeremiah a Toy Hawker was born in Ireland and son John (14) and Joseph (6) were born in Leeds. Michael Jordan (40 yr old laborer) and his wife Ellen (40) were born in Mayo (Daughter Ann, 17, and son William 13 were born in Leeds). Ann Mullarne (60 yr old Green Grocer) was born in Mayho as was John Ganley (65 yr old Ag Laborer); his wife Catharine, children John 15, Catherine 13 and Ann 6 were all born in Leeds). Martin Coleman (43 yr old Night Soilman) and his wife Catherine (32) were born in Mayo (children Patrick, 9 and Thos 16 were born in Staley Bridget Lancashire, Martin 4 and Michael 1 in Leeds). Michael Rider (65 yr old widowed Ag Laborer and his daughter Mary (32) were born in Mayo, but her husband William Gathley (his son in law), a 33 yr old Striker in Foundry was born in Ireland. John Heveron (50 yr old Lab Brick Yard) and his wife Bridget (39) were born in Mayo (children Mary 18, Ann 6, Margaret 3 were born in Leeds). Ellen Mulloy (39) was born in Mayo, but her husband THos (41 yr old Earthenware Hawker) was born in Galway. Patrick Welsh (60 yr old Comm. Thrasher) and his wife Catherine (50) were born in Mayo (daughter Catherine 11 in Leeds). Thomas RIder (50, General Hawker), Toney Moran (50, Ag Lab), Thomas Carfield (20 unemp Ag Lab) and Patrick Coyne (20, unemployed Ag Lab) were all born in Mayo. Patrick Foley (85, Coal Laborer) and his wife Catherine (68) were born in Mayho as were Patrick Laven (37 Gas Works) and his wife Mary Ann (Dressmaker). Mary Cunniff (22, Frame Tender Fl Mill) and Winifred Collins (60, Housekeeper) were born in Mayo, (as were Winifred's son Patrick 30, Cloth Dresser, daughter Mary, 28 Flax Spinner and her niece Sarah (Flax Spinner). James Ganley (52, Lab), John Magurie (22, Lab), John Grogan (Lab unemp), Michael Cuff (35, Quarryman), his wife Mary (41), daughter Ann and Bridget (18) (Flax Mill Hands) and son Martin 12 were all born in Mayo. James Madden (51, Boatman), his wife Bridget (40, Cloth Sorter) wer e born in Mayo (daughter Mary 18 and son John 9 were born in Leeds). Patrick Mullins (40, Pottery Lab) and his wife were born in Ballina, Ireland (son Thomas 15 in Leeds). Thomas Geraghty (50, Carpenter) and his wife Catherine (44) were both born in Ballina as well. Thomas Nolan (42, Forge Lab) and his wife Margaret (36) were born in Mayo (children, Thos 16, Mary 15, Margaret 13, James 10, John 7, Rose 5, Catherine 3 and Ann 1 were all born in Leeds). Patrick Dockerty (32 Brick Lab), his mother Mary (60), Brother James (25 Brick Layer's Lab), Sister Margaret (22, Flax Dresser), Brother Thomas (20, Cloth Dresser) were all born in Mayo as was Michael Conell (25 Lab Coal Yard) and his wife Ann (34). Their children Martin 7, Ann 5 1/2 mos were born in Leeds. Ann Kelly (Patrick Dockerty's mother in law- 80) was also born in Mayo. Patrick O'Brien (60), his wife Margaret (41) were born in Mayo (Son Michael 18 in Barnsley Lancashire, son Patrick 9 in Leeds). Nucgaek Gerraghty (45, Lab) was born in Ballina, Ireland (wife Sarah, 40, Daughters Sarah Ann 13, Mary Ann 9, Cath 3 and sons Thomas 6, Michael 1 month were born in Leeds). Catherine Cone (40, Rag Sorter) was born in Mayo (children Mary 10, Patrick 9, John 7, Ellen 4, James 3 were born in Leeds). Mary Nolan (40) was born in Mayo (son John 13 in Leeds and Thomas 25 in Mayo). Finally, John Walder (29, Lab) and his wife Ellen were born in Mayo (children Margaret Ann 5, Edward 3, Ellen 9 mos were born in Leeds).

The following were born in County Sligo: John Cunningham (60, Gen. Porter), his wife Ann (54) and Owen (26, Flax Dresser); Catherine Cuswick (75) and her daughter Jane Flemings (38) a Rag Picker (Jane's husband Thos 39, daughters Eliza 7 and Catherine 2 were born in Leeds). Hugh Derrick (58 Brick Layer's Lab), his wife Catherien (49), children Michael (24 Cloth Dresser) and Annie (22 Hand Flax Mill) were born in Leeds (children Bridget 18, Catherine 14, Ann 11 and Hugh 8 were born in Leeds). James Dunn (24 Brick Layer's Lab) and his wife Mary were born in Sligo (son Michael 2 mos in Leeds) as was Thomas Quinne (40).

The following Irish-born hailed from County Roscommon: James Tulley (76, wid, Optician), Michael Higgins (35, Brick Layer's Lab), his wife Bridget (32) and grand daughter ELizabeth (13) were born in Roscommon (children Mary 7, Patrick 5, JOhn 2, Michael 3 mos were born in Leeds). Mary Lyons (46 Housekeeper), children Thomas 27 Lab and Mary 18 Flax Spinner, were born in Roscommon (children James 16 and Catherine 13 were born in Leeds).

Hailing from County Galway were the following: Bridget Crosby (36 Charwoman), Patrick Haley (25 Lab) and his wife Hannah (24) (daughters Mary 2 and Bridget 3 mos were born in Leeds), Selina Garvey (his sister in law 21 Rag Picker), Thomas Haley (61 Lab in Coal Yard) and his wife Margaret (62) and son James (26 Lab Wood Yard) were all born in Galway (daughter Mary 18 in Leeds). John Keely (42 wid Black Smith) was born in Galway (daughter Mary 12 and son Bernard 10 in Leeds). Mary Ann Quinn (38 Charwoman) as well as John Mockan (50 Lab) and his wife Mary (48) were all born in Galway (Mockan children Mark 24, Thos 19, Margaret 21 and Mary 15 were born in Leeds).

Bridget Bentinck (27) was born in Longford, Ireland while husband John (30 Striker) was from Suffolk, and four kids from Leeds (Fredk 7, Catherine 6, Alfred 5 and Thomas 1). Catherine Cox (50 wid Rag Sorter) hailed from Leitrim, Ireland (daughter Catherine 20 from Goole Yorkshire). Edward Carroll (30 Gen Lab) hailed from Tipperary, Ireland. Bridget Henry (52 Lodging Housekeeper) and her daughter Bridget Pendison 23 (Hand Flax Mill) hailed from Killarney, Ireland. Bridget's husband James (26 Warp Dresser) and daughter Jane 3 were born in Leeds. Patrick Lawless (46 Shoe Maker Boot Closer) was born in Dublin, Ireland. Michael O' Connor (40, wid Striker Foundry) and his sister Bridget (46 Housekeeper) were born in Rathfarnan (Rathfarnham and Rathfarnhan are townlands in Dublin) and Michael's daughter Elizabeth 8 and Edward 13 were born in Leeds. Peter Wood (40 Black Smith) was born in Belfast. Michael Buck (40 Lab) and his wife Mary (40) were born in Dunmore, Ireland (5 kids born in Leeds). Dunmore is present in Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kilkenny, Londonderry, Queen's County, Tyrone and Wa terford Counties in Ireland. Bridget Harrabin (27) was born in Swingforth?, Ireland (Husband James BL Lab was born in Stockport Lancashire and children Mary 7 and William 4 in Scarbro, Yorkshire).

The remaining Irish-born in District two were employed in the following occupations: Brick Layer's Laborer (Crane, Derrigh, Eagan, Garvey, Kilmartin, Lyons, Tigh), Laborers (Buck, Fahy, Ford, Henry, Williams), Mason's Laborer (Rochford), Striker Foundry (Gathley), Iron Works Laborer (Ward), Forge Laborer (Murphy, Tarpy), Laborer Railway (McGawley), Laborer Sawmill (Corbett), Brick Layer (Nacy), Brick Laborer (Dixon), Farm Laborer (Brogan, Caffle, Frain, Judge), House Painer (Hannan), Hawker (McGrath),General Hawker (Carden), Picker (McGuire), Tanner (McGuire), Washerwoman (Reed), Charwoman (Tigh), Laundress (Tigh), Lodging Housekeeper (Brady, Campbell, Muldoon), Hackler (Buck), Toy Hawker (Rearden), Dressmaker (Burke), Tailor/ Clothes Dealer (McGuiness), Hand Cloth Warehouse (Walder), Factory Hand (Campbell), Hand Flax Mill (Buck, Farral, Kilmartin, Lyons), Cloth Dresser (Boyle, Lyons), Clothes Asst (McLarvey), Shuttlecock Maker (McGuiness), Mungo? Grinder (Moran) and 14 listed without occupations: Carden, Corbett, Derrigh, Garvey, Hannan, Kenny, Lyons, McCarrick, McGuire, Nacy, Tarpy x2, Tigh.

The largest number of Irish-born in District 3 were living on Harper's Yard followed by Harper St, Moxan's Yard, Syke's Yard, York Street and York Street Tavern Licensed Lodging, Syke's Row, York Tavern Yard , Harper Court and Syke's Place.

Place names in Ireland were given for a large number of them including the following from County Mayo: Patrick Pendergast (25 Brick Layer's Lab) and his wife Bridget (20), Anthony Morley (35 Carter) and his wife Mary (34; their children Dominick 14, John 8, Sarah 6, James 4 were all born in England), and Patrick Kelly (25 Lab in Flax Mill). Patrick O'Donnell (40 Lab) and his wife Bridget (38) were born in Greenhorn? Mayo. Their 7 kids (John 20, Joseph 19, Martin 15, Ellen 13, Michl 9, Ann 7 and Margaret 3) were born in Leeds. John Ratchwade (45 Lab) and his wife Margaret (39) were born in Mayo (children Patrick 19, Edward 17, Margaret 10, John 7, Mary Ann 1 mo were born in Leeds). Bridget Stewart (32) was born in Mayo, her husband Alexander (48 painter) in Leicester Leicestershire and kids Elizabeth 7, Alexander 4 in Leeds. Mary Farrall (32) was born in Mayo, while husband Mathew (34 Lab) was born in Roscommon (his other Honora (70, Widow) in Mayo) and children Hannah 5, Mathew 3 and Mary 10 mos were born in Leeds. Bridget McHale (70, Widow) was born in Castlebar, Ireland (likely Mayo). The following immigrants were born in Crofsmolina, Ireland (likely Mayo): Margaret Gaughan (60 pauper widow), widowed daughter in law Bridget (28 Cloth Sorter, with grandkids John 3 , Edward 4 mos born in Leeds) and Martin (26 cousin, lab). Also from Crosmolina were John Moran (27 Lab) living with them, Catharine Allen (45 widow housekeeper) her son Martin (18 Chem Lab). Catharine's daughter Mary Allen (15 Flax Spinner) was born in Ireland. Margaret Mahoney (36) was born in Mayo (husband Mick - 30 lab in Kilkenny, kids Margaret 6 and John 2 mos in Leeds). Dominic Regan (50 wid Farm Lab) was born in Swinforth, Ireland (which I think is likely Swinford, Mayo). Bridget Tarpey (54) was born in Mayo (husband Thomas 54 Tailor) in Sligo. Bridget Leach (60 wid) and daughter Sarah (23 Weaver) were born in Balina (likely Mayo) and daughter Ellen 8 in Leeds. John Price (42 Lab), wife Mary (39), daughters Ann 13, Bridget 10 and Rose 7 were born in Mayo while son Brian (14) was born in North Shields? and Thos 6, Peter 2 and Patsey 3 mos were born in Leeds. Finally, Bridget Duffy (60) was born in Mayo (husband Patrick (62 Lab) was born in Roscommon).

Hailing from Roscommon were: John Connell (40 Lab) (wife Mary 38 from Tipperary and 5 kids from Leeds), Patrick Cavaney (30 Lab), Patrick Welsh (33 Brick Layer's Lab) and his wife Mary 33 (children Ann 9, Kate 6, John 5, Mary E 3, and Bridget 3mos in Leeds) and Catherine Ragan (30 Mill Hand) (with sister Sarah 20 born in Leeds). Hailing from County Galway were: John Hagan (29 Tailor), Michael Seahes (45 Tailor) his wife Mary (50) (daughter Margaret 19 born in Leeds), Julia Conolly (60 Wid) (daughter Bridget 17 born in Leeds). Hailing from Dublin were: John Smith (60 Lab), John Evers (50 Hawker), Catherine Barran (32), William McDonald (38 Cloth Dresser; wife mary 22 in Leeds), Theresa McNety (27; while husband Robert 31 Shoemaker was born in Ferry Lancashire, children Sarah Ann 7, Rebecca 5, Robert 4, William 3 and brother James 29 were born in Scotland), Mary McGrate (48; while children Ellen 16, Mary Ann 15, Francis 10, James 10, Thomas 8 were born in Leeds), Catharine Hassett (36 Cloth Burler) as well as Terence McConniff (35 Puddler) and his wife Annie (children Patrick, 8 and Mary 2 in Leeds, Daniel 5 Manchester). Hailing from Kilkenny were: Thomas Wilson (21 Fitter) and Mary Cumming (56; her husband Richard 66 a dyer was born in Tipperary). Other immigrants hailing from Tipperary were: James McGeale (42 Tailor), Ellen Connolly (38 Dressmaker; husband Patrick 42 Cordwainer was born in County Monoghan, children Thomas 12, Agnes 11 in Leeds) and Sarah Sheridan (45 Lodging Housekeeper). William Higgins (36 Nail Maker) and his wife Margaret (35) hailed from Queens County, Ireland. Thomas McIntyre (48 Flax Dresser) and his wife Margaret (57) were born in Belfast. William Patterson (36 Hawker) was born in County Down. Martha Owen (38) was born in County Meath while husband Samuel (Dyer Slater?) was born in Stockport, Chester and son Samuel 17 in Halifax. John Brown (45 Lab) hailed from Newcastle, Ireland and his wife Bridget from St John, Ireland (children Mary 13, Thomas 10 from Leeds). There is a Newcastle and a St John's in County Meath, but they are found in other counties as well. Mary McGiness (62 wid) was born in Kilvin, Ireland (there is a Kilvine in Mayo and a Kilvinane in Cork). John Kelly (26 Forgeman) was born in Rahan, Ireland (there is a Rahanna in Louth, Rahan Near in Donegal and Rahans in Mayo and Monaghan). Michael Murray (58 Temporarily absent) was born in Ballinastoe or Ballinaster, Ireland (wife Margaret 32 in Leeds). There is a Ballinaster in Mayo and a Ballinastoe in Wicklow. Rose Mansley (46 Housekeeper) was born in Newry, Ireland (husband Thomas 45 Wood Turner in Colton, Cumberland) as was her stepson John Hannah (22 Brewer's Assistant). There is a Newry in Tyrone, Wicklow, Armagh and Down. Thomas Cooney (39 Lab) and his wife Bridget were born in Onough, Ireland (children Mary J 6, Patrick and Ellen 1, were born in Leeds). There is an Onagh in Wicklow and Roscommon and an Onaght in Galway. Edward F Cavanagh (42 Wheeler?) was born in Dunganan, Ireland (there is a Dungannon in both Cork and Tyrone). Finally Rose Ann McGoggy (46 Wid Tailoress) was born in Gilford, Ireland (son John 18 in Leeds); there is a Gilford in both County Monaghan and Down.

The remaining Irish in District 3 were employed in the following occupations: Laborer (Canon, Carroll, Coley, Connell, Conroy, Cunningham x2 from 2 different families, Fillben, Gallaher, Gilroy, Hoban, Kagan, Lyons, McIntyre, Mullin, Newlin, Walsh, Waters), Brick Layer's Laborer (Canfield, Conley, Farrall, Gafney, Hesby,Kelly, Kenney, Linnard, Monoghan, Morley,O'Donald, Quinn, Rork, Wyans), Puddler (Horan), Digger (McStone), Works Timber Yard (Cunningham), Rag Sorter (Cannon), Laborer Railway (Fynn), Excavator (Farral, Henry), Chemical Laborer (Duffy), Chemical Distiller (Fox), Farm Laborer (Dillon), Laborer Iron Works (Barry, Phillips), Letter Cutter (Evers), Hawker (Fitzgibbons, Flagherty, Lockedan, McGrate, Sullivan), Fitter (Jones), Charwoman (Douherty, Flanagan), Laundress (Cart, Maharoy), Housekeeper (Conroy, O'Donald x2, O'Neil, Walsh), Green Grocer (Fitzsimons), Baker (McDonnell), Gardener (Leech), Lodging Housekeeper (Bohannan), Machine Worker (Fitzgibbons), Boot and Shoe Maker (Daley, Fineran), Shoemaker (McDermott, Manners), Boot Clicker (Mahardy), Works Linen Factory (O'Donald), Wool Dyer (Fitzsimons), Weaver (Crane), Tailor (Hensey, Mellon), Tailoress (Phillips, Sommers), Wool Comber (Morgan), Cloth Dresser (Campbell, Cart, Conroy, Flaherty, McDermott), Warper (Cannon), Cloth Finisher (Jenning), Frame Tenter Factory (McLachlan), Flax Dresser (Leech), Flax Spinner (Conley, Cox, Leech x2), Spinner (Gilroy), Dyer (McNulty), CLoth Warehouse (Devlin), Woolen Rag Sorter (Campbell) and 38 listed without occupations (Barry, Bohannan, Canon x4 from 2 different families, Clifford, Coley, Cox, Cunningham, Daley, Farrall, Fineran, Fitzgibbons, Fitzsimons x2 from 2 different families, Fox, Gafney, Hensey, Hoban, Kagan, Kenney, Kilbride, Leech, Lyons, McDermott, McLachlan, McNulty, Manners, Mellon, Monaghan, Morgan, Morley, Mullen x2, Quinn, Waldron, Wyans).

The vast majority of Irish-born in District 4 were living in Wellington Yard, followed by East Lane, Harper Street, Old Post Office Yard and the Model Lodging House in Wellington Yard. All but one, a Boot Riveter (McNulty) gave their place of origin in Ireland as well.

Those with origins in County Mayo are as follows: Timothy Gagan (45 Gen Lab), James Anderson (26 Brick Layer), Ann Ryan (55 Charwoman; son Thomas 9 in Leeds), Cathrine Maheny (42; husband John 45 Plasters Lab from Tipperary; children Mary 13, James 11, Edward 8, Cathrine 6, Ellen 4 from Leeds), Mary Dempsey (49 Farm Servant; children Kate 16, Thos 17, Ann 6, Michael 21 from Leeds), Charles O'Dowd (22 Cloth Dresser; wife Mary Ann 20, daughter Annie 6 mos Leeds), Anthony Ryder (28, Fruiter; wife Mary Ann 22, sons Thos 4, James 2 Leeds), Patrick Judge (45 Lab), Ann Walder (74), Anthony (62) and wife Mary (67) Lodging Housekeepers, Michael Holleran (40 Farm Lab), John Kenedy (62 Hawker), George Harris (24 Tailor), Thomas Welsh (18 Lab), John Carroll (26 Dyer), Michael Delaney (40 Lab), Michael McCarthy (31 Forge Lab), Michael Tye (45 Farm Lab), John McDermott (65 Hawker), Mary Robbins (70 Housekeeper; children Michael 31 Oyster Dealer and Bridget 32 Former Factory Hand from Mayo; Mary Ann 9, Sarah Ann 5 Alice 1 from Leeds), Patrick (60) and Sarah (54) Hearney (Canvas Boy? Makers; kids Mary 18, Hannah 14, Lawrence 15 in Leeds), Bryan (49 Tailor) and wife Mary (50; sons Michael 20, John 17, Brian 14, Francis 11 Leeds), Bridget Herney (55 Hawker), Mary Cox (32 Mill Hand; daughter Mary 6 Leeds), Bridget Brown (33; kids Michael 1, Mary Gibbons 16 Leeds), Tom Brown (34 Brick Layers Lab), Ann Smith (35 Washer woman; kids Ann 15 Leeds, John 11, Tom 7 born ?), Bridget Madden (45 Charwoman; husband Patrick 49 Gen Lab County Sligo),James Burk (62) and wife Cathrine (54; Oyster Dealers; kids Cathrine 24, Gr Dtr Ann Riley 8 Leeds), Michael Stephens (36) and wife Mary (35 Laborers Gas House and son Patrick 14 Shoemaker all born in Mayo (Mary 11, and Thomas 3 Leeds, John 8 Selby), Thomas McHugh (28 Pot Hawker; wife Ellen 20, sons William 2, James 7 mos Leeds), Bridget Enechen (mother of Thos 58 Pot Hawker), Mary Cox (30 Factory Hand; dtr Mary 6 Leeds), Catherine MacManus (69 Housekeeper; dtr Annie Currans 35 Hawker, daughter Mary McManus 32 Factory Hand, brother Patrick O'Hare 56 hawker), Michael Cryne (26 Dyer), Ellen Preston (74 Housekeeper; grandkids Mary 8 and Thos Kenedy 17 Leeds), Luke MacGrail (41 Mason's Lab and wife Mary 38; kids Tom 20, Mary 15, Ann 12, Luke 8, John 3 Leeds), John Kelly (48) and wife Mary (40) Hawkers; children Mary Ann 17, James 14, Hannah 9, Margret 7, John 4 Leeds), Thomas Molarkey (48 Wid Hawker), Patrick McDermot (38 Farm Lab and wife mary 40 Laundress; children John 15, Cathrine 12, James 6 Leeds), Larry Conwin (40 Pensioner), John Hamley (35 Brick Layer's Lab and wife Mary 25 Hawker; dtr Cathrine 1 mo Leeds), Patrick Stanton (35 Brick Layer's Lab; wife Mary 28 from Co. Clare; mother Mary 60 Housekeeper,son Michael 28 Brick Layers Lab from Mayo; son John 1 mo Leeds), Peter Swift 40 Tailor and wife Mary 36 Tailoress, Thomas Eagan (45 Tailor), Martin Berry (59 and wife Bridget 40 Brck Lab; son Thomas 17 Leeds), John Bluto (40 Factory Lab, wife Catherine 36 and son Patrick 19 Factory Lab), Martin McHale (23 Factory Lab), Peter Quinn (60 Watch Spring Maker), Thomas McGreevy (20 Shoemaker), Mary Quinn (48; daughter Mary MacHugh 24 Factory Hand; dtr Ellen Quinn 14 Leeds), Michael Naughton (36 Brick Layer's Lab and wife Ellen 34 Housekeeper; kids Cathrine 10, Thomas 7, Michael 1 Leeds), Peter Riley (48 Farm Lab), James Hammon (60 Mas Lab), John Mellett (48 Malt Mill Lab and wife Sarah 46 Housekeeper; kids Sarah Ann 10, William 7, Margret 4, Ellen 2 Leeds), Ellen Bradley (54 Flax Factory Hand; dtr Eliza 6 Leeds), Mary MacCall (54 Wid), Sabina Magrah (50 Wid and daughter Mary 20 Machinist), Patrick Connel (55 Hawker and wife Cathrine 50 Housekeeper; son Michael 17, Catherine 14 Wakefield; Martin 9 and Patrick 5 from Leeds), Thomas halleran (70; wife Mary 60 Factory Hand- Galway; step daughter Mary McGown 14 Leeds), Austin Mguire (58, wife Honora 47 Farm Laborers, kids Honora 24 Flax Mill Hand and Hugh 22 Cloth Mill Hand from Mayo; John 16, Sarah 11, Cathrine 8 Leeds), Michael Murphy 46 Chemistry Lab and wife Wineford 40 Flax Spinner; kids John 16, Martin 14, William 5 Leeds), Pat Mullawny (32 and wife Ann 28 Chemistry Laborers; Kids Pat 1 mo, Cathrine 4, James 7 Leeds), Hannah Connor (60 Housekeeper and daughter Cathrine 28 Cloth Drawer), Mary Ann Snee (32 Hawker; husband John 30 Lab, kids John 6, Sarah 4 Leeds), Mary Flannghan (86) Hawker, Martrin Dacey (46 Oyster Hawker; wife Ann 46 Charwoman from Roscommon; kids John 20, Ann 14, Ellen 12, Mary 10, Martin 6 Leeds), John Kenny (45 Lab; kids Patrick 16, Thomas 12, Cathrine 9 Leeds; brother James 48 Hawker and Sister Mary 60 Housekeeper from Mayo), Patrick O'Neil (30 Marble Polisher and wife Mary Ann 27; son William 10 mo Leeds), Bridget Effern (40 Charwoman), William Corceran (34 Hackler and wife Bridget 33 Factory Hand; kids Michael 10, Martin 5, Sarah 2 Leeds), James Shearden (35 Lab Bleach Wool and wife Mary 25 Flax Mill Hand; kids Cathrine 7, Michael 5, Bridget 19 Leeds), Mary Robinson (59; while husband John 66 Excavator was from Sligo) and finally Bridget Holland (55 Charwoman; Martin 19 Leeds).

Hailing from County Roscommon were: Ann Mcall (42; daughter Bridget 17, Mary Ann 16, Ellen 13, Ann 4 Leeds), Thomas Melia (23 Foundry Laborer from Boyle),, James Boyne (40 Currier's Lab), Mary Jane Lockwood (55 Hawker), Patrick Henny (30 Farm Lab) and , William Higgins (44 Brick Layer's Lab). Hailing from County Galway were: Thomas MacCaghn (55 Brick Layer's Lab; wife Bridget 38 Housekeeper from Sligo; son Bernard 10 Leeds), John Gibbons (60 Shoemaker; wife Ellen 40 Potato Sorter from Sligo; son John 10 Leeds) and Fardy Mitchell (58 Lab). Hailing from County Leitrim was James Glancy (55 Brick Layer's Lab; wife Ann 40, kids Elizabeth 18, Mary Ellen 15, Charles 7, Ann 4 Leeds) and Patrick Sweeney (49 Hawker). Mary Casey (38 Seamstress) hailed from Kings County, Ireland; husband George (39 Brick Layer's Lab and son Charles 6 were from Leeds). Catherine Rowley (60 Housekeeper) hailed from Queens County, Ireland; kids Edwin 19, Allen 16, Mary Ellen Leeds. Hailing from Limerick, Ireland were Sarah Campbell (53 Seamstress; husband William 62 Cabinet Turner Glasgow, Scotland), Patrick Quirk (22 Lab Wood Yard; wife Margret Lab Wood Yard Stockport Lancashire; brother Dennis 15 Leeds) and Joseph Weeler (35 Moulder). William Overman (27 Tailor) hailed from Kerry, Ireland; wife Margret 23 from Cumberland. Hailing from Tipperary were: William McMahon (61 Shoemaker) as well as Margaret Marney (56) and daughters Catherine(25), Johannah 18 and Bridget 16 all Carders at the Flax Mill.

Hailing from County Sligo were: James Fearan (42 Lab Dye Works and wife Mary 38 Housekeeper; kids Mathew 14, Thomas 12, Mary Ellen 10, Catherine 8, Bridget 2, Sarah 1 mo from Leeds; father Richard Kenelly 74 and mother Bridget 66 Parish Relief), Michael Martin (32 Lab), Thomas Murphy (48 Lab), Michael Welch 30 Hawker), James McNulty (37 Hawker), James Doud (26 Lab), Edward McNulty (48 Glazier; brother John 55 Lab and daughter Mary Ann 19 Machinist), Thoams Maclogh (36 Lab and wife Bridget 36 Factory Hand; kids Mary 15, Ann 12, Michael 10, ELizabeth 1, Cathrine 4 mo Leeds), John Marran (55 Hawker; kids Cathrine 25, Bridget 17 Leeds), Michael Connell (70 Brush Hawker and wife Cathrine 60 Small Ware Hawker), ELizabeth McManus (50 Wid Housekeeper; son Andrew 21 Leeds) and Margret Flynn (50 Potato Sorter). Hailing from Dublin were: Bridget Waters (42 General Dealer; daughter Cathrine 17 Leeds), Peter Gratton (25 Gen Lab), Thomas Rodgers (51 Smith Striker), Charles Anderson (40 Brick Layer's Lab; wife Marth 35 Hawker Leeds), Henry Lawrence (28 Splint Cutter), Jane Smith (28 Hawker; husband John 25 Hawker Warrington Lancashire; kids James 8mos, Joseph 2 Sussex Brighton), George Gorman (56 Potato Merchant), John Clark (45 Hawker and wife Fanny 35 Dressmaker; son John 14 York, Yorkshire) and John Macarty (31 Tailor). Paul Dillen (32) hailed from Derry, Ireland. John McBride (39 Basket Maker) hailed from Dungannon, Ireland (one in Cork and Tyrone) while wife Jane 37 Housekeeper was from Fermane; kids Mary 15, John 8, Owen 5, Robert 3 were from Leeds. James Savage (40 Hawker) hailed from County Down while wife Elizabeth (43 Hawker) hailed from County Cork, Ireland. Jane Wainwright (49 Housekeeper) was from Kildare, Ireland; kids Sarah Ann 21, Frederick 17, William 14, John 11, Joseph 9 Thomas 7 and nephew William Reardon 6 from Leeds). Hannah Rodgers (56 Blind) also hailed from Kildare, Ireland. Eward Connley (26 Wood Turner) hailed from Tyrone, Ireland. Robert Moffat (43 Cooper) hailed from Leith?, Ireland; wife Eliza 65 from Rixham). Patrick Carrol (30 Lab) hailed from Armagh, Ireland. Isabella Welch (39 Hawker) was from Belfast; daughter Mary Ann 7 Ashton Moor, Cumberland and son James 2 Leeds. Michael Judge (47 Marble Mason) was from Curagh, Ireland (Curagh is a Townland in 20 different counties in Ireland). Bridget Tinsinn (34) hailed from Glaneath, Ireland; husband William 34 unemployed Lab from Bath Somerset; kids Edward 10 Liverpool, Abbott 8 Durham, Mary Jane 10 Market Weston, Yorkshire.

The majority of the Irish-born in District 5 were living on Hemingway's Yard, East Lane and Royal Oak Yard followed by scattered numbers on Kirkgate, George's Street, Royal Oak Yard Public House, Prince's Yard, Sheeter Yard, Chamber's Yard, Wood's Court and Bottom of Market. There were no place names in Ireland given. The Irish were employed in the following occupations: Laborer (Cafferty, Cauley, Dooker, Duffy, Gleeson, Keneawy, Ladson, Leanham, Lyden, Mathews, Monnely, O'Rourke, Ward), Ag Laborer (Carrol, Duffy, McDonald, McGloughlin, Quinn), Brick Layer's Lab (Beasly, Calten), Excavator (Flynn), Worker (McDonald), Iron Stone Miner (Swift), Moulder (Lowrey), Tanner (Carny), Coal Dealer (Preston), Potato Dealer (Carrol x2), Currier (Dacy, Sumers), Hawker (Colligan, Murphy), Rag Sorter (McGuire), Omnibus Conductor (Gaffney), Loding Housekeeper (Conley, Murphy), Drill Instructor (Leahy), Land Dealer (Murray), Clothers Dealer (Locklin), Mechanic (Adams), Tailoress (Moran), Tailor (Mathews), Machine Hand (Massey), Hat Finisher (Shaw), Mill Hand (Lyden), Cloth Dresser (Bolan), Hat Finisher (Degnan), Dressmaker (Dry, Frith), Yarn Spinner (Macarty), Shoemaker (Moore), uncertain occupation (Maron) and 32 listed with out occupations (Beasly, Bullock, Cafferty, Calten, Carney, Carrol x2, Cauley, Clark x3 from 3 different families, Clarkson, Cocklin, Colen x2, Colligan, Collins, Gaffney, Kineawy, Lalley, Leanham x2, Lowrey, Lyden, McNab, McLoughlin, Mathews x2 from 2 different families, Monnely, Quinn x2, Ward).

The Irish-born in District 6 were living on Vicar Lane Brown Inn, Brunswick Hotel, Hayes Court and Sydney Street. Ann Cassidy (25 Dom Svt) was born in Dublin, Ireland as was John Foster (50 Wood Turner). Sabina Ashton (18) was born in Tralee, Ireland (mother Harriet 51 was born in Sussex; Father Joseph Shopwalker 50 born ?, brother R born in Devonport, Devon). There were only two other Irish immigrants here: Mary McGarvey and Ann McGuire both Domestic Servants.

District 7 had a huge concentration of Irish immigrants and many entries gave townland of origin. The largest numbers resided on Back George Street, closely followed by Ebenezer Street and Court. The remaining Irish lived on Baptist Street, Shephard Yard, Georges Street and Cellar, Clarkson's Court, Warwick Court, Turner's Court, Millgarth Street, Golden Square, Currier Street and Hay and Straw.

The following Irish had family members who hailed from County Mayo, Ireland: Patrick Kenny (Fruit Merchant) and wife Kate (6 children born in Leeds, daughter Bridget Grogan, Servant- Mayo), Joseph Reilly (Tailor) and wife Sarah), Harriet McGlyn (Servant), Patrick Garrity (Puddler) and wife Mary, Michael O'Hara (Lab Coals), his wife Mary (Flax Hand), kids Maud, Hubert, Martin (Cloth Dressers) and daughter Ellen (Flax Dresser), Patt Flaherty and Patt Feerick (Laborers), Patt Smith (Lab), sons Michel, James, William (Cloth Dresser), daughter Mary (Flax Dresser), Laborers: Batty McGowan, Thomas Kelly, WIlliam Roberts, Patrick Skehen, Michael O'Boyle, James and Pat Mongan, James Caufield, Thomas Melia (wife Bgt from Mayo, son Thomas Sherburn, Yorkshire and 5 kids Leeds), Patrick Smith (Scholar), Thomas Heffron (Shoemaker) and his wife Mary (3 kids Leeds), Michel Kelley (Hay Lab) and daughter Mary (Rag Lab) (3 kids Leeds), Peter Dover (Coal Lab) and wife Mary, son Peter (Collier) daughter Nancy from Sligo and 2 kids from Leeds, Patrick Queenan (BL Lab) and wife Margret (Mill Hand) with 7 kids born in Leeds, Mary Guiever (husband Thomas and 4 kids from Leeds), Mary Morrison from Ballina (Mayo?) and husband John (a Dyer from Longford), Bridget Huges, Thomas Tighe (Cloth Dresser) and his wife Mary, Mary Regan (3 children born in Leeds), David Gordon (Hawker) and his wife Catherine, James Quin (Cloth Dresser), Patrick Devit (Lab) and his wife Bridget (plus 4 kids from Leeds and 2 daughters from Northumberland, New Castle), Martin Churchfield (Stone Cutter) and his wife Bridget (plus 6 kids born in Leeds),Michael Dowley (Dyer's Lab) and his wife Catherine, John McNamara (Lab) and his wife Bridget (plus 2 kids born in Leeds), Mark Carroll (Glazier) and his wife Catherine (plus 2 kids born in Leeds), Catherine Meara (sorter Cloth Warehouse, plus 3 kids born in Leeds), Patrick Ty Money (Dyer's Lab) and his wife Susan (daughter born in Leeds), John Bartle (Hawker) and his wife Catherine (two kids born in Leeds), James Browe (lab) his wife Mary (Lab Warehouse), daughters Marie and Faney (Spinners), Patrick Roach (Tailor), Patrick O'Neil (Lab) and his wife Margaret and son Peter (Mill Hand) (plus grandson from Leeds), George Loe (Porter), James Moran (Lab) and his wife Betty (2 sons born in Leeds), Peter Mocken (Hawker) while his wife Mary (Rag Sorter was from Sligo) and 3 kids born in Leeds, Michael McGlyn (Lab) and his wife Catherine as well as John, Bridget and Maurice and Catherine (Mill Hands), Hannah and Sarah (plus 3 kids born in Leeds), Winefred Fergison and her son Michael (Lab), Patrick Garrity (Puddler) and his wife Mary, Patrick (Painter), Anthony (Cloth Hand) and Bridget, Thomas McGowen (Farm Lab) and his wife Margaret and son Luke and Thos (Cloth Sorters) plus 4 kids born in Leeds, Bridget Conway (daughter born in Leeds), John Lyons (Lab) while his wife Ann is from Sligo and 2 kids from Leeds), Winefrid Mellia (Cloth Sorter) plus 2 kids born in Leeds, Patrick Rawley (Plasterer), John McMaminon (Lab), his wife Mary and Son Patrick (Lab), Anthony Padden (Lab) and his wife Ellen, daughters Mary, Catherine and Margret (Mill Hand) plus their son in Law Jame Fergin (Leeds), Bridget Welsh, Anthony Padden, Mary Hevekin (her husband John is a Tanner from Roscommon (3 kids from Leeds), Michael Mahon (Lab) and his wife Sicily (4 kids born in Leeds), John Clark (Whip Maker) plus 5 kids born in Leeds, Ellen Fenneghty (Washerwoman), Patrick Carteray (Hawker) whose wife Mary was born in Dunkeld?, Ireland plus 4 kids born in Leeds, Edward Ranne and his wife Mary (plus 4 kids born in Leeds), Patrick Rowan (Engine Tenter), his wife Catherine and mother Mary (plus 2 kids from Leeds), Mary A Wilson (Nurse), Mary Hannan (Warehouse Woman) plus her 5 kids from Leeds, Henry Jordan (Lab) and his wife Sabina, Ann Murray (Hawker) and her two sons from Leeds and finally John Mulhern (Cloth Dresser) and his sisters Bridget and Margret (Mill Hands).

The following Irish Immigrants in District 7 hailed from County Galway: Thomas Coan (Clothier) and his wife Maria (plus 8 kids from Leeds), Catherine Brady (Boarding Housekeeper, son Thomas from Leeds), Mary Morgan (Joiner's Wife) plus two daughters born in Staffordshire and two sons in Leeds), Margret Lions, son Richard and daughter Elizabeth (Slipper Binders), Jane Morrell (Slipper Binder) with husband Richard and two kids born in Leeds), Michael Walsh (unable to work; whose wife Elizabeth is from County Kerry and three kids from Leeds), John Baines (Shoemaker) whose wife Catherine is from Dublin and 5 kids from Leeds and John Welsh (Shoemaker).

The following Irish immigrants in District 7 hailed from County Sligo: Tailors (Wiliam McKenna, Thomas Healey), Michel Rodger (Tanner's Lab) whose wife Mary and 3 kids were from Leeds), James Welsh, (Cloth Dresser), Brian Dunn (Hawker) and his wife Ann (grandson Leeds), Alice Leonard, Terance Brennan (Lab), Martin McGowen (Lab) and his wife Mary (5 kids from Leeds), Luke McManus (Slipper Maker), Owen Dowd (Lab), wife Bridget (Factory Hand), daughter Amean and son Thomas (plus daughter from Leeds), Martin Winmsey (Carter; with 3 kids from Leeds and daughter Catherine From Sligo), Thomas Leonard (Lab) and his wife Catherine (5 kids from Leeds), Martin Dyer (Lab) and his wife Rose, Bridget Green (Flax Rover), Bridget Dyer (Cloth Sorter; with w kids born in Leeds and daughter Elizabeth a Cloth Sorter born in Ireland), James Judge (Shoemaker) with grandson born in Leeds, Mary Nalin and daughter Catherine (Flock Sorter), Catherine Webber and Ellen Cosgrove (Cloth Clippers), William Shipington (Cloth Dresser) and wife Mary (daughter born in Leeds), Patrick Narey (Farm Lab), his wife Connor (Cl Clipper), son Thomas (Cl. Dresser) with 2 kids born in Leeds, Bridget Morris (Pot Hawker), Edward Doyle (forgeman) and his wife Bridget (Hawker) with two sons Dunham, Lancashire, son in Goole Yorkshire and 3 kids Leeds and Catherine Gaughen (Flax Hand) who lives with her sister's family (Lyons).

The following Irish immigrants in District 7 hail from County Roscommon: Patrick Heneghan (Lab) whose wife Margret was from Limerick and 3 kids born in Ripon, Yorkshire, Michael Walsh (Tanner) and his wife Margret (one son Bolton, Lancashire, 2 kids Leeds), Patrick Byrn (widowed Hawker), Patrick Mopfit (Lab) and James Gavan (Hawker).

The following Irish immigrants in District 7 hail from County Leitrim: Francis Cox (Lab), wife Margret (Lab) and daughter Margret, John Neaven, his wife Ann and his mother in law Ann Gallagher plus 2 kids born in Leeds (all of these listed Lautrum which is likely Leitrim. Others from Latrim? were James McManus (Cloth Dresser) and his wife Bridget (7 kids born in Leeds), from Leitrim (Ann McKewen (Mill Hand; with daughter from Leeds), John Gray and wife Ann (Hawkers from Leethem) with 7 kids from Leeds), Pat McGanry (Bricklayer) and his wife Margret (2 kids from Leeds), Michael Harley (Lab) and his wife Winefrid (3 kids from Leeds).

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland were Julia McDonnell (husband John a Raga and Paper Dealer and 2 kids hailed from Leeds), Patrick Riley (widowed Lab who lived with Mary Huges his mother in law from Mayo and 5 of her grandchildren from Leeds), Ann Ercley (Washerwoman with 3 children from Leeds), Maria Oxbough (Capmaker), William Drye (Engine Tenter) and wife Elizabeth (3 kids from Leeds).

John Burns (Habberdasher) hailed from Antrim, Ireland (wife Elizabeth from London and 4 kids from Leeds). James Dunfield (Linen Draper) hailed from Carlow, Ireland and wife Mary from Leeds. Hailing from Tipperary were: Michael Wall (Lab; while wife Margret was from Castle Dorea, Irleand and daughter born in Liverpool, Lancashire), Mary Donavan (Dressmaker) while husband Thomas (Lab) was born in Limerick, Ireland and 3 kids from Leeds, Ann Kelley (while husband Peter a Shoemaker and 4 kids were from Leeds), Mary Dorrington (Shoe Binder) and husband Edward (Shoemaker) was from Limerick and 3 kids from Leeds, Patrick O'Connor (shoemaker) and his wife Hannah (son from Manchester and daughter from Leeds) and finally Stephen Barakry (Lab) and his wife Bridget from Thurles, Ireland which I believe is in Tipperary. Numerous other Irish immigrants were from Limerick, Ireland including: Maria Mullins (Flax Spinner), Michael Gleasome (Tailor) and finally Joseph Hayes (Dyer) and wife Catherine (Dressmaker; with 2 kids Halifax and 3 from Leeds). Mary McKeown (Hawker) appears to hail from County Down (says C. Dower) while her daugher was born in Leeds and son in Northumberland. Mary Lag (Factory Hand) hailed from C. Clare while son Edward was born in Huddersfield. James Alacon (Flock Man) hailed from Queens County, Ireland. Michael McGilley (Pot Merchant) was born in Monahan, Ireland, married son Francis was born in Leeds and his wife Ann in County Cavan (son born in Leeds and two Grandchildren in Leeds). Thimothy Driscol (Grocer) and his wife Mary hailed from Cork (son Michael from Leeds). Elizabeth Hodson and son William (Gr. Grocers) hailed from Athboy, Ireland (which I believe is in County Meath; grand daughter from Leeds). Mary Doker and her children Ann, Bridget, Margret (Mill Hands), Patrick and Thomas were from Grayley, Ireland.

The remaining Irish in this district did not give placenames of origin in Ireland. They were employed in the following occupations: Laborers (Brown, Care, Conaway, Marne), Hawkers (Burns, Dunclaw, Cormack, Jones), Dealer (Dowd), Mill Hand (McNaire, Rafter), Card Spinner (Malroy), Flock Sorter (Dulley, Murry), Cloth Sorter (Dyer), Clicker (Granly), Sawyer (Queenan),Striker/Coachman (Dunclaw), Cloth Merchant (Toole) and four without occupations (Curran, Flyn, Granly, Jones).

The highest concentration of Irish in District 8 were living on Ebenezer Street, followed by Union Street and Court, Stead's Yard, Ratcliff's Court, Proctor's Yard, Short Court, Harwood Street and Court. More Irish were employed as Laborers than any other occupation (Austerbury, Barrett, Brogan, Burke x2 from 2 different families, Butler, Cain, Cawley, Connor, Dooker, Dooley, Dougherty, Dowd, Driscoll, Farrall, Finighty, Flinn, Gill, Hogan, Johnson, King, Kyan, Lalley, McDonah, McGowan, McNelly, Quigley, Swift x2, Troy), Plaster's Lab (Daley), Brick Layer's Lab (Dowd, Fitzgibbons, Lynch, McHale), Brick Layer (Dowd), Brickmaker (O'Neil), Stoker (McGowan), Navvy (Gannon, Morrison), Mason (Maguiness), Mill Hand (Cain, Divany x2, Finighty, Kenny x2, Lynch, Murphy), Works Mill (Culley x3), Works Warehouse (Finighty, Rowley), Factory Hand (Butler, Cain, Driscoll, Lalley, Riley), Dyer (Casey, Fitzpatrick, Moran, Riley), Tanner (Ellis, Riley, Walsh x2), Skinner (Cain), Former Laundress (Foster), Charwoman (Newton), Upholster (O'Raley), Staymaker (Exley), Tailor (Barton, Brown, Floyd, McConnell,Monaghan, Murtha, Shovin), Tailoress (Monaghan), Earthenware Hawker (McDonough), Hawker (Brown,Cash, Griffin, Hoban, Kelly, McNelly, Noonin, Taylor, Walsh), Boot Binder (Conroy, McGowan), Shoe Binder (Conley, McGowan), Shoemaker (Cosgrove, Earley, Leonard, Mathews, McGowan, Mcloughlin, Mullin, Richardson, Walsh), Bootmaker (Walsh), Hatter (Divine, Donley), Joiner and Carpenter (Shenan), Potter (McCabe), Potato Sorter (Connor), Mungo? Puller? (Walsh), Rag Sorter (Gillons, Griffin, Walsh), Huckster Shopkeeper (Kenny), Shopkeeper (Callington, Smith), Pedlar (Kelly, Walch), Hackler (Jackson), Nurse (Parker), Daily Servant (Murphy), Pensioner, (Hunesy), Cloth Finisher (Gough, Jackson, McDonald), Cloth Sorter (Burke, Dooker, King, McDonough, Mullins, Shields), Flax Spinner (Griffin, Kenny, McGuire, O'Maley, Swift), Flax Dresser (O'Maley), Cloth Dresser (Barrett, Gartlan, Swift), Cloth Hawker (Heaney), Weaver (Devine), Flock Sorter (O'Neil) a Scholar (Riley), one out of work (Carrigan) and 60 without occupations (may of which are wives): Bagley, Baker, Bickerdike, Burke x3 from 3 different families, Brannan, Butler, Brown, Cainx3 from 2 different families, Casey, Cavernor, Cawley, Cherry, Daley, Dougherty x3 from 2 different families, Dowd, Ellis, Farrall, Fitzpatrick, Fitzgibbons, Gannon, Griffin, Hoban, Healy, Holern, Kelly, Kyan, Mathews, McDermott, McDonah, McDonagh, McDonald x2 from 2 different families, McDonnell x2McLoughlin x2 from 2 different families, McHale, Moran, Morrison x2 from 2 different families, Mullin, Murray, Murtha, Noonin, O'Maley, Richardson, Rosindle, Smith, Swift, Walsh x2 from 2 different families, Wein and Wilkinson.

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 9 were living on Nelson Street, Pollards Yard and Union Street (plus Union Street New Inn and Yorkshire Husser?) followed by Prussia Street, Lady Lane, Back House Yard, Black Swan Yard, Back Virginia Street, Union Street New Inn, North Street Black Swan. There were no place names in Ireland given. There appeared to be a concentration of Tailors in the earliest part of this district ennumerated including: Heagan, Johnson, Madden, McIntyre, McMahon, Monwey, O'Brian and Whelan. There was a Tailor Vestmaker (Gilasby) and Tailoresses (Johnson, McInds, O'Conner, Pullan). Other Irish employed in the Clothing and Textile Industry were: Shoemakers (Fynn x2, Lynch, Russell), Boot Fitter (Foy), Boot Finisher (Foy), Shoe Finisher (Gilmore), Clothes Dealer (Corney), Clothier (Kilmartin), Cloth Dresser (Debbit, Riley, Rotchford), Mill Hand (Conroy), Flax Spinner (Gillasby), Cloth Dyer (Griffin, Harrison), Flocker (Harrington), Cloth Drawer (Long, Moody) and Cloth Finisher (Roger). There were 10 Hawkers (Clark, Dimsey, Golcar, Hyde, Kisby, McNanty, Madden, O'Heara, Read, Riley), Hawkers of Delfware (Fell, Smith), a Pedler (Feely), Laborer Brick Layers (Madden, Moran), Laborer Gas Works (Corcoran), Plaster's Laborer (Maccantta), Tanner (Maylie), Laborer Wood Yard (Butler), Laborer to Hair Curler (Gallagher), Out of Work Laborer (Develly, Dimsey), Marble Polisher (O'Conner), Rag Sorter (Demsey), Box Maker (Bennett), Groom (Fleming, Shortell), Domestic Servant (Denneby), Charwoman (Develly, Russel), Housekeeper (Bourk, Gibbons), Sorter at Marine Store (Maccantha), Cooper (Welsh), Tanner (Giratty, Noone, O'Hora, Smith, Walsh), Papermaker (Fynn), Mechanic (Collins), Carpenter (Monaghan), Publican (Madden x2), Organ Pipemaker (Johnson), Soldier (Robinson), Retired Soldier (McCarthy), Innkeeper (Sheard), Broker (Maylie), Book Canvasser (O'Brian), Musician/Traveling (Ryan), one supported by her son (Backwith) and 21 listed with out occupations (many of which were wives) including: Ashton, Collins, Corcoran, Fynn, Gallagher, Gilmore, Griffin, Harrison, Kennedy, Kilmartin, Maylie, McNanty, Monaghan, Noone, Sanderson, Stewart, Upperton,Walsh, Whitaker, Welsh and Watson.

The Irish-born who lived in District 10 were scattered among 3 Streets: Templar Street, Edward Street and Little Templar Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. The Irish were employed in the following occupations: Boot Binder (Thorton), Boot Finisher (Thorton x2, Moore), Shoe Finisher (Stevenson), Shoemaker (Ganley), Shot Fitter (Stevenson), Boot Machinist (Keeley), Clerk in Engineering Branch (Keeley), Tailor (Tears), Lodging Housekeeper (Dawson), Laborer (Hall) and Groom (Keeley). There were also two spouses (keeley and Ganley) who were unemployed.