A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 11-21 in the 1871 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 71 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and, District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children and the Leeds Workhouse in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in at least 5 separate sections (1-10, 11-21, 22-40 and 41-60 and 61-71 with the Cavalry Barracks, School for Pauper Children and Workhouse) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 11-21 of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1871 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The majority of the Irish in District 11 were living on Little Bridge Street followed by St John's Court, St John's Square and Lydia Street. Placenames in Ireland were given for a variety of the immigrants including the following from Mayo: John Melvin (56, Hawker) and his wife Julia (55) with son James born in Leeds and James Holmes (a 46 yr old Shoemaker and boarder living with them). Two families hailed from Galway: Edward Stafford (50, Pavours? Lab), his wife Mary (49),sons Michael (23 Pavour's Lab), Thomas (15, Shoemaker), Edward (13), daughter Catherine Holmes (28, Tailoress born in Ireland) while son William, 10 was born in Leeds and William Murray (31 Mech Fitter) and what appears to be his wife Ann (39) who were living with the Dwyer family from County Clare. Three families hailed from County Monaghan, Ireland including: James Kennan (44, Lab) and his wife 45 year old wife Catherine (children James 9 and Mary A 6 were born in Leeds), James Shoolen (25, Builder's Lab) who lived with them and Margaret Kelly (53, Lodging Housekeeper) whose sons Michael, Peter, Daniel and daughter Catherine and Neice Catherine Heigh were born in Leeds. John Dwyer (38 Mechanic Fitter) and his wife Bridget (45) hailed from County Clare as did Peter Cain (39, Cloth Dresser) and his 30 yr old wife Julia (Children Martin and Margaret born in Leeds). William Millar (35 Boot Finisher) and sons William (12) and James (6) were born in Dublin, Ireland while wife Lucy Ann (38) was born in County Wexford. One family hailed from Longford, Ireland: John Armstrong (40, Outdoor Lab), his wife Mary (26) and children Eliza (10), David (8) and Anne (6) with daughter Sarah (2) born in Leeds. One Family hailed from Tipperary, Ireland: Jeremiah Kelly (50, Hawker), his daughters Catherine (18, Shoemaker?) and Theresa (11, Scholar) and son John (15, Shoemaker) while sons Patrick and Francis (9,6 Scholars) and sister Sarah Ann (3) were born in Leeds. The remaining entries for the Irish in this district failed to give place names of origin in Ireland were as follows: Master Tailor (Kearney), Book Keeper (Reily), Housekeeper (Quin), Cart Driver (Parkinson), Brick Layer's Lab (Roche), Mechanic? (Mitchell) and the following listed without occupations (Cherry, Roche, Kearney).

The Irish-born in District 12 were living on Brewery Street, Poland Street, Star Street, Hope Street, Noble Street, Star Street, Gerber Street, Bell Street, Plum Street, Lower Brunswick and Sun Street. The following Irish hailed from County Mayo, Ireland: Michael Maley (40, Plaster's Lab) and his 33 year old wife Bridget (children James 12, William 10, Elizabeth 9, Mary 7 were born in Wolverhampton, while Michael 6, Bridget 6, and Ann hailed from Leeds) and James McDonald (77, Shoemaker) came from Castlebar (Mayo?) while his son William 36 hailed from Leeds. Patrick Cain (32 Lab Gas Works) and his wife Isabella (40, with son John born in Yorkshire) hailed from County Sligo as did Catherine Bolland (44 yr old wife). Margaret Corcoran (56) also hailed from Sligo but son? John Flaherty (a married 28 Belt Sewer Flax) and daughter Catherine Flaherty?(23 Woolen Rag Burlor) hailed from County Roscommon, daughter in law Sarah A Flaherty (21 Sackmaker) was born in Leeds, son? Alfred Flaherty (4) and grandchildren James (2) and John (6 months) hailed from Leeds. Lodger Mary Murray (18, Mute Piecer Wool Mill) who was born in Roscommon lived with them. There was also a Thomas Jennings (50, Hawker of Spectacles) who was born in Athlone, Ireland (there is a Athlone in Roscommon and Westmeath) and his wife Ann (40) was born in County Galway, Ireland (children Thomas 24, Edward 20, John 18 and William 14 were born in Leeds). James Mathews (26, Tailor) was born in Tipperary, Ireland (wife Elizabeth 28, sons William 9, Joseph 7 and John 4 were born in Leeds) as as Edmund McGrath (29 Tailor), while wife Mary (26) was born in Kildare, Ireland. Ann Casedy (58, married) hailed from County Longford, Ireland (while daughter Mary 15 hailed from Walsall, Worchestershire and Thomas 10 from Leeds). Samuel Hutchinson (41, Bricklayer's Lab) was from Leeds, but his wife Margaret, 40, hailed from Kings County, Ireland and son William (13, Cordwainer ) was from Leeds. John Murphy (27, Tailor) hailed from Kildare, Ireland. Martin Hullehan (50, Tailor) hailed from Dungarven, Ireland (likely Kilkenny or Waterford). Maria Haigh (45) hailed from County Monaghan, Ireland while son William (36) was born in Leeds. Mary A Gill (30, Charwoman) was born in Queens County, Ireland. Lewis Moun (45 Painter) and his wife Ann (40) were born in Kings County, Ireland. John Ryder (34 Green Grocer) was born in Leeds, but his wife Margaret (30) was born in Cork Ireland (their children Mary 12, William, 10, Ellen 6, Catherine 2 and Annie 1 month were born in Leeds). James Smith (46, Tailor) was born in Kilrush, Ireland (townland in Cork, Clare, Kildare, Kilkenny, Leitrim, LImerick, Mayo and Tipperary), while his wife Maria (46) was born in Clooness, Ireland and two sons John 12 and Robert 9 were born in Lancashire (Ashton and Overdarwen). Thomas Holmes (51, Groom) was born in Leeds, but his wife Eliza (49) was born in County Wexford, Ireland. Robert Marsden (44, Painter?) was born in Westmorland, Bowness? while wife Esther (46 Tailoress) was born in Dublin, Ireland. Francis Knight (59, Tailor) was born in Dufnes, Scotland, but his wife Catherine (40) was born in Dundalk, Ireland (likely County Louth). Isabella Stafford (48, Cap Maker) was born in Belfast, Ireland as was Michael McHale (26, Cloth Dresser). His wife Mary (24) was from Drawden, Ireland and sons John 4, Richard, 2 and Thomas 5 months were born in Leeds. The remaining Irish did not include place names of origin in Ireland and were employed as a Tailor (Banks), Dock Yard Laborer (Mulligan).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 13 were living on Moscow Streeet and Templar Steets, followed bgy Malt Street, Barrett Court, Liverty Street, Bridget Street and Hope Street.

County Mayo immigrants: Anthony Gannon (22, Lab) and his wife Kate (19) hailed from Westport, Ireland (son Edward 3 mos - Leeds) as did Thomas Lyden (28 Dyer) their border. Timothy Casey (27 Farmer) hailed from Mayo (wife Margaret 21 and sister Mary Waldron 23 from Leeds) as did John Rodgers (50 Bricklayer's Lab) and his wife Elizabeth (51 Seamstress; daughter Elizabeth 15 Machine Hand from Leeds), William Maily (59 Hawker) and his wife Catherine (61 Hawker), Patrick Butler (70 Farm Lab), Patrick Keenan (32 Cloth Dresser) and his wife Bridget (30; with sons Owen 22 Cloth Dresser, Thomas 10 and John 7 Scholars, Ann 17 Flock Sorter were born in Leeds), John McHugh (42 Cloth Dresser) and his wife Sarah (30 Cloth Dresser; with children Margaret 15 Servant and John 7 born in Leeds), Dominick Rogan (34 Builder's Lab) and his wife Bridget (32; with children Patrick 13 Cloth Worker, Mry Scholar, Jame 6 and William 4 from Hull, Yorkshire and Anne 2 Leeds), Bridget Loughneen (28 Flocker), Darby Walsh (26 Cloth Dresser) with wife Margaret (22 Flocker from County Galway and son John 1 Leeds), Patrick Jordan (30 Builder's Lab) with wife Ellen (25) born in Aran, Ireland and children James 5 and Maryann 1 in Leeds, Anthony Rodgers (56 Boot Maker) while wife Catherine and relative Bridget Devine (cloth business) were born in Crosmolina, Ireland (son John Rogers born Newcastle on Tyne and relative Mary Ann Devine (3) born in Leeds. John Foy (30 Marine Store Dealer) and his wife Bridget (26 Dressmaker) were born in Mayo as was Mary Joyce (51; her husband Tobias was an Ag Lab from County Galway and daughter Mary 15 from Northumberland). Hugh Walsh (59 Lab) was from Louisburg, Ireland as was his wife Mary (50) while daughter Catherine 16 a Factory Hand and Scholar, son Anthony 5 and Honer 11 were from Leeds. Hailing from County Roscommon were: John Rodgers (35 Leatherworks), his wife Sarah (36), daughter Kate (12, Scholar) and brother Peter (33) while daughter Mary A and Margaret 4 were from Leeds. Mary Gowlan (16 Flax Worker, Lodger with Joyce family) was also born in Roscommon. Hailing from County Galway were: Mary Madden (34) while husband James (36, Tailor) was from Liverpool and children Sarah A 11, Barbara 8, Michael 5 and James were from Leeds, Thomas Neesome (48 works on Turnpike Road) while wife Ann (40) was born in Croffal, Ireland and children Thomas 15 Bricklayer, Maryann 12 and Frank 10 were born in Leeds, Patrick Cain (32 Flocker) and his wife Winney (30) while children Martin 11, Mary Ann 7, Patrick 5 and Bridget 2 were born in Leeds, Mary McAndrew while her husband James McAndrew (53 Farm Lab) was born in Ireland. John Flaherty (42 Farm Lab), while children Michael 16 and Thomas (14, both Cloth Dressers) and son John were born in Leeds and finally Michael Lyden (40, Lab) and wife Mary (40) while children William (15, Grocer) Catherine (12 Factory Hand), Richard (6) and Mary Ann (3) were born in Leeds. Hailing from County Longford was: ELizabeth Winwick (50, Pedlar), while husband Thomas (49 Basketmaker) hailed from Shetland Winwick (Scotland?) and daughter Elizabeth (18 Boxmaker) from Beverly, Yorkshire. Hailing from County Clare were: Cornelius Moran (28) and brother Joseph P Moran (19, Boot Finishers), Bridget Coile (26 Cloth Warehouse) while husband Jame (30, Shoemaker) hailed from Rossley, Yorkshire and daughter Mary Ann (12) from Leeds, Mary Purtle (James Coile's mother, 50, farmer's widow) and son Thomas Purtle (20, Cloth Dresser) while Jame's Coile's niece Mary Ellen Wall (1) was born in Leeds. Bridget Stenson (20 Cloth Warehouse) was born in County Sligo. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland were: Peter Cullin (45 Quills Dresser) and his niece Margaret Cullen (20, Servant) while his wie Ann (45) and nephew James Torle hailed from Liverpool, Margaret Mulligan (23, Spinner) while husband Michael (24 Hawker) and children Mary 3, Robert 1 and nephew Richard Knight were born in Leeds. Margaret Kelly (24, widowed Tailor) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland (son John 4 in Leeds). Mary Kavanaugh (39 Charwoman) was bonr in Queens County, Ireland as was son John (10), James (7) with Thomas (1) born in Leeds. Hailing from County Monaghan were Michael Meaghan (56 Lab), his wife Mary (50), son Patrick (28 Servant) and Lodger Owen Meaghan (26 Plaster's Lab), Patrick Green (42 Plaster's Lab) and his wife Bridget (40) while children Thomas (14 Cloth Dresser) and Mary (13 Flax Worker) hailed from Leeds. James Goodwin (40 Tailor), wife Mary (31 Tailoress), daughter Annie (12) all hailed from County Monaghan, while son Bernard (13 Tailor) was born in Newcastle on Tyne, Mary J (9) was born in Glasgow, Scotland and Michael (3) in Leeds. John Keenan (46 Builder's Lab) and wife Ellen (52) were born in County Monaghan (daughter Catherine, Linen Manufacture 21 was born in Leeds) while Lodger Ann Leary (26 Weaver) was born in County Monaghan. Maria Johnson (33) was born in Belfast, Ireland while husband John (30 Lab), sons George (3) and Harry (10 Mos) were born in Leeds and son James (6) was born in Bradford, Yorkshire. Finally Catherine Stone (56, Shoemaker's wife) was born in Drogheda, Ireland and lodging with the Patrick Jordan family from Mayo.

The remaining Irish in District 13 were employed as follows: Laborers (Caveny, Dolan, Finnigan -2 from 2 different families, Mccune, McNally), Rag Sorters (Meghan 2 from 2 different families), Cloth Sorters (Dolan, McCune), Cloth Finisher (McCune), Flock Sorter (Holing), Cleaner of Flocks? (Swift), Cloth Dresser (McNally), Flax Dresser (Meghan), Weaver (Herrington), Slippermaker (McManus), Charwoman (Sheridan), Cooper (Newcomb), Ag Lab (Cosgrave), Tailor (Dowd), Tailor's wife (Power), Brickmaker (Hymes), Gardener/Asphalter (Ruddy), Hawkers (Herrington, Ruddy), Shopkeeper (Mullins) ajd 10 listed without occupations (Burns, Cosgrave, Finnigan, Green, Kelly, McCune, McManus, McNally x2 from 2 different families and Meghan).

The largest concentration of Irish in District 14 were living on Hope and Millwright Streets, followed by Greave's Yard, Bell Street, Brewery Street, Gower Street, Regent Street (Dutchess of Newt) and Rose Street. There were three charwoman (McGrath, Murray, Reynolds), six listed without occupations (Duncan, Fox, Gilgan, Jacques, Roche and Rooney), and one of each of hte following: General Laborer (Short), Machinist (MacNield), Excavator (Morrissey), Pensioner (Rooney), Mason's Laborer (Fox), Licensed Victualler (MaCauley), Bricklayer's Laborer (Roche), Carpet Winder (Greaves), Cloth Dresser (Gilgan), Lodging Housekeeper (Kirby), Cloth Sorter (conlay), Private Lodging Housekeeper (Carter), Match Box Maker (Carrick), Tailoress (Brannon), Shoe Finisher (Burns), Watercress Hawker (Dixon), Flax Spinner (Mathison), Navvy (Killbride), Cloth Clipper (Kilbride) and Laborer in Iron Foundry (Martin).

The Irish in District 15 were spread out among 10 different streets: Cloth Street, Tulip Street, Pink Street, Regent Street, Rose Street, Cannon Street, Binder Lane Street, Time Street, Saint Street and Mason Street. Three were listed as unemployed (Frobshire, Galloway and Smickergill) and the rest were employed as follows: Shoemaker (Burke), Mill Hand (Murphy), Plaster's Laborer (Hinds), Flock Dresser (Hinds), Laborer (Fitzgerald), Clothes Beater (Rogers), Spice Shop (O Bryan), Hawker (Joice), Marble Polisher (McGuire) and Fire Brickmaker (Lanard).

The Irish in District 16 werer spread out among 5 streets: Busfiled, Myrtle, Lilac Terrace, Beerfield and Concord Streets. Placenames of origin in Ireland were given for three different Irish families. William Brannan (30, Tailor) hailed from Kilkenny, Ireland whiie wife Bridget 31 came from Waterford, Ireland and daugher Catherine Brannan (10, from Cork, Ireland). Their son Bernard McManus (12) hailed from Gainsbro, Lincolnshire and son William Brannan 4 was from Leeds. Mathew White (30) was a shoemaker from Wexford, Ireland as was his wife Mary White (40). Their son Philippe White(16, born in Liverpool) was a Laborer in the Paper Mill and sister Ellen White was an unmarried 30 year old Boot Binder from Wexford, Ireland. William Ryan (unmarried, 40 Pensioner in Regiment U.K) was one of the borders living with them and hailed from County Galway, Ireland. The remaining Irish were employed as a Cloth Mill Laborer (Kennedy), Shoemaker (Garrity), Smith (McCord), Tailor (Norris), Fruit Hawker (McAndrew) and three were listed without occupations (Bell, McAndrew and Padden).

The Irish born in District 17 were living on Lower Templar Street, Templar Street and Cross Templar Street. There were also a high concentration of immigrants from Russian Poland in this district. Placenames of origin in Ireland were given for three different families. Margaret Keenan (33 year old housewife) hailed from Ballanaslough, Ireland (there is a Ballinasloe in both Galway and Roscommon, Ireland); husband Mathew (38 Miller's Laborer) also came from Ireland (children Sarah A, age 7, Mary age 14 and Elizabeth age 2 were born in Leeds). John Moore (50 year old married bootmaker hailed from Kildare, Ireland and Barney Fogerty (34 year old widowed Hawker) was from Thurles, Ireland (there is a Thurles in Tipperary Ireland). The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Book Agent (Meegan), Boot Binder (White), Dressmaker (Welsh), Coachmaker (Norton), Housewife (Kelley) and Shoemaker (Kelley x3).

The Irish in District 18 were residents of Trafalgar Street, Hope Street and Copenhagen Street. Placenames of origin in Ireland were given for numerous Irish immigrants in this district. The following individuals were lodgers living with John Kilmartin (33 year old tailor and his wife Bridget 32 from Mayo, Ireland): Bridget Dunfield (73, widow, Kilkenor, Ireland), Joanan Skilley (38, widowed tailoress from Kilkenor, Ireland), John Moysten (32 from Mayo, IR) and his wife Mary (33 from Leitrim, IR), John Dunne (22, Tailor from Queens County, IR), Patrick Traynor (28, Tailor from Armagh, IR), John O'Brien (22, Tailor from Cork, IR), William Robinson (30, Tailor from Armagh, IR). Daniel Coblins? (27, Irish Commedian) was from Limerick, Ireland (wife Georgiana 24, Serio Comm Vocalist was from Castlebar, IR). There is a Castlebar in County, Mayo, Ireland. Ann Lonsdale (29) hailed from Moneygall, Kings County (this is in IR), while her husband Thomas (28, Musician) was from Blackburn, Lancashire and children Beatrice (3) and Arthur Thomas (5 mos) hailed from Leeds. Jane Myers (57 Hard Robe Dealer? hailed from Connaght, IR (this could be Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Sligo or Leitrim) while her husband Robert (56, Master Tailor) hailed from Great Ousburn, Yorkshire and children Robert (17) and Ada (13) hailed from Leeds. Edward Derby (35, Groom) hailed from Dublin, Ireland as did wife Sarah (34) and children (James 13, Mary Ann 11, Rosanna 9). Their two other children: Sarah Ellen 6 and Martha Ann 1 month hailed from Leeds. Annie Robinsono (18) hailed from County Cork, Ireland while husband Thomas (22 Chimney Sweep) hailed from Leeds. Annie Newell (age 5) hailed from Dublin, Ireland while her father John (42, Strap Manufacture and Billmass?) hailed from Leeds, mother Pheby (30 from Wakefield) and uncle Thomas (gentleman) came from Pudsey, Yorkshire. Wm Fidgett (42, Cloth Finisher) also hailed from Dublin, Ireland (wife Annie E 20 Dressmaker from Leeds and daughter Elizabether 2 mos was born in Leeds). The remaining Irish in this district were employed in the following occupations: Commission Agent (White), Warehouseman (White), Tailor (Kilcourse, Latmer, McCabe), Carpet Weaver (Devaney), Blacksmith (King), Weaver (King), Laborer Foundry (McNulty), Traveler Hawker (Sherry), Musician (Lehmann) and three listed without occupations (Knowles, McNulty, White).

The Irish in District 19 were living on Nile Street, Back Niles Street, Trafalgar Street and Court, and Bridget Street and Court. Placenames in Ireland were given for all but two Irish immigrants living in this district. Hailing from County Mayo were the following: Edmond O'Neill (52, Brick laborer's Laborer) and his wife Mary (43) (while their two daugthers Mary,7, and Catherine 3,were born in Leeds, Thomas Corley (66, Brick layer's Laborer, Deaf) but his wife Mary (55) hailed from County Leitrim. Walter Kelly (59, Mason's Lab) and wife Bridget (55) hailed from Mayo but their Boarder Patrick Grady (28, Laborer Cotton Mill) and Mary (65) hailed from County Galway. Michael Gilchrist, a 25 year old Draper hailed from County Longford, Ireland. Susan Weldon (45, who attends a Tailor's shop) was born in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland while her husband John (46, Outfitter) was born in Manchester, England. John Bones (58, Shopkeeper) was born in Dublin, Ireland (wife Rebecca 58 in Liverpool, daughter Rebecca in Leeds). Jane Towers (55) was also born in Dublin (husband john 55 Boot Bewitter? in Wakefield, son Allan in Leeds). Bridget Byrne (43, Washerwoman) hailed from Queen's County, Ireland as did her daughters Bridget (17, Sewing Machinist) and Marla (15, Nailmaker) and son Joseph (13, Boot Spriger?). Johanna Ganebion (19, Millner Dressmaker) hailed from County Down, Ireland (niece Milie Boucher 17 and nephew Christopher Doyle 17mos were from Leeds). John Dunn (41, Shoemaker) hailed from County Down, Rostemoor, Ireland as did his wife Mary (40) while his children (Jean 12, Richard 10, James 7, Elizabeth 5 and Margaret 2) hailed from Leeds. Patrick Doyle (24, Shoemaker) and boarder in their home, hailed from Estrevor, County Down, Ireland. Hannah Morrison (58, Domestic Servant) hailed from Belfast, Ireland. thomas Goodall (25, Private Watchman), hailed from County Antrim, Ireland while his mother Margaret (43) was from Ireland, father Nathen (Ironmonger Salesman) and his brothers and sisters (William 16, George 14, Elizabeth 12, Ellen 10, Frederick 8, Arthur 6 and Annie 3) were born in Leeds. Finally, Elizabeth Jane Cluskey (36 washerwoman) was born in County Antrim, Ireland (husband Joseph 36 Tailor was born in Lanark, Glasgow, Scotland; daughters Mary Elizabeth 5, Sarah and Margaret 4 were born in Durham Sunderland). There was only one other Irish immigrant in this district- surname Hughs (Land Surveyor; no placename of origin in Ireland given).

The majority of the Irish in District 20 were living on Mason Street followed by Back Byron Street, Cannon Street, Regent Street, Byron Street and Saint Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. The Irish were employed in the following occupations: Laborer (Butler), Domestic Servant (Walsh), Moulder (McNamara), Collier (Malone), Plasterer (Malone), Basket Maker (McBride), Bootmaker (Catterick), Brick Layer's Laborer (Delaudy), Paper Stainer (Girvan), Lodging Housekeeper (Day), Marine Store Dealer (Maldone), Provision Shopkeeper (Rollinson) and McPhail, McBride, Holden, Airey and Malone who were listed without occupations.

The Irish immigrants in District 21 were living on Vandyke Street, Byron Street, Busfield Street and Myrtle Street. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given. The occupations held included: Laundress (Jackson), Joiner/Cabinet Maker (Walder), Pensioner (Flowers), Currier's Laborer (Shepherd), Tailor (Bowen, Kidd) and one who was unemployed (Shepherd).