A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 21-42 in the 1861 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 60 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in four separate sections (1-20, 21-42 and 43-55 and 56-63 with the Cavalry Barracks, School for Pauper Children and Workhouse) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 21-42 of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1861 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The largest number of Irish-born in District 21 were living on Vandyke Street followed by Busfield Street, Myrtle Street and Byron Street. They were emplyed as Jointer/Cabinetmaker (Walder), Tailor (Kelly), Shoemaker (Henley, Mollay), Brick Layer's Laborer (England), Mechanic's Smith (England), Home Painter/Paper Hanger (Marshall), Journeyman Tailor (Rofs), Milliner (Hopper) and Fitzgerald who was listed without an occupation.

The largest concentration of Irish in District 22 were living on Concord Street followed by Imperial Street, Lilac Terrace and Byron Street. Samuel Blakey (Ag Lab) was born in Monaghan, Ireland (his wife Bridget in Sligo Ireland and children Mary Ann, Ellen, jane and Susanna in Leeds). Mary Ford was also born in Sligo, Ireland. Theresa Pilkington was born in Dublin, Ireland. Bessie Grogan (Gentlewoman) was born in Limerick, Ireland. The remaining Irish in this district were employed as a Tailor (Greeves, Manning), Plaster's Laborer (Fernon), Shoemaker (Keogh, Mathews) and Neill who was listed without an occupation.

The Irish-born in District 23 were spread out among six places: Sugden's Buildings, Stamford Place, Brown Square, Skinner Lane, North Street and St Lukes Street. They were employed in the following occupations: Tailor (McNamara, Shuman), Tailor/Draper (Desmond), Staymaker (Kengley x2), Servant (Walker), General Servant (Toomey), Printer/Compos. (Lennox), Brass Fitter (Kengley), Pensioner (Moore) and 3 without occupations (Atkinson, Galvin, Oats).

There was only one Irish-born individual living in District 24, Mary H Smith, an 8 year old living with her grandparents, the Smiths from Derbyshire who were living on Stamford Street.

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 25 were living on Smithies Yard and Hobson's Court followed by Duke Street, Mayes Street, Shore's Yard, Wilson's Yard, Scale's Yard, Mann's Court and York Street. They were employed in the following occupations: Police Constable (Hales), Sadler (McDonnel), Provision Dealer (Toomy), Coal Miner (Lamb), Laborers (Brown, Cardin, Coyene, Made, Moore x2 from 2 different families, O'Brien), Tailor (Fravus, Riley), Tailoress (Davey), Flax Dresser (Dooley), Cloth Sorter (Campbell, Torr), Cloth Weaver (Moore), Oiler Flax Mill (O'Brien), Yarn Spinner (Brugan), Boot and Shoe maker (Murrey), Charwoman (Moore), Fruit Hawker (Noland), and six listed without occupations (Fall, Knowles, Hanah, Maher, Proctor, O'Hara).

The largest number of Irish in District 26 were living on Dunn Yard followed by Off Street, Rising Sun Yard, Phillip's Yard, Mathinson's Yard, Goulden's Yard, Brick Street, Graham Court, and Marsh Lane. Many of the Irish were employed in Textile Industry related jobs such as Clother Weaver (Freeman x2), Flax Mill Hand (Bourke, Filbin, Higgins, McDonald x2, Purcell, Rourke, Flax Mill Laborer (Cawley), Hackler Flax Mill (Cawley), Flax Doffer (Brady, Kelley), Cloth Dresser (Gillard x2, Hobin, Killane, Langan, McDonald), Flax Rover (Killane), Flax Spinner (Goulden, Langan, Meiland), Cloth Finisher (Brown), Boy Flax Mill (Cawley), Flock Sorter (Burns), Waste Mill Laborer- Cloth (Goulden), Cloth Filler (Duffy) and Laborer Cloth (McDonald). There were also Journeyman Tailors (Dudley, Riley), a Tailoress (Abus), a Machine Fitter (Kelley), Journeyman Shoemakers (Denney, Finley, Kennedy, Moore), a Shoe Binder (Curry) and a Dressmaker (Riley). There were also numerous laborers of all sorts including a Laborer (Rogan), Mason's Laborer (Quigley), General Laborer (Bergin, Cay, Lynch, McHugh, Mitchell), Pottery Laborer (Cawley), Excavator Laborer (Dougher, Hobin x2), Ag Laborers (Brady, Cassidy, Delany, Goulden, McDonald, McHale, Mitchell, Monahan, Murphy, Neill, Trayer), Wood Yard Laborer (Goulden, Kelley), Brick Layer's Laborer (Alloy, Callagan, Cugley, Kelley, Kinnehan, Gill, Hoben, McDonald, McGuira, Mallin, Riley, Rogan x2, Tansey), Laborer Paper Mill (Bergin x 3, Knight x2), Black Smith Laborer (Duffy), Mason's Laborer (Tansey), Slater's Laborer (Rowley), Sawyer (Bannon, Killane), Housekeepers (Bourke, Cay, Duffy, Killane, Lynch, McDonald), Gardener's Laborer (Duffy), Charwoman (Rowley), Washer woman (Quinlin) Servant (Flannagan). The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Dealer in Rags (Burgin), Rag Clipper (Durkin), Rag Sorter (Corcoran, McDonald), General Hawker (Durkin), Glass Hawker (Conway), Former Hawker (Hughes), Mat Hawker (Leonard), General Hawker (Fields), Licensed Draper Hawker (Jordan), Pot Hawker (Parker), Hawker Fancy Cr---n Tents? (Hughes), Provision Dealer (Marrott), Fish Monger (McDermot), Mechanics Boy (Ward), Artist (Walker), Glazier (Hannah), Glut? Tide Waiter (Lynch), Journeyman WIreman (Kelley) and the following without occupations (Brown, Burgin, Cox, Dawson, Denney, Forkin, Hannah, Hobin, Jordan, Lamb, Langan x2 from 2 different families, Loughmoor, McDermot, Marshall, Mitchell, Murphy, Neill, Quigley, Quinn, Rowley, Tansey, Trayer, Walsh).

The largest concentration of Irish in District 27 were living on Riley's Court, followed by Off Street, Lloyd's Arms Yard, Off Street Hugh's Yard, Towlard's Court Off Street, Brick Street, Riley's Yard, Watson's Yard Off Street, York Street, Off Yard Off Street and Duke Street. This district had the largest concentration of Farm Laborers that I have seen thus far (Barrett x2 from 2 different families), Brogan, Buck, Bucktrout x3, Caddy, Cain, Callaghan, Conney, Cox, Corcoran, Creage, Crow, Dowd, Feangan, Goffiny, Gordon, Goulburn, Hart, Keaugh, Lee, Lyons, McAndrew, McCallister, McDonald, McGowan, McGranhan, Maloney, Meck, Mulhern, O'Brien x3 (3 different families), O'Hara, O'Neil, O'Reilly, Price x6 (from 3 different families), Reelay x2, Robinson, Scarry, Tigue and Timble x5, Train x2 and Waters. Other Labor related occupations held were Laborers (Durft, Grave, Grenaghan, Hansbury, Higgins, Joherty, Joyce x2 (2 different families), Kaugin, Lyons, Tay, Tigue), Brick Layer's Laborer (Bartly, Costello, Price, Stanton), Brick Layer (Callican), Wire Worker (Cunningham), Washerwoman (Durkin), Charwoman (Durcan, Green, Jennings, Leston), Housekeeper (Stanton, Timble, Welsh) and Servant (Carr, Judge, McMahon, Primer). There were a large number of Irish employed in Textile Industry related occupations including: Cloth Sorter (Buddy, Durahan, Lyons), Sorting Cloth at the Warehouse (Carty), Cloth Dresser (Barrett x3), Burke, Doyle, Kelly, O'Brien x2, Portlan, Welsh), Gigger (Flynn, McDonald, Walsh), Reeler (Bownes x4, Cortrain, Costello x3, Creage, Feangan, Joyce, Morricy, O'Brien, Price, Stanton, Tain x2, Walsh), Reeler Flax Mill (Barrett), Worsted Reeler (Creage x2), Cotton Spinner (Morgan), Bobbin Case Minder (Keaugh), Training Bobbins (McDonald), Spinner (Keaugh), Flax Spinner (Callican, Gollacher, Hines, MacDonald x2, Mulhern, Slubber (Kaugin), Hemp Dresser (Stanton), Cloth Weaver (Gifford), Bobbin Spooler (Green), Warehouse Sorter (McGlachen x2), Rover Flax Mill (Madden x2), Scrivener Flax Mill (Madden),Carder (Gallagh), Mending Machine in a - loom? (Reary), Frame Minder (Golden), Flocker (Flynn x2), Framing Bobbin (Flynn x2) and Flax Warehouse (Callaghan). There were also Dressmakers (McMahon x3), Tailors (Back, Madden, Marly, Mulligan), Tailor's Asst (Carroll), Slipper Maker (Mathews), Silk Hawker (Moore), Clothes Dealers (Madden, Nolan, Stanton), Shoemaker (Rumey), Cap Maker (McVete), Green Grocer and Laborer (Corcoran), Oyster Hawker (Brogan, O'Brian), Lodging Housekeeper (Farall), Toy Maker (Atkinson), Forgeman (McLaughton), Rag Sorter (Price), Milner (Gereghty, Hawker (Fall), Joiner (McMahon x2), Joiner's App (McMahon), Trussels ? (Cunningham), Traveler (Berason), Collier (Duff), Mattstec? (O'Higgins), Hawker (McDermott, McKale, O'Brien, O'Byrne, Walsh), Upholster (O'Reilly), Army Pensioner (Leonard), Infirm? (Corcoran) and those listed without occupations (Barrett, Bartly, Brogan, Bucktrout x2, Caddy, Cain, Callaghan, Callican, Corcoran x2 from 2 different families, Costello x2 from 2 different families, Cox, Creage, Gifford, Fall, Feangan, Flynn x2 from 2 different families, Gordon, Goulburn, Hart, Higgins, Hodgson, Irwin, Joyce, Keaugh, Loneham, Lyons, MacDonald, McAndrew, McCallister, McGowan, Mcgranhan, McMahon, Madden, Meck, Moore, Mulhern, Mulligan, Nolan, O'Brien x5 from 5 different families, O'Hara, O'Neil, O'Reilly, Price x6 from 4 different families, Reelay, Robinson, Rumey, Scarry, Tay, Tigue x2, Train, Wallis, Whites).

The largest concentrations of Irish-born in District 28 were living on Derfton's Yard followed by Little Somerset Street, Somerset Street and Upper Somerset Street. The rest were scattered among Somerset Court, Pounder's Court, Peter Court, Barker's Yard, Cross Somerset Street and Dyer Street. A diverse array of occupations were represented with the Textile industry having large numbers of Irish including: Flax Mill Operatives (Burns, Casey, Eagan, Flaherty, McHale, Magrath, Regan, Ryan), Felt Mill Operatives (Burns, Donohough, McHale), Staymakers (Burns, Kensey), Cloth Dressers (Burns, Corsey, Degan x2, Flaherty, Griffin x2, Healey, Kelly, McAndrew x2, Mady, OHara, Quenen, Ryan), Cloth Sorters (Curtis, Devine, Fallin, McAndrew, McCannah, McDonohough x2, Padden, Smith, Cloth Mill Operative (McHale), Cloth Finisher (Carley x2, Corcoran, Curtis), Flax Spinners (Bayne, Fallin, OHara x2), Doffer Flax Mill (OHara), Linen Weaver (Lancaster), Flocker (Garraty, McAbe), Cloth Weaver (Henry), Gigger (Bayne), Flax Cutter (Heaney), Cloth Miller (Nolan), Flax Dresser (Fallin) and Card Minder (Nolan). There were also Factory Operatives (Bayne, Duffy x2, Griffins, Hiens, Kelly x3 (2 different families), Kenny, King, Murphy, OShaunessy, Quenen, Sweeney x3, Walsh), Tailors (McHale x2, Robinson, Walker), Journeyman Tailors (McCarthy, Roe, Scanlon), Tailor's App (Scanlon), Dressmakers (Burke, Healey, Tige), Clothiers (Berwick, Lalley), Seamstress (Hainsworth), Shoemakers (Donovan, Jones, Kensey x2, Nolan, Walsh), Clothes Dealers (Bolland, Gibney, Kennedy) and a Bootmaker (Dockerty). A variety of different laboring occupations employed many Irish including: Excavators (Callaghan, Carrol, Flannery, Kearns x2, O'Boyle), Forge Laborer - Iron (Murphy), Forge Laborer (Anderson), Iron Founder (Padden), Foundry Man (Shannon), Foundary Laborer (Slannery), Laborer Quarry (Becket), Farm Laborer (Drummer, Flynn, Gilbroid), Ag Laborer (Cummins, Grady, Friffin, Knowles, McHale, Reid, Tearney), Barn Laborer (Fahey), Marble Polisher (Judge, McCarthy, O'Shaunessy x2), Brick Layer's Laborer (Carrol, Corcoran, Degan, Flannery, Hayes, Healey, Kelly, Killala, Larvin, Lofthouse, McLoughlin, Mally, OConnor, ODonnell, Rogers x2 from 2 different families, Ryan, Scarey, Snee, Somers, Thompson, Walsh), Brick Maker (McHale x2 from 2 different families), Brick Layer (Headon), Smith's Laborer (Kennedy), Builder's Laborer (Tige), Laborers (Caffery, Cooke, Currigan, Fallin, Flanagan, Gibbons, Heagathy, Henry, Lalley, McDonohough, Manion x 4 from 2 different families, Moor, Padden, Ryan), Laborer Coal Wharf (Donohough), Warehouse Woman (Lynn), Washerwomen (Brown, Farra, Gorman, McLoughlin), Sweeney), Charwoman (Grady), Housekeeper (Burns, Carley, Caveney, Crone, Kensey, Lalley, McAndrew, McLoughlin, OShaughnessy, Regan, Rogers, Shaughnessy) and Servants (Baxter, Bradley, Burke, Griffin, Melvern). The remaining Irish were employed in the following Miscellaneous occupations: Confectioner (Gallagher), Boilermaker (Darcon?), Potato Dealer (OHara), Prac Chemist (Flynn), Barber (Sweney), Engine Man's Asst (Walsh), Hawkers (Burke, Donovan, Dunn, Farry, Gosgrove, Lewis, McCann, Maley, Moloy, Readon, Welsh), Rag Sorter (Caffery, Cunningham, Flaherty, Glyn, Gorman, Heveron, Higgins), Rag Merchant (Henry) and those without occupations (Anderson, Carrol x2 from 2 different families, Collins x2 from 2 different families, Corcoran x2 from 2 different families), Corsey, Currigan, Donohough, Donovan, Duffy, Fahey, Farry, Flannery, Flynn, Gallagher, Gair, Gibbons, Gilbroid, Gosgrove, Jones x2, Kelly x 2 from 2 different families, Kensey, Larvin, McCann, McCarthy, McHale x 2, McLoughlin, Madey, Maley, Mally, Manion x2 from 2 different families, Moor x4, Murphy, OConnor, ODonnell, OHara, Padden, Readon, Reid, Robinson x3, Rogers x2 from 2 different families, Scanlon, Snee, Wainwright, Walsh x2 from 2 different families.

The largest number of Irish in District 29 were living on Stainburn Square and Stainburn Court. The remainder were living on Lemon Street, York Street Licensed Lodging House, Hall Street, York Street, Mann's Yard, St Peter's Square, Davenport Square and Lemon Court. Mary Ann Swan, a widow (Sackmaker) was born in Dublin, Ireland while daughters Elizabeth, Ellen, Maria and Catherine were born in Leeds. A wide array of occupations were held by the Irish including many Textile Industry workers: Woolen Cloth Weaver (Margeson), Flax Spinner (Bagley, Burke, Cassidy, Gearby,OHara), Fireman Flax Mill (Kenny), Flax Mill Worker (Corcoran, Golden, Gormelly, Kelly, Lynch), Flax Dresser (Corregan), Cloth Dresser (Connor x2, Gormelly, McDonnell), Woolen Cloth Dresser (Griffin), Cloth Sorter/Clipper (Gannon x3, Kaloly x2), Laborer Felting Mill (Mara), Woolen Dyer J. (Hogan), Laborer Dye House (Duffy x2), Carder Flax Mill (Kennedy) and Grocer and Linen Draper (Courtney). There were also Dressmakers (Aaron, Shearon), Tailors (Griffin, OHara) and one was Learning Upholstry (McCormick). Laboring occupations held by the Irish included: Foundry Laborer (Miland, Stainburn), Laborer Coal Dealer (Cassidy), Bricklayer's Laborer (Brenan x2, Casey, Devine, Duffy, McGrail, Nealon, OHara, Sheeran, Tarpy, Welsh), Bricklayer (Nowlin), Laborer Timber Yard (Kennedy, Mulligan), Laborer Wood Yard (Doherty), Former Bricklayer's Laborer now a cripple (Goulding), Laborer Saw Mill (Ruane), Farmer's Laborer (Brennan, Corcoran x2 from 2 different families, Devine, Gannon, Lynch, Murphy), Laborer (Burke, Cox, Judge), Gardener/Farm Laborer (Collings) and Plaster's Laborer (Sheeran). There were a number of Irish employed in trades including: a Journeyman Baker (Crow), Journeyman Stonemason (Crow), Cabinet Maker (Fales?), Glazier (Green), Paper Stainer (Graham), Carpet Printer (McDonnell), Tinner (Banks), Pudler Iron Works (Sheeran), Music String Maker (Mullins) and a Letter Press Printer (Brown). Miscellaneous remaining occupations included: a Provision's Dealer (Cone), Old Clothes Dealer (Madden), Lodging Housekeeper (Brennen), one held a Pension Spanish Services (Crawford), Hawkers (Bowers, Kelly, Maloy, Walsh), Trav. Hawker (Shannon), a Lodging Housekeeper (Brennen) and 35 were listed without occupations (Banks, Barrett, Brenan, Brennan, Burke x2, Corcoran x2 from 2 different families, Cone, Craig, Crawford, Devine, Doherty, Duffy, Gannon, Green, Griffin, Hogan, Judge, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenny, Lynch x2 from 2 different families, McCormick, McDonnell, McGrail, Madden, Murphy, Nealon, OHara, Ruane, Sheeran, Tarpy, Wardle and Welsh).

The Irish in District 30 were living on High Street, Back High Street, Little Lemon Street, St Peter's Square, St Peter's Street, Bowling Green Yard, John Falstaff's Yard and High Street Pine Apple. They were employed in the following occupations: Flax Mill Hands (Duffy, Kelley, McGlynn x2, McLoughin x3), Hand Raiser at Cloth Mill (McLoughlin), Cloth Sorter (McGlynn), Flax Spinner (Dorrington), Linen Weaver (Ryan), Dressmaker (Drum), Tailor (Doherty, Tighe), Cook Domestic Servant (Kewdred), Provision Dealer (Clark), Brick Layer' Laborer (Mayhan), Gas Retort? Maker (Kelley), Laborers (Dowling, Hennelley, Lavin, McGlynn, McLoughlin, McNulty and 15 listed without occupations (Ambler, Clark x2, Doherty, Downs, Hennelley, Holroyd, Kelley, McLoughlin, McNulty, Mullins, Reed, Smith, Swales and Whitman).

The majority of the Irish in District 31 were living on Corn Hill followed by Charles Street, Line Place, Line Street, Hill Street, Turkington's Yard, St Peter's Street and St Peter's Court. The Irish were employed in the Textile Industry as Flax Mill Operatives (Gilmore x3, Scally), Cloth Factory Operative (Scally), Cloth Mill Operative (Egan x3), Flax Mill Worker (McAndrew x2), Cloth Dresser (Gilmore), Flax Spinner (Lofthouse), Stuff Dyer (Durkin), Cloth Boiler (Egan) and Dyer's Laborer (Murray). There was also a Tailor (McHendrew). Laborers included: General Laborer (Gorman, Rabbit, Short), Plaster's Laborer (Meigan), Market Laborer (Homes), Corn Factory Laborer (Egan), Surveyor's Laborer (McCall), Brick Layer's Laborer (Egan, McDonald), Leechway Slate Laborer (Murray), Domestic (Murray), Charwoman (Lofthouse, Waterhouse), Washerwoman (Kelley), Oiler Machinery (Lofthouse), House Painter (Dry), Servant (Norris) and Rag Picker (Grimes). The remaining Irish were employed as: Shoeing Smith (Murray), Cooper (Brady), General Dealer (Morin), Hawker (Freeman), Glazier (Gilmore), Green Grocer (Potter), Green Grocer's Asst (Davis), and 13 that didn't list occupations (Bell, Brady, Egan, Gilmore x2 from 2 different families, Gorman, Holmes, Hughes, McDonald x2, Meigan, Murray, Rabbit.

The largest concentration of Irish in District 32 were living on Charles Street, closely followed by High Street, Sheer Street, Woodhead's Yard, Billet's Yard and Upper Corn Hill. The remainder were living on Billett Street, Line Fold, Marshall Court, Lemon Street, Line Place, Turkington's Yard and High Street Hop Pole Inn. John and William Mackangton (Tailors) were born in Belfast Ireland. Francis Calligan (Lic. Hawker) was born in Armagh, Ireland as was his wife Catherine. Catherine Murray (widowed Hawker) was also born In Armagh, Ireland. Thomas McGuigan (Street Lab) was born in Louth, Ireland as was his wife Jane (Flax Spinner). Dublin was the birthplace of numerous residents in this district including: John Doherty (Pension with Police Force), his wife Bridget (daughter Catherine in Leeds), the three children (John, Margaret, Maria) of Thomas Simpson (a Tobacconist from Ireland). Their mother Julia was born in Kilrush, Ireland. Thomas Green (Shoemaker) and his wife Catharine (Shoebinder) were born in Dublin and their son Thomas in Leeds. Thomas McCale (Chelsea Pensioner) and his wife Catharine were born in Dublin (daughter Rose a Woolen Cloth Weaver in Limerick, Ireland, and Sarah in York, Yorkshire). Thomas Gore (Tailor) was born in Kildare, Ireland (wife Catherine in Sligo and daughter Ann in Leeds). Michael Curles (Bricklayer's Laborer) was born in Galway, Ireland (wife Margaret in Sligo). Michael Giblin (Tailor) was born in Sligo, Ireland (wife Catherine in Galway and daughter Jane in Leeds). Michael Linehan (Bricklayer's Lab) was born in Galway, Ireland (wife Ann in Castlebar, Ireland). The following Irish were employed in Laboring occupations: Farm Laborer ( Dorran, Hasty, Lourie, Lynch, Marr, Murphy, Thornton), Plasterer (Hart), Mechanic's Laborer (Burns, Marron), Street Laborer (Corcoran, Dunleary, Gillan), Lab-Rag (Doyle), Charwoman (Dooley, Maher), Laundress ( Doyle), Rag Picker (Hasty), Rag Sorters (Cain, Fitzgibbon, Gillan, Lourie, Mulie) and Bricklayer's Laborers (Fitzgibbon, Flagnagin, Hoban, Johnstone, Oneal, Thornton). Textile Industry Workers: Woolen Cloth Dresser (McAvoy, THornton), Flax Spinners (Dorrington, Johnstone), Stuff Weaver (Dooley), Factory Girl (Gillan, Murphy), Block Printer (Daly), Tailors (Burl, Callaghan, Connor, Fisher, Ivory) and Shoemakers (Crossan, Dorrington x 2 from 2 different families, Dooley, Doyle, Thornton x2). The remaining Irish were employed as: Licensed Hawkers (BUckley, Finner, Fitzgibbon, McManus x2, Pot Dealer (Ford), Glazier (McManus), Clothes Dealer (Crofton), Coal Dealer (McHall), Joiner (Dailey), Mechanic (Doyle), Tobacconist (Simpson), Hawker (Burk), Night Soil Man (Heasty, Hosty, Owens) and 18 listed without occupations (Agar, Callaghan, Clark, Connor, Corcoran, Dailey, Dorrington, Dunleary, Fitzgibbon, Ford, Gillan, Mark, Riddar, Thornton x2 from 2 different families).

The vast majority of Irish in District 33 were living on St. Anne's Lane, and the rest were scattered among Quarry Hill, Quarry Hill Boot and Shoe Shop, Charles Street and Skelton's Yard (a Private House). The Irish held occupations in the Textile Industry such as Flax Spinners (Boyne, Clarke x2, Cogan, Flannigan, Kelly, Kilasby, Linton, Long x2, McAndrew x2, McCarty x2, McCue, McMann, Quinlinson, Wills x2), Flax Dresser (Cain), Cloth Dressers (Areno, Clark, Clarke, Corklin, McAndrew, McCue x2, Teney), Cloth Sorters (Butler x3, Clark, Teney x2, White), Silk Spinner (Long x2), Cloth Weavers (Arena, Long x2, McAndrew, McCay), Card Spreader (Mulloney), Cloth Mill (McCue), Dressmaker (Mulloney), Shoemakers (Fagan x2, McAndrew, McManus, Welch) and a Tailor (Cain). Laborers included: Brick Laying Laborers (Boyne x3, Conway, Dolan, Gibbons, McCue, McMillen, Maley x2, Wills), Work Coal Pit (Butler), Ag Lab (Boyne, Clark x2 from 2 different families, Flannigan, McAndrw, Madigan, Ryan x2, White), Farm Lab (Mooney, Mulloney, Murray), Leather Tanner (McAndrew), Laborer Iron Foundry (Wills x2), Core Cutter? (Grant), General Servants (Boyne, Burns), Servant (Murray), Laundress (Wood, Wills), Former Laundress (Wills), Housekeeper (Cain, McAndrew, McCue) and Rag Sorters (Cain x2). There was also a Hawker of Fancy Goods (McNulty), a Plumber/Glazier (McNulty) and 14 listed without occupations (Butler x2, Clark, Clarke, Conny, Conway, Gibbons, McManus, Murray, Rorke x5).

There was a huge concentration of Irish in District 34. The largest numbers were living on Brussel's Street, Lee's Square, Harrison's Buildings, York Street, Off Street Dufton's Yard, Brick Street, Heelen's? Court and Back Lane with the remaining families scattered among Marsh Lane, Brick Street Presser's Arms, Crompton's Yard, Bone Yard, Ball's Yard, Winter's Yard and Sheckland's Yard. The Textile Industry employed the following Irish: Flax Mill Workers (Connor, Davine x2, Dean, Dougher, Dougherty x5 from 2 different families, Durken, Durlin, Fanale, Farrell, Flateray x2, Frankney, Geretey, Glinn, Goghan, Graughan x2 from 2 different families, Hart, Hodgson, Jordan x2 from 2 different families, Kelley, Kershaw, Langan, Lions, McAndrew, McCay, McDonnell x3 from 2 different families, McGaughlan, McHale x5 from 3 different families, Maguire, Mearon x2 from 2 different families, Mealie, Monaghan x2, Monaughan x3, Mumley, Murphy, Newcomber, Pan, Phellein, Riely, Riley, Roward, Ryan x5, Shaker, Smith, Stanton x2, Tee x2, Teoedy, Walsh x3 from 3 different families), Mill Workers (Cocoran x2 from 2 different families, Conley x3, Cosgrove x2 from 2 different families, Davine, Dean, Elynes x2 from 2 different families, Farrell x2 from 2 different families, Foster x2 from 2 different families, Freed x2, Harley, Hughes x3, Keeley, Killasbes x3, Leonard x3, Lynch x2, Lyons, McAndrew x2, McCabe, McCanna, McCormick, McDermont, McEndrew x2, Mealey, Neals, O'Brian, Rearing, Tee, Tigue, Tonan, Walsh, Wardicar, Wells, Whelan, Wood), Flax Spinners (Curtis, Dean, Doherty, Farrell, Flynn, Geretey, Haley, Lang, McHale x3 from 2 different families, Monaghan x2, Nanghan, Runan, Timlin, Whelan x2), Cloth Dresser Linen (Gannon, Higgins, McHale, Purcell, Walker), Cloth Dresser (Derrick, Langan, McDonald, McHale), Woolen Cloth Dresser(Lochney, McHale), Cloth Dresser Flax (Egan, McCue), Works Flock Factory (Devany, Mashaw, ONeill), Cloth Mill Worker (Whelan), Wool Comber (Phillips), Cloth Dyer (Mechan, Ryan), Minder Linen Machine (Stanton) and Reeler Flax Mill (Margan, Newcomber). There were also Tailors (Ganghan, Monoughan, Murphy), Shoemakers (Heighty, Logan, McCabe), Factory Workers (McDonald x2), Boot and Shoemaker (Heavern, Middleton, Scott), Boot Binder (Burns), Dressmaker (Johnson), Factory Girl (Charrin), Work Warehouse (Conley x2), Warehouse woman (Runan) and Factory Laborer (Early, Padden x3). Many Irish were employed in Labor-related occupations including: Brick Layer's Laborers (Blesseh, Boucks, Burk, Cardin, Cockeran x3, Collins, Connall, Cumming, Dean, Devany, Donely, Doughtey, Farrell x3 from 2 different families, Ferren, Flynn, Gallaghan, Kaleker, Layley, McAndrew, McCay, McCode, McConshew, McDonald, McDonnell x2 from 2 different families, McEndrews x3 from 3 different families, McHale x6 from 5 different families, McNulty x2 from 2 different families, Ryne), Farm Laborers (Connell, Flynn, Hart, Hogan, Hughes, Kershaw, Mealey x2, Stanic, Stanton, Ward, Welsh), Coal Miner (Doherty, Stanton), Laborer (McDonald, Tigue), Collery Laborer (McAndrew), Blacksmith's Laborer (Conley, Dougherty, Kelly, Lyons, McDonnell x2 from 2 different families, McLahlin?, Monoughan, Shaw), Foundry Laborer (OBrien), Housekeeper (Collins, Cosgrove, Cumins, Davine, Devany, Dogherty, Doherty, Durkin, Gerety, Graughan, Jordan, Lochney, Maguire, McCoughan, McDermont, McDonnell x2 from 2 different families, McDonald, McGaughlan, McGuris, McHale x3 from 2 different families, Mumley, Murphy, Padden x2 from 2 different families, Ryan x2 from 2 different families, Tee, Ward), Servant (Kirby, McHale), -ard Spreader (McHale), Rope Teaser (Leonard) and Rope Sorter (Gannon). The remaining Irish were employed in the following Miscellaneous occupations: School Master (Derrick), Engine Driver (Omelia), Brass Moulder (Kerigan), Glass? Mill (Cocroan x2, McGuris, Mealie), Works Glass House (Teel), Comb Maker (Cunnings), Tinner (Baxter, Sheredon), Black Smith (Farrell, McAndrew, Mahaney, Manley, Murphy), Master Butcher (Basiter), Cross Maker (Kirby), Lodging Housekeeper (Branagan, Nelens), Provision Dealer (Cowen), Plumer/Glazier (Walsh), Millner (McHale), Cooper (Connor), Joiner (Conlon), Printer (Heaton), General Dealer (Jennings, Madden), Licensed Hawker (Cocoran, Connor, Lacey), Hawker (Early), Rag Dealer (Harison), Rag Sorter (Dogherty, Doherty, Langan, McCanna, McDonald, McGuris), Woolen Rag Sorter (Connal), Traveling Hawker (Adams, Carrol, Davis, Fisher, McGuris, Rearing), Paupers (Cocoran, Dogherty x2, McDonald), Clothes Dealer (Growery), and Soldier (Lynch, McHale). Those listed without occupations were as follows: Basiter, Blessen, Branagan, Cardin, Castles, Cocoran, Conlon, Connell x6, Cumins, Dean x5, Derrick, Donely, Duffy, Dulling, Elynes, Fadden, Farrell x3 from 3 different families, Flateray, Flynn, Freed, Gallagan, Gannon, x4, Gerety x2, Growery, Haley, Harley, Hart, Heavern x2, Heighty, Holmes, Hughes, Jordan, Kaleker, Kelley, Kelly, Kerigan, Kilasbes x2, Kirby, Logan, Lyons, McAndrews x2 from 2 different families, McCabe x2 from 2 different families, , McCode, McConshew, McCue, McDonald x 5 from 2 different families, McDonnell x 5 from 3 different families, McGaughlan x2, McHale x2 from 2 different families, McNulty x 4 from 3 different families, Madden, Maguire x3, Mahedy, Mahole, Mallin, Meale, Mealey x2, Mealie, Meeron x3, Middleton, Monaghan, Monoughan x5 from 2 different families, Mortis, Mumley, Murphy x3 from 3 different families, Newcomber, O'Brien, OMelia x2, Purcell, Riely x3, Roch, Ryan x5 from 2 different families, Stanton x4 from 3 different families, Tee x 3 from 2 different families, Teel, Tigue, Walsh x3 from 3 different families, Ward x3, Whelan x2 and Wilson,

District 35 had a huge concentration of Irish (many entries included placename of origin in Ireland!). The vast majority of them were living on York Court, followed by York Street, Lumb Court, Helen Court and Purdy Court. The remainder were scattered among Marsh Lane, York Yard, Morton Row, Red Bean Yard, Lewis Arms, Marsh Lane Red Bean and Public House George Dragon. Many Irish hailed from the Connaught Counties of Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Sligo and Leitrim. Thomas Kilroy (Clothes Dealer) and wife Nubby hailed from Leitrim, Ireland (2 sons Leeds). Mary Mullage hailed from Leitrim (husband Martin, a Rag Merchant and daughter from Leeds). Thomas Kelley (Mason's Laborer) hailed from Leitrim (wife Catherine from Sligo and 3 sons from Leeds). Patrick Gilroy (Hawker) hailed from Leitrim (wife Catherine fomr Queens County and 2 kids from Leeds). John Managan (Pensioner Crimea War) hailed from Leitrim. Patrick Galagan (Rag Merchant) was born in Roscommon (wife Selina from Mayo and 4 kids from Leeds). Bridget Sheard hailed from Roscommon (husband Benjamin was a Carter from Leeds). John Castolo (Bricklayer) was born in Roscommon (wife Bridget in Mayo). Andrew Rather (Ag Lab) and wife Helen were born in Roscommon. Bridget Knolas (Milliner) was born in Roscommon. Ann Flanagan (mother in law of Francis Flanagan a Linen Cloth Dresser from Leeds) was born in Mayo. Her daughter Margret was born in Sligo. Patrick Flanagan (brother in law of Francis and Ann Flanagan (Sister in Law of Francis) were born in Mayo. William Kenady (Ag Lab) and wife Julia were born in Templemore, Ireland (his Step son Mathew Shinns a Mechanic in the Iron Works was bonr in Tipperary. Daniel Carlan (Glazier) was born in Mayo (wife Sarah in Galway and 2 daughters in Leeds). John Martin (Rag Dealer and wife Bridget were born in Mayo. Henry Kilbride (Ag Lab), wife Catherine, son Patrick and Daughter Mary (Flax Mill Hands) were born in Mayo. Thomas Conway (Ag Lab) and cousin of Henry Kilbride) was born in Mayo. Patrick Kilbride (Ag Lab) was born in Mayo. Michael Croughan (Ag Lab), wife Bridget, son Michael (AgLab), and daughters Bridget and Hannah (Dressmakers) were born in Mayo. Martin Flanary (Tailor) and Bridget Flanary were born in Mayo. Thomas Hagan (Tailor), Mary Murphy plus her daughters Helen and Mary (Flax Mill Hands) were born in Mayo. Margret Coney (a widow and daughter of Mary Murphy who works in a Rag Warehouse) was born in Mayo (her daughter in Leeds). Patrick Meehan (Iron Foundry Lab) and William Naughton (Outdoor Lab) were born in Mayo. John Conney (Bricklayer's Lab) was born in Sligo (daughter in Leeds). Thomas Brannan (Brick Layer's Lab) and wife Ann were born in Sligo (daughter born in Leeds and visitor living with them Michel Brannan (Ag Lab) was also born in Sligo.John Welsh (Brick Layer's Lab) was born in Sligo as was widow Ann Dunn (her two kids from Leeds). Bryan Watter (Ag Lab), his wife Bridget (Flax Screener? Jober) and son Thomas, Bridget ONeal (Flax Mill Hand), Bridgt Cunnan (Flax Spinner), James Walsh (Ag Lab) were all born in Sligo. Patrick Cohen (Widow), son Michael (Navy Lab) and daughter Mary (Flax Mill Hand) were all born in Sligo. Domnet Walsh (BL Lab) and his wife Bridget were born in Sligo (two daughters born in Leeds). Mary Leason, a widow and her daughter Ellen Connor, a widowed Cloth Clipper, were born in Galway as were her children Bridget and Patrick Connor a Flax Mill Hand. Thomas Gleeson (Lab Skin Yard Tanner) and his wife Frances were born in Galway (3 kids in Leeds). John Hunt (Glazier) and his wife Ellen were born in Galway (two children were born in Leeds). Mary Tarney (sister in law of John Hunt and Warehouse Hand) was born in Galway. Edward Tarney (son in law of John Hunt and Scholar) was born in Roscommon. Ellen Flynn (widow and mother in law of John Hunt) was bonr in Roscommon. Patrick Murphy (Glazier) was born in Galway, wife Catherine (Rag Sorter) in Roscommon and 5 children in Leeds. Martin Kelley (BL Lab) and his wife were born in Galway (2 sons and a daughter in Leeds). James Buck (BL Lab) was born in Galway, his wife Catherine in Queens County, daughter in Leeds, father John (Ag Lab) in Galway. Morris Dorran (BL Lab) was born in Tipperary (wife Hannah in Connaught and son John in Leeds) his son David Conway (BL Lab) and daughter Mary Conway (Flax Mill Hand) were born in Connaught. Hannah Davey (Flax Mill Hand) was born in Tipperary (two kids in Leeds). Martin Monan (Drugist Shop) was born in Tipperary (wife Mary in King County, two kids in Leeds). William Williams (BL Lab) and his wife Mary were born in Tipperary. James Dalany (Rag Shop Lab) was born in Tipperary. Ann Kitchen was born in Meath (husband William a Hair Dresser and three kids in Leeds). Selvina Ryan (Flax Mill Hand) was born in Westmeath (son in Leeds) and her mother Mary a widow in Ireland. Mathew Kenady (Ag Lab) was born in Sligo, wife Margaret in Westmeath (two sons in Leeds). Mary Riley was born in Queen's County (husband William a Gardener's Lab and daughter were born in Leeds). Mary Rodgers (Hawker), Ann Coghlan (Card Minder Flax Mill), sisters Margaret and Mary Coghlan (Card Minders Flax Mill) were born in Wicklow. Sister Sarah Coghlan (Flax Spinner) and Bridget Ferrey (Flax Winder) were born in Sligo. The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Flax Spinner (Casey x2, Cowel, Flanagan, Wall), Flax Mill Hand (Bone x3, Coney, Cunningham, Fitzpatrick), Flax Dresser (Casey), Laborer Flax Mill (Fitzpatrick), Linen Cloth Weaver (Hunch), Linen Cloth Dyer (Cunningham), Linen Cloth Dresser (Coony), Winder for Hand Weaver (Magan), Milliner (Fitzpatrick), Shoemaker (Qugley, Wall x2), Dressmaker (Ambler), Trouser Finisher (Qugley), Ag Laborers (Casey, Connell, Power, Stenson), Brick Layer's Laborer (Brannan, Conner, Cuttle, Eakins, Magutey, Morinson), Brick Layer (Pogerty), Brickmaker (Cone), Outdoor Lab (Carty), Chimney Sweep (Gozard), Chem Works Lab (OHanlon), Mason's Lab (Fitzpatrick), Family Laundress (Tayler, Tinkler), Cook (Cheers), Leather Tanner Stenson), Umbrella Maker (Dougherty), Hawker (Kenny), Glazier (Flanagan, Flim?), Rag Sorter (Bradley, Greenam), Oyster Merchant (Davis), Oyster Dealer (Thompson), School Teacher Cath (Wall), and 24 listed without occupations (Brannan, Carty x2, Casey, Clarkson, Cone, Conner, Dougherty, Fitzpatrick, Flanagan, Kenny, Leard, McKenzie, Mackey, Magutey, Morinson, Mulligan, OHanlon x2, Pogerty, Stenson, Thompson x2, Wall).

The largest number of Irish in District 36 were living on Orange Street (as well as Orange Street Cellar Dwellings and Orange Court), followed by Little Plane Street, Mason Buildings, Butler's Court and Plane Street. The remainder were scattered among Quallerson's Buildings, Lemon Street and Butler's Court York Street. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given for this district. The Textile Industry employed a large number of the Irish including: Cloth Dressers (Buckley, Bogans x2, Carty x2, Claney x2, Cokely, Duffy, Dunleavy, Foley, Johnston, Jordan x2, Kearey, Kelly x2 from 2 different families, Mechan, Sherlock), Flock Dresser (Morrison), Flax Mill Hand and Workers (Baines, Cavin, Dowd, Feeny x2, Horne, Jordan x2), Flax Spinner (Morrison x2, Roan), Work Cloth Mill (Cummings x2, Norman), Work Warehouse (Hannah, McNulty, O'Donnal), Work Cloth Warehouse (Kilary), Work Woolen Mill (Fitzpatrick), Dyer (Cummings, Flanagan), Overlooker Flax Mill (Dolan), Sewer (Humpsey x4), Line Spin Sorter? (Melin), Factory Hand (McKew x2) and related occupations such as Dressmaker (Kearnan), Dress Setter? (Cavin), Tailor (Kelly) and Shoemakers (Gallagher, Kelly, Phelan, Waters). Many Irish were employed as Laborers such as Mason's Laborer (Drielan, Wade), Drover (Carter), Outdoor Laborers (Barret, Carty, Cogens, Cookenman, Cox, Dunne, Foley x2, Grogan, Humpsey, McCan, McguireNowlan x2, Riley), Works ? (William), Brick Layer (Kelly), Brick Maker (Dolan, Kelcher), Brick Layer's Laborer (Doyle, Ganan, Hopkins, Terny), Work Brickyard (ODonnal), Railway Porter (McHugh), Foundry Laborer (Ryan), Farm Laborer (Connell, Dunleavy), Horticultural Laborer (Stanton), Laborer (Crawley), Ag Laborer (Sullivan), Excavator Cowley, Denison, Grogan, Kilgariff, Manley, Nolan, OHara), Railway Points Man (OBrien), Rag Sorter (Gallagher x2), Housekeeper (Jordan, Mechan, Nowlan), Tanner (Mechan), Laundress (Connoly) and Painter (Claney). Irish also held Trades such as Glazier (Foley, Nowlan), Joiner (Norman), Joiner/Cabinet Maker (Norman) and Mechanic (Finn) as well as other Miscellaneous occupations including Druggist (Kelly), Hawker (Haigh, Ryan), Clothes Dealer (Wade), Licensed Hawker (Kelly, McGarry) and Milkhouse Worker (Ryan). There were 48 listed without occupations including Baines, Bogans, Carty, Cavin, Childs, Claney, Cokely, Connell, Cookenman, Cox, Denison x2, Dolan, Doyle, Dunne, Finn, Flanagan, Foley x2 from 2 different families, Grogan x2 from 2 different families, Hopkins, Humpsey, Kelly x2 from 2 different families, Kelcher x3, McCan, McCarny, McHugh, McNulty, Manley, Mechan, Morrison x2, Nolan, Norman, Nowlan, OBrien, Ohara x2, Phelan, Roan x2, Ryan, Stanton, Sullivan.

The largest numbers of Irish in District 37 were living on Plane Street, Vienna Street, Patrick Buildings and Upper Plane Buildings with scattered families on High Street, Winteringham's Yard, Prospect Row, Plane Buildings, Plane Square, Purdy Street, Harwick's Court, Topham's Court, Providence Yard, High Court Walk, York Street and Little Prospect Row. Many of the Irish were employed in the Textile Industry in the following occupations: Flax Spinner (Buckley, Cansine, Craine x3, Flannagan, Ford, Gill, Hopkins, Kirwan, Lowey x2, Thompson),(Lowey), Flax Reeler (Brodrick, Longton x2), Reeler (Henehan x2), Flax Carder (McGooley, ODonnell), Flock Dresser (MacDonald), Flax Doffer (Gill, McCandra), Flax Dresser (Barry x3, Cox, McGee x2), Flax Sorter (Galloway), Oiler in Flax Mill (Murdock), Screener Flax Mill (Farquerson), Card Spreader (Hanen, Hickey, Kirby, Lowey), Cloth Dresser (Daily, MacDonald), Cloth Weaver (Whelan x2), Hackler Flax Spinner? (Buckley), Cloth Finisher (Earley x2, Hopkins, Leonard), Woolen Cloth Finisher (Johnson), Woolen Weaver (Irwin), Worsted Weaver (McGann), Screener (Lowey) Laborer in Cloth Mill (Daily), Night Sorter (Rooke) and Cloth Gigger (McNellis). There were also Dressmakers (Lyall x2, Murdock), Boot Makers (Green, Johnston), Shoemakers (Buckley, Hickey, Hyland x3, Judge, Sullivan), Tailor (Duffy, McAndrew) and a Journeyman Shoemaker (Baird). Laboring occupations held by the Irish included: Ag Laborers (Bones, Boyan, Carty, Duffy, Finan, Flanagan, Flannagan x 3 from 2 different families, Flannigan, Hadlock, Hopkins x2, Kilroy, Lyons, McDonnough, McGee, McHugh, McManis, Magourty x2, Marram, Murdock, Stinson), General Laborers (Cox, Dermot, Farrell, McGlyn, Purdy, Slavin), Gardener (Craine), Lab in D---? (Purdin), Tanner (Higgins, Stinson), Laborer Foundry (Kilchin), Brick Maker (Gill), Brick Layer's Laborer (Flanigan, Gozzard, Henehan, McGootey, Murdock), Dock Laborer (Connor, Hyland), Coal Miner (Whiran?), Plaster's Laborer (Kirwan), Drainer? (Flannagan), Charwoman (Connelly, McLoughan, Nicholson, Purdim), Domestic Svt (Buckley, Galloway, Judge) and Nurse Domestic (Melaney). Other Miscellaneous Occupatons held by the Irish were: School Mistress (Irwin), Reduced Head Constable Pension (Irwin), Joiner (Bradley), Glazier (Flynn), Naval Pensioner (Brodrick), Hawker (Buckley, Judge, Kelley, Kilroy, Mertrine), Road Hawker (Schofield), Rag Sorter (Armstrong, Daley, Ford), Striker to a Smith (Cambo) and 68 listed without occupations (Adkins, Baird, Barry, Barker, Bones x3, Bradley, Brodrick, Buckley, Carr, Carty, Clark, Conffer, Connor, Cox x 2 from 2 different families, Davis, Duffy, Flanagan, Flanigan Flannagan, Flannigan x2, Flynn x2 from 2 different families, Galloway, Gambo, Gill, Hadlock, Henehan, Hickey, Hopkins, Hyland x2, Johnson, Kelley, Kelly, Kenny, Kilchine, Kirwan, Leonard, Lowey, Lyall, McAndrew, McDonnough, McGann, McGootey, McHugh, McManis x2, MacDonald, Magourty, Marram, Mertrine, Midgley, Purdy, Solari, Stinson x3, Sullivan, Taylor, Thomson, Wells, Wilkinson, Williamson, Wright).

The majority of the Irish in District 38 were living on Vienna Street and Giles Street with a few residing on Quarry Hill, Chapel Street and High Court Walk. They were employed in a variety of occupations including Flax Spinners (Carrol x3, Dugin, Riley), Cloth Dyer's Laborer (Dunphy), Stuff Weaver (Atkinson, Higgins), Flax Factory Worker (Riley), Under Manager Flax Mill (Peel), Cloth Dresser (Carroll, Higgins), Overlooker Flax Mill (Duggin), Dressmaker (Carroll), Laborer Coughlin, Coal Dealer (Rooke), Coal Hawker (Fogarty, Higgins), Sawmaker Jour. (Wilson), Fruit Dealer (Murray), Gardener (Maley), Housework (Maloy, Rothery, Toole), Laborer Gas Works (Marr), Rug Weaver (McGann), Bricklayer's Laborer (Maloy, Taylor), Boot Binder (Taylor), Stoker (Carroll), Glazier (Cahill), Rag Sorter (Higgins) and 14 listed without occupations (Adams, Atkinson, Carroll, Duggin, Dunphy, Durkan, Holmes, Marr, Murray x4, Rooke x2, Taylor).

The Irish in District 39 were scattered among Hound Court, Hound Street, Little Hound Court, Cross High Street, Charles Street, Lemon Street, Wood's Yard, Bake house Yard and Boyton Street. Numerous entries gave place names of origin in Ireland. The following families hailed from County Maho (Mayo), Ireland: Bridget McHale (widowed Nurse) and what appears to be her two daughters, Mary and Catherine (Rag Sorters); John Crann (Lab Dustman), his wife Mary and five of his 8 children - James (Lab Dustman), Mary (Flax Dresser), John (Lab Dustman), Catherine and Thomas. Margaret, David and William were born in Leeds. Thomas Higgins (Gen Laborer), his wife Mary and son Patrick all hailed from County Mayo as did David Killane (Gen Lab) and his wife Ann, James Higgins (Gen Lab), William Brewster (Gen Lab) and his wife Jane, daughters Bidelia and Anne (Flax Spinners), and Son George (Asst Cloth Mill) and Thomas Colton (Brick Layer's Lab). Their daughter Elizabeth was born in Wakefield and Mary Jane in Leeds. County Roscommon Irish included the following: Luke Quinn (Gen Lab) whose daughter Ellen was born in Selby, Yorkshire; James Dolan (Stone Mason's Lab) and his wife Mary (daughters Mary and Betsey were born in Leeds); Michael Lavey (Gen Lab) and Margaret Boyne (Weaver of Hardin?). There was also a family that hailed from Castlerea, Ireland: Patrick Flanagan (Ag Lab), his wife Bridget, Daughters Bridget and Margaret, (Flax Spinners) and Son Martin (Brewer). Their son Domanick was born in Leeds. There is a Castlerea in Longford, as well as a Castlereagh in Mayo, Down, King's County, Waterford and Roscommon. Ann Flannigan (Charwoman) was born in County Sligo, Ireland (son Domanick in York, Yorkshire), as was Thomas Harrison (Street Sweeper), his wife Bridget (Children James, Ann, Edward and Mary were born in Leeds, Yorkshire). Thomas Derely (Lab in Dye Works) and his wife Mary were born in County Galway, Ireland (son Michael was born in Jersey, Patrick in County Wexford, Thomas in County Tipperary and daughter Mary in Leeds). Michael Fitzgibbins (Brick Layer's Lab) also hailed from County Galway (wife Mary from Leitrim? and Son John from Leeds). John Cullen (Brick Layer's Lab) hails from Leightrim (likely County Leitrim in Connaught). The following Irish hailed from Dublin, Ireland: Thomas Freeman (Cloth Dresser) and his wife Ann (children Richard, Alice, John and Margaret were from Leeds), Thomas' brothers Richard and William (Cloth Weavers) and his father Richard (Cloth Weaver). John Carl (Brick Layer's Lab) hailed from County Cavan, Ireland (wife Harried, son James, Niece Harriet, Brother in Law Maxum Carrick and Sister in law Marther Carrick were all from Leeds). John Lawler (Brick Layer's Lab) hailed from Carlow, Ireland (wife Catherine from Laythum (possibly Leitrim or Laytown, Dublin, Ireland). Thomas Dunn (Shoemaker), his wife Margarame and daughter Jane were born in County Down, Ireland (children Susan, Catherine, Thomas and James were born in Leeds). Mary Werito? (Widowed Shoe Binder) was also born County Down, Ireland (children Elizabeth and Thomas, Matilda in Liverpool). Finally, Alice Hogan (Washerwoman) was born in Queens County, Ireland and James Flynn (Hawker of Caps?) was born in Riverstown, Ireland (wife Catherine in Hedgetown, Ireland). There is a Riverstown in Tyrone, Cork, Kildare, Louth, Meath as well as Tipperary, Ireland. The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Flax Dresser (McGettrick x2), Weaver of Hardin? (Cunningham), General Laborer (Cunnane, Higgins, McGraugh), Bricklayer's Laborer (Crawford), Sawering (Marley), Land Surveyor (Hughes), Stone Quarry Laborer (Higgins), General Hawker (McGetrick), Domestic Servant (Conry x2, McGetrick x2), Charwoman (Convey), Cart Painter (McGettrick), Basket maker (McHale), Nurse at Hospital (Flanagan) and 9 listed without occupations (Cunnane x2, Higgins, Hughes, McGetrick x2, McGraugh, McHale, Marley).

The largest concentration of Irish in District 40 were living in Allison's Buildings followed by Baxter's Yard, Randall's Yard, Charles Street, Boyton Street and Quarry Hill. There were 3 Irish immigrants from Dublin, Ireland: Mary Ann O' Neil a 65 year old Boot Binder and Edward Byrne (a 60 year old Coal Dealer) and his wife Eliza (their son WIlliam was born in Leeds). Ellen Holmes (Widowed Laundress) as well as Finland Quirk (50 yr old Stuff Weaver) and is wife Eliza (50) were born in Queen's County, Ireland. Their children William, Margaret and grandson John William were born in Leeds). The vast majority of Irish in this district were employed in the Textile Industry or related occupations including: Cloth Sorters (Carroll, Flynn, Green), Woolen Cloth Dressers (Burk, Cane, Conlon, Daugherty, Doyle, Graham, Kelly, Lyons x2 from 2 different families, Moran x2, Quinn, Roland x3), Leather Cloth Dresser (Kelly), Flax Dresser (Hefron, Holmes, Wills), Woolen Cloth Sorter (Lyons), Flax Spinners (Brown, Kelly, Lack, Lyons, O'Donnell x4, Roland, Walsh), Flax Mill Workers (Branson, Cain, Cane, Carring, Clark, Doyle, Farrar, Flynn, Hegarty, McHale, Maxwell, O'Brien x2), Flax Cleaner (Cane), Flax Card Minder (Caines), Gigger Cloth Mill (Caines), Gigger (Higgins), Wooster? Weaver (Whitford), Linen Weaver (Misset), Worsted Spinner (Ryan), Linen Spinner (Cain), Mill Worker (McGrail, Moyler), Reeler (Duncan), Factory Hand (Dockery x2, Hamilton), Cloth Mill Worker (Joyce, Leech x3), Flocker (Lack), Hand Spreader (Cane), Filler in Mill (Doran), Harding ? Weaver (Bacon) as well as Dressmakers (Makin x2), Shoemakers (McDonald), Lady Boot Binder (Woodhouse) and Hater's Laborer (Cane). There were quite a few Laborers including: Farm Laborers (Boyle, Brown x2 from 2 different families, Cosgriffe, Gillegan, Kenny, Knowledge, Leech, Moran x2 from 2 different families, O'Donnell, Veasey), Laborers (Heasty x2), Street Laborer (Clions, Farrar, Flynn, Green, Hoben, Kelly, Marley, Sea), Street Laborer/Ag Lab (Clark), Gardener (Higgins), Hard Laborer (Dockery), Bricklayer's Laborer (Bohan, Canes, Clions, Cohen, Costello, Daugherty, Green, Harkan, Kneafsey, Knight, Makin, Mooney, Ryan, Walsh), Quarry Man (Cane, Churchfield, Moran, Thornton), Coal Laborer (Kelly), Stone Mason's Laborer (Clark), Mason's Laborer (Lyons), Lt Laborer (Brown), Cart Man (Lyons), Charwoman (Kelly), Former Laundress (Flynn), Laundress (Clark), Washer Woman (Green), Railway Laborer (Canfield, King), Brick Maker (Cane), Brickmaker's Laborer (Boyle), Home Yard Laborer (Clark), Housekeeper (Caines, Canes, Carney, Cohen, Daugherty, Farrar, Flynn x2, Heasty, Laley, Maxwell, Mooney, Moran, Murphy, Roland, Veasey), Former Rag Washhouse (Hamilton), Servant (Joyce), Hawker (Cohen, Hart, Joyce, Kelly) and Rag Sorters (Caines, Gill, Kelly, Migers). The remaining Irish were employed as a Fishmonger (Kennedy), Hair Dresser (O' Donnell), Whip Maker (Batty), Nurse (Churchfield, McGrail, McNamara, O'Donnell x2), General Dealer (Callaghan) and a Butcher (Walsh). There was one Spinster (Murphy), one listed as infirm (Marsh) and 36 listed without occupations (Batty, Bohan, Boyle, Brown x7 from 3 different families, Cane, Churchfield, Clark x 4 from 3 different families, Clions, Costello, Daily, Doyle, Green, Harkan x2, Kenny, Kneafsey, Knowledge, Leech, Lyons x4, Moran x2 from 2 different families, O'Donnell, Young).

There was only one person from Ireland in District 41: Catherine Barber (45) who was born in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. Her husband John was a Fish Monger from Middlesex London (sons John 22, William 19, Thomas 19, James 15, William 14 and SW 1 were born in Leeds) and the family lived on Mabgate.

The majority of the Irish in District 42 were living on Clarkson's Yard, followed by Tunstall Fold, Quarry Hill, Church Street and Mary's Row. The only entry providing a place name of origin in Ireland was Mary McLoughlin ( 54 yr old widowed Household Laundress), son Arthur (28 yr old Portable Engineer), Son Thomas (20 yr old Cloth Finisher) and Daughter Mary (18 yr old Flax Spinner) who were all born in County Mayo, Ireland. The other Irish immigrants in this district were employed in the following occupations: Brick Layer's Laborer (Caton, Kneafsey, Rogers), Farm Laborer (Connors), Black Smith (Magher), Works in Iron Foundry (Conlan), Builder's Laborer (Lavell), Boot Binder (White), Woolen Dyer (McLoughlin), Cloth Weaver (Dry), Dealer in Hardware (Corcoran), Worker Worsted Factory (Caton), Housekeeper (Conway), House Servant (Conway x2), Tailor (Kenny), Pension-Mechanic (Mack), Works Cloth Mill (Rogers), Dressmaker (Frith, Kenny) and 7 listed without occupations (Abraham, Conlan, Connors, Corcoran, Kneafsey, Lavell, McLoughlin).