A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration Districts 1-20 in the 1861 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District covers 60 Districts plus the Cavalry Barracks and District Moral and Industrial School for Pauper Children in the 1860 England Census. I plan to present these districts in three separate sections (1-20, 21-42 and 43-60) with the Cavalry Barracks and School for Pauper Children) to minimize download times.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 1-20 of Leeds Civil Parish, North Sub Registration District of the 1861 Census. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The majority of the Irish-born in District 1 were living on Cherry Tree Yard followed by York Street, Back York Street, Cadman's Court and Kirkgate. The following immigrants hailed from County Galway, Ireland: Michael Delaney (Lodging Housekeeper) whose wife Susan and daughter Bridget (Servant) were born in Ter--na? Ireland and daughter Elizabeth Crosley in Yorkshire; Michael Doyle (Laborer, lodger) and Jane Morice (Servant) whose son Edward was born in Nottinghamshire. Jane Fleming was born in Sligo, Ireland (husband Thomas a Coal Porter and daughter Catherine were born in Leeds. Bridget Kennedy (Hawker) was born in Kingston, Dublin, Ireland as was her daughter Catharine (Servant). Mary Miller (Servant) also hailed from Dublin. Eliaz Borelley was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Anthony a Looking Glass Maker was from Italy, daughters Margaret and Mary were born in Bristol and son Joseph in Leeds) and mother in law Mary Metezio was born in Dublin. Patrick O'Donnell (Hawker) and his wife Bridget were born in Mahone, Ireland (children John, Joseph, Helen and Mary hailed from Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed in a diverse array of occupations. There were 14 laborers (Berry, Fay, Gannan, Haney, Kelly, McCabe-2 from 2 different families, McManamy, Madden, Marsh, Murphy, Russ-2, Snalle), Foundry Laborer (McCabe), Coal Laborer (Feeney), Brick Layer's Laborer (Derrick, Fahy), Farm Laborer (McGown), Factory Worker (Halinn?), Brewer (Delaney), Overlooker Flax Mill (Burke), Linen Yarn Packer (Corcoran), Flax Dresser (McManamy-2), Flocking Warehouse (Colkon), Line Spreader Cord (Ward-3), Former Cloth Sorter (Ward) and Cloth Sorter (Ross-4), Cloth Dresser (McCabe-2), Spinner (Derrick), Dealer (Morley), Coffee Roaster (Derrick), Tailor (Gleason), House Servant (Ryan), Doctoress (Jackson) and Housekeeper (Derrick, McCabe, McGown). There were two listed without occupations (Hownam, Northrop).

The vast majority of the Irish-born in District 2 were living in Goulden's Buildings and Goulden's Square followed by Back York Street, York Stree Licensed Lodging House, York Street, Church Lane and St James Church Gilpin's Yard. There were no placenames in Ireland given. There were many Laborers including the following (Derrick, Dockerty, Flin, Ganlon, Geraughty, Gordon, Healey, Henry, Kelly, Lynes, McHugh -2, Moor, Nicholson, O'Brien, Snee, Tighe, Waldren), Agricultural Laborers (Brannan-2 from 2 different families, Buck, Campbell, Carby-2, Carrel, Connel, Cunningham, Dillon, Dreddy, Duffy, Farrel, Ferguson, Fin, Finnegan-4 from 4 different families, Flatley, Frynoon, Gaughan-2, Glancy, Gother, Grogan, Higgins-2, Hingan, Jones, Kelly, McGay, Malkean, Montgomery, Moorain, Mulry, Nacey, Nolan-2 from 2 different families, O'Brien, Ryder, Swift, Walsh), Brick Layer's Laborers (Bauge-3 from 2 different families, Collins, Devanny, Evron, Ford, Kenny, Loftus, Mangan, Moorain, Quinn), Waterworks Laborer (Gother), Laborer in Coal Tract (Sweeney), Laborers who work at anything (McCarrick-4), Navvy (Quinn), Potter's Laborer (Fin) and one who Works in a Warehouse (Cunningham). The Textile Industry employed many Irish including Flax Spinners (Brannan, Brady, Cokes, Docherty-2, Finnigan, Healy-2, Henry-2 from 2 different families, Meek, Moorain-2, Nelson, Newall, Nolan, O'Brien, Ryder-2 from 2 different families), Flax Mill Workers (Finnegan-2, Fyge-4, Sweeney), Flax Porter (Burke), Flax Doffer (Cokes), Doffer (Henry-2, Nelson), Doffer Cloth Mill (McKay), Cloth Mill Worker (McKay), Mill Workers ( Ferguson-2, Kelly), Gigger at the Mill (Donlay), Cloth Giggers (Finnegan, MacKean, Walsh-2), Yarn Spinner (Nicholson), Dyer (O'Malley), Sorter in Cloth Mill (O'Malley), Cloth Finisher (Campbell-2, Nolan), Rover Cloth Mill (Widduss), Cloth Sorter (Grogan, Nacey), Cloth Dresser (Boyle, Brannan, Cokes, Cunningham, Fillan, Foley, Geraughty, Hart, Maccanoa, Mullins, Murphy, Nolan), Cord Spreader (Geraghty) and Cloth Warehouse Worker (Finnegan, Loftus). The remaining Irish were employed as Hawkers (Brady, Brannan, Clark, Docherty, Finnigan, Haney, Higgains-2, Hunt, Rachford, Talpy, Walder), Pot Hawker (Kelly), Broom Maker (Nicholson), Cart Driver (Nolan), Rag Dealer (Holmes, McHale), Rag Sorter (McGay), Shop Keeper (Henry, Talpy), Black Smith (Higgains), Errand Boy (Brennan), Placer for Potter (Loftus), Joiner (Geraughty), Dressmaker (Waters) Laundress (Nacey), Washerwoman (Kelly), Charwoman (Bryon, Ryder), Servant (Derrick), Matt Maker (Rachford), Timber Yard (Ryder), Clothes Dealer (Heavens), Fish Monger (McDermott), Fester? in Foundry (Cawley) and 18 listed without occupations (Cokes, Corcorin, Dyrken, Farley, Geraughty, Healy, Lavel-2 from 2 different families, McCormick, McGuiness-5, McKay, Morgan, Williamson and Rider).

There was a huge concentration of Irish living in District 3 with the largest numbers living on Harper's Yard and York Street. The remaining Irish immigrants were living on Moxan's Yard, Harper Street, York Tavern Yard, Harper's Yard, Sykes Yard and Street and Kirkgate. They held a diverse array of occupations including the following Textile Industry jobs: Flax Spinner (Cawley, Grealy x2, Leech, Mouldonay, ONeil), Flax Mill Doffer (Coleman, Grogan, Hensey, Mahady, Wiltch), Flax Rover (Cunningham, Doughey, Farrell, McIver, O'Donnell, Price, Quinn, Thomas, Walder), Flax Reeler (Clansy, Connell, Doughey, Farrell, Grogan, Leech, Lyons-2,McCartny, Mcnulton, Robinson), Flax Carder (Doughey, McIver-2, McMahon, O'Brien), Flax Dresser (Cannon-2, O'Boyle), Flax Overlooker (Flynn), Former Flax Worker (Clansy, Dunlavey), Flax Sweeper (Connell), Heckler of Flax (Connor), Cloth Gigger (Connor, Conroy, Lyons, O'Donnell,Wiltch), Gigger of Wool (McCarty-2), Bobbin Winder (Phillips), Lewis Minder Cloth (Lyons), Lewis Minder Wool (Connor-2, Cunningham-2, Jennings, McDonough), Weaver of Linen (McDermott), Weaver of Linen (McDermott, McManus), Cloth Sorter (Grogan, Koonan, Morley, Murphy, Tansey), Burler of Wool (McGoen), Burler of Cloth (Hapett), Dryhouse Woolen (McIntyre), Cloth Dresser Gigger (Judge, McNulty-2), Cloth Dresser (Carroll, Judge, Gaughan-2, Gardner, Grealy, McAnnulty, McDermott, O'Hara, Quinn, Rooney, Ryder), Cloth Dealer (Badgars), Blue Dyer (Mack), Cloth Rod Carrier (Kean), and Cloth Warehouseman (Ryan, Tyge). There were a variety of Laborers including Ag Laborers (Brown, Carney, Connell, Connors, Gallagher-2 from 2 different families, Grealy, Kilfine, Leech, Lynch, Maguire-2 from 2 different families, Mulvy, Navin, Philbin), Farm Laborers (McGuire, McNulton), Former Farm Servant (McNulton, Moran), Former Farmer (McCartly), Laborers (Gaughan, Judge, Martin), Laborer- anything (Conlin, Downs, Flynne, Gibney, Mack, McNamara), Chemical Laborer (Summers), Mason's Laborer (Grogan, Loughlin), Stone Mason's Laborer (Higgins, McGoen), Stone Mason (Ward), Laborer Glue Works (Royan), Former Laborer (Cawley), Foundry Laborer (Cawley, Leech), Foundry Laborer/Lodging Housekeeper (Robinson-2 from 2 different families), Brick Layer's Laborer (Barrey, Beasty, Cairns, Collings, Connell, Cunningham-2 from 2 different families, Devaney, Devlin, Doughey, Dunlavey, Ennis, Farrell-2 from 2 different families, Fynn, Gaffiney, Gibbons, Grogan, Hensey, Hoban, Lishen, McDermott, McDonald, McGowan, Mooran, Morley-2 from 2 different families, O'Donnell, Welsh), Builder's Laborer (O'Dwyer), Cartman (Hardy), Chimney Sweep (Keeley), Digging Laborer (Conroy), Waterworks Laborer (Conorley), Warehouseman (Kilroy), Lander for Canal Boats (Hunt), Mechanic's Laborer (Donoghue), Excavator Laborer (Williams) and a Quarry Man (Mooney). Irish Tradesmen and remaining occupations held were as follows: Pudler Iron Works (Crean, O'Brien, Rupell), Driller of Iron (Mathews, Ragan), Iron Turner (Walder), Plumber/Glazier (Dyer), Collier (Mouldonay), Cooper (Clark), Mechanic (Gibbons), Engine Tenter (Ragan), Traveller Confectioner (Taylor-2), Joiner (Walder), Tailor (Bacon, Baines, Cox, Grork, Hensey, Hanraty, Hagerty, Mathews-3 from 2 different families, Mealea, Ragan, Roach, Rourke, Ryan, Salmon, Tarpy), , Tailoress (Clifford-2, Mathew), Millner (Doherty, Hunt), Schoolmaster (Dempsey), School Teacher (Parker), Lodging Housekeeper (Lyons, McIver, McHale, O'Brien, Walder, Walsh), Lodging Housekeeper/Nailbag Maker (Ryder), Salt Maker/Lodging Housekeeper (Egan), Boot and Shoemaker (Kean, Ryan, Walder), Bootmaker (Conelley), Shoemaker (Daley, McGoen-2, McDermott, McGrail, Mannix), Lodging Housekeeper/Hawker, (Cawley), Clothes Dealer (Daley), Policeman (Hannah), Dressmaker (Hanraty, Quinn), Seamstress (Kilroy), Fruit Seller (Kelly), Fruit Dealer (Baines,Forkin), Charwoman (Connor, Flanagan, Flynne, Hughes), Former Charwoman (Dunlavey, Rock), Wash Gatherer (McAnnay), Servant (Badgers, Carroll, Feeney, Padden, Ragan), Green Grocer (Fitzsomers), Grocer's Shopman (Worthington), Nurse (Riley), Brush Maker (Burns), Traveller Bookseller (Flanery), Pot Hawker (Boyle, Malian), Pig Dealer (Walder), Blacking Hawker (Coyle), Hawker (Brady), Pedlar (Kilroy), Hawker of Tape (Fitzgibbons), Hawker of Software (Riley), Rag Dealer (Doherty), Rag Sorter (Canlly), and Rag Pickers (Conroy, Taylor). There was also one invalid on charity (Loftus), a Lame person on Charity (Clark), a Scavenger (Connington) and 10 listed without occupations (Appleyard, Conlon, Cullen, Farrell, McGreal, McHeal, Malady, Mealea, Owen and Ruth).

There was a heavy concentration of Irish-born in District 4. The vast majority were living on Wellington Yard, followed by Old Post Office Yard (and the Farmer's Inn on that Yard), Harper Street, East Lane and the Model Lodging House. The following Irish were listed as beng from Dublin: Edward Morris a 32 yr old Iron Moulder, Fred'k Stanforth a 20 yr old Cabinet Maker, Henry Clayton a 11 yr old Smith and James Wand a 47 yr old Tailor and Dressmaker. Jas Fitzmorris a 25 yr old Tailor was from Athlone, Ireland and Alfred Roach a 30 yr old Tailor was born in Cork, Ireland. They were employed in a diverse array of occupations including: Laborers (Barke, Brian, Bryan, Callaly, Clancey, Cork, Culling, Deak, Doyle, Feneghty, Fenety, Flanaghan, Flynn, Fordy, Gleeson, Gollacher, Graham, Hart, Hennelly, Hogan, Hyland, Judgex2, Kelley, Kennedy, Kinchley, Logan, Madden, Marron, McLoughlin, McGrain, Mitchell, Moran, McIntyre, Muldowney, Mullarkey, Murphy-2 from 2 different families, NaughtonNoon, Orange, Philburn, Power, Roberts, Robinson, Ryley, Smith, Spelman, Troy, Walsh, White, Wills), Ag Laborers (Connell, Hennigan, Marran, McCabe, Stanton), Farm Laborer (Frenay), Farm Servant (MacGowan), Brick Layer's Laborer (Eagan, Flanaghan, Waters) and Foundry Laborer (Stanton). The Irish were also employed in Textile Industry jobs including: Flax Mill Workers (Barke, Fenney, Flannagan, Gaughan, Hart, Logan, McDermot, Moran, Mullarkey, O'Donnell, Orange, Ryan, Smith, Walsh, Wills), Cloth Mill Workers (Halloran, Heigons), Weavers (Handland, Johnson), Bleacher (Holloran), Minds Drawing Frame Flax Mill (Wills), Works Sewing Machine (Carry), Factory Boy Flax (Carry, Murphy), Factory Girl Flax (Connell, Cunigan, Heahechan, Kelly, McHugh x2, Murphy, QUinn x2), Cleaner Flax Mill (Robins), Cloth Sorter (Galagher), Cloth Dresser (Batty, Cunigan, Day, Fowler, Kearney, McHugh), Silk Dresser (Muldowney, Walsh), Reeler Flax Mill (Muldowney), Grinder Woolen Mill (McNulty), Dyer (McGrath, Moran), Cloth Worker (Hennelly), Cloth Warehouse Worker (Tearnon), Cloth Gigger (Finegan), and Cloth Washer (Quinn). There were also Tailors (Brown, Colwell, Hale, Hody, Kelly, Schales, Walsh), Shoemakers (Clancey, Gibbons, Tennon), and Dressmakers (Hennelly, Leonard). Other miscellaneous occupations were as follows: Lodging House Keepers (McManus, Moran, Penton) LL? Housekeeper (Schales), Housekeeper (Carrigan, Cogan, Jones, Joyce, Hyland, Mahen, McLoughlin, Muldowney, Mullarkey, Murphy, Quinn, Ratchford, Ryley, Tearnon, Walsh), House Servant (Welsh), Servant (Dalanty, Haughay, Higgins, Kelly, Kinsley, Manley, McHale, McManus, Murphy, ), Charwoman (Robins), Children's Keeper? (Robins), Washerwoman (McCabe), Draper (Lavey), Porter (Duggan), Striker Foundry (Power), Jobber in Market (Robins), Sadler (Quinan), Smith (O'Neil, Carpenter (Tracey), Stone Mason (Kearnes), Horsekeeper (Teasam), Shopkeeper (MacDonald x2), Marine Store Dealer (McCann), Oyster Dealer (Kenny), Oyster Hawker (Kelley, Flanagan), Oyster Merchant (Burke), Bolt and Screw Maker (Corcoran), Tanner (McDermot), Font/ Print Dealer (McDermot), Dealer (Kay, Mullany), Commercial Traveler (Walsh x2), Heckler (Donovan), Marble Polisher (Moore), Baker (Walsh ), Potter's Laborer (Murphy, Smith), Hawker (Clark, Connell x2, Deasey, Gonchan, Kearney x2, Hennigan, MacManus x2, Madden, Mullarkey, Murphy, Quinn, Walsh), Pot Hawker (Heveren, Kelly, MacGowan), Hawker/Huckster (Wills), Brush Hawker (Holloran), Licensed Hawker (Kenny), Rag Sorter (Ryley), Old Clothes Rag Dealer (McGrath), Rag Merchant (O'Hara) and those listed without occupations (Bray, Carry, Connell, Craven, Exley, Farrer, Finney x2, McGrath, MacGuire, Mallan, Margearan, Murphy, Silk, White).

The majority of Irish- born in District 5 were living on Hemingway's Yard, followed by East Lane and the Lodging House on East Lane, Prince's Yard, Royal Oak Yard, Hanson's Court, Covered Market, George's Street, London Tavern and Kirkgate. The following were employed in Textile industry jobs: Woolen Cloth Maker (McAvay), Flax Mill Employee (McManis), Staymaker (Griffith), Linen Spinner (McGlaughton), Flax Spinner (Blake, Burns, Cain, Connors, Tenchy), Flax Reelers (Hickey, Nider), Stuff Dyer (Joyce), Woolen Cloth Dresser (Quinn x2), Cordwainer (Carroll), Overlooker Flax Mill (Donoughe), Woolen Cloth Warehouse (Caffrey), Laborer in Dye House (Gangon), Labor in Flax Mill (Mulowney), Woolen Weaver (Maguire), Woolen Cloth Warper (Smith), Hatmaker (Divine), Tailor (Clifford, Farall, March?, Toker), Woolen Cloth Hawker (Connelly), Woolen Rag Sorter (Barday, Murphy), Cloth Dealer (Carlen, Carney, Mathews), Boot and Shoe Makers (Gannon, Murray) and Boot and Shoe Binder (Murray). Laborers included Bolan x5, McGloughton x2), Brick Layer's Laborers (Barrett, Bearry, Cain, Cavanaugh, Cardam, Collin, Connelly, Conors x3 from 2 different families, Corcoran x2 from 2 different families, Dougher, Fagan, Flynn, Gorman, Murphy), Tan Yard Laborer (Carney), Tanner (Blake), a Brick Layer (Teny) and a Gardener (Fitzsimmons). There were 4 Charwoman (Caffrey, Fenney, Preston, Tennant), 1 Housekeeper (Quinn), 2 Lodging House Keepers (Connolly, Fagan), a Brush Hawker (Murray), a Rag Dealer (Preston), Servant (Cawley, Niva), a General Servant (Mann), a Hawker of Hardware (Connally, Savage x2), a Paper Reeler (Mason ,Massey), Potato Dealer (Joyce), Black Smith (Conner), Householder (Connors) and 7 without occupations (Briggs, Clark x2, Clarkson, Clayton, McDonald, Maville).

The Irish-born in District 6 were living on Harwood Street and the Cellar under that Street, followed by Hay's Court Vicar Lane, Bectine Lane and Nelson Street. They were employed as Coach Builders (Byrn, Marna), a Dealer/Clothier (Hunter), Joiner (Adams), Seamstress (Adams), Needle Woman (Chambers) and one on Parish Relief (Tholdon).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 7 were living on Ebenezer Street and Court, followed by George Street, Baptist Court, Norwick Court, Clarkson Court and Shepherd's Yard. A number of the Irish were born in County Mayo, Ireland including the following: Michael Burke (Trunk? Maker), Denis Hughes (Leather Tanner) and his wife Mary (5 kids born in Leeds Francis, Mary, Thomas, Edward and Julia), Mary Hammon (whose husband Michael was a Dyer from Ireland and 4 kids from England John, Margrate, Thos and Mary Ann), James Lally (a Laborer whose wife Hannah was from Sligo and 2 children James and Margrate were born in Leeds), Mathew Lally and John Manging (a widowed Hawker whose three daughters Mary, Catherina and Ann and son Thomas were born in Leeds). Bridget Doyle was born in Sligo (husband Edward a Cloth Dresser was born in Ireland, two sons Michell and Edward were born in Cheshire and Thomas in Yorkshire). John Cawley, an 18 yr old shoemaker and Hannah Cawley a 50 yr old widow were also born in Sligo, Ireland. Mary McGinnes was born in Gallway, Ireland (husband Thomas a Mailor? and daughters Margret and Mary were all born in County Meath, Ireland. Peter Riley (Laborer was born in County Meath, Ireland and wife Ann (Hawker was born in Ireland). John Davies (Tailor) was born in Bray, Wicklow, Ireland and wife Julia was born in Mirfield, Yorkshire. Sarah Sheard was born in Dublin (husband John an Overlooker of Cloth was born in Wakefield and sons Edwin and John in Leeds and James in Burley). Maria Oxburgh (Capmaker) and Mary Ann Grant (Capmaker) were born in Dublin, Ireland. Mary Grant's husband Patrick (a General Dealer) was born in Ireland and their 4 children Edward, Eliz'h, Mary and Rose were born in Leeds). Finally James McKewn (Boiler Maker) was born in County Down, Ireland while wife Mary was born in Ireland, daughter Sarah in Leeds and son William in Durham. The Irish held a vast array of occupations in this district including the following Laborers (Barrett, Battle, Bradley, Callagan, Cawley, Carle?, Chesfield x3, Clark x2 from 2 different families, Convey, Cosgrave, Daley, Dooker x2, Doyle, Driscoll, Dwyer, Dyer, Haley, Harrington, Kelly, Leary, McAvoy, McCarthy, McDermottroe, McGown, McKerney, Macan, Malley, Mallier, Manning, Melvin, Millmore, Mulheen, Murrah, Murrey, Norley, O'Neill, 4 from three different families, Welch and Wims), a Brick Layer's Laborer (Leary), Cloth Warehouseman (Butler), Warehouseman (Kennedy), Warehouse Worker (Nealon), Warehouse Girl (Judge), Rugs Warehouse (Nealon), Factory Worker (Nealon), Factory Operative (Morrison x2), Pot Manufacturer (Stanton), Striker in the Foundry (Doneran), Mill Girl (Cawley x2, Sheran x2), Mill Worker (Finagan, Hammon, Malley, Mullenley), Flax Mill (Finagan, Hayes), Marble Polisher (Driscoll), Dyer's Laborer (Fitzpatrick), Cloth Dyer (Gilhooly, Morris), Dyer (Riley), Sawyer (Judge, Queenan), Mill Worker Cloth (Bradley), Glazier (Carroll, McNulty), Weaver (Downes, Hodgins), Cooper (Downes), Dressmaker (Dyer), Seamstress (Leonard), Charwoman (Collings), Laundress (Driscoll), Housekeeper (Clark, Hughes, Maley x3, Morris, Queenan), Housemaid (Farrell), Gardener (McGarvey), General Dealer (Grant, Laverty), Wood Carrier (Murray), Pot Seller Earthenware (Grey), Dealer Old Clothes (Nelson), Slippermaker (Judge), Shopkeeper (McLoughlin), Servant (Mullins, Sheeran), Joiner (Mullens), Book Maker (Cosgrave), Boot Binder (Wims), Cloth Sorter (Cosgrave, Smith), Shoemaker (Brown x2, Clogherty, Fanneran, Ganley, Holmes, Kelly, Leonard, McGowan, Nelson, Cloth Dresser (Cawley, Convey, Downes, Dooker x4, Hodgins 2x, Leonard, Melvin, Morris, Morrison), Grocer and Licensed Lodging Housekeeper (Kennedy), Commercial Traveler (Downes, Flynn, McAvoy, McDonough), Cloth Finisher (Carney), Basketmaker (McBright), ? Dealer (McCarthy), Whipmaker (Clark), Tinner (Cotton), Clicker? (Ganley), Waiter? (Hodgins), Staymaker (Kennedy), Pedlar/Fruit Dealer (McCulley), Hairdresser (Miller), Hawker (Burke, Carney, Carpinani, Dunn, Flynn, Kelly, Kirby, Leonard, McVoy, McManness x4, McConnor, McCormick, O Farrell, Nealon), Tailors (Batty, Carrol, McMullan) a Farmer's Widow (Morrison),one whose occupation looks like D---? (O'Neil), 7 without occupations (Carran, Duffy, Ganley, Hodgins, Kelly, Leary, Murrah, Stanford, McCarthy) and one page of this district appeared to have Irish names like Reynolds, Kelly, Conlan, Conner and Cox but their place of birth on the page was cut off.

The largest concentration of Irish in District 8 were living on Union Court and Union Street followed by Ebenezer Street with much smaller numbers on Proctor's Yard, Strad's Yard, Ratcliffe Yard, Harwood Street and Court and Warren Street. They held the following Textile Industry related occupations: Flax Spinner (Kelly x2, Mansfield x2), Spinner (Curtis, Kerigan), Weaver (Griffen), Flax Dresser (Duffy x2, Maly, Sullivan), Flax Mill Hand (Lyons), Cloth Mill Hand (Lyons), Factory Hand (Collins, Kearney), Factory Girl (Berrane, Cafferdey, Fitzgibbons, McNamara, Regan, Walsh), Mill Girl (Bohan), Mill Worker (Cannon x3), Cloth Dresser (Cheeves, Cosgrave, Doherty, Farrah x2, Gilmore, Griffin, McHale x3 from 2 different families, Mulroy, O'Meara, Rochford, Walsh, Flock Dresser (Mulroy), Cloth Dyer (Griffin x3 from 3 different families, Riley), Cloth Finisher (Cavena), Cloth Maker (Gilligan, O'Donnell), Wool Sorter (Grady), Felt Cloth Maker (Calligan), Overlooker Cloth (Calligan), Cloth Sorter (Griffin x 2, Maly, O'Mears, Murphy x2, Travers), Stocking Knitter (Grady), Slipper Maker (Flanigan), Shoe Binder (Burke, Connely, Connoughton, Dry), Shoemakers (Brady, Cherry, Connoughton, Doud, Ganley, Hookes, Kealey, Kean, Kearney, Kenny, Lynch, McGowan, McGuire, McLoughlin, McManus, McNamara, Matimore, Mulroy, Nicholson, Sweeny, Walsh x2), Tailoress (Leech, Murray), Dressmaker (Calligan), Boot Binder (Lyons), Tailor (Barton, Donoughue, Gratton, Kelly, Millon, Murtha, Walsh), Hatter (Divine) and Silk Hawker (McHugh). Many Irish immigrants were Laborors (Banks, Bresmer, Brogan, Burke, Cain, Cannon, Cawley, Cunniff, Curran, Duffy, Gartland, Gilcriest, Gilmore, Gilusby, Gunning, Haily, Jordan, Kelly x 4 from 4 different families, Kelley, Kerrigan x 2, King, Knox, Logan, McGillry, Melia, Moran, Mullins, Murray x 3, O'Donnell, O'Malley, Quernen, Rochford, Sheridan, Swift, Walsh x2, Welsh x2), Brick Layer's Laborer (Calligan, Ward), Laborer Iron Foundry (Girrity x2), Foundry Hand (Sullivan), Marble Polisher (O'Sullivan), Laborer and Pensioner (Bannon), Warehouse Hand (Cain), Farmer (Hevskin?, Walsh), Housekeeper (Langan, Qurnan, Winn), House Servant (Murphy), Servant (Corgrif), Washerwoman (Calle, Doherty, Duffy, M acDonnagh), Charwoman (Kelly) and Lodging Housekeeper (Calloden. They also were employed in the following jobs: Glass Cutter (Calligan), Groom (Calligan), Letterpress Printer (Young), Shopkeeper (Kelly), Coach Painter (Conroy), Tack Maker (Mannix), Sadler (Milligan), Joiner (Shannon), Matt Maker (Bohan), Clerk for Architect (Walker), Blue? Slater (Kelly), Engine Man (Dry), Dealer (Joyce), Nurse (Hevskin, Kelly, Moran, Murray), Carrier/Gilder (Martin), Book Commissioner (Sheridan), Rag Sorter (Devit, Rowley), Hawkers ( Bryan, Callighan, Cash, Cavnagh, Conley, Dempsey, Devit, Flanigan, Ford, Hogan, Loughgan, Mann, McNalley, McDonnell, McDonough, McNamara, Walsh, Wynne), Hardware Hawker (Sheridan) and 14 listed without occupations (Barrett, Beckwith, Fitzgibbons, Gibbons, Heselgrave, Holmes, McGowan, McHale, McManis, Maly, Murphy, Walsh, Weber, Young)

The largest concentration of Irish in District 9 were living on Pollard's Yard, closely followed by Nelson's Street and Union Street with a smattering on Prussia Street, Lady Lane and Harewood Street. Mary Upperton, 54 was born in Galway, Ireland and husband James, 57 a Sargeant of Chelsea Pensioners was born in West Rowen? Sussex. They had two granddaughters living with them, Mary Eliza and Catherine Mary Upperton (both born in Leeds). The following Irish immigrants were employed in Textile Industry related jobs: Flax Dresser (Dempsy), Cloth Dresser (Gilaspee x3, Horn), Dyehouse Laborer (Harrison), Reeler Flax Mill (Murphy), Frame Minder Flax Mill (Murphy), Cloth Sorter (Dargan, Houghlon, Hyde, Murphy), Rover Flax Mill (Fielding, Welsh), Flock Sorter (Houghlon), Factory Girl (Houghlon), Staymaker (Lumb), Mill Girl (McHale x2, Monagan), Chelsea Pensioner/Machine Minder (Nowlan), Tailor (Anderson, Clusby, Curo, Dencan, Doyle, Drolley, Johnson, Kilmartin, McCarthy, Moore, Powell), Porter (Little), Boot Binder (Owen), Shoemaker (Burke x2 from 2 different families, Connor, Goff, Leonard, Shedas). The remaining Irish were employed as Hawker of Lace-Dealer (McNulty), Hawker (Brannon, Gallacher x2, Hyde, Kelly, Madden ,Smith), Clothes Dealer (Read), Rag Sorter (Gallaher, Murphy, Shedas), Rag Picker (Dempsy), Brick Layer's Laborer (Burke x2), Laborer Brick Yard (Gallaher), Brick Laborer (Wheelan), Laborer (Clarke, Dempsey x2, Kelly, Kirby, Madden, Stanton), Tanner (Monagan, Riley x2 from 2 different families), Servant (Griffin ,Hewinar, O'Brian), Charwoman (Dry), Fiddler (Kean), Painter/Glazier (Murry), Optician (King), Fish Dealer (Calligan), Boiler Maker (Chrain), Grocer (Golacher), Licensed Victualler (Madden), Soldier (Hawett, Henderson) and 11 listed without occupations (Anderson, Boyle, Branon, Calligan, Devitt, Gilaspee, Haigh, Lynch, Monagan, Reynolds, Welsh).

The Irish-born in District 10 were living on Templar Street, Little Templar Street, Edward Street and Edward's Place and the Old Workhouse. Patrick Tooley (a Hawker) was born in Mayo, Ireland. Thomas Jackson, a Widow and Worsted Weaver was born in the City of Limerick, Ireland. John Moss (Worsted Weaver) was born in Queens County, Ireland. Mary Taylor was born in Waterford, Ireland while her husband George (Sol. Cl Gen?) was born in Liverpool. Finally Margaret Hall (Dressmaker) was born in Dublin, Ireland while her husband Thomas (Laborer) was bornin Armley, Yorkshire. The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Tailor (Feare, Smith), Traveler (Dillon), Groom (Jushie, Norton), and Fancy Bread/Biscuit Maker (Bass).

The Irish immigrants in District 11 were living on Little Bridge Street, St. John's Court and Square. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. They were employed in the following occupations: Shoemakers (Cherry, Fowler x2 from 2 different families), Tailor (Irwin, Kearney), Medical Botanist (Montgomery), Brick Layer's Laborer (Fenning, McMahon, Stafford), Chip Hawker (Moran), Housekeeper (Jordan), Domestic Servant (Burns), Rag Dealer (Naylin), Flax Mill (Stafford), Cloth Mill (Stafford x2) and Thread Mill (Stafford).

The Irish-born in District 12 were living on Noble Street, Poland Street (and the Cellar on Poland Street), Brewery Street. Bell Street, Plum Street, Gower Street, Star Street and Sun Street. Catherine Livesey was born in Myo, Ireland (likely Mayo?) while husband Thomas (Linen Draper) was born in Leeds. Catherine Wilson was born in Sligo, Ireland while husband Thomas (Paper Hanger) and daughter Rose Ann were born in Leeds. Finally, Ellen Welsh was born in Limerick, Ireland and husband James (Tailor) was born in Bristol. The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Shoemaker (Duffy), Laborer (Cox), Warehouseman (Barett), Cloth Dresser (Fox), Cloth Weaver (Fox), Twine Dresser (Cox), Charwoman (Tarpy) and Tailor (Daly, Mac Callagan). The following individuals were listed without occupations: Knight, Lister and Walders.

The largest concentrations of Irish immigrants in District 13 were living on Templar and Moscow Streets followed by Malt Street, Livery, Bridge and Hope Streets. Many of the Irish residents were employed in Textile Industry related jobs such as Woolen Cloth Finisher (Baines, Brady, Byrne, Keenan, Maley, Meegan, Moore, Richardson, Rudy, Varley, Walsh x2), Woolen Rug Machinist (Malone), Woolen Cloth Dealer (Magerty, Megan), Woolen Flock Dresser (Keenan, Purcell), Flax Spinner (Keenan), Woolen Cloth Burler (Boyle, Brennan, Corcoran, Harkin), Woolen Cloth Clipper (Abell, Lyden), Woolen Rag Sorter (Green, McEnter, McCue x2, Meegan), Woolen Wool Sorter (Livingston x2), Rag Sorter (Rogers), Flax Dresser (Megan) and Flax Factory Worker (Richardson). There was a Rag Warehouse in this district. There was also 4 Tailors (Cuddy, Keeffe, McInbegart, Shuffin) and one Tailoress (McDonald), a Dressmaker (Cowen), a Seamstress (Keenan), Sews Domestic (McEnter), Cap Maker (Cowen), Factory Worker (Kerigan), Boot and Shoe Maker (Coyle) and a Carter (Keenan) and Shoemakers (Corcoran, McKelvey, Rogers). The remaining Irish were employed in a variety of occupations including Farm Laborer (Byrne), Ag Laborer (McAndrew, Moran, Patterson), Stone Mason's Laborer (McOwen), Brick Maker (Hyans), Jobber Laborer (Hiernan, Meegan), Iron Stone Miner (Kelly), Plaster's Laborer (Green, Hurnan, Megan, Meegan, Sheridan), Brick Layer's Laborer (Cain, Corcoran, Doyle, Finegan x3 from 2 different families, Keenan, Livingston, McCue, McDonald, McEnter, Walsh), Railway Laborer (McCue), General Laborer (Dolan), Pottery Worker (Lydans), Coin Miller (Keenan), Hawker (Brannigan, Joyce, Malie, Maonarah, Purcell), Fish Dealer (Richardson), Provision Dealer (Rodgers), Quill Dreser (Cullen), Laundress (Naughton, Rabbit), Clock Cleaner (Jennins) and six listed without occupations (Crosland, King, Manion, Smith, Stone, Todd).

The Irish-born in District 14 were living on Moscow Street, Hope Yard, Greaves Yard, Mabgate Green and Bell Street. Numerous Irish families gave placenames of origin in Ireland; the surnames were difficult to decipher in this section. Michael Portle? a Laborer was born in County Clare, Ireland (as was wife Ann, but daughter Bridget was born in Leeds). William Binns (Tobacco Spinner) was born in Dublin (his wife Mary, daughter Mary Ann and son Thomas were born in Wesford (Could this be Wexford?); son James in Leeds). Mary Ann Wade a servant was born in Tulam (Tuam?), Roscommon. Catherine Spier was born in Donnybrook, Ireland (Husband William a Tailor was born in Gloscester City, daughter Sarah in Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire, Daughters Ann Eliz'th and Mary in Leeds). Margaret Burns (Charwoman), sons Patrick and Owen (Laborers) were born in Menarch, Ireland. Barnet McCanna (Laborer) and wife Mary were born in Meath, Ireland (son Joseph in Leeds). Catharine Campbell (Flax Dresser) born in Menarch, Ireland. William Dixon (Hawker) was born in Conmel or Cartmel, Ireland while wife Bridget (Hawker) was born in Barney?, Ireland. Their son Thomas (Hawker) was born in Cartmel? and children Bridget, Js Edwin, Sarah Jane and John Wlm were born in Leeds. John O' Connor (Laborer) and wife Bridget were born in Galway, Ireland (son Thomas and daughter Easter in Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed as Laborers (Connely, Cummins, Green, Reynolds), Cloth Dresser (Reynolds x2), Flax Dresser (McDonough, Reynolds), Dyer (Connel) and two without occupations (Galley, Whelan).

The Irish-born in District 15 were living on Pink Street, Time Street, Mason Street and Regent Street. Thomas Nusom (Laborer) and his wife Ann were born in Galway, Ireland (children Mickall, Tom and Mary Ann in Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Cooper (Morrisey), Cloth Clipper (Phillips), Rag Sorter (Phillips), Tailor (Rogers), Laborer (Holerin) and one listed without occupation (Shepard).

The Irish-born in District 16 were living on Templar Street, Cross Templar Street, Lower Templar Street and Bridge Street. Rebecca Glann? (Dressmaker) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Isadore a Tailor was born in Poland, sons Levi in London and Wolfe in Leeds). John Lewis (Shoemaker) was born in Cork, Ireland. William Whelan (Apprentice Bootmaker) was born in Bray, Ireland. There is a Bray in both County's Wicklow and Kerry and a Bray Commons in Wicklow and Dublin. Finally Mary Ann Shenton? was born in Londonderry, Ireland (husband Cave a shoemaker- womens was born in Leicestershire , son Walter and Daughter Sarah Ann in Liverpool, Son Alfred in Nottingham and daughter Mary in Leeds). The remaining Irish in this district were employed in the following occupations: Shoemaker (Bond, Bunn, Rafferty, Williams), Shoe Binder (Bunn), Boot Maker (Kelly), Tailor (Fallon, Meegan), Cutlery Dealer (Colligan), Traveler- Stationary (Meegan), Plasterer (Morley), Lodging Housekeeper (Berry), Cooper (McKinney) and Linen Draper's Assistant (Mathews).

The Irish-born in District 17 were living on North Street, Trafalgar Street and Hope Street. Kate Spencer was born in Dublin (husband John a Coach Builder was born in Leeds as was children ELizabeth, Alfred and Jeremiah; son Wlm, their oldest, a Railway Clerk, was born in Longford. The remaining Irish gave the following occupations: Fund Holder (Molynene), Engineer Clerk (Long), Assurance Agent (Mahony), Naval Officer's Widow (Packer) and one without an occupation (Walker).

The Irish-born in District 18 were living on Back Nile Street, Nile Street, Lower Branswick? Street, Trafalgar Street and Bridge Court. John Murphy (Laborer) and wife Anne (Bonnet Maker) were born in Limerick, Ireland. John Bofs (Warehouseman) was born in Tipperary, Ireland (while Hannah a Cap Maker and son Wm Hy were born in Leeds). Thomas Gardiner (Cabinet Maker) was born in Cork City, Ireland. Michael Brady (Traveling Draper) was born in Newry, Ireland County Eown (likely Down). Louisa Phillips was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband William, Traveling Stationary was born in Germany). John Oxburgh (Hardware Dealer) and wife Mary (Cap Maker) were born in Dublin, Ireland (children Margaret, Henry, Daniel, Ellen and William were born in Leeds). Jane Towers was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband John a Shoemaker was born in Wakefield, children Mary, Allen, John E, Sarah, Henry and Wallace in Leeds). Finally, Mary Blakey a widow was born in Monahan, Ireland. The remaining Irish immigrants held the following occupations: Machine Fitter (Davis, O'Niel), Joiner and Builder (Goodall), Shoemaker (McCann), Stay Stitcher (Williams), Tailor (Kelly), Rent Agent Coal Dealer (Bowes), Musician (Kelly) and Goodall (no occupation listed).

The Irish-born in District 19 were spread out among Mason Street, Regent Street, Cloth Street, Gower Street, Cannon Street and Byron Street. They are employed in the following occupations: Mechanic Iron Work (Thornhill), Bolt Screwer (Smythe), Gardener (Eliff), Shopkeeper (Hutchinson), Publican's Wife (Meyers), Joiner Journeyman (Crosbie), Hat Trimmer (Lakin), Solicits orders for brushes (Walker), Dressmaker (Dalton), Cloth Dresser (Dalton x3), Cloth Finisher (Eliff), Domestic Duties (Mullins) and three without occupations Janson, Kenny and Veale.

The Irish-born in District 20 were living on Imperial, Myrtle and Concord Streets. Samual Smith (Shoemaker) was born in Belfast, Ireland as was Sarah Bowden (Housekeeper). Her daughter Sarah was born in Seaton Ross, Yorkshire and son Joseph in Wortley, Yorkshire. Caroline Dawson (Dressmaker) was born in Kildare, Ireland. Rease Williams (Dressmaker) was born in Longford, Ireland. The remaining Irish in this district were employed as an Upholsterer (Bell), Shoemaker (Johnson), Cordwainer (Calvert) and Janley who was unemployed.