A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Leeds North Sub Registration Districts 2g-2p of Leeds Civil Parish in the 1851 Census, and the Occupations they Held

Leeds Town Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District covers 89 Districts (1a-1x and 2a-2z) plus the Leeds Cavalry Barracks and the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of the Township of Leeds in the 1851 census. Districts 1a-1g are covered on this first page of this compilation and districts 1h-1p on the 2nd page, 1q-1x on the third page, districts 2a-2ff on the fourth page and 2q-2z on the final page.

The following compilation includes the locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 2g-2p Leeds Cavalry Barracks plus the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of Leeds Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District of the 1851 Census.

The Irish-born in District 2g were living on High Street, Corn Hill, Turkingten's Yard, Charle's Street and St. Peter's Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given, so the following Irish immigrants are listed by occupation and surname including: Laborers (Malon and McCall), Charwoman (Connor), Fruiterer (Cole-2), Plasterer (Makay), Cloth Weaver (Goss-2) and Carpet Weaver (Connor).

The Irish immigrants in District 2gg were living on Skinner Lane, Mushroom Street and New Cleveland Street Cellar. The ennumerator did not record place names of origin in Ireland for this district. Only one Irish immigrant was listed with an occupation: General Laborer (Grainger). The four other Irish immigrants were listed without occupations (Bailiffe, Lee, Latham and Myers).

The Irish-born in District 2h were living on Crofs Billet Street, Shear Street and Court, Charle's Street, Line Fold, Upper Corn Hill, Mack's Court, High Street and Woodhead's Yard. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given for the Irish in this district. There were four laborers (Fitzsimmons, Gillan, Hart and Murray), five Bricklayer's Laborers (Cogley, Freeman, Kelly, McDaniel and McKay), a Laundress (Walker), Tailor (Fitzsimmons), Shoemaker (Holmes), two Hawkers (Grant and Murray), Saleswoman (Clark), Policeman (Clark), Doffer (Clark), Broker (Crofton, Chelsea Pensioner (Mann) and five without occupations (Brenon, Ealey, Galvin, Powell and Sykes).

The Irish-born in District 2hh were living on Tiger Street, Grey Street, Mushroom Court and Cherry Street. Hailing from Armagh, Ireland were: William Burns (Flax Dresser), his wife Elizabeth, Daughter Maria (Rover Flax Mill), son James (Cloth Dresser), son William (Shoemaker Ap) and son Thomas and Joseph as well as Ann Beaman whose husband John (a Laborer) was born in Yorkshire Barnsley, son James (Shoemaker Ap) was born in Dublin, Ireland (plus daughter Ann from Gibralter and Thos from Leeds). Mary Ewbank was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband John a Flax Dresser plus daughters Elizabeth and Emma were born in Knaresboro, Yorkshire, daughter Mary Ann in Selbridge, Ireland?). George Robinson (Laborer) was born in Dublin as was Joseph Murray (Whitesmith), wife Catherine, sons' Joseph and Lewis and daughter Ann (daughter Agnes was born in Leeds). John Fisher (Flax Dresser), wife Catherine (Charwoman) were born in Dublin, Ireland (unmarried daughters Harriet and Emma and Grandson Thomas Clark born in Leeds). Ellen Roberts was born in Bellafon, Ireland (husband Thomas a Laborer was born in Nottinghamshire, son Cornelius in Dublin, Ireland and Charles in Leeds). David McConnell (Brush maker) was born in County Down, Ireland and wife Jane was born in County Antrim, Ireland. Finally, John McCormack (Chelsea Pensioner) was born in Belfast (wife Mary in Dunbar, Scotland, daughter Mary in Suffolk, son George in Leeds, and grandson William McCormack in Leeds).

The Irish-born of District 2i were living on Quarry Hill, Charles Street, St Ann's Lane and Johnson's Square. There were 8 families from County Mayo living on St. Ann's Lane and they included the following: John Kirran (General Laborer) and his wife Mary Canby and children Bridget, John and Catherine (son Thomas was born in Leeds), David Kirran (brother of John and General Laborer), Michael Higgins (nephew of John), Ellen Kane (John's sister in law, Rag Sorter), Margaret and Bridget Kane (John's sister in laws, Flax Carders), Bridget Kane, Patrick Burke (General Laborer), Mary Ruan (Flax Carder), John McHugh (General Laborer) and Mary McGaugh (possibly his wife?) and their son John who was born in Ireland. Miles Sleavan, a General Laborer was born in Leitrim, Ireland and Mary Wood (Lodging Housekeeper) was born in County Cork (son John was born in Leeds). The remaining Irish entries did not give place names of origin in Ireland and are listed here by occupation and surname: Ironmonger (Corcoran), Fishmonger (Corcoran), Sawyer (Williams), Block Printer (Daly), Pork Butcher (Flathers), Bag Maker (Flathers), Dealer in Hardware (Corcoran), Charwoman (Clarke, Corcoran, O'Brien), Rag Sorter (Corcoran), Chelsea Pensioner (Marrion), Farm Laborer (Clarke, Lyons, Moltens, O'Brien), Bricklayer's Laborer (Marion), Plaster's Laborer (Lacy), Cloth Gigger (O'Brien), Tailor (Clarke) and Weaver (Clarke).

The Irish-born in District 2ii were living on Wingham Terrace, Bar Row and Sheepscar Vale. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. The Irish immigrants listed by occupation and surname are as follows: Commercial Traveler (Ryan), Drefsmaker (sp) (Spencer) and Journeyman Tailor (Broderick).

There was a huge concentration of Irish in District 1j and they were living on Lee's Square, Brick Street, Brufsel's Street, Marsh Lane and Court, Dufton's Yard and Buildings, Off Street, Dyson's Yard, Helen Court, Ball's Yard, Harrison's Yard and Buildings, Crampton's Yard, York Street, Red Bear's Yard, Back Lane and Brick Street. Unfortunately, no townlands of origin in Ireland were given. They are listed here by occupation and surname including: Laborers (Bins, Browne, Carty, Comer-2 from 2 families, Conroy, Corcoran, Costello-2, Donelly, Early, Farrol-2 from 2 families, Finan, Finey, Flee-2, Fleming, Flynn, Foly, Galligan, Healy, Heaverin, Lamb, Lyons, Magley, Mahon, Malay, McCon, McDonnell, McDorrell, McGloughlin, McHale, McKale, McKeal-2, McManus, Meale, Menulty, Merion, Mindoc, Monaghan, Moor, Mulbeiony, O'Maley, O'Neil, Pendrist-2, Purcell, Regan, Sands, Short, Smith Tarpy and Watkins), Ag Laborers (Baines, Collins, Crawley, Jordan, Mullin, Pendergast, Price), Rail Laborer (Carty), Paver (Hechanulty), Coal Porter (Lyons), Gardener (Scanlor), Figure Maker (Ceary), Sadler (Fox), Hawker (Bins-3, Cosgrave, Cunningham, Daugherty, Davis, Hiamy, Lacy, Megarty, Nicholson, O'Boyle), Glazier (Meale), Chairmaker (Cunningham), Butcher (Baxter), Governess (Fitten), Engineer (Brase), French Polisher (Petit), Shoemaker (Furnnican, Gerald-2, Murphy), Textile Industry workers such as Spinner Flax Mill (Moran-2, Tigue), Flax Dresser (Moran), Cloth Dresser (Moran), Duffer in Flax Mill (Nicholson), Works in Mill (Baines, Barrett-3, Costello-2, Foaly, Frain-2, McCann-2, McKeal-2 and Pincell), Carder in Flax Mill (Heather, Maguire, Mangan), Cloth Miller (Kokeley), Works Flax Mill (Browne-3, Corcoran-2, Fleming, Jordan, McHale-3, Monaghan-2, Nealon), Screwer in Flax Mill (Flee-3), Weaver (Kelly, McCarty), Pattern Designer (Jardine), Cap Maker (Gralla) and Tailor (Burke, Monaghan-2). There was one entry listed as a spinster (Conroy) and many without occupations (Barrett, Bourke, Buckley- 2 from 2 different families, Byne, Chapman, Connor, Crookes, Daugherty, Doley, Donnelly, Early, Enigan, Farrol-2 from 2 families, Galley, Gaughan, Greylien, Guley, Harrison, Hawkins, Healy, Heather, Higgins, Hobson, Holden-2 from 2 families, Holmes, Juian, Kirkwood, Lammia, Layngar, Madden, Malish, Mancundry, McCabe, McCann, McGuire, McKeal-2 from 2 families, McManus, Megee, Melvin, Murfey-2 from 2 families, Morris, Mulloy, Mullowney, Mullany, Murphy, Nicholson, Natin, O'Neil, Palmer, Pincell, Rock, Shaw, Shevlin, Smith, Swan, Whittaker and Wilkinson.

There were a large number of Irish immigrants living in District 2k and they were living on Helen Court, York Street and Court, Lamb Square and Court, Morton's Row, Purdy Court, Marsh Lane and Back Lane. Fortunately this census taker recorded the place names of origin for many of the Irish immigrants in this district. The following families hail from County Sligo: John Killroy (Hawker) from Curry Parish, County Sligo (his wife Ellen is from Castlebaney? County Monacon -there is a Castleblayney Civil Parish in Co. Monaghan), James Marran (Hawker of Drapery and his wife Julia, Edward Garry (Clothes Dealer) and his wife Bridget, Patrick Corre (Ag Lab) from the Parish of Sudy? as was son Michael (Railway Laborer), son Patrick (Cloth Dresser), Daughters Catherine and Mary (Mill Workers), Mary Griffin (widowed Hawker), Mary Ford, James Preston (Laborer) and his wife Ellen from the Parish of Killarney, County Sligo, Catherine McDonough (whose husband John is from Ballymore, Ireland - a town found in 12 counties including Mayo, Roscommon and Galway, son John is from Leeds), Mary Mague (Hawker, kids Timothy, Bridget from Leeds), Winifred Leonard (husband Michael, Ag Lab from County Mayo) and John Middleton (Flax Dresser whose wife Mary is from County Tipperary and daughter Sarah from Leeds).

County Mayo Immigrants: James Forkin (Hawker), wife Julia, children Thomas (Flax Mill), Margaret (Flax Spinner) were all born in Swinford, County Mayo (2kids John, Ann from Leeds), William Clifford (Ag Laborer) from Swinford County Mayo, James Clifford (Tailor) from Bellyhamnes (that I think is likely Ballyhaunis, County Mayo), Patrick Clifford (Ag Laborer) and Margaret Clifford (Stay Stitcher) from Bellyhamnes, Ireland (likely Ballyhaunis), James McGrale (Widowed Hawker) and Patrick McGrale (Scholar) were from Bellyhamnes, Michael Conway (Ag and Railway Lab) and James Conway (Ag Lab) and Patrick Conway (Cloth Dresser) were from the Parish of Annock, County Mayo (possibly Annagh), James McQue (Ag Lab) was from the Parish of Baking (likely Bekin) County Mayo, Catherine Cain (Widowed Mill Worker) was from the Parish of Annock, County Mayo (likely Annagh), unmarried John Cain (Ag Lab) plus Mary and Patrick Cain were from the Parish of Annock as well and John McGough (laborer) was from County Mayo as well.

County Roscommon, Ireland Immigrants: Ellen Healy (Widow) daughters Mary and Bridget (Flax Spinners), sons John (cloth Dresser) and sons Patrick and James (Flax Spinners) from the Parish of Boyle, George Maguire (Laborer) from Kilglass, County Roscommon (this is in Kilmeane Civil Parish) and his wife Catherine (Hawker) was born in Reanaugh? County Longford, Ireland (kids Thos and Margaret were from Leeds). Finally, Mary Flanagan (Widow) and daughters Nelly and Bridget (Flax Spinners) were all from County Roscommon, Ireland. There was one other person from Roanaugh? County Longford: Margaret Kelly (Frame Minder).

Counties Galway, Limerick and Tipperary Immigrants: Ann Dixon was born in County Dolway, Ireland (likely Galway, Ireland). John Linch (Widowed Hand Loom Weaver) was from Limerick, Ireland (son John from Leeds). Elizabeth Tool (Widow) was from the Parish of Tolgria?, County Tipperary (kids Mary, John and James were born in Leeds) and her brother in law Dan Davan (laborer) was also born in Tolgria, County Tipperary. Essey Burn (Widowed Dealer Clothes) was born in the Parish of Rostray, County Tipperary (Possibly Roscrea?) as was daughter Mary (Card Spreader), Lodger Widow Catherine Dutton, Granddaughter Bridget Dutton (Card Spreader), and Grandson John (Cloth Dresser). Mary Bone (Widowed Charwoman) was from Moneygall, County Tipperary as were daughters Maria and Margaret. John New (Stone Mason), Anne New (Reeler in Flax Mill), Mary Kenay (Reeler in Flax Mill), James Smith (Laborer whose wife Mary was from Leeds), Widow Mary Wilton and Mary Filey (Pauper) were all from County Tipperary. Margaret Hegerty was born in County Tipperary (husband William was a Stuff Weaver from Queens County, Ireland and sons William, John, Thos, Robert, Joseph and Michael were all born in Leeds).

County Leitrim Immigrants: Michael Gilroy (Clothes Dealer), Wife Catherine, sons Thos and John, daughter Catherine, lodger Patrick Gilroy (Widowed Laborer) and Lodger Mary Gilroy (Spinner at Worsted Mill) were all born in Drumkeeren, County Leitrim. Michael Gilroy (Oyster Dealer) was from Drumkeeren, County Leitrim and his wife Catherine was from Templemore, County Tipperary, Ireland. Thomas Kilroy (Clothes Dealer) was also born in Drumkeeran, County Leitrim, his wife Nabby was from the Parish of Killardger (likely Killarga), Leitrim, son Terry from Drumkeeran and son Michael from Leeds.

Kings County, Queens County, County Waterford, County Wicklow, County Westmeath and Dublin Immigrants: James McGin (Tailor) was from Kings County, Ireland and his wife Margaret (Steam Loom Weaver) was from County Waterford. Ellen Clary (Widowed Flax Mill Worker) and son John (Flax Dresser) were born in Roscomroe, Kings County, Ireland. John Galvin (widowed Stuff Weaver) was from Queen's County (Montbreath?- possibly Mountrath) as was Eliza Lawler (Flax Spinner), Hugh Lawler (Cloth Dresser) William Forestal, a Laborer from Montreath? Queens County and wife Catherine from Ballinkill, Queens County, Ireland. (children Mary Ann, Margaret, Thomas and Walter from Leeds, Catherine from Dublin). William Jennings (Cloth Weaver) and wife Catherine were born in County Wicklow while children Susanna, William and Elizabeth (Cloth Weavers), Catherine (Mill Worker), Isaac and Benjamin were all born in Dublin, Ireland. Mark Kennedy (Hawker) was born in the Parish of Kell, Westmear (likely Westmeath), County, Ireland (son Thomas was born in Lancashire). Maria Mulhollon (Widowed Hawker), James Mulhollon (Hawker) and John Mulhollon were all born in Dublin, Ireland. Susan Downey (Weaver) was born in Dublin (son William Wilton was born in Leeds).

Irish Immigrants from County Cavin and Belfast, Ireland: Kelly Riley (Lodging Housekeeper) was born in County Cavin (sons James and Peter were born in Leeds). Catherine Morris was born in Belfast, Ireland.

The remaining Irish in this parish are listed by occupation and surname including quite a few textile industry workers. There were 9 Flax Spinners (Cafferky, Campion-2, Hinchcliff, McLean, Ryan-2, Scully and Tigue), Spinner (Finnen), Reelers in the Flax Mill (Carro, Donelly, Storry-2), Laborers in the Mill (Justice and Middleton), Flax Mill Worker (Dolen), Cleaner in Flax Mill (Bine), Bobbin Card Minder (Bine and Crane), Card Spreaders (Lanon and Moor), Canvas Weaver (Leech), Hand Loom Weaver (Moor), Cloth Dresser (Kennedy, Moor) and Tailor (Tobon). The remaining Irish immigrants were employed as Laborers (Brennan, Cowel, Moor), Housekeepers (Kenedy, Maddin), House Servant (Boyne), Glazier (Cahalin, Campion, Flynn-2 from 2 families, Malay), Hawker of Drapery (Walsh), Hawkers (Connor, Fidler, Hopper, Lanon), Hardware Dealer (Cannon), Painter (Fallon), Traveler (Gomman), Actress (O-Brine-4), Foot Soldier (Chapman), Chelsea Pensioner (Finnen) and those listed without occupations (Bishop, Flanagan, Leech, Thornton and Tinkler).

The Irish immigrants in District 2L were living on Orange Street, Stone Street , Butler's Court and Lemon Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given for the Irish in this district. They are listed here by occupation and surname: Shoemaker (Kerwin-2 - 1 was an apprentice), Muslin Cap Maker (McLoughlin), Dressmaker (Casby), Spinner Flax Mill (Stanton-2), Cloth Weaver (Bingham), Doffer Flax Mill (Kelly), Paper Stainer (Kelly), General Servant (Hart), Charwoman (Westerman), Laborer (Kelly), Laundress (Carr), Washerwoman (Dolan, Hirsh), Dealer of Rags (Carr, Morgan-Kelly), Bricklayer's Laborer (Bains, Stanton), Brush Maker (Dolan), Plasterer's Laborer (Lacy), Errand Boy (Sherlock), Pensioner Regiment Ft. Leeds? (Casby) and those without listed without occupations (Boland, Budd, Lane, Pykes? and Tygan).

The Irish in District 2m were living on High Street (plus Anderson' Court, Providence Yard, Blanchard Court, Haigh's Yard on High Street), Hinteringham's Buildings on Lemon Street, Ward Court, Vienna Street, Cross Vienna Street, Plane Buildings, Upper Plane Buildings, Plane Square and Row, York Street and Lemon Court on York Street, Purdy Street, Palmer's Buildings, Patrick's Buildings and Prospect Row. The only Irish immigrant entry that gave a place of origin in Ireland was Catherine Curley, a Boot Binder from Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland. The remaining Irish Immigrants are listed by occupation and surname including a large number employed in the Textile Industry with 24 Flax Spinners (Boyl, Brennen-5, Buckley-3, Byrne, Cantrell, Cunningham-2, Fitzpatrick, Flynn, Forde-3, Kelly-2, Kenney, McCabe, Moran and Purcel), 3 Hand Loom Weavers (McGan, Moran and Parkinson), 3 Cloth Dressers (Hatley, Hyland and Lawler), a Plaid Weaver (Cantwell), Doffer in the Flax Mill (Monaghan-2), Flock Cleaner (O'Hara), 4 Stuff Weavers (Cantwell, Cuddy, Mooney and Moyland), Cordwainer (Byrne) and Dressmaker (Dunkin). The rest were employed as Bricklayer's Laborers (Burns, Carney, Cleary, Gozzard, Hughes, Kelley, Kilcline, MacGowen, Monaghan, O'Hara, Roen), Ag Laborers (Brennen, Coyne, Dunn and Forde), Gardener (McDermott), Housekeeper (Gibberns), Glazier (O'Connor), Washerwoman (Nichols), House Servant (Keenan), Clothes Dealer (Read), Hawker (Kelley-2, Bonnonfette), Towellery Hawker (Headon), Shoemaker (Connell), Shoe Binder (O'Neal), Rag Gatherer (Buckley-2), -its? for Hire (Kelly), Bone Gatherer (Roen), Chelsea Pensioner (Whitton), Pensioner East Indian Comp (Byrne) and 7 listed without occupations (Casey, Dunkin, Flynn, Golecar, Johnson, Lee and Stones).

The Irish-born in District 2n were living on Giles Street, Vienna Street, Quarry Hill, Carver Street and Chapel Street. The following Irish immigrants hailed from County Mayo, Ireland: James Cooney (Laborer), his wife Catherine (Housekeeper), sons George and Richard (Laborers) were from County Mayo (son James was born in Derby) and Michael Lee (Laborer and visitor with the Cooney Family).

Hailing from Tipperary, Clare, Dublin and Corpe?, Ireland were the following: James Dohan (Laborer), wife Johanna and Daughter Mary, John Cafsidy (Laborer), John Dewire (Joiner) and Sarah Grant (Lodging Housekeeper; with Peter Grant a visitor from Scotland) were all from Tipperary, Ireland. Allice Grant a widowed Quere? was from County Clare. Mathew Hughes (Laborer), his wife Catherine, children Thomas, William and Mary (all 3 worked in a Flax Mill), Bessy Hughes (Flax Mill), and son John Hughes from Leeds), Widow Mary Corkran and her two children Edward and Norah (Flax Mill Workers), Edward Smith (Flax Mill Worker) were all from Tipperary. Joseph Atkinson (Weaver) was born in Dublin, his wife Winifred (Weaver) was born in Roscrea, Ireland (Daughter Elizabeth in Leeds- there is a Roscrea in both County Galway and County Tipperary, Ireland. Numerous other Irish immigrants came from Roscrea, Ireland including: William Dunn (Flax Dresser and relative of Joseph Atkinson), John Flynn (Cloth Dresser), Julian Flynn (Quere- Annuitant) and Michael Maher (Laborer) and his wife Ann (sons James and Edward were born in Leeds). Finally, Catherine Taylor (Dressmaker) was born in Corpe?, Ireland. She was the wife of William a Shoemaker from Denby (Daughter Mary Ann born in Leeds).

Many of the remaining Irish immigrants in this district were employed in the Textile Industry including Flax Mill Workers (Carroll, Day, Fleming, Flin), Mill Workers (Fleming-2, Langton-2), Spinner (Ryan), Spinner of Flax (Walsh), Striker at the Mill (Higgins), Jobber at the Flax Mill (Higgins), Card Spreaders (Allison, Carroll-2, Flannagan, Hogan and McGann), Cloth Dressers (Fleming-2, Flynn), Weavers (Allison, Bergin), Bobbin Winder (Dunphy) and Stuff Weavers (Dunphy, Higgins- who is now a Hawker), McGann-2, Parkinson). There were 10 Laborers (Carroll, Casey, Clooney-2, Connell, Fleming-2 from 2 different families, Green, Murry, Vizard), a Tailor (Adams), Boot and Shoemaker (Wall), Boot Binder (Wall), Whip Maker (Wood), Glazier on Parish Relief (Tarny), Charwoman (Shiel), a Cripple/Beggar (Kelly) and 6 listed without occupations (Carrol who was supported by her children, Flin, Green, Milner and Whalian-2).

The Irish-born in District 2"o" were living on Hound Street, Charles Street and Cross High Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given for any of the immigrants. The following are presented by occupation and surname: Wool Dyer (Kirk), Clothier (Cuningham), Shoemaker (Foster), Boot/Shoemaker (Doula), Foreman Leeds/Selby Railway (Smith), Butcher (Thompson) and one listed without an occupation (Whitaker).

There were many Irish-born in District 2p and unfortunately none of the entries gave place names of origin in Ireland. The heaviest concentrations were in Baxter's Yard, Allison's Buildings and in Randall's Yard followed by Charles Street, Quarry Hill, and Boyton Street. The most commonly held occupation was as an Agricultural Laborer (Bonke?, Boyle-2, Brown-3 from 2 different families, Bruen, Cammel-3, Carberry, Clark-2 from 2 different families, Conner, Corcoran-2 from 2 families, Dunlavy, Farmer, Flinn, Gillan, Grogan, Higgins, Hoban, Kelly-6, Kenny, Lyons, McHale-4, Morley, Morn, Nolan, O'Donnell, Quinn, Rider-3 from 2 different families, Riley, Stinson-2, and Vasey) and other laboring occupations such as Bricklayer's Laborers (Casby, Conmey, Corcoran, Corkrane, Dunn), Brickmaker's Laborers (Morn, Rean), Rail Laborer/Porter (MaCarty), Job Laborer/Porter (Farmer), Mason's Laborer (Barret, Kennedy, Rochford), Hod Holder for Brickmaker (Doherty), Laborers in the Stone Quarry (Binks, Grogan) and a Cropper (Byrne). The Textile Industry employed a large number of Irish as well including 12 Laborers at the Flax Mill (Agar, Brady-3, Carberry, Conway, Faulkland, Giffern, Gillan, Kenny, McKee, O'Gara), Mill Workers (Carrol-3 from 2 different families), Flax Dresser (Carroll- 2 from 2 families), Flax Spinner (Rean), Rover at the Mill (Bogan-2), Flax Reeler (Clark-2, Conner, Corcoran-3), Cordwainer (Carson, King), Canvas Weaver (Hosey, Rowan), Silk Weaver (Minion), Weaver (Whitford), Silk Thrower (Flinn), Staymakers (McIndreed-3), Cloth Dresser (Corcoran), Cloth Sorter (Conmey), Millliner (Grogan), Dressmaker (Conner), Tailor (Beggs, Cain, Mannion, Tynan) and Shoemakers (Caron, Crofton, McGowan). The Irish were also employed in the following: Carpenter (Daly), Housekeeper (Brown, Flin), Charwoman (Dunlavy, Hinn), House Servant (Conlon, Doherty, Murphy), Domestic Servant (Dempsey, Gaughan, Ruane), Hawker of Linen (Callagan), Hawker of Small Wares (Hinn, Kelly, McHule, McMan), Hawker of Cloth Prints (Hinn), Hawker of Firewood (Carberry), Hawker of Earthenware (Hart), Dealer of Rags (Brady), Dealer in Wirework (Boham) and 18 listed without occupations (Bingham, Bogan, Bowes, Cavney, Coan, Doherty, Freeman, Gellasby, Gyodens, Kelly, Kelley, Kenedy, Kiveny, MaCauley-2, McKale, Moran and Ray).

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