A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Holbeck Sub Registration Districts of Leeds Civil Parish in the 1841 Census, and Occupations held

Leeds Civil Parish, Holbeck Sub Registration District only has 6 Districts plus the Holbeck Workhouse in the 1841 Census. Counties of origin in Ireland are not noted in the 1841 census and only begin to be documented in later census years. The information is basic but I will try to note the Irish Surnames and their occupations in the various districts.

One Caveat to Keep in mind: The 1841 census does not provide information on relationships between entries such as head of family, wife, daughter etc. I will document the entries as wife, daughter if they appear obvious and separately if I am unsure. They could be a brother's children, though this is probably unlikely, keep this in mind and check out the census record yourself to evaluate if you feel your family may be in here.

Locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in the 6 districts and Workhouse of the 1841 Leeds Civil Parish, Holbeck Sub Registration District:

The Irish in District 1 of the Holbeck Sub Registration District were all living on Providence Street. Thomas Clark (Chemist) wife Julia and two daughters were born in Ireland. Both daughters are Flax Spinners. Other Irish immigrants were Mary Lawrence, Margaret Brock (whose kids are from Yorkshire (Flax Spinners) and Edward Rowe (Tailor) and his wife Ann.

The Irish-born of District 2 were living on Canvafs (Canvas) Street, Mary Street and Span Street. They are as follows: Bridgette Jordan (kids, husband Yorkshire), Mary Ann Mofs (husband and kids Yorkshire- jobber and reeler in Flax Mill), James Kelly a Lawyer whose wife Ellen (House and Family Attendant) their Daughter Lucy (Flax Mill) and Abigail (Rover at the Mill) were also from Ireland and rest of children Yorkshire, Matilda Priestly (Flax Mill App), Edward Moore (Smith) his wife Mary, daughter Sara and son Simon from Ireland (Mary- Yorkshire), Edward Hewitt (Bl Smith), Francifs Griffin (son Edward Yorkshire) and finally James and Edward Corcoran (Laborers).

There were only three Irish families in District 3: James Fahey (Stone Mason) and his wife Sarah on Water Street, Margaret Austin whose husband was from Yorkshire on Sweet Street and Eliza Braim (whose husband Thos and five kids Adelaide, Fanny, John, Hannah and Lucy were born in Yorkshire) on Garden Street.

The Irish in District 4 were living on Moor Street. They include Patrick Hutchinson (Cloth Dresser) his wife Mary, daughter Ann (Flax Spinner) and four other kids (Judith, Elizabeth, Mary and John) from Yorkshire, Mary Murphy, Ann Murphy (Flax Spinner) and her daughter Mary who was born in Yorkshire.

The Irish in District 5 were living on Balloon Street, Charlotte Street and Moor Street. They include the following: Mary Encell (Sow? Spreader) whose siblings appear to be from Scotland, a cluster of Irish with Surname Smart- Mich'l (Silk Dyer), Mich'l (Cloth Drefser), Anastasia, John (Cloth Drefser) and Elizabeth, James Hand (Linen Yarn Dyer), wife Margret and children Thomas, John, Margret, Isabella (all kids employed at Flax Mill), Adam Anderson (Laborer), wife Ann, Son Sam'l (Laborer), Mary Barret (Flax Mill) and daughter Sarah from Yorkshire, Sarah Hallern (husband is a Bricklayer from Yorkshire), James Fogarty (Coach M. S) his wife Rachel and son James, Richard Fanning (Cloth Woolen Weaver), wife Mary, son John and daughter Mary from Yorkshire and Margret Lynch were all born in Ireland.

The Irish-born in District 6 were all living on Holbeck Lane. They include the following: Thomas Sutton (Mechanic), his wife Martha (their 5 kids were from Yorkshire), John Conroy (Flax Drefser whose wife Mary was born in Yorkshire as were three kids, one of which was a Flax Drefser) and finally Samuel Peck (Shoemaker) and his wife Ann (son Thomas was born in Yorkshire).

There were no Irish in the Holbeck Workhouse. This concludes the Holbeck Sub Registration District of the 1841 Leeds Civil Parish Census.